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Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that happens as a result of flashing these files. Your destiny is your own.

Moto G (1st Gen) Factory Firmware Images

- Provided by Firmware TEAM -

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WARNING: Flashing a Firmware Image is not a safe way to downgrade.

Use flashable zips instead:
Falcon - KitKat | Lollipop
Peregrine - KitKat | Lollipop

How to flash:
[GUIDE] Moto G - Restore stock firmware

XT1002 | XT1003 (Ferrari Edition)

Nextel Mexico - NEXTEL-FE-MX-SS_4.4.3_KXB21.14-L1.32_31 - Available on Request

Nextel Mexico - XT1003_NEXTEL-FE-MX-SS_4.4.3_KXB21.14-L1.32_31_cid12 - Available on Request


Retail Latin America - XT1002_FALCON_RETLA_FE_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12
Claro Puerto Rico - XT1002_FALCON_AMXPR_FE_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid12
Claro Puerto Rico - XT1002_FALCON_AMXPR_FE_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12 (Newer Build)
Claro Peru - XT1002_FALCON_AMXPE_FE_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12
Nextel Mexico - XT1003_FALCON_NIIMX_FE_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid12
Nextel Mexico - XT1003_FALCON_NIIMX_FE_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12 (Newer Build)
Telcel Mexico - XT1003_FALCON_AMXMX_FE_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid12
Telcel Mexico - XT1003_FALCON_AMXMX_FE_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12 (Newer Build)
Iusacell Mexico - XT1003_FALCON_IUSMX_FE_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid12
Iusacell Mexico - XT1003_FALCON_IUSMX_FE_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12 (Newer Build)

XT1008 (Moto G Forte)

Nextel Mexico - Forte_(XT1008)_NEXTEL-MX-SS_4.4.2_KXB20.9-1.10-1.30_cid12 - Available on Request

Nextel Mexico - XT1008_NEXTEL-MX_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.58_61_cid12
Movistar Mexico - XT1008_MOVISTAR-MX_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_38_cid12 - Available on Request
Iusacell Mexico - XT1008_IUSACELL-MX_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.58_61_cid12 - Available on Request


Movistar Mexico - XT1008_FALCON_TEFMX_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid12
Movistar Mexico - XT1008_FALCON_TEFMX_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12 (Newer Build)
Iusacell Mexico - XT1008_FALCON_IUSMX_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid12
Iusacell Mexico - XT1008_FALCON_IUSMX_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12 (Newer Build)
Nextel Mexico - XT1008_FALCON_NIIMX_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid12
Nextel Mexico - XT1008_FALCON_NIIMX_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12 (Newer Build)

XT1028 (CDMA)
Verizon US - CFC-fastboot_falcon_verizon_user_4.4.2_KXB20.9-1.10-1.20_22_release-keys - Available on Request


Verizon US - XT1028_FALCON_VERIZON_5.1_LPB23.13-33.7_cid2
Verizon US - XT1028_FALCON_VERIZON_5.1_LPBS23.13-33.7-2_cid2 (Newer Build)

XT1031 (CDMA)

Republic Wireless US - falcon_repw_user_4.4.2_KXB20.9-1.10-2.16_21_release-keys-cid6 - Available on Request
ACG US - ACG_XT1031_4.4.2_KXB20.9-1.10-1.4 - Available on Request
US Cellular - USC_XT1031_4.4.2_KXB20.9-1.10-1.9 - Available on Request


Boost US - XT1031_FALCON_BOOST_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid9
Boost US - XT1031_FALCON_BOOST_5.1_LPB23.13-56-4_cid9
Boost US - XT1031_FALCON_BOOST_5.1_LPB23.13-56-5_cid9 (Newer Build)
Republic Wireless US - XT1031_FALCON_REPW_5.1_LPB23.13-51-R.10_cid6
Republic Wireless US - XT1031_FALCON_REPW_5.1_LPB23.13-51-R.14_cid6 (Newer Build)
US Cellular - XT1031_FALCON_USC_5.1_LPB23.13-33.6_cid9
US Cellular - XT1031_FALCON_USC_5.1_LPBS23.13-33.6-2_cid9 (Newer Build)
TextNow - XT1031_FALCON_TEXTNOW_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid9

XT1032 (Global GSM)
Google Play Edition - GPE_XT1032_KOT49H.M004 - Available on Request
Retail US - US_RETAIL_XT1032_KXB20.9-1.8-1.4 - Available on Request
Consumer Cellular US - CCAWS_XT1032_4.4.2-KXB20.9-1.10-1.34 - Available on Request
Telus Canada - TELUS-CA_FALCON_KXB20.9-1.10-1.9_cid14 - Available on Request
Retail EU - RETAIL-EU_FALCON_KLB20.9-1.10-1.24-1.1_cid7 - Available on Request
Retail EU (SIM-Locked) - RETAIL-EU-SL_FALCON_KLB20.9-1.10-1.24-1.1_cid7 - Available on Request
Retail UK - RETAIL-GB_FALCON_KLB20.9-1.10-1.24-1.1_cid7 - Available on Request
Vodafone UK - VODAFONE-GB-SL_FALCON_KLB20.9-1.10-1.24-1.1_cid7 - Available on Request
Tesco UK - TESCO-GB-SL_FALCON_KLB20.9-1.10-1.24-1.1_cid7 - Available on Request
O2 UK - O2-GB-SL_FALCON_KLB20.9-1.10-1.24-1.1_cid7 - Available on Request
EE UK - EE-GB-SL_FALCON_KLB20.9-1.10-1.24-1.1_cid7 - Available on Request
Retail France - RETAIL-FR_FALCON_KLB20.9-1.10-1.24-1.1_cid7 - Available on Request
Vodafone France - VODAFONE-FR-SL_FALCON_KLB20.9-1.10-1.24-1.1_cid7 - Available on Request
O2 Germany - O2-DE_FALCON_KLB20.9-1.10-1.24-1.1_cid7 - Available on Request
Claro Puerto Rico - AMXPR_USER_4.4.2_KXB20.9-1.10-1.24-1.1_1_RELEASE-KEYS-cid12 - Available on Request

Retail US - US_RETAIL_XT1032_KXB21.14-L1.32 - Available on Request
Retail Brazil - RETAIL-BR-SS_4.4.3_KXB21.14-L1.32_34_cid12 - Available on Request

Google Play Edition - GPE_4.4.4_XT1032_KTU84P.M003
Retail US - RETAIL_XT1032_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.61_cid9 [Mirror #1]
Consumer Cellular US - CC_XT1032_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.61_cid9
Retail Europe - XT1032_RETAIL-EU_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_36_cid7
Retail UK - XT1032_RETAIL-GB_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_36_cid7
O2 UK - XT1032_O2SL-GB_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_37_cid7
Vodafone UK - XT1032_VODAFONESL-GB_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_31_cid7
EE UK - XT1032_EESL-GB_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_39_cid7
Retail Germany - XT1032_RETAIL-DE_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_36_cid7
O2 Germany - XT1032_O2_DE_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_39_cid7 - Available on Request
Retail France - XT1032_RETAIL-FR_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_37_cid7
Vodafone France - XT1032_VFFRSL_FR_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_36_cid7
Retail Brazil - XT1032_RETAIL-BR_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40-1_1_cid12
Retail Brazil - XT1032_RETAIL-BR-SS_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_42_cid12
Nextel Brazil - XT1032_NEXTEL-BR_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_42_cid3
Vivo Brazil - XT1032_VIVO-BR_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_42_cid12 - Available on Request
Retail Argentina - XT1032_RETAIL-AR_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_37_cid12
Personal Argentina - XT1032_PER-AR-SS_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_36_cid12 - Available on Request
Claro Argentina - XT1032_CLARO-AR-SS_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_37_cid12 - Available on Request
Bell Canada - XT1032_BELL-CA_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.50_51_cid14 - Available on Request
Telus Canada - XT1032_TELUS-CA-SS_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.50-1_1_cid14 - Available on Request
Telus Canada - XT1032_TELUS-CA_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.50_52_cid14 - Available on Request
América Móvil Mexico - XT1032_AMERICAMOVIL-MX_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_38_cid12 - Available on Request
Telcel Mexico - XT1032_TELCEL-MX-SS_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40-1_1_cid12
Claro Puerto Rico - XT1032_CLARO-PR_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_37_cid12 - Available on Request
Claro Chile - XT1032_CLARO-CL_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_37_cid12 - Available on Request
Movistar Chile - XT1032_MOVISTAR-CL_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_37_cid12 - Available on Request
Claro Colombia - XT1032_CLARO-CO-SS_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40-1_1_cid12
América Móvil Colombia - XT1032_AMERICAMOVIL-CO_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_37_cid12 - Available on Request
América Móvil Peru - XT1032_AMERICAMOVIL-PE_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_38_cid12
Movistar Peru - XT1032_MOVISTAR-PE_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_40_cid12 - Available on Request
Claro Peru - XT1032_FALCON-CLARO-PE_5.0.2_LXB22.46-32_31_cid12

Retail US - XT1032_FALCON-RETUGLB_5.0.2_LXB22.99-36_35_cid9
Retail UK - XT1032_FALCON-RETGB_5.0.2_LXB22.46-28.1_1_cid7
Tesco UK - XT1032_FALCON-TESCO-GB-SL_5.0.2_LXB22.46-28.1_1_cid7
Vodafone UK - XT1032_FALCON-VFGB-SL_5.0.2_LXB22.46-28.1_1_cid7
O2 UK - XT1032_FALCON-O2GBSL_5.0.2_LXB22.46-28.1_1_cid7
Retail Europe - XT1032_FALCON-RETEU_5.0.2_LXB22.46-28.1_1_cid7 [Mirror #1] [Mirror #2]
Retail France - XT1032_FALCON-RETFR_5.0.2_LXB22.46-28.1_1_cid7
Vodafone France - XT1032_FALCON-VFFR-SL_5.0.2_LXB22.46-28.1_1_cid7
Retail Germany - XT1032_FALCON-RETDE_5.0.2_LXB22.46-28.1_1_cid7
O2 Germany - XT1032_FALCON-O2DE_5.0.2_LXB22.46-28.1_1_cid7
Telus Canada - XT1032_FALCON-TELUS-CA_5.0.2_LXB22.46-32_31_cid14
Bell Canada - XT1032_FALCON-BELL-CA_5.0.2_LXB22.46-32_30_cid14
Nextel Peru - XT1032_FALCON-NEXTEL-PE_5.0.2_LXB22.46-32_31_cid3
Retail Brazil - BRASIL_XT1032_5.0.2_LXB22.46-28_cid12 [Mirror #1]
Nextel Brazil - XT1032_FALCON-NEXTEL-BR_5.0.2_LXB22.46-32_31_cid3
Telefonica Brazil - XT1032_FALCON-TELEFONICA-BR_5.0.2_LXB22.46-35_35_cid12
Retail Argentina - XT1032_FALCON-RETAIL-AR_5.0.2_LXB22.46-32_32_cid12
Movistar Argentina - XT1032_FALCON-MOVISTAR-AR_5.0.2_LXB22.46-32_34_cid12
Claro Argentina - XT1032_FALCON-CLARO-AR_5.0.2_LXB22.46-32_16_cid12
Personal Argentina - XT1032_FALCON-PERSONAL-AR_5.0.2_LXB22.46-32_32_cid12
Movistar Mexico - XT1032_FALCON-MOVISTAR-MX_5.0.2_LXB22.46-32_31_cid12 - Available on Request
Movistar Colombia - XT1032_FALCON-MOVISTAR-CO_5.0.2_LXB22.46-32_31_cid12
Claro Colombia - XT1032_FALCON-CLARO-CO_5.0.2_LXB22.46-32_32_cid12
Movistar Chile - XT1032_FALCON-MOVISTAR-CL_5.0.2_LXB22.46-32_31_cid12
Movistar Peru - XT1032_FALCON-MOVISTAR-PE_5.0.2_LXB22.46-32_31_cid12
Claro Peru - XT1032_FALCON-CLARO-PE_5.0.2_LXB22.46-32_31_cid12

Google Play Edition - GPE_5.1_XT1032_LMY47M.M001
Google Play Edition - GPE_5.1_XT1032_LMY47M.M004
Google Play Edition - GPE_5.1_XT1032_LMY47M.M005 (Newer Build)
Retail US - XT1032_FALCON_RETUGLB_5.1_LPB23.13-58_cid9
Retail US - XT1032_FALCON_RETUGLB_5.1_LPBS23.13-58-2_cid9 (Newer Build)
AIO Wireless - XT1032_FALCON_AIO_5.1_LPB23.13-58_cid16
AIO Wireless - XT1032_FALCON_AIO_5.1_LPBS23.13-58-2_cid16 (Newer Build)
Consumer Cellular US - XT1032_FALCON_CC_5.1_LPB23.13-58_cid9
Consumer Cellular US - XT1032_FALCON_CC_5.1_LPBS23.13-58-2_cid9 (Newer Build)
Telus Canada - XT1032_FALCON_TKPCA_5.1_LPBS23.13-57-2_cid14
Bell Canada - XT1032_FALCON_BWACA_5.1_LPBS23.13-57-2_cid14
Retail UK - XT1032_FALCON_RETGB_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid7
Retail UK - XT1032_FALCON_RETGB_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid7 (Newer Build)
Tesco UK - XT1032_FALCON_TESCOGBSL_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid7
Vodafone UK - XT1032_FALCON_VFGBSL_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid7
O2 UK - XT1032_FALCON_O2GBSL_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid7
EE UK - XT1032_FALCON_EEGBSL_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid7
Retail EU - XT1032_FALCON_RETEU_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid7
Retail EU - XT1032_FALCON_RETEU_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid7 (Newer Build)
Retail EU (Sim-Locked) - XT1032_FALCON_RETEUSL_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid7
Retail EU (Sim-Locked) - XT1032_FALCON_RETEUSL_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid7 (Newer Build)
Retail France - XT1032_FALCON_RETFR_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid7
Retail France - XT1032_FALCON_RETFR_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid7 (Newer Build)
Vodafone France - XT1032_FALCON_VFFRSL_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid7
Retail Germany - XT1032_FALCON_RETDE_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid7
Retail Germany - XT1032_FALCON_RETDE_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid7 (Newer Build)
O2 Germany - XT1032_FALCON_O2DE_5.1_LPBS23.13-56.1-2_cid7
Retail Argentina - XT1032_FALCON_RETAR_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid12
Retail Argentina - XT1032_FALCON_RETAR_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12 (Newer Build)
Claro Argentina - XT1032_FALCON_AMXAR_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid12
Claro Argentina - XT1032_FALCON_AMXAR_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12 (Newer Build)
Movistar Argentina - XT1032_FALCON_TEFAR_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12
Personal Argentina - XT1032_FALCON_PERAR_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12
Retail Brazil - XT1032_FALCON_RETBR_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid12
Retail Brazil - XT1032_FALCON_RETBR_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12 (Newer Build)
Nextel Brazil - XT1032_FALCON_NIIBR_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid3
Nextel Brazil - XT1032_FALCON_NIIBR_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid3 (Newer Build)
Claro Brazil - XT1032_FALCON_AMXBR_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12
Telcel Mexico - XT1032_FALCON_AMXMX_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12
Claro Peru - XT1032_FALCON_AMXPE_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12
Nextel Peru - XT1032_FALCON_NIIPE_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid3
Movistar Peru - XT1032_FALCON_TEFPE_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12
Claro Puerto Rico - XT1032_FALCON_AMXPR_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12
Claro Chile - XT1032_FALCON_AMXCL_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12
Movistar Chile - XT1032_FALCON_TEFCL_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12
Movistar Colombia - XT1032_FALCON_TEFCO_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid12
Movistar Colombia - XT1032_FALCON_TEFCO_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12 (Newer Build)
Claro Colombia - XT1032_FALCON_AMXCO_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12

XT1033 (Dual-SIM)
Retail Asia - RETAIL-AS_FALCON_KXB20.25-1.31_cid7 - Available on Request
Retail Brazil - RETAIL-BR-DS_FALCON_KXB20.25-1.31_cid12
Retail Latin America - RETAIL-LA-DS_4.4.2_KXB20.25-1.31_cid12 - Available on Request

Retail Brazil - RETAIL-BR-DS_4.4.3_KXB21.14-L1.32_30_cid12 - Available on Request

Retail Asia - XT1033_ASIA-DS_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_34_cid7
Retail Brazil - XT1033_RETAIL-BR-DS_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40-1_1_cid12 - Available on Request
Retail Brazil - XT1033_RETAIL-BR-DS_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_38_cid12
Claro Brazil - XT1033_CLARO-BR-DS_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_37_cid12
OI Brazil - XT1033_OI-BR-DS_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_35_cid12 - Available on Request
TIM Brazil - XT1033_TIM-BR-DS_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_37_cid12 - Available on Request
Retail Latin America - XT1033_RETAIL-LA-DS_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_35_cid12 - Available on Request


Retail Asia - XT1033_FALCON_ASIA_DS_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid7
Retail Asia - XT1033_FALCON_ASIA_DS_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid7 (Newer Build)
Retail Latin America - XT1033_FALCON_RETLA_DS_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid12
Retail Brazil - XT1033_FALCON_RETBR_DS_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid12
Retail Brazil - XT1033_FALCON_RETBR_DS_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12 (Newer Build)
TIM Brazil - XT1033_FALCON_TIMBR_DS_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid12
TIM Brazil - XT1033_FALCON_TIMBR_DS_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12 (Newer Build)
Claro Brazil - XT1033_FALCON_AMXBR_DS_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid12
Claro Brazil - XT1033_FALCON_AMXBR_DS_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12 (Newer Build)
OI Brazil - XT1033_FALCON_OIBR_DS_5.1_LPB23.13-56_cid12
OI Brazil - XT1033_FALCON_OIBR_DS_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_cid12 (Newer Build)

XT1034 (AWS)
Retail US - US_retail_XT1034_KXB20.9-1.8-1.4 - Available on Request

Retail US - US_retail_XT1034_KXB21.14-L1.32 - Available on Request



Retail US - XT1034_FALCON_RETUAWS_5.1_LPB23.13-58_cid9
Retail US - XT1034_FALCON_RETUAWS_5.1_LPBS23.13-58-2_cid9 (Newer Build)
Consumer Cellular US - XT1034_FALCON_CCAWS_5.1_LPBS23.13-58-2_cid9
Retail Canada - XT1034_FALCON_RETCA_5.1_LPB23.13-57_cid14
Retail Canada - XT1034_FALCON_RETCA_5.1_LPBS23.13-57-2_cid14 (Newer Build)
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XT1039 5.1 Retail US
XT1040 5.1 Nextel Peru
XT1040 4.4.4 Personal Argentina
XT1040 5.1 Personal Argentina
XT1045 5.1 Cricket US

XT1039 (4G | LTE)

Retail Europe - XT1039_PEREGRINE_RETEU_5.1_LPB23.13-17_cid7 [Mirror #1]
Retail Europe - XT1039_PEREGRINE_RETEU_5.1_LPB23.13-17.3_cid7
Retail Europe - XT1039_PEREGRINE_RETEU_5.1_LPB23.13-17.6_cid7
Retail Europe - XT1039_PEREGRINE_RETEU_5.1_LPBS23.13-17.6-1_cid7 (Newer Build)
Vodafone Europe - XT1039_PEREGRINE_VFEU_5.1_LPB23.13-17.3_cid7
Vodafone Europe - XT1039_PEREGRINE_VFEU_5.1_LPBS23.13-17.3-1_cid7 (Newer Build)
Orange Europe - XT1039_PEREGRINE_ORAEU_5.1_LPB23.13-17_cid7
Orange Europe - XT1039_PEREGRINE_ORAEU_5.1_LPB23.13-17.3_cid7
Orange Europe - XT1039_PEREGRINE_ORAEU_5.1_LPBS23.13-17.3-1_cid7 (Newer Build)
Retail UK - XT1039_PEREGRINE_RETGB_5.1_LPB23.13-17_cid7
Retail UK - XT1039_PEREGRINE_RETGB_5.1_LPB23.13-17.3_cid7
Retail UK - XT1039_PEREGRINE_RETGB_5.1_LPB23.13-17.6_cid7
Retail UK - XT1039_PEREGRINE_RETGB_5.1_LPBS23.13-17.6-1_cid7 (Newer Build)
O2 UK - XT1039_PEREGRINE_O2GB_5.1_LPB23.13-17_cid7
O2 UK - XT1039_PEREGRINE_O2GB_5.1_LPB23.13-17.3_cid7
O2 UK - XT1039_PEREGRINE_O2GB_5.1_LPB23.13-17.6_cid7
O2 UK - XT1039_PEREGRINE_O2GB_5.1_LPBS23.13-17.6-1_cid7 (Newer Build)
Tesco UK - XT1039_PEREGRINE_TESCOGB_5.1_LPB23.13-17_cid7
Tesco UK - XT1039_PEREGRINE_TESCOGB_5.1_LPB23.13-17.3_cid7
Tesco UK - XT1039_PEREGRINE_TESCOGB_5.1_LPB23.13-17.6_cid7
Tesco UK - XT1039_PEREGRINE_TESCOGB_5.1_LPBS23.13-17.6-1_cid7 (Newer Build)
Retail Germany - XT1039_PEREGRINE_RETDE_5.1_LPB23.13-17_cid7 [Mirror #1]
Retail Germany - XT1039_PEREGRINE_RETDE_5.1_LPBS23.13-17.3-1_cid7 (Newer Build)
Retail Spain - XT1039_PEREGRINE_RETES_5.1_LPB23.13-17_cid7 [Mirror #1]
Retail Spain - XT1039_PEREGRINE_RETES_5.1_LPB23.13-17.3_cid7
Retail Spain - XT1039_PEREGRINE_RETES_5.1_LPBS23.13-17.3-1_cid7 (Newer Build)
Retail Brazil - XT1039_PEREGRINE_RETBR_EU_5.1_LPB23.13-35_cid12
Retail Brazil - XT1039_PEREGRINE_RETBR_EU_5.1_LPB23.13-35.5_cid12
Retail Brazil - XT1039_PEREGRINE_RETBR_EU_5.1_LPBS23.13-35.5-1_cid12 (Newer Build)
Nextel Brazil - XT1039_PEREGRINE_NIIBR_5.1_LPB23.13-35.5_cid12
Nextel Brazil - XT1039_PEREGRINE_NIIBR_5.1_LPBS23.13-35.5-1_cid12 (Newer Build)

XT1040 (4G | LTE)

XT1042 (4G | LTE)

XT1045 (4G | LTE)

Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I restore Factory Firmware if my Bootloader is locked?
Yes. However attempting to downgrade to an older version of Android may fail. Even with an unlocked Bootloader, downgrading cannot be guaranteed. It's also important to be aware that flashing the wrong Bootloader (motoboot.img) for your model can have serious consequences. Always establish your model of Moto G before flashing.

What does 'Preflash Validation Failed' mean?
'Preflash Validation Failure' happens when the Firmware Image you are flashing is older than one you have previously flashed. In other words, flashing a Lollipop Firmware Image, will cause a KitKat Firmware Image to return: Preflash Validation Failed.

After flashing Firmware Image files phone gets stuck during boot-up | will not load Android?
Refer to the guide. Check you are naming the files correctly, and make sure you are flashing all of the 'sparsechunk' files - not just those mentioned in the tutorial. The 'sparsechunk' commands listed there are not to be copied exactly, different firmware images have different files.

Downgrading and OTA Updates
If you downgrade, it is advised to avoid all OTA Updates. These updates can result in a hard-brick (phone will not turn on) if you have a newer Bootloader than the one expected. For example, you have the Lollipop Bootloader, but have downgraded to Android KitKat.

How to Disable OTA Updates?

(1) Without Root access

It may be possible to do this via:
Settings > Apps > [swipe left to 'All'] > MotorolaOTA (or something similarly named) > Disable
(2) With Root access

Google Play Store has many apps that will allow you to 'freeze' the OTA Update service. Titanium Backup is a common example.

Alternatively, with a 'root access' file explorer, you can delete or rename the following files:
These additional files can be removed or renamed: (If you still get an OTA Update notification)
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19th May 2015, 02:53 AM |#3  
MarckozZ's Avatar
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Info 2 Request
Originally Posted by lost101

Firmware Images Requests:


With your permission: I'd like to request the 5.0.2 Retail Argentina firmware image. it will be great to have it! Thanks in advance.
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20th May 2015, 07:07 PM |#5  
xtrover's Avatar
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I'd like to request the 5.0.2 Tigo Colombia firmware image. it will be great to have it! Thanks :thumbup:

Enviado desde mi [email protected]|¢0π XT-1033
21st May 2015, 02:49 AM |#6  
MarckozZ's Avatar
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Originally Posted by xtrover

I'd like to request the 5.0.2 Tigo Colombia firmware image. it will be great to have it! Thanks :thumbup:

Enviado desde mi [email protected]|¢0π XT-1033

You Copy/Pasted what I wrote above LOL!!!

PD: :thumbsup: shoud be written as :good : here

PD2: Also, there will be great to have Personal AR, Claro AR and Movistar AR firmwares... To add them to the collection! Ok thats all for now!
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21st May 2015, 08:36 AM |#7  
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Just so it's clear; 5.0.2 Firmware images are not being held back from you - as soon as they are available, they will be added here.
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21st May 2015, 03:17 PM |#8  
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[QUOTE=MarckozZ;60865994]You Copy/Pasted what I wrote above LOL!!!

recycling bro!!! jajaja :thumbup:

Enviado desde mi [email protected]|¢0π XT-1033
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23rd May 2015, 08:22 AM |#10  
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ADDED: XT1032 Retail US 5.0.2
ADDED: XT1034 Retail US 5.0.2 (AWS)
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23rd May 2015, 08:26 PM |#11  
MahaDEVELOPER's Avatar
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Just asking if i flash Retail EU 5.0, when release later on can i flash Retail GB 5.0?
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