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[ROM][OCT 22][Team Nocturnal] SinLessROM v9.1.0 | Android 6.0

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#1 Nexus 6 ROM!!! Best Performance and Best Battery With Many Features!!!!
Nexus 6

I will keep ROM updated, always help when I can, and open to suggestions that users may want implented into the ROM...My goal is to keep the ROM Clean, Stable, and top Performance without compromising battery life with a Great Google Expierence.

***Note*** please read changelog in post #2 and further ROM feature instructions in post #3 before asking questions***


-MRA58K (Android 6.0.0) Built off of Google's Img
-Below Features Coming Soon!!!

-Native APM
-Screenshot in APM Menu
-Clear All Recents
-Sound Enhancements
-SinlessROM Tweaks Menu
-LCD Density Opytions
-Battery Options
-Show Battery % Inside or Out Of Battery
-App Ops (In Security Options
-Sliding Brightness Control Options
-Power Menu In Expanded Statusbar Options
-Option With No Battery %
-Rooted with SuperSU
-Charging LED Light Enabled
-boot.img isn't encryption enforced (Please read up on it if you don't understand it)
-boot.IMG made insecure
-build.prop tweaks
-All system apps zipaligned for better ram optimization
-Zipalign on boot data and system
-Debloted (Deleted Google Apps which can be installed via Playstore)
-Fast and Clean (Buttery Smooth)
-System Tweaks
-Performance Enhanced Tweaks
-Zero Compressed on all apks (System and Data)
-Sqlite3 Tweaks
-Better RAM Optimization Tweaks
-Fantastic battery life
-much more coming...

Big Thanks To The Best Team










Hit me up on Google+

- @buckmarble and @brymaster5000 for Elite Kernel

- @okibi for allowing me to use part of his meta folder

- CM12

(If you should be here, please pm me and I will add)[/SIZE]



- xploitnt
- dominuce00
- cmo220
- Matarese171

If you are missing here please pm me so I can add you.

*Thank you kindly to all my donators*

------------------------- tell me

Users may use this if you like

Banners Coming Soon

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7th December 2014, 09:36 PM |#2  
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[ROM][FEB 16][Team Nocturnal] SinLessROM v2.6.1 | Android 5.0.1


[SIZE="3"]-Q: This Rom is decrypted?? A: Yes. So please backup your sd contents if you're not decrypted and search on xda the procedure

- Q: Do I need to flash GAPPS? A: No...This ROM is based on Google's Released ROM..gapps is included aready


v9.1.0 October ??th 2015

-100% Fully Deodex
-Changed completely how it flashes in recovery
-Meta Folder Changes
-Reverted to Stock Kernel edits by TN
-Extended Power Menu (Reboot Options Coming Soon)
-Debloated System a little more
-Disabled Signature Verification
-Added Notification Light Notifications
-1st Boot takes about 5mins then all is well

v9.0.0 October 13th 2015

-Updated to MRA58K Base Android 6.0
-Rooted with latest SuperSU
-Latest BusyBox
-Added Elite Kernel
-System Tweaks
-Build.prop changes
-Cleaned up system from not needed file from debloat
-Debloated ROM
-Odex for now
-Added AOSP Browser
-Added AOSP Gallery
-Added AOSP Email and Exchange
-Added Layers Manager
-Added EsFile Explorer

v7.0.0 August 17th 2015

-Updated to LYZ28J base
-Stagefright Fix
-Added all mods into ROM that was included in v6 of SinlessROM

v6.6.0 July 28th 2015

-Fixed WiFi Tether for all carriers out the box
-Added new SinLessROM Tweaks to customize APM
-Cleaned up system by deleting old files no longer needed
-SE Linux set to permissive handled better now

v6.5.2 July 25th 2015

-Added back missing audio tweaks

v6.5.1 July 21st 2015

-Fixed SystemUI FC that some users were having due to a lockscreen bug
-Added Weather Option to lockscreen
-Cleaned up SinLessROM Tweak Options
-Updated all system apps
-Updated lib files
-Updated Verizon/Sprint Tether zip

v6.5.0 July 12th 2015

-Added cLock from cm
-Added display weather in notification pull down option
-Added ability to hide Alarm Clock Icon
-Added ability to hide Bluetooth Icon
-Added SinLessROM Info in Settings
-Added Easter Egg when long press settings Icon from notification pull down
-Audio Enhance Tweaks
-CM12.1 AudioFX fully functional and ported to ROM
-Updated Google Search
-Updated EsFile Explorer
-Updated Google Messenger
-Updated lib files

v6.4.0 July 8th 2015

-Added LED Control for Battery and Notification
-Per App LED Customization
-Quick Unlock Option
-Updated All System Apps (Up-To-Date)
-Updated lib files

v6.3.2 July 4th 2015

-Added LED Charging
-Added LED Notifications
-Updated system apps
-Changes to build.prop

v6.3.1 June 23rd 2015

-Fixed T-Mobile's WiFi Calling
-Updated all system apps
-Added new script
-Updated many lib files
-other minor changes

v6.3.0 June 14th 2015

-Added Slide Down to quicksettings along right side
-Added App Ops
-Fixed Quicksetting tiles
-Added LCD Density Settings
-Unlocked CDMA Apn Settings for Sprint
-Other minor changes/tweaks in added settings
-Updated system apps
-Updated lib files
-Updated Verizon/Sprint Tether Fix on download page
-more I can't remember?

v6.2.0 June 9th 2015

-Added Customizable Quick settings
-Added ability to hide brightness slider in pull down bar
-Added Option to slide across status bar brightness
-Added other goodies in SinLessROM Tweaks
-Updated all system apps to be up to date
-Updated lib files
-Added flashable zip for Verizon/Sprint Tether Fix in post 3

v6.1.2 June 1st 2015

-Added Screenshot to APM
-Added Settings to APM
-Added Hold Reboot to Hot Reboot

v6.1.1 May 28th 2015

-Boot.img coding revamped to fix a couple things
-other minor fixes in the ROM
*Just a small update, I'm on vacation*

v6.1.0 May 26th 2015

-Many files updated
-Added TN SinLessROM-Tweaks
-StatusBar Settings: Battery Status Style, Show Battery Percentage, and Clock Date Settings
-General UI Settings: Volume Rocker Wake, Volume Rocker Music Controls
-Navigation Bar: Navigation Bar Height, Disable Search Bar In Recents, Clear All Button with placement, Kill Back Button
**more coming**

v6.0.1 May 25th 2015

-Updated to new LYZ28E base
-Updated to Android 5.1.1
-Highly DeBloated ROM (Missing files can be downloaded from Playstore)
-Rooted with SuperSU
-Added latest BusyBox
-boot.img made insecure
-init.d support added
-Native APM Added (Advanced Power Menu)
-Added Battery % (Can be disabled with an app on the playstore)
-Signature Verification Disabled
-Tweaked System for better Performance
-Tweaked for better RAM Optimization
-build.prop tweaks
-Disabled Debugging Notification
-Zero Compression on certain system APKs
-Cleaned up system by deleting many lib files that is not needed due to debloat
-Updated all system APKs
-Updated 15+ lib files
-Added AOSP Browser
-Added AOSP Gallery (I hate Google's Photo App)
-Added CM12's Music Player
-Added AOSP Email (I hate the Google Integration crap)
-Added EsFile Explorer

*v6.0.1 Update*
-Fixed AOSP Exchange
-Removed old Exchange Files
-Added TN Walls App

**I forgot to add the exchange folder to allow that to work I'm AOSP Email; I'll have fixed tomorrow along with other goodies**

v5.0.0 March 30th 2015

-New Base; LMY47I
-Fully DeOdex
-Disabled Signature Verification
-Rooted with SuperSU
-Encryption is not enforced
-Charging LED Light Enabled
-Debloated ROM (Apps can be re-downloaded from play store)
-boot.img made insecure
-Added CM12 Music Player
-Added AOSP Gallery
-Added AOSP Browser
-Added EsFile Explorer
-Updated All System Apps
-Updated many lib files
-Removed unneeded lib files from debloat
-Tweaked System for smoothness
-Build.prop tweaks

**SinLessROM Tweaks will be included in next release...still needs work**

v4.0.0 March 18th 2015

-New Base Updated to LMY47E
-Fully DeOdex
-Disabled signature verification
-init.d added
-boot.IMG made insecure
-boot.IMG does not force encryption
-Added a handful of apps including aosp gallery
-Tweaked System
-Build.prop tweaks
-Updated all system apps
-more coming...

v3.0.0 March 13th 2015

-Updated to android 5.1 from googles image
-Highly Debloated
-Rooted with latest SuperSU
-Added Init.d Support
-Made boot.img insecure
-Disabled Encryption within boot.img
-build.prop tweaks
-System Tweaks
-Performance tweaks
-Added AOSP Browser, CM Music Player, ES File Explorer
-more I can't remember...
**More goodies to come later...not all mods are in yet**

v2.6.1 February 16th 2015

-Fixed up boot.img so apps like xposed needing selinux disabled/permissive set before boot will work now
-other minor changes

v2.6.0 February 15th 2015

-Many boot.img edits
-SeLinux Set to permissive within the boot.img
-LED Charging Light Added/Enabled
-Removed AOSP Mms
-Added Google Mms
-Updated Google Search
-Updated lib files
-Added Xposed Installer APK (You'll still need to flash xposed arm zip to fully enable)
***Note after Xposed is setup, hold power button to bring up SinLessOptions then hold reboot to softboot and xposed modules will work***
-Added a couple notification sounds, and alarms
-Cleaned up system
-other minor changes

v2.5.2 January 21st 2015

-Fixed a few bugs
-Fixed init.d issues
-other minor changes

v2.5.1 January 20th 2015

-Forgot a few things which was in an increment update

v2.5.0 January 20th 2015

-Edited many system files
-Fixed Invert Quick Setting Tile from not being able to add back
-Added Many Quick Setting Tiles Customizations
-Long Press Quick Setting Tiles to that specific setting
-Option to Hide Brightness Slider
-Quick right slide down to Quick Settings Options
-Haptic Feedback for pressing quick setting tiles option
-build.prop tweaks
-more I'm forgetting...

v2.4.0 January 12th 2015

-Added Quick Tile Settings (For rearranging and disabling)
-Added General UI Tweaks Menu to SinLessROM Tweaks
-Added Options to hide and resize navbar
-Added Kill Back App Option
-Added Volume Wake Option
-Added Volume Rocker Music Control Options
-Edited many system files
-Updated Google Search
-Updated EsFile File Explorer
-Updated lib files
-Cleaned up code

v2.3.3 January 11th 2015

-Fixed SinLess Tweaks
-Disable Battery on reboot is fixed
-Other fixes on battery options
-Cleaned up code
-Added SinLessMODs init.d
-SeLinux Set to Permissive by default

*If you use Viper Sound....change setting to Compatible works

*If you use Light Flow...change settings to direct mode, and root mode...that's it or it'll hang and won't work!!! If you reboot phone you'll have to wipe data on light flow app and re setup or it'll hang...not a ROM issue..the app developer needs to fix.

v2.3.2 January 10th 2015

-Removed Google Chrome
-Removed Google MMS app
-Removed unneeded libs
-Removed CM Gallery
-Added AOSP Mms with quick reply and extra features
-Updated Eleven Music Player
-Added AOSP Gallery

*Added AOSP Keyboard and Stock Navbar DPI flashable mods to post 3

v2.3.1 January 9th 2015

-Added new Clock and Date Settings
-Cleaned up system
-Changed Meta Folder

v2.3.0 January 8th 2015

-Full APM
-Added Screenshot to Power Menu
-Clear All Recents
-SinLessROM Tweaks
-Battery Options
-Sliding Brightness Control
-Show Battery % in Bat mod or outside..option to no %
-Power Menu In Expanded Statusbar Option
-App Ops in Security Settings
-Edited many System Files'
...more I can't remember

v2.2.0 January 6th 2015

-Added APM
-Added Hot Reboot by long pressing Reboot
-Edited many system files
-Added SinLess Wallpaper
-and other Small Changes

v2.1.2 January 4th 2015

-Some framework files wasn't deodex
-Finished deodexing
-Deleted a handful of system files not needed
-Cleaned up code
-Fixed lib issue with Viper4Android

**APM will come in next update, still working on it**

v2.1.1 January 3rd 2015

-Made Navbar 36dpi
-Enabled Battery % and made bolder
-System Tweaks to make ROM Even Smoother
-Edited many System Files

v2.1.0 January 2nd 2015

-ROM is now deodexed
-Reverted APNs
-Signature Verification Disabled
-now I may start modding!!!!!

v2.0.2 December 28th 2014

-Redid the Meta-Folder
-Fixed missing Symlinks
-Updated SuperSU and files
-Added more APN's
-Added Eleven Music Player
-Removed Google Play Music
-Added EsFile Explorer
-Added Sound Tweaks
-Added Viper4Android
-Updated tons of lib files
-System partially deodex
-Updated all system APKs
-Cleaned up system
-more I'm forgetting...

v2.0.1 December 13th 2014

-Updated to 5.0.1 Base from google IMG
-Rooted with SuperSU
-Busybox and runparts
-Decrypted boot.img
-boot.img made insecure
-init.d added
-debloated ROM (Apps which can be found via playstore)
-System tweaked for better performance and battery
-RAM Optimization Tweaks
-build.prop tweaks
-Meta folder once again redone
-Added CM11 Gallery
-....more I'm forgetting I'm sure

v2.0.1 December 10th 2014

-Never released (Had issues)

v1.0.3 December 08th 2014

-Redid the meta folder and updater-script
-Added more system tweaks
-Updated BusyBox
-other minor changes

v1.0.2 December 07th 2014

-Forgot a few things...still initial release

v1.0.1 December 07th 2014

-Initial Release

[SIZE="4"][B]not needed...based off of stock kernel[/url]
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7th December 2014, 09:36 PM |#3  
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AOSP Keyboard - (Flashable)



No One Is Allowed To Use Any Part Of This ROM/Tweaks Unless I Specifically Give Authorization

Install Instructions

-Bootloader must be unlocked
-Custom recovery (I Recommend TWRP)
-Full Wipe (I always recommend)
-Flash SinLessROM
-Reboot phone to profit

ROM Download On TN - (Do Not Flash GAPPS, already included)

**Donations are appreciated but are not expected Donate Here or [email protected] on Google Wallet
**Just hitting thanks is greatly appreciated but also not expected...or even positive feedback..thank you to all running SinLessROM

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7th December 2014, 09:38 PM |#4  
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Good to see some familiar faces here.
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7th December 2014, 09:40 PM |#5  
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Backing up my phone now!
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7th December 2014, 09:41 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by aloxotls

Backing up my phone now!

me too
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7th December 2014, 09:57 PM |#7  
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Awww snap

Sent from my NEXUS 6
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7th December 2014, 10:17 PM |#8  
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This sounds good! OP, have you been able to get streaming with cast, Netflix and Google play movies working? That seems to be one of the biggest challenges so far.

Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
7th December 2014, 10:24 PM |#9  
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LINKS ARE LIVE......enjoy much more goodness is coming
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7th December 2014, 10:30 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by dadymon53

This sounds good! OP, have you been able to get streaming with cast, Netflix and Google play movies working? That seems to be one of the biggest challenges so far.

Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk

This is based off of the Google stock image and not AOSP, so all of those features should work, as well as Google Now from anywhere. Most of these other ROMs are built from AOSP source, so they suffer the same bugs.
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7th December 2014, 10:41 PM |#11  
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So happy to see this here. Always flash builds, and always end right back on SinLess.
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