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China Middleman Back??

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By megazero, Junior Member on 14th May 2014, 01:36 PM
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I just got an email from that China middleman back from this thread

Titled: moto bootloader work back 2014/05/15

Subject: price:45usd notes:IMEI+ email !!!! in 12-48H reply

Its $5 more and he's saying hes back!

I have emailed him and I will post results but im very hopeful!

and some 2013 if your lucky
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14th May 2014, 02:36 PM |#2  
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Info 2 F.A.Q.
I think a recap is due...

Some background... For the Developer Editions Moto X, and some carrier editions (Like T-Mobile, Sprint, Rogers Wireless, and others), Motorola freely gives away the BootLoader Unlock codes when requested On Motorola's Web Site. In the case of the Non-Developer Editions, it voids their warranty to request the code.

I'm not going to go into the reasons why, but Moto does NOT give out the bootloader unlock code for the Retail and Moto Maker X for Verizon, ATT and a few other carriers. That is where this China Middle Man, and the Chinese web site/seller, comes in... Its a way to possibly get your bootloader unlock code if Moto can't/wont give it to you. If you are successful in getting your code from the Middle Man, it will be exactly like the code you would have received from Moto, except for the cost and the source.

If your X is NOT from Verizon, ATT, or Republic wireless, its worth checking Motorola's Web Site first, as either way voids your warranty when your phone is not a developer edition. If you can't get the bootloader unlock code from Motorola, then this China Middleman is your only other option right now (and for who knows how long).

What phones does this work with?
Based on replies and posts to this thread, it has been confirmed to work for most, but not all, Moto X, Droid Maxx, Droid Mini and G which have been assembled between January and June 2014 that have been submitted. Some others assembled out-side that range have been reported to work.

Republic Wireless X assembled in 2013 have had a fair success rate, at least enough that it is worth trying.

Since the middle man has restarted selling codes, users with Moto X from Verizon, ATT that were assembled in 2013 have rarely been able to receive a code. So you can try, but you will likely get a "no code available" response.

Update 10-21-2014: As time goes on, we are seeing an increase in post from users who have been "unsuccessful." (either they couldn't get a code, or the code they got didn't work). Its still worth a try.

This does NOT work for the 2nd Generation X or the "2014 Moto X" with the 5.2" screen.

Does it matter what ROM is on my phone?
Unlike using hacks and exploits to root, when using a Bootloader Unlock Code (from Moto or the Middle Man) your phone can be on ANY firmware version. Updates will not patch the ability to use the bootloader unlock code. And future Updates will NOT LOCK your bootloader.

On the Moto X, to find your assembled date...

Boot into FastbootAP/Bootloader mode
Option 1: power off, then press the power and volume down buttons simultaneously NOTE: you may need to have the USB cable disconnected first.

Option 2: If USB debugging option on your phone is turned on, and you have a properly setup ADB, AndroidSDK Platform tools, and moto drivers on your pc... Open a command prompt and type... adb reboot-bootloader The phone will restart into the bootloader/fastboot menu.

Option 3: You must already be rooted: you can use an application like Quick Boot (Reboot) which is available for free in the Google Play Store. It has options to reboot your phone normally, reboot into recovery, or reboot into bootloader.

Once on the FastbootAP/Booloader screen, Use the VOL DOWN to scroll and highlight Bar Codes, then use VOL UP to select it. There will be a date listed there. (use vol up or vol down to exit the screen).

How long will this be an option? or... How long will the China Middleman continue offering the codes?
We don't have any insight on that. When the China web site, and then middleman, originally started it was up for a while, then suddenly and without warning, stopped on April 1. When it restarted, this thread was born, and it has been going ever since. However, this time around, we've seen a lower success rate with getting codes.

How to send a request/payment..
The price is 45usd. (he will receive slightly less due to fees)

Send Paypal for goods/services to
In the notes, include your IMEI and Email.

NOTE: be sure to use Goods/Services so you can dispute if you have any issues. Payment sent as GIFT can NOT be disputed!

How long does it take to get my code, or get a response?
Response times have varied from less than an hour, to almost a week. So be patient. If its been over a week, you can try to add the person to Skype and message.

I got a response that my code wasn't available. Now what?
Usually he refunds the money when replying your code wasn't available. If not, you'll need to file a PayPal dispute.

If your phone is only two or three weeks old, you can try waiting a month, try again and see if he gets a new batch of codes which contains yours.

Otherwise, you are out of luck.
UPDATE: You can try Sunshine which is being discussed in -> That thread has the information, link to the Sunshine tool, and discussion.

Sunshine only works with certain ROM versions, but when it works on your phone it DOES UNLOCK the bootloader just like using the code would.

If Sunshine doesn't work, then you are out of luck.

I got my code, now what?
Most emailed responses containing the code have included your IMEI code and unique unlock code. The unlock code is 20 digits long and is case sensitive. Please Copy/Paste when using it, rather than typing it.

Back up your phone! the Bootloader Unlock process WILL WIPE all data, apps, settings, etc!! BACK UP FIRST!!
  1. Make sure you have a working Android SDK/PlatformTools/ADB setup
  2. Boot your phone into FastbootAP/Bootloader mode
  3. Connect your phone to your PC via USB cord
  4. From a command prompt on your PC issue the following command... fastboot oem unlock UniqueCode NOTE: please replace "UniqueCode" with a copy/paste of your code from the email!
  5. after the process is successful, your phone will reboot and you will see the Unlocked Bootloader warning logo.
For a more detailed or novice friendly set of instructions, see ->

Keep your code in a safe place. While there should be no need to relock the bootloader, if you ever need to unlock the bootloader again, you'll use that same code.

So now that I've unlocked my phone, is it now the same as a "Developer Edition"?
For all intents and purposes, Yes. From the standpoint of rooting, flashing, custom roms, hacks, etc. You can use the same instructions and do the same things. The same caveats and rules that apply to a developer edition, apply to you.

Unlike a developer edition, your warranty will be voided because you've unlocked your bootoader (if the warranty provider notices you've unlocked your bootloader).

So now that I've unlocked my phone, HOW DO I ROOT?
Download the latest TWRP Recovery from -> (under the Download-Fastboot heading) and the latest SuperSU from -> or the latest CWM / TWRP / MobileODIN installable ZIP from
And use them while following the instructions in this post ->

Thats great, but I still have questions...
When this first came about, I put together this post in the old thread ->

I've added to it, clarified a few things and re-posted here ->

Those two versions contain pretty much all of the questions/answers I've seen asked.

EDITED: Aug 13, 2014 Reason: added Background, Moved "what phones does it work with.." section, added "Does it matter what rom.." section, and added rooting info
EDITED: Aug 28, 2014 Reason: moved "how long a response could take" to its own section so it stands out more

---------- Post added at 02:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:53 PM ----------

Originally Posted by Slick52

I know it's a big unknown, but what are the chances these guys will have unlock codes for the X+1? My parents are about to renew, but they will need 1 unlocked hotspot for an unlimited plan. With Aug 20th supposedly being the release date, 2weeks away, should they wait for the +1?

Sent from my XT1060

Nothing will be known until the X+1 comes out and someone tries to unlock it.

And this service could stop at any time.

My advice is something I got flamed in this thread for in the past.. but since you asked... Since you'll have to pay full price anyway (to keep unlimited data) Consider getting a Dev Edition X for Verizon while they are still on sale for $324.99. Its definately cheaper than buying a full price X+1 when they come out, and you can certainly unlock the bootloader without voiding the warranty.
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14th May 2014, 03:08 PM |#3  
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Tag for outcome.
14th May 2014, 03:10 PM |#4  
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I got the email as well. We'll see what happens!

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14th May 2014, 03:24 PM |#5  
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Everyone who didn't get on the first boat, I would recommend jumping on this asap (if he's really back.) Nothing like having a self made Dev edition and complete freedom with nowhere near full retail cost.
14th May 2014, 03:37 PM |#6  
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Screw it, Im in. Not waiting around and getting left behind this time.
14th May 2014, 03:41 PM |#7  
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Yep, got an email from him this morning as well (should be 40+ of us since he has no idea how to use bcc). Stopped what I was doing and sent the payment & info. Will also post any results.

Might I remind everyone who is doing this to send payment as goods/services this time - the people who sent as a gift couldn't get a refund last time.....

edit: also wanted to mention that i went from 10-20 spam emails a day to over a hundred after emailing this dude the last time..... so use a junk email address you don't care about.
14th May 2014, 03:51 PM |#8  
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The original link does not seem to work for me. Can someone confirm the URL?
14th May 2014, 03:55 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by jasonumd2

The original link does not seem to work for me. Can someone confirm the URL?

just do what the instructions in the first post of this thread say. send paypal payment of $45 to that address with IMEI and email address in the notes.
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14th May 2014, 04:06 PM |#10  
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Duh. Thanks! Payment sent and fingers crossed.

Originally Posted by mohlsen8

just do what the instructions in the first post of this thread say. send paypal payment of $45 to that address with IMEI and email address in the notes.

14th May 2014, 05:04 PM |#11  
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He just responded to me. Apparently the 2013 models aren't in the database. He's initiated a refund for me.

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