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[ROM] [5.0.2_r1] [GPL] [SM 4.8.5] [Graphite] BoostPop 2.7 - 2015/02/07

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Announcement from Crostantin: A poll is in progress:


This ROM is what I want from a custom rom. I like minimal ROMs, no useless feat. My goal is to make a "funcional BOOSTED factory release" . Google does the most of the jobs, we need just something. So, BoostPop is a fast ROM, stable and built from AOSP. This project present the ROM and step by step the "boost kernel" that I will integrate in the ROM. And, I build it in my free time, please, respect my work.
... after this long and useless words ... MAKE IT BOOST, enjoy

** Disclaimer **
Your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for any damaging your device or alarm clock which will not come off. If you decide to flash my ROM, you are getting responsible yourself. matter how much it cries, don’t flash its after midnight, don’t get its wet and at last, absolutely don’t expose its to sunlight... Have a functioning Nandroid in case something goes wrong.


[SIZE="2"]* compiled with SaberMod
* Graphite, -O3 and other optimizations
* art and bionic EOS optimizations
* Volume Rocker
* Pin Unlock and other security options
* Double Tap to sleep
* LED notifications and battery LED
* BoostPop quick settings
* Powermenu customizations
* Status Bar power menu
* Expanded Desktop
* bitSyko project support 2.0


compiled with SaberMod
compiled with Graphite
compiled with -O3 opt.
compiled with QCOM optimizations
optimized art
optimized bionic
full bloated:
BasicDream, Browser, Calendar, Email, Exchange, Pico, QuickSearchBox, Music, Home, Galaxy4, HoloSpiralWallpaper
LiveWallpapers, MagicSmokeWallpapers, NoiseField, PhaseBeam, VisualizationWallpapers,PhotoTable, VoiceDialer
Camera2, CubeLiveWallpapers, LegacyCamera, MMS, Protips, OpenWnn
incall vibration
accept all files
CM kill all
CM delete screenshot
Hardcoded Advanced Power Menu
longpress Recents opens last app
clickable hours and date in expanded status bar
QS: notifications/ringer item
QS: possibility to hide tiles
QS: long press tiles
QS: hardcoded advanced location tiles
Expanded Status Bar: long press battery opens battery saver
Expanded Status Bar: long press settings opens QS hide/show
Ambient Display
disabled full screen keyboad
UI tweaks
Material sound
RRO 2.0
Expandable volume panel
cpu and RAM info
selectable animations speed
SuperSU in Settings
national data romaning

volume wake up
safe headset volume
volume key adjustment
playback control
volume cursor control

battery percentage
double tap to sleep
quick pulldown
Center/left/right clock
AM/PM clock
Power menu on expanded status bar

Led notifications

Navigation Bar: navigation bar height

App Ops
Disable quicksettings on secure lockscreen
quick unlock
Disable powermenu on secure lockscreen

Tweaks: disable screenshot sound
Battery light
kill app
Customize Power Menu

- Review by syed zain ahmed



...full album here



--> BoostPop 2.7 <--

Previous builds


First Installation
* (opt.) make nandroid backup
* factory reset
* wipe/format system
* flash last BoostPop
* flash gapps
* (opt.) flash custom kernel

* (opt.) make nandroid backup
* flash rom
* (opt.) flash custom kernel

If you want change Gapps
* (opt.) make nandroid backup
* wipe/format system
* flash last BoostPop
* flash gapps
* (opt.) flash custom kernel

Recommended Gapps

Minimal Gapps





CyanogenMod, Slim, OmniRom, Rascarlo, SimpleAOSP, AICP, EOS,  LiquidSmooth, PSX, AOSPA.... and all the devs I didn't mention
CriGio for the BootDroid Logo and Hottix for the kernel guidelines

If you like my work, feel free to donate


XDA:DevDB Information
BoostPop, ROM for the Google Nexus 4

Crostantin, Targaeryan
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 2.3.x

Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Stable Version: 2.7
Stable Release Date: 2015-02-07

Created 2014-12-31
Last Updated 2015-05-30
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31st December 2014, 12:37 PM |#2  
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BoostPop 2.7


- build: Set QCOM global cflags for secondary arch
- build: Fix copypasta in 2nd target clang flags
- build: Allow devices to specify a RIL variant
- build: qcom: Set the correct project path for device-specific cameras
- Performance improvement for whole static libs

- Remove lge/hammerhead no-op.
- Cleanup Obsolete LOCAL_PRELINK_MODULE.
- Use standard syntax to initialize fields.
- Use __typeof__ for C++11 compatibility.
- Suppress trivial warnings from clang compiler.
- Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise

- Display: Dirty region propagation
- frameworks/base: Call setDirtyRect to update dirty rectangle.
- Fix setSurfaceTexture to handle surface caching
- Remove opaque check in preparing dirty region
- Enable stencil clipping within clearLayerRegions
- Optimize drawBitmapMesh using TRIANGLE_STRIP
- Prevent calling GL functions with an invalid surface
- bootanimation: allow using RGB565
- bootanimation: don't cache textures
- core: Materialize text select handle
- Hide GlowPadView warnings
- Missing break in switch statement
- Hide/show clear-all button (1/2)
- core: update default app icon to material
- Increase available volume levels
- Frameworks: port SlimSeekBarPreference to SlimLP
- [1/2] Frameworks: Doze (ambient display) timeout
- Speed up recents animation
- Revert "PhoneWindowmanager: disable panic mechanism when PolicyContro…
- frameworks/base: Bringup expanded desktop and implement per-user conf…

- Layers : Let's split styles.xml in order to make it easier to theme.

- fix string
- Hide/show clear-all button (2/2)
- [2/2] Settings: Doze (ambient display) timeout
- Layers_: Add exposed values for Data Usage Chart
- Settings: Bringup expanded desktop and implement per-user configuration.
- Properly grey out vol playback control when activating vol wake up de…
- Layers: Exposed expanded desktop text color for theming
- Revert "Revert "Settings: Use a seekbar preference to allow setting a…

- framework: Rebuild qcrilhook with dex file
- Update and relocated some libraries
- Update sprinthiddenmenu and add libQSEEComAPI
- bin: Restore AOSP mpdecision and qseecomd
- beta beta beta
- Add Stk material overlay
- Tap & Pay - Give 'learn more' a URL
- Update to SuperSU 2.45
- Set cached app limit to 24
- We are free, now
Previous Build

BoostPop 2.6 

- Add QCOM targert-specific conf & helper macros
- Introduce New Squisher/Opticharger for Lollipop (2/2)
- core: Enable -mcpu=cortex-a8 flag for Scorpion cpu variant
- core: Enable -mcpu=cortex-a9 flag for Cortex-A9 cpu variant
- core: Add missing endif
- Disable -mcpu=cortex-a15 flag for krait
- Address armv7-a-neon config issues
- Add graphite flags
- Revert "Build: slim up sounds and update (2/2)"
- Revert "build only L audio package"

- Enable build optimizations
- hammerhead: set persist.sys.isUsbOtgEnabled to enable USB storage.
- hammerhead: disable touch boost debug spam

- Exposing hard coded resources for type 2 overlay access [1/6]
- Layers : Missed color code for exposed resources [repick][1/1]
- Layers : We don't need to change the volume panel background.
- Clean data/sound
- Include material ringtones and notification sounds
- Turn off carrier provisioning by default to allow tethering
- Allow override of DUN settings

- Exposing hard coded resources for type 2 overlay access [3/6]

- Exposing hard coded resources for type 2 overlay access [4/6]

- Exposing hard coded resources for type 2 overlay access [5/6] 

- Exposing hard coded resources for type 2 overlay access [6/6] 

- Exposing hard coded resources for type 2 overlay access [2/6]
- Revert "Settings: Use a seekbar preference to allow setting arbitrary…

- Add New Squisher/Opticharger for Lollipop (1/2)
- Enable tethering for all devices
- New ultimate revolutionary feature of revolution!
- Limit Max Cached Apps to 24
- Weekly release 2.6

BoostPop 2.5 

- Makes thing works
- Revert "Add Make Dirty Option"
- Revert "Fun with flags"

- QS: Fix notifications tile FC
- QS: improved notifications tile behavior
- SystemUI: status bar header long click actions
- Status Bar Clock: rewrite for lollipop and add left clock (1/2)
- [1/3]frameworks/base: add "Accept all files" option for incoming file…
- Clean Download Manager
- SystemUI: fix nav button ripple getting stuck
- status bar power menu: improve transition
- QS: hide/show Rotation tile (1/2)
- SystemUI: Fix Removed USB Storage Notification
- Hardcode Advanced Power Menu
- Revert "Frameworks: Add per app controls for LP keyguard notification…
- SystemUI: option to ignore the last app when clearing recents (1/2)

- [2/3]app/Bluetooth: add "Accept all files" option for incoming file…

- Status Bar Clock: rewrite for lollipop and add left clock (2/2)
- [3/3]Settings: add "Accept all files" option for incoming files via BT
- temporrary sound panel fix
- QS: hide/show Rotation tile (2/2)
- Add Quick Settings Activity
- Revert "QS: change location sensors mode in quick settings [2/2]"
- Settings: option to ignore the last app when clearing recents (2/2)
- Revert "Configurable advanced reboot menu"

- cm: Put install tools in OUT/install
- remove silent from power menu
- 2.5 is here

BoostPop 2.4 

- build: Add chromium prebuilt support to && The core Makefile
- Prebuilt chromium: Run a check for target device directory
- build: Fix PreBuilt Chromium refs
- Chromium: fix directory

- status bar power menu
- status bar power menu: use constants
- status bar power menu: be sure to update visibility when showing qs d…
- Move Status Bar power menu on top
- Power menu: Change color of volume selector to material green
- Reduce glow duration on navigation bar
- Quick settings: fix ripple placement for dual tiles
 - SystemUI: fix navbar ripple getting stuck
- Revert "Change QS rotation string"
- Revert "Frameworks: Statusbar clock and date customizations (squash)"
- Clock (1/2)
- SystemUI: Create expandable volume panel.
- Implement linked volumes and add upgrade path.
- QS: change location sensors mode in quick settings [1/2]
- RRO tests: adapt tests to split apks
- RRO tests: fix potential NPE
- RRO idmap: pad with 0xffffffff, not 0x00000000
- RRO: reintroduce lost ResTable insert of assets
- RRO: prevent duplicate system overlays
- status bar power menu: add rotation
- SystemUI: italian translation 

- Status bar power menu
- Revert "Bring back auto-rotate to settings"
- Status bar clock (2/2)
- Settings: Create unlinked and linked notification & ring volume options.
- Add CM Secure settings Switch preference
- QS: change location sensors mode in quick settings [2/2]
- Beautify, I like so much

- vendor/omni: Add
- Update for 5.0
- Move Prebuilt Chromium Script to Tools
- 2.4 is here

BoostPop 2.3 

- [3/3] frameworks/base: National Data Roaming
- NetworkController: Hide signal strength icon when no SIM icon is shown
- Status bar: Add HSPA+ icons
- SystemUI: fix H+ data icon showing when wifi is connected
- Power menu customizations [1/2]
- Rotation tile: Longclick action [1/2]
- Fix: Don't disable rotation lock tile

- Power menu customizations [2/2]
- Rotation tile: Longclick action [2/2]

- Implement kexec-hardboot
- hammerhead kernel: implement always on rgb led support
- compiled with GCC 4.9.3 with -O3

- Up to 2.3

BoostPop 2.2 

- build: get rid of the sparse expand stuff
- Recovery: remove wiping of res folder
- Add boost version on build config
- build: don't clear recovery ramdisk

- Kill Logspam
- Add support for USB OTG
- hammerhead: Update GPS parameters

- PhoneStatusBar: remove DISABLE_* debugging
- [ActivityManager] fix NPE in ActivityStack.resetTargetTaskIfNeededLoc…
- Prevent ANR when broadcast receiver is killed
- bug fix possible NPE while startProcessLocked()
- Reset killedByAm flag at attachApplicationLocked
- [ActivityManager] Fix NPE when start activity
- Default icon is shown after uninstalling updated priv-app
- frameworks/base:InCallUI is not coming in but ring is coming in DSDA
- Navigationbar: Fix 'back' button in landscape mode
- SystemUI: Tiny expanding improvement
- ColorFade: Fix memory leak when screen turns on/off
- SystemUI: This TODO can be solved actually
- Notifications: Materialize missed calls icons
- InputWrapper: Opt out early if session == null
- ColorFade: Fix memory leak (2 of 2)
- ColorFade: Finish underping this before i get mad
- ColorFade: Cleanup changes for memory leak patch
- Keyguard: allow keyguard to be dismissed via intent
- QS: Show/Hide Tiles (2/2)
- QS: add Long press on tile
- QS: Cellular long click opens data settings
- QS: Location long click opens location settings
- QS: Notifications long click opens sound settings
- QS: Hotspot long click opens theter settings
- Activity: Add an helper to get its handler instance
- QS: fix tiles not being refreshed on overscrolling
- Smooth Spinners: Makes the loading "spinner" animation smoother in no…
- base: fix battery stats wakelock crazyness

- Add boost version info (2/2)
- Update string
- QS: Show/Hide Tiles (1/2)

- Add boost version info (1/2)
- Add Airplane to powermenu
- Update to 2.2
- hammerhead: Update some bin files


- Build: slim up sounds and update (2/2)
- Remove -block flag
- SuperSU should work without --block (1/2)
- Add flashing info
- Remove 2nd cpu nonsense
- Update host linux toolchain to gcc 4.8
- Colorize javac errors
- colorize non-fatal javac stderr yellow (and actually display it... at…
- Change default tones

- Implement <pty.h>.
- dlsym: Restore KK transitivity for blobs that need it

- Frameworks: Statusbar clock and date customizations (squash)
- Keep quiet when volume keys are used to wake up device
- Fix volume key music controls and wake up
- Change QS arrangement
- Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
- Frameworks: update sounds
- Frameworks: slim up sounds and update (1/2)

- Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation (2/2)
- Settings: Remove screen rotation from accessibility
- clock and date

- HACK: Disable secure discard
- hammerhead: Suppress secure erase

- ext4_utils: Yet another MMC discard pain in the ass
- ext4_utils: disable secure discard globally

- SuperSU should work without --block (2/2)


- more WITH_DEXPREOPT flag
- Merge tag 'android-5.0.2_r1' into HEAD
- Boost Sign

- libc: Add Scorpion-optimized memcpy and memset
- libc: Add memchr for cortex-a53

- Fix NPE

- QS: More setting in data cellular opens network preferences
- Battery text mode (1/2)
- Settings: Forward Port Volume Long Press Skip Tracks (1/2)
- Italian update

- Battery percentage (2/2)
- Settings: Forward Port Volume Long Press Skip Tracks (2/2)
- Beuatify: now makes sense

- Update blobs to 5.0.1 LRX22G
- Update swipe lib
- QS: back to 3 columns 
First Build

- based on android 5.0.0_r7
- main:
- main: enable_target_debugging := true
- main: WITH_DEXPREOPT := false
- ota_release_tools: comment out build date assert
- allow override of device asserts
- core: remove
- core: drop the check-product-copy-files
- telephony: default dataroaming=false
- Build Stk and CellBroadcastReceiver
- compiled with -O3
- fun with flags (JustArchi and Cl3Kener)
- Dropped: DownloadUI, Gallery, Mail, Exchange, MMS, Calendar, BasicDreams, Browser, Pico, Music, Home, LiveWallapepers, VoiceDialer
- Backup tool support
- build: edify: use set_metadata for backuptool
- ota: Include copies of the recovery scripts even if shipping in block mode
- ota: Fix recovery-script cleanups in block mode
- Remove libdvm dex preopt support.
- Drop APN list
- Switch to launcher 3
- Revert "Drop DownaldUI"
- Merge tag 'android-5.0.1_r1' into linearboost-5.0
- Our sign
- releasetools: ota_from_target_files: add FullOTA_PostValidate
- build: Ensure /system unmounted at install start
- Remove nulls from the edify generator.
- Add SuperSU [2/2]
- Add flashing info
- Merge tag 'android-5.0.1_r1'
- build: remove all stops if using different make/openjdk-java version

- Fix thread priorities for unstarted threads.
- ART Extension
- ART: minor bugfix
- more ART Extension
- art: Update QC-PERF board flag to TARGET_HAVE_QC_PERF

- Include asm/sigcontext.h only for LP64 in singnal.h
- libc: Add cortex-a53 bionic code
- libc: krait: Implement optimized versions of memmove and bcopy
- Bionic/libm: math optimizations
- libc: krait: Re-factor high-performance memcpy for thumb2
- bionic: Detect userspace memory leak
- bionic/libm pow optimizations for arm64
- libm: add missing symbols to optimized math functions
- Partial revert "Remove ioprio_get(2) and ioprio_set(2) from LP64."
- bionic: Add flag to restore legacy mmap behavior
- Replace Cortex A15 strlen implementation with cortex-strings
- Import memchr implementation from cortex-strings for Cortex A15
- Replace memcpy with the cortex-strings implementation
- krait: use A15 memchr
- Cleanup arm assembly.
- Add stpcpy assembler version.
- libc: denver: use Cortex-A15 Memchr


- If we use AOSPA blobs we need this
- We have custom APN list
- hammerhead: add charging led support
- Enable multicolor lights cm settings

- Add back in-call vibration features (2/2)

- Add back in-call vibration features (1/2)

- Disable some debugging
- Core: Disable fullscreen keyboard.
- Disable packages verifier by default
- remove unwanted stuff
- SystemUI: add quick settings pull down with one finger
- FWB: added screenshot delete action in notifications
- UI tweaks (Make it boost)
- SettingsProvider: Update icon.
- Framework: safe headset volume option
- less notifications sound
- Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime
- volume rocker control (wake up)
- kill app long press back
- Disable/Enable screenshot sound
- navigation bar: custom height
- Add global reboot option
- status bar: native battery percentage
- volume key adjust sound
- Disable more debug
- PackageManager: allow build-time disabling of components
- AudioService: fix safe volume enforced even when disabled
- SystemUI: fix right hand side gestures on lockscreen
- volume rocker: volume key cursor control
- Introduce a new config item: config_lte_capable
- Add clear all recents action to recents panel
- Fix - place Clear Recents button above the nav bar
- Fix up 'clear recents' UX.
- Audio: Fixed system/call stream volume can't adjust with HS connected.
- Keyguard: Fix crash in widget pager
- Play with glow
- Try another method for volume wakeup
- Enable Dessert Cake dream
- platform/framework/base: Fix Half Blank screen issue in Wallpaper
- SystemUI: Add sound item in quick settings panel
- Factor out preference-in-storage check to overridable method.
- Treat default value that wasn't found as empty value.
- SystemUI: Add double tap to sleep gesture
- SystemUI: add Settings.System toggle for quick-quick settings pulldown
- SystemUI: double tap to sleep improvements
- Frameworks: Add per app controls for LP keyguard notifications (1/2)
- Change QS rotation string
- AudioService: Show safe volume panel for non-interactive volume adjust
- Battery and Notification Lights
- Statusbar clock and date customizations
- Add italian strings
- Change SQL to improve performance.
- Start MountService before performBootDexOpt
- pm: Add persist property to enable lazy dexopt
- Systemui: Recents - do not add search widget on recents if widget is …
- More fun whit glow
- SystemUI: make clock and time clickable in statusbar
- SystemUI: Use material delete icon
- Do not allow to access quick settings on secure lockscreen
- Italians: yes we need it
- SystemUI : Make battery percentage configurable
- Battery text mode (1/2)
- Settings: Forward Port Volume Long Press Skip Tracks (1/2)
- Add option for screenshot in powermenu
- Long-press Settings on expanded status bar opens powermenu
- Add PowerMenu Activity
- configurable advanced reboot menu
- Fix volume adjust on rotation
- AudioManager: make swap volume buttons RTL aware
- SystemUI: Add missing recycle calls
- SystemUI: make alarm text selector less blocky
- Download: use "control" column to mark paused/resumed status
- DownloadManager: add to pause/resume download by user
- policy: only disable power menu on secure lock screen
- [1/2] Base: Hide power menu on lockscreen
- SystemUI: Set zen mode to no interruptions if silent mode is set
- SystemUI: make long pressing recent switch to last app
- Keyguard: Enable quick unlock (1/2)

- Show build date
- Hide system updates
- Settings: apple can do...we can do as well
- Settings: add development animation transition mode 0.75 and 0.25
- Backport Launch SuperSU from Settings
- boost tweaks
- fixed boost tweaks
- Introduce SystemSettingsCheckBoxPreference
- Add back a helper pref that holds a system setting.
- Fix FC when trying to adjust radio band via *#*#4636#*#* dialer code.
- volume rocker: volume key cursor control
- Battery saver mode: more options
- Beautify
- Settings: Hide Development settings when it is turned off
- Add double tap to sleep
- Add quick-quick settings pulldown setting
- Italian translation: Quick pulldown e double tap
- Settings: Use a seekbar preference to allow setting arbitrary animation scale values
- Revert "Settings: add development animation transition mode 0.75 and 0.25"
- Settings: Add per app controls for LP keyguard notifications (2/2)
- Keyguard notification: Italian Translations
- Battery and Notification Lights (Notifiche)
- statusbar clock customization (Status Bar)
- AppOps: Enable App Ops (Boost Tweaks)
- Fix devloper options FC and remove all bug report options
- Add CPU & RAM info.
- Remove all system update settings for google OTA
- Set animations to 0.91
- Build date version
- Fix some derps
- Boost Tweaks: Security settings
- bluetooth: Don't crash when the local adapter is not set
- Settings: Do not allow to access quick settings on secure lockscreen …

- healthd: increase healthd fast timer to 10mins instead of 1min
- healthd: disable periodic polled battery status
- Modular  Executes backup and restore methods defined in arbitrary /system/addon.d/*.sh scripts.
- supersu support
- Init.d support and userinit
- restored original location

- dropped Su

- try to fix date problem on boot
- Linear kernel supports
- linearboost vendor
- track omnirom busybox
- added script
- Build “User” type (fix battery drain)
- Update to LRX22C
- update linear setting
- Drop OmaDmclient and UpdateSetting
- track AOSPA blobs
- fixed green line
- fixed TimeService.apk
- fixed linear.conf
- Disable stock OTA components
- Add Gapps Backup script
- Change the behaviour of Doze
- Add SuperSU [1/2]
- Simplify recent cards work
- Doze: change again
- Add camera effects
- Add screenshot to Powermenu
- Update to SuperSU 2.40
- Update fingerprint
- Update to LRX22G
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31st December 2014, 12:37 PM |#3  
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Full wipe or dirty flash?
I explain...first the updater-script makes a backup of the gapps, then it automatically installs: rom, gapps and supersu...if you already are on boostpop you can simply flash the .zip...btw, if you format system before the flash you need to install gapps beacuse the script has nothing to backup in your system partition.

Can you add this feature?
This is a minimalistic ROM. In appearance and code integration, remember this before ask for something.

What about the kernel?
Kernel is stock msm plus led and multirom supports. I will stay here for a while.

I found this bug, can you solve?
Please when you find some kind of bug report all the steps you made and/or attach a logcat

Sometimes I have no service and sometime I have problems on switching from WiFi to 3G
This problem has nothing to do with the Rom. Check your Access Point under Network Prefereces

What about Heads-Up ??
Ok, I am waiting that all the top projects (Slim, AOSPA, CM, Omni) releases the feat. I will look the difference and then I will decide. Is an awesome AOSP feat, I want to understand if a modification makes sense.

Are you adding theme manager?
No, is very hard to see it on boost roms...never say never, but goes in opposite direction of this minimalistic project.

What is bitSyko project?
You can find all the informations you need here. And the G+ community here. This apps (still in beta) allows the package overlay. A sort of hard coded featuring which make possible modify some parameters (colors, positions, icons etc ...)
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31st December 2014, 12:42 PM |#4  
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Hi to all...

I start to sharing Mako builds also...
I haven't this device, so I release it as beta...Let me know if some bugs exists

Enjoy and make it boost

Happy new year
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31st December 2014, 01:12 PM |#5  
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Me la scarico al volo! Downloading right now!

Inviato dal mio Nexus 4 utilizzando Tapatalk
31st December 2014, 01:14 PM |#6  
slipknot31's Avatar
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I'll try, thank you very much
31st December 2014, 03:11 PM |#7  
Junior Member
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Boosted ROM, simple and fast, I like it, thanks a lot for sharing Your work.
31st December 2014, 03:15 PM |#8  
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Where is download link?
31st December 2014, 03:18 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by cell2011

Where is download link?

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31st December 2014, 03:24 PM |#10  
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2014/31/12 Date in OP
31st December 2014, 03:30 PM |#11  
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[QUOTE=beret84;57862626]2014/31/12 Date in OP [/QUOTE I clicked that just got Google + page. Ok it came up finally on AFH

---------- Post added at 10:30 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:27 AM ----------

Originally Posted by Crostantin

Hiow is battery life in your rom? Is it in kernel tweaker? I havent DL yet but soon i will
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