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By plegdroid, Recognized Contributor on 16th October 2012, 09:03 AM
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This is the place for you to post all your Nexus 4, Paranoid Android Questions.

The main development thread should only be used to provide logcats, or reporting things that do not work as expected or that would require Developer insight , and as thus should be the leased used Paranoid Android thread.

Please feel free to post any Nexus 4, Paranoid Android related questions here.


Changelog 5.0. Updated 07-03-2015

Changelog 4.4.4. Updated 21-10-2014

Bug logging assistant.

Paranoid Android Blog
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__________________________________________________ ________________________________

Paranoid Android on G+

Paranoid Android - Paranoid Features on G+




[Tutorial] How To Logcat

2.2 Download section

PA Rom: on
Mirror PA Rom: on paranoidandroid

PA Gapps: on
Mirror PA Gapps: on paranoidandroid

__________________________________________________ ________________________________

3. Frequently Asked Questions:

3.1 Where can I find the latest PA build and PA Gapps?

check the folders 'dev' and 'alpha', too if you want to know what's up on the edge of development progress.


3.2 How to install this ROM?

Google knows why they updated bootloader and radio e.g. better reception on radio. Even though you're free to use other combinations to keep LTE for instance.Best place to search for is here:
[REF] [RADIO] Mako modem collection

3. then choose between a) or b)

a) If you're coming from a different rom (even stock):


b) If you're already using PA and want to update:


3.3 Do I have to flash PA GApps every time I update PA Rom?

Please read this post by the official maintainer of PA GApps @TKruzze:
and another one:

3.4 How to set up PA ROM to my liking?

PA Team made up a really good guide explaining everything you can customize on PA ROM. Its called changelog. If it isn't it it its not in the rom!


So, don't hesitate and visit G+:
Paranoid Android Features on G+

3.5 What’s the best kernel for this rom?

In moles's words: "the best kernel is probably the one that ships with the rom."

But in general it’s totally up to you which kernel you prefer and want to use. Make sure you read the corresponding kernel threads and don’t listen to „…this kernel is the best, for sure!“. Maybe try them all and see which one fits to your needs.

3.6 Which kernel is included into this rom? / Why the colors looks different than they used to?

Starting with PA 3.92 4.3 JSS15J of 3rd of August we are back on calibrated halfbreed kernel again (

Use the following one if you want Googles colors on PA:
Use the following one if you use any STOCK 4.3 JWR66V ROM:


posted on G+ 18.05.2013+Francisco Franco will make dedicated kernels for this project. Think of it as a friendship or an endorsement on both sides. We will not add kernel tweaking to the rom but his custom made PA kernel will expose all needed interfaces if you want to go into that. If not you can expect a faster experience, usually better battery life, all the things people love about his kernels. This should theoretically happen for all Nexus platforms which is great.

3.7 What’s the difference between the kernels uploaded?

They have a different color calibration (halfbreed and Google). Besides they are stock kernels made by Google. For more information in terms of gamma settings n stuff, visit the linked thread to Let's calibrate Mako…

3.8 I flashed a custom kernel and now I'm experiencing graphical issues?

Make sure the kernel u're using is made for JSS15J builds if you're using PA! Check the OP of related kernel threads

For more information on different kernel builds check:
[INFO] Android 4.3 JSS15J vs. JWR66V, Custom Kernels and Screen/Graphic issues]

3.9 How to enable PIE?

a) power menu, then choose Full Screen (PIE)
b) open quick settings and press the PIE tile

To customize PIE in matters of gravity, style, size etc. go to settings-->toolbars into section PIE CONTROLS.

3.10 Is it possible to use PIE with status/notification bar?

1. disable fullscreen mode (PIE) using tile or power menu
2. SETTINGS-->HYBRID PROPERTIES-->INTERFACE and set the navbar to 0%

Note: You will only have the bare PIE as a navigation replacement without any further information and actions due to the fact these things can be found in the status bar.

3.11 How can I disable PIE and NAVIGATION BAR in case I want to use a different navigation replacement?

1. SETTINGS-->HYBRID PROPERTIES-->INTERFACE and set the navbar to 0%
2. SETTINGS-->TOOLBARS-->TRIGGER AREA and set it to 'none'

Now you have no navigation buttons either on expanded (without status bar) or non expanded desktop (with status bar)

3.12 How can I change the colors of PIE?

PIE is using the colors you define for navbar, navbuttons, status icons etc.
You can change colors for almost all apps in a stroke:
you can change colors individually app per app:
2.b) using the quicksettings tile HYBRID PORPERTIES within the app you want to change-->Swipe to colors.

PER APP COLORS overwrite GLOBAL COLORS for the apps you changed individually. Unchanged apps will take the GLOBAL COLORS.

NOTE regarding 'enable per app color':
DISABLE it means you fall back to the default colors given by PA Team.You can't change any color!
ENABLE it means you can define GLOBAL COLORS or individual colors on per app basis.
So most likely you have to enable it!

NOTE regarding 'small style changes to PIE‘ since build of May26th:
Status icon color is linked to the navbar color for PIE from now on! There’s no chance to change navbar color for PIE individually.

3.13 How can I set the navigation bar and/or status bar transparent?

For STATUS BAR use the quick settings tile HYBRID PROPERTIES within the app, go to colors and use the alpha slider within status bar color
For NAVIGATION BAR it is only possible for your launcher due to the fact your launcher is the only app that can draw underneath. Use instructions above.

#00000000 - 100% transparency with black
#3F000000 - 75% transparency with black
#7F000000 - 50% transparency with black
#BF000000 - 25% transparency with black

Note: IMO statusbar transparency only makes sense for your launcher. A full transparent statusbar within an app means you getting the background color of it (at its best). This might work with PIE and STATUSBAR but in any other mode or UI it looks weird if you ask me. In fact some apps like maps even going crazy!

3.14 When PIE is activated the bottom part of the screen becomes unresponsive. How to fix this?

SETTINGS->TOOLS->reduce PIE trigger area

3.15 How to enable HALO? I can't see HALO anywhere on my screen.

1. Change your Interface layout to PhoneUI or PhabletUI and disable full screen
2. Press the blue circle in notification bar.
3. You can 'hide HALO after activity'. If ticked HALO will show up on an incoming notification and hides after a few seconds. Find that option in SETTINGS-->TOOLBARS in section STATUS BAR.
4. If it just disappears out of nowhere the following post might help you:

3.16 How to disable HALO?

by default with checked 'reverse HALO' in SETTINGS-->TOOLBARS:
double tap the bubble, hold and drag it to the 'X' on top of screen
with unchecked 'reverse HALO' in SETTINGS-->TOOLBARS:
tap, hold and drag it to the 'X' on top of screen

3.17 Why HALO does not react for this and that situation?


posted on G+ 05.05.2013
It simply reacts to the regular ticker, the one you know from the statusbar. ticker has its own rules implemented by google as to not tax the user too much. HALO reacts every time androids generates a genuine tick.
if it doesn't respond at all, not even to your touch you have some crazy hacky stuff installed. get rid of that!!! TOUCH CONTROL, kernels that mess with responsiveness and overlays, etc.

3.18 How do I prevent getting notfications on HALO/How to create a blacklist?

SETTINGS-->APPS-->[app name]-->check 'blacklist from HALO'

Note 1: blacklisted apps do not pinging HALO. Though the notification will still appear in the bubble scrolling through notifications.
Note 2: blacklisting persistent notifications has no effect on HALO. You have to uncheck 'show notifications' in settings-->apps-->[app name]

3.19 How can I create a whitelist for HALO?

SETTINS-->TOOLBARS-->HALO POLICY and tick 'whitelist'
To add apps to your whitelist just do the same steps as you would do for blacklisting apps.

Note: Think it's quite clear but I will mention it anyway. If you choose whitelist all notifications are disabled by default but the ones you checked for whitelist.

3.20 How do I clear a recieved notification from HALO?

Simply tap the bubble and swipe up.

3.21 Is it possible to theme HALO?

Not included in PA ROM right now. But there are threds on XDA on how to theme HALO.

3.22 How can I add Facebook Messenger to HALO)))?

Google messenger (G+) and Facebook messenger (FB) sharing the same name when adding apps to HALO))). You can add only one at a time: By default it is G+
-->freeze G+, add FB to HALO))) and unfreeze G+

3.23 Why I'm not able to install any .apk from sdcard?


The install button-gate. Google disables that button as a security measure to prevent apps from installing stuff via overlay/virtual click. without it apps could install trojans without your interaction. HALO is an overlay. no way we could have seen that - although im not sure if switching it off is the right thing.

NOTE on G+ for the builds starting from May 26th:

Googles anti overlayprotection that blocked the install button is temporarily fixed in this one.

3.24 How can I turn on wireless display on PA?

change the layout of 'settings' to the default of 360p. Press apply and you should see the activation switch.

3.25 How can I switch users when I have enabled multiple users?

1. enable lockscreen rotation in SETTINGS-->LOCKSCREEN-->check 'allow rotation'
2. turn display off and on
3. turn device to landscape mode and choose the user you want

3.26 Where is the Theme Chooser?

It's gone for now and maby will never come back, since the dev wanted 'to get rid of theming engine sooner or later. [..and] would have not merged it in klp - its out now because it messed up googles 4.3 code so badly'

Alternatively you can use Xposed Framework which has a plugin for cm's theme chooser. Search on XDA

3.27 Do I have to flash SuperSu or Superuser to get or keep root permissions?

For most apps, no. For others, yes.
For example if you're using a custom kernel and it's related tweaking app you have to flash SuperSu (recommended over Superuser by most of the devs from kernel threads) to keep root permissions.
Flashing SuperSu on top will become obsolete in the future when code is cleared entirely.

Link to SuperSU by Chainfire:

flash PA ROM
flash SuperSU
flash PA Gapps
wipe cache and dalvik

3.28 Touchboost and UNITY 3D what does that mean?

Touchboost = A raise in processor frequency upon touch event
Unity 3D = game engine

3.29 How can I disable dual panel mode for settings app?

SETTINGS --> HYBRID PROPERTIES --> APPS --> choose SETTINGS app and change layout to 360p (phone UI) on the first page. The default size for phone UI is 320dpi if you want it all stock like.

You can do all that even faster if use the QUICK TOGGLE for HYBRID PROPERTIES within the settings app.
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2nd November 2012, 10:46 AM |#3  
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PA on the Nexus 4 will be a dream come true <3
2nd November 2012, 11:12 AM |#4  
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faq and help thread is probably a good idea, im kinda missing a real dev thread and now where nex4 will become THE android phone i guess pretty much everyone will get one, devs included. looking forward creating something really cool with you there, i get mine 13th november.
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18th January 2013, 01:52 PM |#5  
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My FAQ <3

Should I still update the FAQ in the dev thread?
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18th January 2013, 02:09 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by Crenshaw-PCGH

My FAQ <3

Should I still update the FAQ in the dev thread?

It would probably be best to post them here or PM them to me so I can add them to the first post. Your answers are the only ones now, but I've got a few in my head too, but I'm on my phone ATM so I'll update when I come home...
18th January 2013, 02:18 PM |#7  
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Okay I will post them here

Will mole looking into this thread too?
Because there are sometimes questions that aren´t develpment related but can only be answered by a dev
18th January 2013, 02:49 PM |#8  
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It would be nice to give credit to Crenshaw-PCGH for the original work
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18th January 2013, 05:35 PM |#9  
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Thumbs up How to get PIE clock on nav bar
How do I get the clock to show up on PIE Nav bar ??

18th January 2013, 05:36 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by hoglak

How do I get the clock to show up on PIE Nav bar ??

That feature isn't available yet.
18th January 2013, 06:10 PM |#11  
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I've read this, still confused. Where exactly do we theme the pie?
I can't find the "app" for the pie in the list...

edit, realized that it takes the colors from the nav bar for each specific app.
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