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[ROM][OFFICIAL] AquariOS 7.1.2 || No Longer Updated

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Announcement from calebcabob: Oreo thread is live! Come on over to AquariOS 8.1.0 section :)

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We are NOT responsible for anything that may happen to your device as a result of flashing ROMs, kernels, or installing any other mod. You are responsible for your own actions and bad decisions - so stop blaming others!

This is a user friendly thread. Please be respectful and courteous to other users. While feature requests will be considered, AquariOS tries to maintain a ROM that is smooth and stable, so adding every feature under the sun is not the plan here.


1. Unless I tell you otherwise, you MUST always, absolutely, positively, most certainly wipe data AND system before flashing AquariOS...without a doubt!

2. Don't report bugs if you haven't followed directions - most likely it's user error at that point as far as I'm concerned.

3. Always run a backup before doing anything.

4. Provide a log when reporting a bug (see more info below).

5. Be respectful.

AquariOS Team:




Featured attractions
*Smart Bar, Pulse, and Fling (up-to-date)
*Smart Bar tint & Dynamic NavBar
*Custom status bar battery options
*Custom status bar clock and date
*Status bar weather (OmniJaws engine)
*Lock screen weather (OmniJaws engine)
*QS Weather tile (OmniJaws engine)
*Optional weather in expanded header
*Custom Headers (contextual or custom)
*Battery Bar (status bar & navbar)
*Rootless Substratum - theme-ready & up-to-date
*Magisk (root access)
*Battery and Notification LED controls
*Optional "Clear all" recents button
*Volume rocker options
*Lock screen visualizer
*Fingerprint gestures
*Screenshot Crop & Share toggle
*Optional Suspend Actions
*Kernel base: 3.10.107

Expand to see full list of features:

Navbar & Status bar
*Smart Bar, Pulse, and Fling
*One-handed mode
*Ripple/Spring/Flip/Pixel animations
*Optional seek arrows for media playback
*All visualizer customizations
*Custom status bar battery options
*Custom status bar clock and date
*Status bar weather (OmniJaws engine)
*Battery Bar (status bar & navbar)
*Network traffic indicator

Notification Drawer
*QS Weather tile (OmniJaws engine)
*5-day weather display in header (OmniJaws)
*Custom Headers (contextual or custom)
*Advanced quick settings easy toggle (3-mode location toggle)
*Easy toggle for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Location
*Brightness slider on/off toggle
*Haptic feedback on quick setting on/off toggle
*Ability to change number of quick settings columns/rows
*All tile scroller for small QS tiles
*Option to hide QS tile titles

Lock screen
*Lock screen item options (time, date, alarm text toggles & Clock font style)
*Lock screen shortcuts
*Lock screen weather (OmniJaws engine)
*Lock screen visualizer

*Power Menu customizations (shortcuts, actions)
*Volume key wake
*Volume key music control
*Volume key orientation swap
*Volume key keyboard cursor control
*Volume down to enter do not disturb
*Volume up to exit do not disturb
*Do not disturb volume panel switch
*Long-press power button for torch

System and Misc
*Rootless Substratum - fully theme-ready and up-to-date
*Magisk (root access)
*Battery and Notification LED controls
*Optional "Clear all" recents button
*Lots of system animation
*Optional dashboard columns
*Increasing ringtone option
*Ability to unlink notification volume from ringer volume
*Option to force show Enter key
*Power notification controls
*ADB enhancements (ADB over wifi, Hide ADB icon)
*Long-pressing settings icon enters custom settings
*Download speed in notification
*Status bar brightness control
*Advanced Reboot menu
*Advanced screenshot functionality (longpress tile/power menu for selectable screenshot)
*Ability to lock app in landscape via rotation tile
*Advanced charging sound controls
*Advanced seekbar style animation controls
*Quick setting header Longpress actions
*App package name to app info screen
*Ability to launch app when touching app icon in app info screen
*Phone info shortcut to about phone/status on top
*Dynamic vendor image notification
*Double tap anywhere to sleep
*Long press power for torch
*Option to disable pin needed after fingerprint unlock (even after first boot)
*Option to disable fingerprint success vibration
*Option to hide dashboard hints, summaries, etc.
*Bug fixes and stability improvements
*Developer settings enabled by default
*Custom night light brightness options
*Disabled forced encryption
*Disabled tether provision checks
*expanded desktop options
*option to enable/disable wake on plug


   * frameworks/base/
ca39b83 Allow user to add/remove QS with one click

   * packages/apps/Bluetooth/
982b077 Display bluetooth battery status when available [2/2]


   * build/
118883d Merge 'android-7.1.2_r29' into a7.1.2

   * frameworks/base/
10b8bb9 Merge 'android-7.1.2_r29' into a7.1.2

   * frameworks/native/
c32a752 Merge 'android-7.1.2_r29' into a7.1.2

   * packages/apps/Settings/
3529ce5 Merge 'android-7.1.2_r29' into a7.1.2

   * system/core/
0eb551b Merge 'android-7.1.2_r29' into a7.1.2

   * system/sepolicy/
437e155 Merge 'android-7.1.2_r29' into a7.1.2

   * vendor/aquarios/
63bca27 Update fingerprints for August


   * kernel/huawei/angler/
7567092 USB: f_qc_rndis: Prevent use-after-free for _rndis_qc
a408d15 msm: ipa: Fix for missing int overflow check in the refcount library
29fc32e ASoC: msm: qdspv2: add result check when audio process fail
73fa798 UPSTREAM: timerfd: Protect the might cancel mechanism proper
cfba666 msm: kgsl: Fix the race between context create and destroy
159c8ff BACKPORT: f2fs: sanity check checkpoint segno and blkoff
9be4d14 qcdev: Check the digest length during the SHA operations
87f0ebb UPSTREAM: f2fs: sanity check segment count
1a04c98 net: wireless: bcmdhd: additional length check for BRCM EVENT frame.

   * vendor/aquarios/
e7e7955 Merge pull request #1 from fezzy102/a7.1.2

   * vendor/huawei/
c704a20 Update angler blobs to 7.1.2 N2G48C



   * frameworks/base/
664f2d2 Fix a small boo-boo with Portuguese strings


   * frameworks/base/
87c7ff1 base: Optional weather info in expanded header [1/2]

   * packages/apps/CoralReef/
7f4715b Settings: Optional weather info in expanded header [2/2]



   * packages/apps/DUI/
e11a36f Fix custom button icon making touch and animation area smaller [1/3]


   * frameworks/base/
4885377 Fix custom button icon making touch and animation area smaller [2/3]
593ba3a SystemUI: locked tasks should have a valid view
cd477c9 Silence a memory leak warning from the static analyzer
09f8de9 Add Sound tile to QS
494b133 fwb: Add ability to permanently hide apps from recents [1/2]
0607dc4 FWB :SmartBar Button Tint [1/3] With Reference to Patch AICP/frameworks_base@85d97f4
5c800ff FWB: Add a Switch to Enable Disable Dynamic Navbar [1/2] Everything works as it should. To see changes within the app after enabling/disabling this switch, app must be restarted everytime switch is toggled .

   * packages/apps/CoralReef/
c4d663a Fix custom button icon making touch and animation area smaller [3/3]
01a9761 Add ability to permanently hide apps from recents [2/3]
c5bbaa7 CoralReef: Smartbar Button Tint [3/3]
7a85d43 CoralReef: Dynamic Navbar Switch [2/2]

   * packages/apps/DUI/
189ee3a DUI :SmartBar Button Tint [2/3]

   * packages/apps/Settings/
baba327 Add ability to permanently hide apps from recents [3/3]







   * vendor/aquarios/
864908f Add modified Pixel launcher icon for SettingsProvider
28ccadd Add modified Pixel launcher icon
18b39af Pixelify drawables for sw900dp devices
ae037fa Don't overlay navbar drawables anymore
79ef888 Fix pixel theme colors
b453601 Go away mint, nobody likes you
b2ca063 Pixel blue for globalActions silent mode selection indicator
2781c5b Update one handed "info" drawable color to pixel blue
5d18cf5 Change accent color for AOSP keyboard
ddc2c8e Add modified Pixel launcher icon
d0fa219 Use pixel navbar icons
72adb68 Update one handed drawables to pixel blue to match system
46b4034 Switch to pixel theme



   * manifest/
40f28cc Interfacer: Change from app to service


   * packages/apps/Settings/
ac2fb16 Fix and cleanup dui protected broadcasts [1/2]



   * frameworks/base/
65a5591 Suspend Actions [1/3]
f83e198 base: add CPU info overlay [1/2]

   * manifest/
a0de4b5 Track packages/service/Telephony

   * packages/apps/CoralReef/
75f0bd8 Suspend Actions [3/3]

   * packages/apps/Settings/
8b20994 Refactor some missing AppOps things
b6a7981 settings: add CPU info overlay [2/2]

   * packages/services/Telecomm/
19e96b2 Telecomm : Allow multiple default dialers [1/2] *also Avoid npe for devices that don't have dialer package installed.

   * packages/services/Telephony/
7fa2686 Suspend Actions [2/3] *************************** Ported from JB by @faust93 Added screen on/off delay feature by @faust93
1f88ca2 Restore previous network value after toggleLTE
28d684c Implement toggleLte Using logic based on Ryan Hope's commits
215acdf Make voicemail notifications dismissable on all carriers
56e716f Telephony : Allow multiple default dialers [2/2]


   * frameworks/base/
5cd6e23 [1/2] base: Screenshot Crop & Share
fb3b957 Ambient display: Battery status (1/2)
c198944 Fix permissions for CTS [1/2]

   * manifest/
5066e05 Update angler kernel default branch for upstream revision

   * packages/apps/CoralReef/
9de3501 [2/2] Extensions: Screenshot Crop & Share
3ffcf7a Ambient display: Battery status (2/2)

   * packages/apps/Dialer/
cac44af Dialer sustained perf. mode: enable only if supported by device
a3c4001 Dialer: InCallUI: Enable Sustained Performance Mode

   * system/sepolicy/
610db18 Add policy to fix interfacer derp on boot
dd47bd7 sepolicy: Allow system_server to set theme_prop
97bc10d interfacer: Allow interfacer to find content_service

   * vendor/aquarios/
0551a4f Update Magisk to v13.3


   * build/
b45aba1 Add sea life icons to "Generating Changelog" echo


   * build/
919e0db Center a couple of echo'd lines
5379d55 Add colors for fancy finish




   * build/
d87e8dd Add a sh!t-load more colors and underlined colors
e8bc10d Adjust some colors in the Fancy Finish for something new


   * kernel/huawei/angler/
4af1912 AquariOS kernel is now coming from upstream - Thanks @nathanchance
6e675a6 Revert "Add kexec support for aarch64"
01220bc Revert "of/fdt: export fdt blob as /sys/firmware/fdt"
544e1e8 Revert "debugging: Bypass purgatory"
8013ecc Revert "Attempt at porting kexec-hardboot for arm64; not working at all"
a9d8db3 Revert "Kexec-hardboot: fix kimage_head for post reboot list, tweak logging"
e34bd940 Revert "update defconfig - Kexec"
ac0c0c1 [SQUASHED] Add Kcal color management support
02622d5 Enable fingerprint boost
b5fa905 cpufreq: Introduce fingerprint boost driver
4f70856 Disable all the wakelocks
686b855 aqua_defconfig: Add back AquariOS kernel tweaks section originally added by @rockinroyle
90bf7d1 chill: Fix down_threshold_suspended sysfs input
f1b5c00 chill: Fix logic for reducing boost count with freq
916600a chill: Allow any number >= 1 for boost count
7a6eddc chill: Reset boost count on policy->min
aec50c9 chill: Decrease boost count alongside frequency
bf21549 chill: Simplify boost increment logic
307e644 cpufreq: Update chill to 2.3
6c8d2bd Add gov: Chill Version 2.0 - also includes frap129's improvements
8574e59 cpufreq: allow driver-specific data
3c8d052 cpufreq: preserve user_policy across suspend/resume
bc230b7 cpufreq: Clean up after a failing light-weight initialization
7c635cc cpufreq: use memcpy() to copy policy
c13bd07 drivers: cpufreq: Send a uevent when governor changes
373a0e2 cpufreq: add __cpufreq_driver_getavg protoype
d394b54 cpufreq: interactive: Fix load in cpufreq_interactive_cpuload event
45949ce kgsl: convert some workqueues to use kthreads
4890b66 mdss: move to a kthread for vsync_retire_work_handler
5e34f49 aqua_defconfig: add sound faux sond controls
299f13e ASoC: wcd9330: add analog headphone gain and update controls
6971bb3 sound control: add speaker gain tunable
4c3de90 sound/soc/codecs: fix speaker gain and mic gain for the Note 4
3ad5180 sound/soc/codecs: Faux Sound control for WCD9330 TomTom codec driver
c8f8231 lazyplug: Add highly aggressive lazy profile
9ca6789 lazyplug: Improve MSM8994 and MSM8996 thread capacity
65f427d lazyplug: Use correct hysteresis for octacore cpus
c3eddc4 aqua_defconfig: Update for lazyplug
e6012e1 lazyplug: Enter lazy through mdss
9c7c200 lazyplug: Add Hysteresis for Octacore CPUs
cdea4aa sched: compatibility fix up for lazyplug
2010134 lazyplug: Remove wakeup_boost
22363a9 lazyplug: Use display_state hooks
8dd998c lazyplug: Remove Power/earlysuspend hooks
7a87f1e lazyplug: add mutex & boolean check for lazy mode
d1caced vidc: add lazyplug hooks
ed71142 lazyplug: separate thread for reducing wake-up delay
b805772 Introduce Lazyplug
f0dcfae binfmt_elf.c: use get_random_int() to fix entropy depleting
3f40634 sched: Make GENTLE_FAIR_SLEEPERS configurable thru sysfs
38fd57b mdss_fb: backlight dimmer option
d6ba165 Disable CPU boost by default
1a0f4a8 workqueue: Remove config guard for power_efficient
3320355 drivers: power: Fix 2% battery level drop
e3930da mdss_dsi_panel.c: fix bad merge on my part duh
86cffa1 aqua_defconfig: Add powersuspend and Adreno_Idler
a1d460a kernel/power/powersuspend: new PM kernel driver for Android w/o early_suspend v1.7 (faux123/
8aa91fe kernel/power/powersuspend: new PM kernel driver for Android w/o early_suspend v1.6 (faux123/
595d96f kernel/power/powersuspend: new PM kernel driver for Android w/o early_suspend v1.5 (faux123/
d286edf adreno idler: Ramp down more agressively
aad115a adreno_idler: fix typos :)
27cff6a adreno_idler: fix-up some comments
b796089 adreno_idler: fix-up type definitions
9d7f959 adreno_idler: remove frequency bump
4eb8f36 adreno_idler: switch to count based instead of time based
26b294f Introduce Adreno idler for devfreq-based Adreno devices
081d63e drivers: fingerprint: boost tasks to the big cores when the scanner is used
76db43c drivers: fingerprint: boost cpufreq on unlock
a8e378d display: add a simple api to query the display state (on/off) at any point in time
2b51215 Get rid of __cpuinit - squashed (jollaman999)
55e0bc1 blu_active: call __cpufreq_driver_target() for cur frequency
68c81f8 aqua_defconfig: Add Blu_Active cpu freq gov
b0915a2 drivers: cpufreq: add blu_active governor
7dd883b cpufreq: add an helper to get/set cpu utilization to be used by mako_hotplug
9d61260 aqua_defconfig: Add Despair Cpu Freq Govenor
d130feb cpufreq: add despair governor
dd05394 power: qpnp-fg: queue work on system_power_efficient_wq
51ac410 drivers: thermal: queue work on system_power_efficient_wq
a40f354 qcom: msm-core: queue work on system_power_efficient_wq
e77b9d8 power: smb349-dual-charger: queue work on system_power_efficient_wq
9f1a547 aqua_defconfig: add Bioshock cpu freq gov
4d03182 cpufreq: add bioshock governor
a9fcb0e firmware: use power efficient workqueue for unloading and aborting fw load
37f93d5 aqua_defconfig: Add power efficient workqueues
25e745ce workqueue: squashed: Add system wide power_efficient workqueues
e2d4d5e block: deadline: Optimize for non-rotational
2ed3149 wakeup: add toggle for bluesleep wakelock
7915ade msm8994: debug: shutup a lot of spam
e12a430 msm: performance: prevent userspace hints to decrease max cpu freq
2c43a6b msm: performance: prevent the driver from handling userspace min freq cpu boost hints. We'll use the standard cpu-boost input-boost functionality which gives users freedom to choose their own settings
1f227f7 qcom: msm8994: a53/a57: underclocking
0a3f45d qcom: msm8994: a53/a57: overclocking
da2dbac net: bcmdhd: reduce ctrl wake lock with separate sysfs node and rename rx wakelock node as well
1d4c8e7 wakeup: add toggles for wlan wakelocks
7a4d0d8 wakeup: add userspace knob to enable/disable msm_hsic_host wakelock
7ef26bb power: skip sensor_ind wakeup source activation via sysfs
6583b66 net: bcmdhd: reduce wlan_rx wakelock period
97bb5ff aqua_defconfig: add FIOPS IO shceduler
fa366cf FIOPS: forward port for use on 3.10 Linux
95a7b9d block: fiops add some trace information
dd90406 block: fiops bias sync workload
a48d253 block: fiops preserve vios key for deep queue depth workload
d897166 block: fiops add ioprio support
dfe74bd block: fiops sync/async scale
cdcd49c block: fiops read/write request scale
a03143d block: fiops ioscheduler core
2fab951 arch: msm8994: remove bcl-hotplug
2c87305 cpufreq: cpu-boost: boost the input boost notifier to max prio
98c1493 cpufreq: cpu-boost: don't boost over user set max freq
2853531 cpufreq: cpu-boost: export input_boost_enable to userspace
4aea85d cpufreq: cpu-boost: don't boost big cluster on input touch unless it has at least 1 task running on any of its cores to save power
d73a5b7 aqua_defconfig: add Intelliactive and Wheatley cpufreq gov
f9093c5 Update headset button detection values
84a161c Fix Angler 3-button headset button press detection
40a0b50 Don't reset keys pressed at suspend time
640b34c cpufreq: add intelliactive governor
1ae0e67 cpufreq: add wheatley governor
a5c3823 sched: fair: Return current CPU if search_cpu(s) is empty
1162e55 sched: fix bug in small task CPU selection
3969ade sched: optimize select_best_cpu() with same power cost CPU mask
047a378 sched: optimize power cost/freq estimation
3fb8557 cpuidle: Add need_resched() check
c240b8c sched: initialize frequency domain cpumask
8cad882 interactiveX: fix compile error from caf merge
105baca sched: report loads greater than 100% only during load alert notifications
5b933a6 cpufreq: interactive: Correctly reschedule timer for slack_only case
e8075e0 cpufreq: interactive: Add cpuload trace events
930959f cpufreq: interactive: Replace per-cpu timer with per-policy timer
4a7bf44 cpufreq: interactive: Remove first_cpu field
c07a9a7 cpufreq: interactive: Do not reschedule timer if policy->max changes
8b17234 USB: android: Fix memory leak in mass_storage_function_init()
37cbb36 sched/fair: Implement fast idling of CPUs when the system is partially loaded
9810a08 fs/namei.c: fix potential memory leak in path_lookupat
8c1f6f3 cpufreq: Fix timer/workqueue corruption by protecting reading governor_enabled
6ef9cca cpufreq: remove race while accessing cur_policy
268c2db msm: Fix high load average from uninterruptible waits
f3e2201 cpufreq: interactiveX V4: limit max freq when screen off
47122a1 mdss: expose panel on/off events as a global variable
d15dfcd cpufreq: show cpu voltages via sysfs
d99871f aqua_defconfig: Regen for upstream (3.10.107)


   * device/huawei/angler/
17b29e9 Launcher3: These 2 fine gentlemen will escort you out.
2c9594a angler: Add old-apns-conf.xml * not entirely sure its needed but factory image has it maybe its a fallback

   * frameworks/base/
c9c1b60 Make preselected item clickable in intent chooser
6e0679d7 SystemUI: AssistManager - how is this supposed to ever work?
e144ee2 SystemUI: Fix SystemUI Crash Issue

   * packages/services/ThemeInterfacer/
0fded63 JobService: Use a ContentObserver to check for force authorisation of packages


   * frameworks/base/
57a6a7b Grant default browser permissions
7a03297 DefaultPermissionGrantPolicy: Pass correct arguments
bf3d75a Add missing STORAGE_INTERNAL permission for BackupRestoreConfirmation
a011dd3 Fix to avoid UI freeze issue
beba712 More SysUI tuner cleanup
c26668d Fix keyguard flash issue
74f7c20 Fix possible SysUI fc when playing lowbattery sound
244f00e Fix Fi permissions
8da0f69 Toast icon switch [1/2]
f011456 Show icon of package associated with Toast
cc0614a SmartBar: make button longpress delay configurable [2/3]
6825811 Fix race condition when writing UidState of appops.

   * packages/apps/Settings/
289ba80 Enable Storage Manager
dc85e51 Add summary to App ops dashboard tile
783a492 Enable App Ops under security setting
0c25435 Fix my mistakes. Not sure how that happened
5d1a847 DisplaySettings: font size in 5% steps from 80% to 130%
f52a4e3 Storage settings for devices with ext sdcard: fix bar color
e922f92 Correctly align cursor in renaming BT device
ac80fab SoundSettings: Suppress a race condition crash
4ab04cc Settings: Hide learn more button on fingerprint page
082c63a Settings: Disable the other learn more too to prevent crash
fe8ac9e Port "Battery Usage Alerts" feature from factory images to aosp
ed85c3f AppOpsDetails: Check app permissions safely
25b4412 AppOps: use own arrays and strings without summaries.
c64629a settings: Fix viewpager tabs not showing on AppOpsSummary
8bbac8d Move App Ops to custom category in Settings.
9d1ad01 Return App Ops (bug - without tabs)
4ce49c1 bluetooth: Don't crash when the local adapter is not set
a9c75ff Backup: fix comment typo
bffad0d Fix crash while searching in Settings


   * build/
fd20821 Add root support for Tasker when using Magisk SU

   * packages/apps/CoralReef/
a5671b9 CustomSeekBar: fix progressbar glitch with custom min-max values
7d45dbb Replace colorpicker action set png with vector

   * vendor/aquarios/
d4bd9f2 NexusLauncherIcons: Fix location - aka fix build
8a627cb overlay: disabled til used ime packages
f3bc2bd Enable full support for rounded icons
7d63891 Default dnd acess packages


   * device/huawei/angler/
44c2c78 angler: overlay: Enable fingerprint swipe gesture

   * device/lge/bullhead/
5931a77 Bullhead: Enable real time lockscreen charging info
76a7679 Remove unneeded/bad call
bd9c8f6 Bullhead: Fix axis on landscape
8c1ed4b Use device audio_effects.conf
fe21964 QCamera3: check channel nullptr
931d876 bullhead: add first_api_level property
3d62681 bullhead: enable verizon visual voicemail support
5eb23e4 Update BoardConfigPartial, files template
b3df61f QCamera2: HAL3: Use monotonic timestamp for pthread_cond_timedwait
1422478 bullhead: overlay: Enable fingerprint swipe gesture
435d66e bullhead: support fingerprint SW20.6
de14606 bullhead: build kernel inline

   * frameworks/base/
9ef9061 [1/2] Add support for pulsing battery icon when charging
5875436 Solid battery: Bring back pulsing animation

   * kernel/lge/bullhead/
fb9dce5 Make it AquariOS

   * packages/apps/CoralReef/
71e1b22 [2/2] Add support for pulsing battery icon regardless of style

   * packages/apps/Settings/
e14de86 Fingerprint swipe gesture to answer/silence incoming call [2/2]
79d73cd Add QS pulldown with one swipe on fp sensor [2/2]
7f332b6 Display connect button in the wifi connection menu
1731459 settings: wifi: add back 2.4 or 5 GHz options

   * vendor/aquarios/
b986be6 Speed up compiling time (SYSTEMUI_TESTS off).
4511d49 Update properties for SetupWizard


   * frameworks/base/
7204d08 documentsui: enable file size and advanced options
30fbf67 WiFiTile: Fix in the off state while entering the detail view
2259917 BluetoothTile: Fix in the off state while entering the detail view
c427502 Add support for page theme color to WebView and WebChromeClient.
0b7dd78 SystemUI: Misc fixes for right (custom) lockscreen shortcuts


   * device/huawei/angler/
e09740d Angler: Fix denial for sarcontrolservice

   * frameworks/base/
00dcbc8 Fingerprint swipe gesture to answer/silence incoming call [1/2]
3ab0d6c add config_fingerprintRemoveClientOnCancel


   * frameworks/base/
0f31165 Add QS pulldown with one swipe on fp sensor [1/2]
37046a2 Add Lollipop ringtone
2ddbf8d SystemUI: Fix task lock & freeform buttons placement
f399fc2 Fix potential KeyguardMonitor FC on unlock
f02091a New heads up drawables

   * vendor/aquarios/
00e4012 Angler: Set default ringtone & notification


   * device/huawei/angler/
8318444 Revert "Enable sdcardsfs" aka fix some ****

   * frameworks/base/
423cf27 Fix WiFi QS in the off state while entering the detail view
f8d3c09 CaptivePortal: login activity UI improvements
79227a7 Scroll: modified velocitytracker

   * packages/apps/Settings/
48641f8 Fix ApplicationsState.Session memory leak in settings app
8eaaf6d Settings: Fix to resolve NULL pointer exceptions
b62d936 ConditionManager: don't crash when trying to add unexpected condition
9e8efbb Allow sorting applications by size

   * vendor/aquarios/
b8b5dff Add prebuilt Nova Google Companion
e1bf41c [SQUASH] Update backup tool
247432f [SQUASH] Fix & update some prebuilts


   * device/huawei/angler/
aa29b68 init edits: adjust a few things

   * manifest/
cc4375b Update angler/nathanchance toolchain location
bc6553c Add bullhead

   * system/extras/
08fe3ad Merge tag 'android-7.1.2_r14' of into HEAD

   * system/sepolicy/
1e6c4ef fix denials for rootfs:lnk_file
1428055 system_app.te: Give permissions for using sdcardfs

   * vendor/aquarios/
b5b06e9 Revert "Update apks, fix magisk, remove otger apks"


   * prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/aarch64/aarch64-linaro-linux-gnu-7.x/
b9015dc aarch64-linaro-linux-gnu 7.1.1: 20170624


   * build/
9773296 Fix magisk: move backup command where it should have been

   * frameworks/base/
9668377 Update API
0091878 Fix keyguard is black background while screen turning off/on quickly
a7eced2 FPS: prevent NPE if FP hal doesnt handle performancestats
5c03015 QS: Remove listeners only if added
857238a Fragment animations are not being saved across configuration changes
f7332c7 Reboot/Recovery QS Tile
b8d8a53 SystemUI: Add heads up tile


ROM: Latest AquariOS build

GApps: OpenGapps

Vendor Images: Vendor
(flashable by twrp image option)

Q & A
Read this before telling everyone something is broken!

1. Android Pay isn't working!! What do I do?
Go into Magisk settings and toggle on the "Hide Magisk" option. Then try again. Also, I've found once in a great while, even with this enabled, it will say it failed - if this happens, just try'll work.

2. Help! I can't find more Q & A entries! Why is there only one??
I'll add more soon

Reporting a bug?
See how to do so here:

You need to provide a log in order for the issue to be addressed. Please also include how to reproduce the reported bug if possible.
If you need a log extracting app, try out MatLog and/or paste your log into an online text sharing site like

Credits & Thanks:
@The Flash his upstream work he's brought to others with kernel, all his added ROM features, fixes, theming, and more!
@BeansTown106 - for almost everything Nexus specific (blobs, device, etc) his up-to-date kernel base, and many ROM features and fixes!

See more...

The CyanogenMod Community
Dirty Unicorns
Team Substratum
@rc420head - for teaching me 99% of what I know
@fhem - for teaching me the ropes with compiling for Nexus devices
The AquariOS testers!!!
And all other open source Devs/Teams I may have missed!

Source Code:

XDA:DevDB Information
AquariOS 7.1.0, ROM for the Huawei Nexus 6P

calebcabob, rc420head
ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2017-05-14
Last Updated 2018-03-24
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14th May 2017, 05:52 PM |#2  
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Thanks @Flyhalf205!

Subscribe to his YouTube channel HERE.

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14th May 2017, 05:52 PM |#3  
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14th May 2017, 05:56 PM |#4  
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14th May 2017, 06:28 PM |#6  
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Are Gapps included?
14th May 2017, 06:29 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by roycomountain

Are Gapps included?

No they aren't sorry. I can post a link. I suggest open gapps
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14th May 2017, 07:37 PM |#8  
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Intriguing...any known bugs?
I know it was only just uploaded but it's more a question for the dev if he had a chance to test it. Thanks
14th May 2017, 07:42 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by KLit75

Intriguing...any known bugs?
I know it was only just uploaded but it's more a question for the dev if he had a chance to test it. Thanks

Nothing anymore that I know. If you find any, please let me know though! Well, one thing I know of is that the bottom right shortcut icon disappears when using an app as cutom action (after reboot) - as far as I know thats the case on any nougat rom right now though
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14th May 2017, 07:59 PM |#10  
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I've also been running this ROM for months - a few other guys as well.
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14th May 2017, 08:05 PM |#11  
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Downloading it now. I'll set it up and report back after I test everything.

Ill be testing all of the stuff I use as a daily driver and i'll update this post with what is being awesome and not so awesome.

UPDATE: Installed quick and easy and, was booted up before I even realized it. No force closing of any kind during set up (I used beans). My 3minit battery came up when installed, and no issues with Viper4Android Installed Omniswitch and pixel launcher without a hassle. Seems like a pretty solid ROM. Definitely good work.
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