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Stock | 5.0.2 | Linaro | 6th Sep | StellarKernel-v5.2 | Exp D2W/S2W --> 6th Sep

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By zakee94, Senior Member on 17th April 2015, 05:31 PM
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Announcement from zakee94: StellarKernel, The BEST kernel for stock Moto G 2014 ROMs

For experimental builds with D2W/S2W see post #3. ENJOY !!!

Presenting before you "Stellar Kernel" - the most feature rich stock kernel for M0to G 2014. Experience stellar features, stellar performance and stellar battery life combined with stellar stability.
Since there are so many kernels for custom roms, and none for stock, I decided to make one. I will keep updating this kernel with many features! Feel free to request for features. I will try to port as much feature as i can from CM Lollipop kernels.
This kernel is guaranteed to bring the best out of your phone . Enjoy !!!

This kernel is ONLY MEANT FOR STOCK ROMS & NOT FOR CM12/12.1 based ROMs.

 * Your warranty is now void.
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
 * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this KERNEL
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
 * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will  simply laugh at you.
(please download the latest version to get all of the mentioned features)
  • Based on stock lollipop kernel for Moto G 2014
  • Compiled using Linaro Toolchain 4.9.3 optimized for ARM
  • Fully Compatible with Xposed
  • Any Kernel script used
  • Kexc Hardboot patched
  • Built with Ofast flags
  • Added strict_aliasing & modulo_sched flags
  • CPU UC to 96 MHz
  • GPU OC to 533 MHz & UC to 100 MHz
  • RAM OC to 566 MHz
  • Disabled PowerHal log spam (thanks to @attack11)
  • Faux Sound Control v3.2
  • Headset in high performance profile
  • 24 bit audio support
  • Low latency audio playback
  • Slimbus overclocking for superior audio quality
  • Ultrasound & ASoC : qdspv2 tweaks (see GitHub)
  • Readahead set to 256
  • Set sched_mc_power_savings to 2
  • NVIDEA Power efficient patches
  • Optimized slub memory allocator
  • Optimize Sfck Compression
  • Sched Tweaks (see GitHub)
  • Add Frandom
  • Power effecient work queues enabled by default
  • Reclaim RAM from loggers, increasing default ram to 883 Mb
  • Disable gentle_fair_sleepers for increased I/O
  • Enable unaligned_access
  • Enable arch_power
  • Use power efficient workqueues for bam_dmux
  • Optimize square root algorithm
  • Many tick, clockevents & timer tweaks (see GitHub)
  • Lower swappiness
  • Ability to use your device as USB Keyboard / Mouse (use this app)
  • Stereo call record support (use this app ONLY with root mode ON)
  • Increase torch power by 20mA
  • psx2usb
  • KCAL v2 by Savoca
  • Added simple GPU Algorithm
  • GPU tweaks (see GitHub)
  • Dynamic FSync
  • Intellithermal v2
  • Added LCD notifier driver
  • Enabled quick wakeup
  • NOATIME and NODIRATIME as default
  • NEON kernel mode
  • Ex-FAT support
  • SE Linux tweaks
  • USB Fast Charge v2
  • Random / entropy tweaks

  • CPU Governors :-
    intelimm, intellidemand, intelliactive, smartmax, pegasusq, conservative, ondemand, userspace, powersave, performance, interactive, alucard, impulse, ondemandplus, wheatley, yankactive, nightmare, HYPER, darkness, zzmoove.

  • CPU Hotplugs :-
    Intelliplug, Alucard Hotplug, MSM Hotplug, mp-decision, Bricked Hotplug.

  • GPU Governors :-
    msm-cpuferq, msm-adreno-tz, userspace, powersave, performance, simple_ondemand.

  • IO Schedulers :-
    fiops, vr, zen, sio, bfq, cfq, row, deadline, noop, tripndroid.

  • TCP Congestions :-
    westwood, cubic, reno, hstcp, hybla, vegas, veno, scalable, lp, yeah, illinois, hctp, advanced, highspeed.

  • Initial Build
  • Add Kexec Hardboot
  • Add Stereo Call recording support
  • Increase Torch power to 20mA
  • Enable Slimbus overclocking for superior audio quality
  • Force SELinux Permissive
  • Add Custom Vibrator Intensity
  • Remove Power Torch inc by 20ma
  • Remove SELinux always Permissive
  • Remove custom vibrator support
  • Add KCAL v2
  • Add Intelliplug
  • Add NVIDEA Patches
  • Add psx2usb
  • Add Frandom
  • Add Custom Vibrator
  • Increase Torch Power
  • Add many IO Schedulers
  • Enabled Pipe flags
  • Many other optimizations.....
  • Add many CPU Governers
  • Add many TCP Congestions
  • Add Intellithermal v2
  • Add support to use device as USB Keyboard/Mouse
  • Enable KSM
  • Add Graphite Flags
  • Optimize PEWqs system-wide
  • Add Powersuspend
  • Add Dynamic FSync
  • Revamped spinlock ASM code
  • Set readahead to 256
  • Set mc_power savings to 2
  • Optimize sfck compression
  • Enable Headset in HPP
  • Many other optimizations.....
  • Add MSM-Hotplug
  • Add new CPU Gov :- alucard
  • Disable gentle fair sleepers
  • Enable arch power
  • Cleaned up some dead code
  • Other CPU optimizations.....
  • SE Linux tweaks
  • Time & clock tweaks
  • Entropy tweaks
  • Disable crc check for 30% extra performance in IO
  • Many-many more tweaks......check my github commits for full changelog
  • Fix Kexec Hardboot
  • MSM Hotplug tweaks
  • Add exFAT support
  • New GPU Governor added : conservative
  • Added lcd_notifier
  • Many GPU tweaks
  • Added 8 new cpu govs : impulse, ondemandplus, wheatley, yankactive, nightmare, HYPER, darkness, zzmoove.
  • Low latency for superior audio
  • Other tweaks and changes.
  • Updated with latest Motorola's sources
  • CPU UC to 96MHz
  • GPU OC to 533MHz & UC to 100MHz
  • Overclock RAM to 566 MHz
  • Enable kernel_neon mode
  • Add strict_aliasing & modulo_sched flags
  • msm kgsl tweaks
  • msm:ultrasound tweaks
  • msm:vibrator handle out of range properly
  • qdspv2 tweaks
  • CHROMIUM:fix calculation of dirty memory
  • Use power eff. wqs. for bam_dmux
  • And many more...(see GitHub)
  • Add Alucard Hotplug
  • Add Bricked Hotplug
  • Update zzmoove to v1.0_beta-8
  • Merged latest Moto source updates
Thia feature is ONLY available on v2.0, v2.1 and from v3.2 onwards.
i . e . from v2.2 to v3.1 DOES NOT support Multiboot. Trying out these versions with multirom will result in unexpected behaviour.

(do not mirror my links)

Latest Version

Older Versions

  1. Reboot into recovery.
  2. Make a nandroid BackUp.
  3. Select Install zip from SD Card.
  4. Select the Downloaded zip.
  5. Then Reboot to System.

Battery shows charging even on disconnection of the charger.
Solution :-
This issue, as I have noticed is caused due to enabling of USB fast charge. I noticed this on few cm roms too. After having charged, disconnect the charger, disable USB fast charge, reconnect charger and disconnect again. This should solve the issue. You can re-enable fast charge again !
ELSE :- You can also try this great fix suggested by @wernerml.

See Post #2.

While submitting a bug report be sure of mentioning the following things :-
  • ROM
  • Kernel Version
  • Whether using Xposed or not
  • A Logcat
  • Preferably a screenshot
Bug reports NOT meeting these criteria will be ignored.

  • Kernel Adiutor
  • Faux123 Kernel Enhancement Pro
  • Trickster Mod
  • Synapse

I would specially like to thank @Thecrazyskull for his extended support in development of this kernel.
Others whose help I took :-
~~Motorola for kernel sources
~~Luk & Luca -for various fixes
~~Thecrazyskull DC07 & PizzaDox -for cherry-picks
~~many more.......
Please don't start a war here if I forgot to mention someone. PM me and I will add him.

XDA:DevDB Information
StellarKernel, Kernel for the Moto G 2014

Source Code:

Kernel Special Features: Kexec, Intelliplug, KCAL, Faux Sound, USB Fast Charge, Intellithermal, D2W/S2W

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 5.2
Stable Release Date: 2015-09-06

Created 2015-04-17
Last Updated 2015-09-06
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Stock_Kernel_vs_Stellar_Kernel.png
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Name:	Screenshot_2015-07-08-19-00-48.png
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Name:	Screenshot_2015-07-08-19-00-55.png
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ID:	3396056  
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17th April 2015, 05:31 PM |#2  
zakee94's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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Recommended Settings

Below listed are the recommended settings for the StellarKernel. The settings are such that they give a balance between performance and powersave. However you can always tweak the settings according to your need and wish. But be careful that you do not over tweak or play with settings you don't know. Please do a lot of research before playing with your expensive hardware ! Enjoy !!!
Read this AWESOME GUIDE by @gsstudios befor heading over to any settings.
  1. CPU :-
    • Max Freq :- 1190MHz
    • Min Freq :- 96MHz
    • Governor :-
      As you wish ! However read this awesome guide before messing with the govs.
      My personal favourites :- HYPER / interactive / impulse.
  2. CPU Hotplug :-
    • MP Decision :- off
    • IntelliPlug :- on
    • Touch Boost :- on
    • Hysteresis Value :- 7 or 8
    • Screen off freq. :- Disabled
  3. GPU :-
    • Governor :- msm-adreno-tz
    • Simple GPU Algorithm :- on
    • Laziness :- 4
    • Ramp Thresold :- 6
    • GPU Max freq. :- 533MHz
  4. Screen :-
    As you wish !
  5. Sound :-
    As you wish ! Generally recommended to increase gain on all sides.
  6. Battery :-
    • Throttling :- on
    • Throttle freq. :- 787
    • USB FastCharge :- As you wish !
  7. I/O Scheduler :-
    • zen/noop :- for both emmc & sd
    • Read Ahead :- 128kB
    • Entropy :- off
  8. KSM :-
    Recommended disabled. Enable at you own RISK. If enabled you MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SAVE PHOTOS TAKEN FROM THE CAMERA.
    However if you want to Enable use following settings :-
    • Pages to scan :- 200 to 300
    • Activation Threshold :- 24
    • Cycles per Activation :- 3
    • Scan delay interval :- 300
  9. Virtual Memory :-
    • Z-RAM :- on
    • swapiness :- 55
    • vfs cache pressure :- 120
    • dirty ratio :- 20
    • background ratio :- 5
  10. Thermal :-
    • Intellithermal :- on
    • Core Control :- on
    • VDD Restriction :- on
    • Freq Throttle Temp :- 63.0C/145.4F
    • Core Throttle Temp :- 77.0C/170.6F
    • Poll :- 250ms
  11. Others :-
    • TCP Congestion :- westwood / vegas / veno
    • SE Linux :- permissive
    • Powersuspend :- hybrid
    • Dynamic FSync :- on

Hint :-
Turn off WiFi when not in use to even BOOST UP the battery life.

Options not mentioned in these recommended settings are NOT meant to be touched and should be left the way it is.
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17th April 2015, 05:31 PM |#3  
zakee94's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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Experimental Builds

Presenting before you the experimental builds of Stellar Kernel with D2W/S2W support! Enjoy these builds but be aware that you might face some issues, so be sure of reporting them back so that they can be improved in further builds. ENJOY !!!

The reason behind making these builds "experimental" is simply because D2W/S2W is not yet fully compatible with our device. They cause occasional freezes and touch issues and bring down the overall performance. Hence, until serious work is done on making D2W/S2W compatible, these builds will remain experimental and WILL NOT be merged with stable builds.

D2W/S2W is NOT compatible with all models of this phone.
It supports only the following display types :-
  • mdss_dsi_mot_inx_720p_video_v0
It DOES NOT support the following display types :-
  • mdss_dsi_mot_jdi_720p_video_v1
  • mdss_dsi_mot_jdi_720p_video_v0
To check which display type you have by going into terminal and type :-
cat /proc/cmdline
  • All features of the LATEST stable build
  • D2W/S2W
  • Sweep2Sleep- bidirectional support


Latest Version
Older Versions

  • Initial Build based on stable v3.0 build
  • Tried fixing d2w/s2w
  • Build based on stable v3.1
  • Optimized d2w/s2w
  • Build based on stable v5.0
  • Added lcd_notifier driver
  • Build based on stable v5.1
  • Build based on stable v5.2 build
DO REPORT BUGS (Read Carefully) :-
The reason I am asking you to do so is because I DO NOT have a "mdss_dsi_mot_inx_720p_video_v0" display.
Therefore I CANNOT TEST ANY OF THESE BUILDS. If you want further support on these build DO TEST and REPORT.
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17th April 2015, 05:46 PM |#4  
DiamondBond's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Limassol
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nice to see some solid features in here

Can you add kexec hardboot patch, if you want, pm me and ill send you the commits, cause alot of people want to dual boot lets say Titan Prime and 5.1 CM, stuff like that, so maybe add kexec, since this will be the first kernel to have that
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17th April 2015, 05:48 PM |#5  
Flag Chennai
Thanks Meter: 22
Booted and i can confirm that everything working fine :thumbup:nice work OP
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17th April 2015, 06:10 PM |#6  
SirRhor's Avatar
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Now this made my day.

Thank you for doing what it really needed to be done.
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17th April 2015, 08:17 PM |#7  
maxniper's Avatar
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Nice to see a Stock Kernel thank you
Is it possible in near or far future to add Stereo call recording support by skvalex?
17th April 2015, 08:24 PM |#8  
Flag Clermont-Ferrand
Thanks Meter: 26
THIS along with a Star Wars Teaser for a Movie AND a Game in a single day, I'm fulfilled, I can now die in peace, thank you :') .
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17th April 2015, 10:02 PM |#9  
Flag lima
Thanks Meter: 7
You can add kcal? Pls
17th April 2015, 10:03 PM |#10  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 383
kexec patch would be a great contribution, any ways ill try this kernel thanks
The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to fburgos For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift fburgos Ad-Free
17th April 2015, 10:48 PM |#11  
Thanks Meter: 5
Run great in titan prime
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