Owl CarPad /G Qi Wireless Charging Car Mount ~ Ships next week ~ See first post

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By delrazor, Senior Member on 4th December 2012, 08:12 PM
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EDIT: Updated for important information at the front of the topic. Initial body copy is at the bottom of this post now.

Quick Stats:

Name : Owl CarPad/G,

What is it?: Wireless Qi Charger for your car. it uses a hard-wired Cigarette lighter adapter to power the wireless Qi charging pad. (See pics below for the exact cable provided)

Have a look at my in-depth review of the Owl CarPad/G for Nexus 4

Where can I buy it? : Here's a link to Owl's website where you can order.

Moon has stated they are awaiting final production, and should start shipping around middle of next week!. So for right now, any orders placed are "pre-orders" and will ship out very soon!

WORLDWIDE SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE! Owl will ship using EMS from Korea. Final leg in the USA is delivered by USPS. You can try using this site to track your package via EMS: (hint: press cancel on the 2 pop ups that come up.. they're in Korean, and I'm not positive what they say, but this will bring you to the tracking number input area)

Click “Buy now” and fill in the blank $65 for 1 set (Includes CarPad with screw nut for back, Mounting hardware(Arkon Brand - referenced below) and 12V 1A specially engineered Cigarette Power Adapter.)

2 sets for $120
4 sets for $235

If you only want the CarPad, and don't need the mounting hardware, because you'll plan on using your own 17mm ball solution (basically you'll just receive the charging pad with side-prongs, 17mm ball joint female end on the back, screw nut for attaching to 17mm ball mount of your choosing and the cigarette power adapter) - $57

Also on sale - OwlPad for desktop + CarPad for Car.
Just $100 at

XDA User Narcopolypse is also taking names for a list of orders he'll be making as well, if you'd rather someone else handle the shipping and then ship them to you locally.

What are the specifics: CarPad is Qi functional and works well with the Nexus 4. Tested both with TPU case, Diztronic Matte Black Case, Official Bumper, and bare-back. The average charge on an idle phone is around +600mA and with load of Spotify streaming music, Android GPS navigation, BlueTooth connected to head-unit, and screen on at lowest brightness, the charger gets nearly +100-200mA

What does it look like?:

Initial images upon receiving my test unit :

CarPad in-use images from Moon (the Marketing and Sales manager of OwlPad) :

Images of the CarPad removed from the mounting hardware:

Some test results for quick reference:

This first one is just the phone sitting on the charger, no Bluetooth, no GPS, no Music. Mobile data ON. Screen OFF.
The test was from 8:09am to 8:15am

The second test was with GPS on and navigation app running, streaming music via Spotify, using BlueTooth to my car head unit, screen ON at lowest brightness.
The test was from 8:26am to 8:34am

As you can see, with the phone just idling, there’s a decent charge provided to the phone.
With everything running, I’m still getting a charge to the phone and the mA amount recorded never dips below zero.


Here's some of the other solutions that should work with the CarPad Ball-Joint Back.

Sticky Dash Suction Mount This is the one I bought :

The above is the same as this, but for some reason, that one is cheaper with the holder attachment than this one is solo :

Vent Clip mount :

Cig Lighter port stalk :

For you Brodit / ProClip users out there, i BELIEVE this is what you would need :

You can basically look up Arkon 17mm ball on Amazon and have a lot of options to play with for the back of the CarPad. It's nice they adapted it to a standard ball mount so we can use these other options if needed.


XDA user narcopolypse has said that he would be ordering larger stock of these for the US, and selling them here in the states to help with shipping issues/times (considering the manufacturer is in Korea, shipping can sometimes take longer/cost more. PM narcopolypse if you'd like to be added to a list of users interested in purchasing.

Currently you can contact Moon from OwlPad directly at : [email protected]. He's in South Korea, so they're time is off from us if you are in the West.

See this page for more info, pics, and how to order directly from Owl :

This page has even more testing information :

A desktop Qi Charger is also available from Owl called the OwlPad for Nexus 4 n Qi -


Q) Are the grips on the owlpad rubberized or fashioned in some way that does not hurt the phone from the constant taking out and putting back in?

A) There's a slight texture to the side prongs, but they are just plastic. I have been sliding it in and out using the LG bumper, TPU cases, and the bare phone, and no signs of problems scuffing or anything.

I recently bought the Diztronic Matte Black case, and it's about the same size as my other TPU cases, but because of its matte finish, and the way it's designed, it's a little harder to slide in from the top, and I place one side in and then press to slide in the other side now.

The bare phone is a perfect fit for this, just barely needing any pressure to push it in from the top.

Q) Can the CarPad be turned off without unplugging the unit, or otherwise pulling the cigarette lighter adapter?

A) Yes, The small LED light at the bottom (normally used to show you if the CarPad is charging (RED) or Idle (Green) is also a BUTTON. you can press this at any time to turn off the CarPad entirely. Pressing it again will turn the charging feature back on.

Q) Will my Phone / CarPad get hot because of Qi Charging?

A) Yes it will, but most recent tests of the last (final?) version of the CarPad/G have shown that the temperature while even running GPS and screen on doesn't get much hotter than possibly 42C. The charger will continue to charge through higher temperatures, but Qi / Inductive charging in general IS affected by heat, so the hotter the conditions, the less power gets pushed to the phone's battery. It's just how induction works.

Q) If my phone is dead (battery to zero/shut down) will the Owl CarPad charge it?

A) YES it will! I had mine die recently while out with family, and when I placed it on the pad, after about 15 minutes I started it back up and it had about 6% charge on it. Apparently Qi charging doesn't need to have the phone on to charge the phone.

Q) Also could someone please confirm what type of connection the power cable has please, is it a standard cigarette lighter plug or USB?

A) The adapter is a hard-wired cigarette lighter plug, and the end of the cable is a 3.5mm coaxial power connector.(Similar to these types of connectors )

Q) Will the Owl CarPad charge my phone to 100%?

A) In tests, it seems it'll charge to about 90% then go into "Complete mode" or "Idle" Others have stated it can get to about 95% as well.

Q) Will this work with a TPU case or similar? What about the Official Bumper?

A) The size of the holder prongs is just a little smaller than the phone when naked. they are tensioned/bendable to spring back on their own (no mechanical motion, just hard plastic forms that can be bent to move the phone in and out of the mount. I've used a generic TPU case, a Diztronic Matte black Case, an LG Official Bumper and also naked phone, and the charger has always provided charge to my phone with no issue. Some larger / thicker cases may hinder the Qi charging ability, due to distance from the back-plate, but a standard soft case, or a hard case shouldn't pose any issues with the Qi functionality.

Q) How long is the cigarette lighter power cable? My 120v/12w power port is in my center console on the bottom, totally forgot about that.

A) The cable has a coiled section in the middle to allow for additional length. The whole cable measures 29 inches total. 9.5" from the cig jack, then 7.5" of coiled cable, then 12" of cable again to the coaxial power connector.

The coiled section can be pulled to around 36 inches, but that's a lot of tension. I'd say doubling it to about 15" is as far as I'd ever have it taught.

I drive a 2010 Mazda 3 and my cig jack is at the bottom of my dash in the center console area.(think near your right knee) and I have my CarPad mounted on the top of my dash near my gauge cluster. There's plenty of length, and in fact all of the coiled portion. Stays in my console shelf/door area.

Here are some photos to show its construction.

Q) Can I use a different Adapter or cable to power the CarPad?

A) (This is directly quoted from Moon) "One thing you do have to know is that Cigar jack is regulated to fixed 12V.
It is not only control 12V but also it gives some positive effects on the charging pad. So it shouldn't use any other than Owl provide."

I had mentioned that they also worked on the cable to provide the best solution for the CarPad. Because of their work on this, the heat issues on the adapter and the CarPad itself are alleviated, and help keep the charger charging during higher temperatures. I'd suggest not using another cable solution, if only that the one provided is engineered for the best performance of the CarPad.

-----below is the initial post of this thread, for posterity----

Hey everyone,

I think I've stumbled across an awesome product, but it looks to only be available in Korea right now.

Basically it's a Qi Certified Car mount, which, for the iPhone and Galaxy S2, they've made charging cases to go along with them, but in all reality, our Nexus 4's should just start charging once docked.

I've done about 2 hours of digging around and can't find anything about them other than their Korean stuff, and no availability here in the U.S.A.

On their LinkedIn web page ( ) they state for selling in the U.S.A. however Arkon's website doesn't show any products such as these.

Anyone have any advice on how we can get our grubby mitts on this dock? ordering from overseas?

EDIT: seems to have the info we need for international orders. I have an email out to them now about the ability to order just the charger and mount without a sleeve.
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4th December 2012, 09:09 PM |#2  
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where do you see it is QI certified?
4th December 2012, 09:16 PM |#3  
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Originally Posted by familiarstranger

where do you see it is QI certified?

Sorry, I don't have link posting privelages yet.
4th December 2012, 09:17 PM |#4  
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Originally Posted by familiarstranger

where do you see it is QI certified?

+1 I don't see anything that says Qi. Only RF.

4th December 2012, 09:30 PM |#5  
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Found a way to purchase outside of Korea.

Here's the international instructions to order.

It's $80 shipped to the U.S.A. about 2-5 days processing and between 7-10 days to ship from Korea, and comes with a 1 year warranty.

This is probably the product we need to order - but it doesn't show a price or order info on that page.
I've emailed them to ask about the availability of just the mount with inductive charger, without a phone sleeve, since we won't need it.

The other pages for the iphone and GS2 show order info and price, ( ) so I'm assuming we may just need to contact them to let them know we don't need a sleeve and the price may be cheaper.

I'll update when I get a response from them.
4th December 2012, 09:42 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by kpjimmy

+1 I don't see anything that says Qi. Only RF.

4th December 2012, 09:53 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by facetubespam


Qi standard Wireless Charging Sleeves can be charged on Owl Car Charging Pad.
Power Mat products and OWL products are quite compatible
But the present Qi module and the Power Mat product are not compatible.
Owl Products are in principle most compatible with Qi products.

So I assume it MAY work. Well good luck to you! Let us know if you get it or not!
4th December 2012, 10:31 PM |#8  
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I've been emailing back and forth with the VP of Marketing and Sales at Arkon.

He said they are familiar with OWL and their charger is pretty much similar.

He said they have put off introducing their version of the product for another 3-6 months at least, in order to wait for more mobile manufacturers to include the Qi charging standard. I believe they would rather only sell the mount and not worry about the sleeves.

He said they have working models in their engineering dept. And suggested if i want the solution now, to order from the OWL website.

Undoubtedly,. they'll probably come out with it next Summer, and I'll have had the OWL for a while, so when that time comes, i'll be on hand to give my input on how it works.

I'll be making a purchase this week or next probably.

I'll make sure to update everyone and try to do a video review when it comes in.
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7th December 2012, 07:23 AM |#9  
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Ive gotten in touch with Moon over at OWL, and he said because they dont have the Nexus 4 released over there in Korea yet, that they have yet to test it with their "Auto Pad".

Im going to be ordering one in the next week and if it works ill update the thread and try to do a video review on it. All signs point to it working.

Also, their solution is basically their pad built onto an Arkon mount. So purchasing from them is getting about the same thing that Arkon will be producing later.

Wait for my update before making an impulse buy. I'd hate for anyone else to get an impulse purchase and then it not even work.

I'll be the lab rat for the community.
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7th December 2012, 09:23 AM |#10  
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Very interested in how this turns out. Thanks for taking one for the team!
8th December 2012, 05:13 AM |#11  
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Not sure if this helps anyone but saw this a while back then saw this thread the two didn't come together till now anyways

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