New Member: Welcome to XDA!

To unlock all capabilities of XDA, we ask that those of you with higher level skills make 10 helpful posts. If you are unable to help others, please post only relevant new questions or observations. Low quality posts will be deleted, especially when made simply to get to the 10 post threshold. Also, you must fill out a CAPTCHA in order to post as long as you have fewer than 10 posts. This is to help reduce spam and keep XDA clean.

What is the 10 post-rule?

The 10 post rule requires all new members to make 10 helpful or respectful contributing posts before they can post in a development forum. All device forums are separated into several sub forums, such as:

Galaxy Nexus

  • Galaxy Nexus General
  • Galaxy Nexus Q&A
  • Galaxy Nexus Accessories
  • Galaxy Nexus Android Development
  • Galaxy Nexus Themes and Apps

The 10 post rule only applies to the development section, underlined above. In all other forums, you may post freely right away.

That’s annoying! Why do I have to do that?

We know it's a bit annoying, but the rule is in place because experience shows that allowing immediate access to our Development forums leads to very high levels of low quality, inappropriate posting. Our Development forums are sacred; they are the heart of XDA and are not meant for asking questions, but instead they are primarily intended for use by developers.

Where can I go to make my 10 posts?

Go to any General, Q&A, Accessory, or Themes and Apps forum, and look for places to share your knowledge. The Q&A forums in particular provide a great opportunity to help an XDA member that needs information or for you to ask relevant new questions.

How do I report a post?

To report a post, please do not PM a moderator. Instead, you will notice that every post has a little triangle on the top (), near the facebook/twitter icons. Please use that if you have a problem with a post. Thanks!

One more thing...

Want to learn about Android and Android development? Check out our new site, XDA-University, and learn! :)

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping XDA that best development site on the internet. Enjoy your stay, and once again--Welcome!