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Current Android version: 5.1.1_r14
Current Build number: LMY48M
Current Build date: 09/18/2015

  • Typical disclaimers apply! Flash at your own risk!
  • Make sure you have 5.1.x firmware and have the latest stable TWRP recovery installed
  • Perform factory reset (if coming from other ROM, or previous android version)
  • Flash firmware for your device. I build for the following:
    • DISCONTINUED (google has added everything to marshmallow that I wanted in lollipop. I'm focusing on more important things now...)
  • Reboot and Enjoy!

**Build instructions**
  • Refer to @scrosler's build instructions located here:
  • After "Identify Yourself to the Repo" proceed with initializing, syncing, and building my repo...
  • Code:
    git clone -b lollipop AOSP && cd ~/AOSP
    repo init -u -b lollipop
    repo sync
  • "device" needs to be replaced with either deb, flo, or hammerhead

  • SuperSU built in
  • Recovery patch disabled
  • Gapps built in
  • Google GPS patched
  • Gesture typing patched (for AOSP keyboard)
  • Model number patched ("Nexus 5" and "Nexus 7", instead of "AOSP on ****")
  • AOSP Dialer icon patched (material)
  • Battery percent enabled
  • Stock DRM added
  • Default wallpaper changed (material)
  • USB-OTG FAT storage added. (no exFAT, NTFS, or ext4)
  • Advanced power menu w/ Screenshot and Screen Recorder
  • Screenshot quick delete action
  • Remove AOSP calendar, mms, music, and voice dialer
  • SuperSU access in Settings
  • System unmount during install
  • CM busybox
  • Clear all recent apps
  • Kernel compiling in build
  • Update system disabled
  • Wallpaper rotation patched
  • Telephony homescreen rotation enabled
  • AdAway built in
  • SoundRecorder modified and visible
  • Eleven music player built in
  • CM Terminal built in
  • DocumentsUI standalone
  • MiExplorer file manager built in
  • XDA-One built in
  • SMS enabled on DEB
  • Misc battery stats setting


  • extras: compiled and updated adaway.apk
  • gapps: removed googlecalendar.apk
  • gapps: updated velvet.apk and libs to marshmallow version
  • updated default wallpaper
  • added marshmallow bootanimation

  • hammerhead, flo, deb: update binaries (forget to on last release)

  • update to 5.1.1_r14
  • gapps: update velvet, phonesky
  • gapps: remove playstore apps except calendar
  • extras: update mixplorer
  • apps: remove gallery and eleven
  • apps: disable documentsui launcher icon

  • update to 5.1.1_r9
  • hammerhead: update binaries to 5.1.1_r9
  • flo: update binaries to 5.1.1_r9
  • deb: update binaries to flo 5.1.1_r9
  • extras: update xda-one.apk
  • gapps: update velvet.apk, googlemessenger.apk, phonesky.apk, googlecalendar.apk, gmscore.apk and libs
  • apps: remove browser.apk

  • update to 5.1.1_r6
  • flo: update binaries to 5.1.1_r6
  • gapps: revert googledialer

  • update to 5.1.1_r5
  • extras: update MiXplorer
  • gapps: update googlecamera gmscore phonesky velvet
  • gapps: update googledialer

  • update to 5.1.1_r4
  • deb/flo: binaries updated
  • hammerhead: proprietary apps updated
  • gapps: apps, jars, and libs updated from 5.1.1
  • gapps: camera, calendar, gmscore, and phonesky updated
  • extras: xda-one updated

  • update to 5.1.1_r3
  • hammerhead: binaries updated
  • gapps: velvet updated

  • update to 5.1.1_r2
  • xda-one updated

  • gapps updated
  • flo binaries updated

  • update to 5.1.1_r1

  • update to 5.1.0_r5
  • flo/deb binaries updated
  • gapps: quick search and calendar updated
  • browser, gallery, and music updated
  • prebuilt kernels used in builds

  • gapps: rebuilt to fix deodexing
  • gapps: google play services updated
  • hammerhead: timeservice and shutdownlistener re-deodexed
  • hammerhead: google dialer added back in and updated to v2.1
  • hammerhead: dun added to t-mobile apn type to disable data limit
  • adaway: materialized

  • update to 5.1.0_r3

  • banner updated (huge update, I know...)

  • gapps cleaned up and updated
  • xda-one updated

  • screenrecorder added back in (settings under display)
  • silent settings removed from apm
  • ambient display removed (no point in having an option to turn on a broken feature)
  • note: flo and deb have flicker on camera (waiting on updated source for those devices)

  • gapps updated
  • hammerhead: vendor fixes
  • dev settings: unaccounted/overcounted batt stats setting re-added
  • gallery and browser updated

  • update to android 5.1.0
  • screenrecorder removed
  • apm silent mode added
  • unaccounted/overcounted stats switch removed
  • switched to cm terminal
  • default wallpaper changed
  • revert to aosp dialer for time being

  • google search voice search fixed
  • cmfilemanager removed again (i just can't fall in love with it)
  • soundrecorder replaced
  • xda-one built from updated source
  • gms-core updated

  • google search updated
  • google calendar updated
  • sms enabled on deb

  • bootanimation removed (keeping it simple)
  • aosp email removed
  • adaway updated
  • cmfilemanager updated and built in
  • busybox updated
  • eleven updated
  • supersu updated to v2.46

  • documentsui: cut and paste icons fixed

  • velvet updated

  • supersu zip built in
  • terminal updated
  • eleven updated

  • cmfilemanager removed (available separately)
  • documentsui is now a standalone file manager
  • musicfx is now a standalone app
  • adaway modified to include xxxhdpi launcher icon

  • aosp terminal included in build
  • default wallpaper changed
  • deb binaries updated
  • minimal gapps included in build

  • flo and deb binaries updated
  • soundrecorder reworked from base

  • 'apollo' replaced with 'eleven' music player
  • reverted back to musicfx
  • 'screenshot' and 'screen record' icons changed in apm
  • gapps package updated

  • materialized apollo and audiofx

  • audiofx replaces musicfx
  • apollo music player added

  • soundrecorder materialized and made visible in launcher
  • adaway compiled by me from source and included as prebuilt

  • screenrecorder added to apm (settings in settings>display>screen recorder)
  • "silent" settings removed from apm
  • change to cmfilemanager sidebar backdrop

  • cmfilemanager added and created new launcher icon for it

  • memory leak patched
  • materialized aosp browser and gallery added

  • build date removed from build number and given it's own line at bottom
  • add image to about phone/tablet screen

  • tested off github repo sync
  • app ops enabled in settings

  • fstrim scipt added
  • default audio edited
  • hammerhead launcher rotate fix with updates

  • init.d support added
  • kernels: DT2W disabled by default
  • flashable script added to enable DT2W

  • merged with 5.0.2_r1 LRX22G
  • deskclock: setting checkbox added to remove alarm icon from statusbar
  • kernels: DT2W added and enabled by default (thank my wife for insisting)

  • hammerhead: binaries updated
  • hammerhead: timeservice.apk and shutdownlistener.apk pulled from 5.0.1, deodexed, and updated
  • gapps updated (calendar, camera, cloud print, play movies)

  • only material sounds included
  • gapps updated (hangouts, gmail, maps, tts)

  • misc battery stats disabled (setting in dev options)
  • fix half blank screen after landscape lock
  • homescreen rotation enabled in hammerhead

  • finished removing "update system"
  • "additional system updates" removed from settings
  • bug report option removed from dev settings
  • hammerhead: shutdownlistener.apk and TimeService.apk updated
  • gapps: cloud print fixed

  • kernels compiled with 4.8
  • apm disabled in secure lockscreen
  • "update system" removed from settings
  • typo corrected in gapps updater-script

  • gapps updated (gmail)
  • gapps updated (hdr libs and permissions added)
  • gapps updated (google dialer and libs added)

  • patches updated to include kernel changes, device kernel source changes
  • patches updated with automated build scripts
  • op updated with patch and build instructions

  • clear all recent apps fixed
  • compiled stock kernels added (no more prebuilt)

  • gapps updated... again (maps, search, playstore)

  • cm busybox built in
  • clear all recent apps added
  • missing hammerhead blobs added
  • gapps updated (chrome, maps, music, messenger, google +, TTS)

  • repo merged with master branch
  • factory bootanimation added
  • screenshot delete icon changed
  • system mount status check added to updater-scripts
  • updated to android 5.0.1 (LRX22C)
  • updated flo/deb binaries to flo LRX22C binaries

  • prevent app inclusion: camera2, gallery2, exchange2, quicksearchbar
  • built new gapps package from scratch and updated apps (tested and working)

  • remove home sample launcher
  • edit build and package name definitions

  • added ambient display
  • moved supersu access to settings menu
  • reverted to block based build (because flash speed is amazing with it)

  • redesign apm
  • add screenshot action to apm
  • add quick delete to screenshot
  • prevent app inclusion: aosp browser, calendar, email, mms, music, and voice dialer
  • launcher 3 to be default on all builds

  • changed download server

  • mako, manta, and shamu devices added

  1. Make sure you have performed a clean install and have not flashed anything else or restored ANYTHING!!!
  2. If you experience a bug then boot into safe mode and see if it persists.
  3. If bug persists in safe mode then provide me with useful info:
    • build date
    • confirm a clean install (your exact install steps, recovery version, bootloader version, and whether or not you've restored ANYTHING or flashed ANYTHING else)
    • detailed description of bug
    • steps necessary to reproduce symptom(s)
    • include a logcat
  4. Failure to provide ALL this information will result in me ignoring your post and laughing at you...

Special thanks to:
and anyone else I've forked or received help from!
The Following 40 Users Say Thank You to GROGG88 For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift GROGG88 Ad-Free
7th February 2015, 12:08 AM |#2  
Great Rom
So far it's my favorite Lollipop rom. Excellent work here. Thanks Grog!
The Following User Says Thank You to Bsober For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift Bsober Ad-Free
8th February 2015, 03:32 AM |#3  
txpxsx's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Jakarta
Thanks Meter: 79
Originally Posted by Bsober

So far it's my favorite Lollipop rom. Excellent work here. Thanks Grog!

I would love to try this rom. Your review would appreciated

8th February 2015, 03:40 AM |#4  
Senior Member
Flag Tokyo
Thanks Meter: 45
I love this rom, fast and stabale.
Updated from 4.3.1 to version 020415.
The Following User Says Thank You to s2k7 For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift s2k7 Ad-Free
8th February 2015, 06:48 AM |#5  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 283
Hey GROGG88 you're ROM is Fantastic! Thank you for making a ROM that works like a charm for Deb Model.

More Power! 😁
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8th February 2015, 09:29 AM |#6  
Face1ess's Avatar
Flag Kazan
Thanks Meter: 34
Flashed as second rom via multirom, w8 around 10-15min - dont start, stuck at bootanimation.
Deb, latest multirom twrp.
8th February 2015, 12:25 PM |#7  
txpxsx's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Jakarta
Thanks Meter: 79
Great ROM.
I love it. Definitely my daily driver!

Sent from my Nexus 7
The Following User Says Thank You to txpxsx For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift txpxsx Ad-Free
8th February 2015, 02:58 PM |#8  
txpxsx's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Jakarta
Thanks Meter: 79
great battery life !!!! this is a smooth rom

anyway, is there a mod to increase the sound volume?
8th February 2015, 04:01 PM |#9  
Thanks Meter: 13
Flashed as second rom via multirom, w8 around 10-15min - dont start, stuck at bootanimation.
Deb, latest multirom twrp.
Same with me. Previous build worked fine.
8th February 2015, 04:55 PM |#10  
Face1ess's Avatar
Flag Kazan
Thanks Meter: 34
Any solutions?
8th February 2015, 06:12 PM |#11  
drewski_1's Avatar
Senior Member
SF Bay Area, CA
Thanks Meter: 1,609
Awesome. This has been the Primary on my Deb since your first build!
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