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[ROM][4.2.2] RasbeanJelly 7/08/13

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By rustyjay, Senior Member on 7th September 2012, 05:22 PM
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Since someone was generous enough to show me how to build this rom, I figured I would share it with y'all.

This is not an official build, I am not really a dev. I am just some stoner with extra time, a NS4G and really like this rom.

This rom was made by Rascarlo and there is a google plus community for it
But please put any questions regarding crespo4g here(in this xda thread) as Rascarlo does not build for our device.

Rascarlo for the awesome rom
Greenblue for showing me the way
Klinkerkp cause he makes an awesome theme
PartimusPrime for the Boot animation
Android Open Source Project


HTML Code:
- Frameworks:
    .power menu: reboot and screenshot
    .rasbeanjelly ui, black background, blue holo glow
    .package verifier enable to false
    .def install non market apps default to true
    .expanded desktop
    .expose rotation lock in quick settings
    .remove drawable for quick settings tile. black background
    .fix notification icons not animating till ticker is updated
    .use holo alert drawables
- Frameworks/Settings:
    .build tweaks header
    .status bar clock and battery customization
    .long press back to kill app (no toast yet)
    .allow volumes to be unlinked
    .make the volume overlay more functional
    .volume rocker wake
    .volume rocker music control
    .option to control cursor in text fields using volume keys
    .volume adjust sound preference
    .performance increase in thumbnail handling
- Settings:
    .expose build date
    .remove system update
- Contacts:
    .landscape option
- Phone:
    .remove color overlay in incall touch ui
- DeskClock:
    .set default alarms time

- Frameworks:
    .fix notification icons not animating till ticker is updated
    .use holo alert drawables
    .remove GB alert drawable from reboot menu
    .improve tethering notification icons
    .performance increase in thumbnail handling
    .audioService: don't adjust volume when vol-downing to vibrate or silent
    .clear all button on recent apps
    .changed behaviour of the volume wake

- Frameworks/Settings:
    .revert to stock tiles behaviour
    .SystemUI: Statusbar Clock and Date actions 
    .customizable lock screen targets
    .Prevent scanning during DHCP process (commit to aosp)
    .GlowPadView : Re-enable magneticTargets 
    .navigation bar customization
    .open ACTION_DATA_ROAMING_SETTINGS onClick for the RSSI tile
- Settings:
    .Changed the way that date format selector is shown (commit to aosp)
    .Settings: fix storage measurement for device without emulated sdcard (commit to aosp)
    .Format change at "Mobile network type" value (commit to aosp)
    .Makes the add button for new APNs appear in the action bar (commit to aosp)
    .Grey out settings icon when it is in disabled state (commit to aosp)

- Frameworks:
    .4.2 Transition: Notification Header datetime click
    .Smooth Spinners: Makes the loading "spinner" animation smoother in non-holo apps
    .Framework Track Control: Switch from broadcast to audio service
    .move location tile from temporary to always visible state. Use 'location' + state.label for tile text
    .remove bits and graphic for notification_panel_bg. Use black
    .Add framework definition to include Torch
    .use a dark black for status_bar_close_on/off
    .Toast: fix force close if called from system service (commit to aosp)
    .Memory leak due to bad destroy sequence (commit to aosp)
    .SystemUI: fix delay in applying am/pm setting for notification clock
    .Fix FindBugs issues: (commit to aosp)
            IntProperty: Infinite recursive loop
            SQLiteSession: Null pointer dereference
            UsbStoreActivity: Null pointer derefence
            LocationManagerService: No relationship between generic parameter and method argument
            ActivityManagerService: Call to equals() comparing different types
            ChooseAccountTypeActivity: Possible null pointer dereference
            RuimRecords: Possible null pointer derefence
    .added onLohgClick to battery tile to turn screen off
    .added onLongClick to user tile to open ACTION_SYNC_SETTINGS
    .Framework: Bring Long press back kill app toast back
    Lockscreen VolCtrls : Don't raise volume on skipTrack
- Settings:
    .FindBugs: Call to equals() comparing different types (commit to aosp)
    .Correct check box visibility in Display / Brightness (commit to aosp)
- LatinIME.
    .i is now I

- Frameworks:
    .add switch on/off action to onClick for Location tile. Keep onLongClick for default action
    .add screenOffTile
    .add ACTION_DISPLAY_SETTINGS for onLongClick behaviour of the batteryTile
    .Possible leak in android_emoji_EmojiFactory_newInstance (commit to aosp)
    .tiles. use few new icons for airplane_off, auto_rotate, bluetooth_off, brightness_auto_off/on, default_user, settings, wifi_no_network
    .add switch on/off action to onClick for rssiTile. Keep ACTION_DATA_ROAMING_SETTINGS for onLongClick
    .Don't collapse quicksettings bluetooth and wifi after change state
    .add rebootTile. onClick reboot, onLongClick reboot recovery. SU permissions needed for SystemUI

- Frameworks/Settings:
    .NavigationBar: Custom height
    .SystemUI: HSPA+ Support
    .Fixed typo in Recreating an Activity documentation (commit to aosp)
    .Fix logging typos in GpsLocationProvider (commit to aosp)

- Phone:
    .Phone: Fix NPE in PhoneUtils::toLogSafePhoneNumber (commit to aosp)

- Frameworks:
    .enable copy/paste for google talk
    .remove duplicate cesium.ogg
    .AudioPackage5 contains duplicated bad-case filenames (media clean up)
    .ResolverActivity: don't use Holo Light
    .Use most specific attributes for distinguished name display (commit to aosp)
    .Navbar : Padding fix 
    .Re-code volume rocker wake and volume rocker music control
    .TIME_TICK was not occurred at the end of DST for one hour (commit to aosp)

- Contacts:
    .If there's a contacts DB change while the dialpad is open, reload the cache instead of dropping it.
    .make contacts and people packages match the rasbean ui

- frameworks:
    .revert "re-write of volume rocker and volume rocker music control"
- frameworks/settings:
    .add notification light cutomization
- packages/apps/contacts:
    .fix white on white for land contact_detail_fragment
- packages/apps/mms:
    .make mms match the rasbean ui
- packages/apps/settings:
    .build volume rocker only on selected devices

- frameworks:
    .edit reboot tile to act like a powermenu tile: onClick power_menu, onLongClick power_menu_reboot
    .more black theming
    .Highlight the clear button in the recents view when clicked
    .Quick Settings: Swipe to switch
    .Quick Settings: Fix flip-to-settings animation
    .add torch tile
    .Fix for truncated sentence in "Find on Page" field (commit to aosp)
    .fix typo for symbol (commit to aosp)
    .Fix array index oob in Matrix3f.loadRotate().  commit to aosp)
    .frameworks: Display missing text on SimUnlockScreen (commit to aosp)
- frameworks/settings:
    .quick Settings Pulldown: Left or Right side option
- packages/apps/settings:
    .Fix for battery temperature display (commit to aosp)
    .Fix for F/C in WifiConfigInfo (commit to aosp)
    .Force closed at settings application when delete Misc files (commit to aosp)
    .add 2 steps to navigation bar height: 20dp and 0dp (hide). 0 for those using gestures or pie
    .Option "None" replaced "Open" in Wi-Fi AP Settings of Wi-Fi Hotspot (commit to aosp)
    .Fix of Settings application sort crash (commit to aosp)
- packages/apps/deskclock:
    .Make package match the overall ui
    .Make analog clock available as a lockscreen widget. 
    .Use holo blu for circleTimer. Keep red for redDiamond alert
- frameworks/ex:
    .Use holo_blue_light for chips
- packages/apps/mms:
    .use white for message_count_color

- frameworks/base:
    .Re-implement magnetic targets
    .Adjust kernel data stack TCP parameters to optimize performance 
    .power: Add CPU boosting interface
    .Add CPU boosting hooks
- packages/apps/settings:
    .Use separate PreferenceScreen for volume rocker behaviors
- bionic:
    .Krait enhancements from caf
    .FORTIFY_SOURCE: remove memcpy overlap checks
    .bionic: Optimizations for gettimeofday and clock_gettime
- device/lge/mako:
    .mako: optimize for krait
    .mako: tune for cortex-a9
    .mako: enable get time of day helper
- hardware/libhardware:
    .power: Add POWER_HINT_CPU_BOOST
- system/app:
    .update SuperSu
- system/xbin:
    .update su

- frameworks/base:
    .improve scrolling cache
    .One more fix for incorrect indices (commit to aosp)
    .SystemUI: highlight quick settings and notification clear buttons
    .Use GPS, not location
- frameworks/settings:
    .Status bar brightness control
- packages/apps/contacts:
    .Fix NullPointerException on locale change
- packages/apps/Mms:
    .Send next message if current one fails (commit to aosp)
    .Mms: Show menu option to delete all messages in "Manage SIM card messages" (commit to aosp)
    .Fix NullPointerException in RecipientsEditor. (commit to aosp)
    .Continue to transact pending Mms once after boot completed (commit to aosp)
    .Wake up TransactService when MMS data is available  (commit to aosp)
- packages/apps/phone:
    .Phone: IncomingCallWidget shows indefinitely sometimes. (commit to aosp)
    .Advanced phone settings:
        - Vibrate on answer
        - Vibrate on call waiting
        - Vibrate on hang up
        - Vibrate every 45 second
        - Vibrate at the second mark of every minute during outgoing calls
- system/app:
    .update SuperSu
- system/xbin:
    .update su

Merge release

- Build busy box from source
- device/lge/mako:
    .QuickSettings: use 4 tiles per row on mako
    .Launcher2 overlay.use 5 rows/columns. tweak dimensions.
    .Enable low latence audio 
    .mako: thermald: dont restrict gpu on second alarm
    .mako: clamp perms on /dev/qseecom 
    .mako: Enable Krait retention
    .mako: force the pre-dexopt 
- frameworks/base:
    .Navbar : Fix left over glow 
    .Lockscreen Targets : Make multi-user compatible
    .systemui: modify hdpi & xhdpi drawables for battery_min
    .Fix unexpected rotation change when re-enabling auto-rotate (commit to aosp)
    .Change default intent (commit to aosp)
    .Function uri.getAuthority is called twice. Minor doc corrections (commit to aosp)
    .avoid multiple-"0" to exceed the length of upper bound (commit to aosp)
    .add reply.writeNoException() for quick response (commit to aosp)
    .Fix bugs regarding IllegalStateException during moving position in cursorwindow (commit to aosp)
    .Clear loaders array after they are destroyed (commit to aosp)
    .Potential NPE in SQLiteConnection (commit to aosp)
    .Keep native callbacks when primary SQLiteConnection is recreated (commit to aosp)
    .Disable usage of WAL in DatabaseHelper (commit to aosp)
    .fix hover events consume issue (commit to aosp)
    .Fix PointerCoords Parcel incorrectly storing values as Int32 (commit to aosp)
    .DateView: Use Intent.ACTION_LOCALE_CHANGED to refresh notification bar clock (commit to aosp)
    .Services: Adding HSPAP info in Android (commit to aosp)
    .Handle hotplug events as described instead of rescanning (commit to aosp)
    .Process all display events in order (commit to aosp)
    .MediaStore.Audio.Media.getContentUriForPath() returns unexpected content (commit to aosp)
    .Fix ViewRootImpl to find missing focus using D-pad (commit to aosp)
    .Added English UK keyboard layout for physical keyboards (commit to aosp)
    -SystemUI: Make the HSPA+ drawables more consistent with the HSPA drawables
    .Enable multi-user support for volume_link_notification
- packages/apps/settings:
    .wifiSettings: Updating the networkinfo on supplicant event (commit to aosp)
    .P2PSetting:Avoid p2p_find on group removal event (commit to aosp)

- frameworks/base:
    .Bugfix: Quick Pulldown sometimes flips when it should not
    .Remove duplicate if statement (code fix)
    .Lockscreen Targets: Dismiss on target select
    .Lockscreen Targets: icon revamp
    .Add method to PowerManager that allows querying the lowest possible brightness
- packages/apps/settings:
    .Lockscreen Targets Icon Revamp
- packages/apps/contacts:
    .Show formatted number in T9 result list
    .Improve T9 normalization code
- system/app:
    .updates SuperSu
- system/xbin:
    .update su


- bionic:
    optimization for cortex platforms
- build:
    .build only mako specific audio files package
    .Enable Bionic optimizations on Cortex platforms 
    .Move bionic optimizations to NEON makefile 
    .Relax Cortex CFLAGS
- device/lge/mako:
    .msm8960: Enable Krait optimizations
- frameworks/base:
    .Fix starting window memory leak (commit to aosp)
    .KeyChain: return null instead of throw (commit to aosp)
    .VpnDialogs: filter obscured touches (commit to aosp)
    .Applying ChannelScrolling to remove calculateDragAngle (commit to aosp)
    .Allow three digit phone numbers (commit to aosp)
    .StreamingZipInflater: fix mmap'd end of read (commit to aosp)
    .Fix ListView is not scrolled properly with arrows (commit to aosp)
    .Check and fail early if requested wallpaper size exceeds maximum texture size (commit to aosp)
- packages/app/settings:
    .use darker black for appwidget_bg_holo/appwidget_item_bg_normal
    .Fix Settings app crash after enabled multi-user (commit to aosp)
    .Prevent cursor from causing global reference leaks (commit to aosp)
    .avoid stopping app in case of accessing empty db (commit to aosp)

- frameworks/settings:
    .Navigation bar Quick launch shortcuts
- frameworks/base:
    .use black for panel_bg_holo_dark. black panels
    .Audio continue to played even if paused manually (commit to aosp)
    .FIX Null Pointer Exception on dialog cancel (commit to aosp)
    .Blue icons for adb
- packages/app/settings:
    .Switch to koush superuser
    .Fix not updating error message when authentication fails (commit to aosp)
    .Fix the message when Bluetooth is turning off while on the tethering menu (commit to aosp)

- frameworks/base:
    .Fix NPE when pasting non-text from Clipboard (commit to aosp)
    .Reflect current state of torch in navigation ring button
    .Fix SystemUI crashing when ther user uninstalls an app previously set as a navigation ring shortcut
- packages/app/settings:
    .Move Superuser header below Developer Options

- frameworks/base:
    .Make system layout fill the window properly on expanded desktop mode.
    .Fix up expanded desktop behaviour.
    .Added support for multiple navigation key bars 
    .Add pie control optimizations for Phone UI.
- frameworks/settings:
    .Option to show/hide status bar in expanded desktop mode.
    .Pie control

- frameworks/settings:
    .Whether power menu expanded desktop is enabled
    .Make Navigation Bar and Pie Controls share the same button layout
- frameworks/base:
    .Power Menu: Update the Expanded Desktop drawable
    .LockscreenTargets : Dismiss on target select
    .Fix pie controls being disabled by launcher gestures
    .FlingTracker can divide by zero and hang StatusBar in an infinite loop 
    .Fix divisions by zero on boo
- packages/apps/settings:
    .Toggle expanded desktop for navigation bar 
    .Enable Ethernet tab in data usage (commit to AOSP) 
    .Expose system settings for all users.
    .Hide non multi-user compatible settings for secondary user
    .Move status bar behavior while in expanded mode into pie control

- frameworks/base:
    .Improving pie control's user interaction 
    .Fix potential deadlock between LockScreen and WindowManagerService (commit to aosp)
    .Fix DateUtils.formatElapsedTime (commit to aosp)
    .use Calendar in DateUtils format method (commit to aosp)
- dalvik:
    .Zygote: Restrict slave mountspace so Dalvik apps can mount system-wide volumes
    .dalvik: remove duplicated call to dvmJitCalleeSave()
    .Change NewDirectByteBuffer to allow NULL if capacity == 0
    .Optimize dvmHash Loops
    .Remove possilbe leaks in dalvik
    .Reclaiming attribute obj after pthread_create
    .Fix handling of annotations whose classes are missing at runtime
    .Possible leak in dvmAllocRegion
    .Optimize opcodes to avoid bubble in pipeline
    .ExceptionInInitializerError should wrap only non Error exceptions
    .Remove dvmFindInterfaceMethodInCache2
    .Use ALOGE rather than SLOGE for mountEmulatedStorage failures

- frameworks/base - packages/apps/settings:
    .User Interface: Multi pane preference settings User Interface
- frameworks/base:
    .Quick launch shortcuts: update search panel on userSwitch to recreate targets
    .keyguard: enable magnetic target if no custom targets defined
    .Adapt navigation bar's long press behaviour for pie controls 
    .SystemUI: fix memory leaks 
- packages/apps/settings:
    .Improve dual pane preferences summary
    .Move quick lunch shortcuts to build tweaks
    .Expose User interface only on selected devices
    .It is a Nexus, not simply a phone/tablet
    .Update kill_app_longpress_back_summary
- dalvik:
    .Remove dead instruction in common_exceptionThrown (commit to aosp)
    .Fix a tracked reference leak in dvmGenerateProxyClass (commit to aosp)
    .Remove stray references to non-existent opcodes (commit to aosp)
    .Fix a Field.isAnnotationPresent crash (commit to aosp)
    .Dump native stacks for all threads in native code (commit to aosp)
    .Fix a minor leak in handleVM_CreateString (commit to aosp)
    .Fix a minor leaks caused by failed initializations.(typo) (commit to aosp)
    .Fix a leak in Dalvik_dalvik_system_DexFile_openDexFile (commit to aosp)
    .Tiny optimization for complier templates for arm (commit to aosp)

merge release
merge tag android-4.2.2_r1.2
- frameworks/base:
    .Don't start keyguard in an attempt to exit it.
    .PowerMenu : Improve keyguard filtered actions
- packages/apps/settings:
    .Led Settings : Hex input for colorpicker
- packages/inputmethods/LatinIME:
    SummerTime: restore some white icons and textviews

- settings/frameworks:
    .Option to wake up the device when plugged/unplugged
    .Power connect/disconnect notification support
    .Make Safe headset volume handling user configurable
- frameworks/base:
    .KeyEvent: update comment
    .AudioService: Restore volumes after boot and when a headset is plugged
- packages/apps/settings:
    .Settings: Broadcast ACTION_DATE_CHANGED 
    .Move volume adjust sound into user interface sound and volume category
    .Move volume panel overlay into user interface sound and volume category
    .Use prompt, not sounds for Plug-in category
    Merge wake up when plugged/unplugged into plug-in prompt
- packages/apps/contacts:
    .Use HOLO_DARK for ShowOrCreateActivity

- frameworks/base:
    .Can not mark the same content of browser page after copy (commit to aosp)
    .Allow creating custom dialogs in DialogPreference. 
    .Email force close when pressing back key after selecting characters
    .Fix Watchdog HeartbeatHandler to run on correct thread (commit to aosp)
- packages/apps/settings:
    .Fix NullPointerException at RunningState (commit to aosp)
    .Check if the Activity is finishing before showDialog() (commit to aosp)
    .Fix dialog state handling. 
    .Fix light settings dialog being unusable in landscape.
    .Fix dialog not opening for app-specific notification light settings.
- packages/apps/phone:
    .Phone: Display toast message for blank USSD request (commit to aosp)
- dalvik:
    .JIT: Performance fix for const doubles (commit to aosp)
    .Fix JIT bug related to immediate doubles (commit to aosp)
    .Fix JIT initialization race (commit to aosp)

- frameworks/base:
    .Disable observer and receiver if PIE is disabled
    .Take mPieScale into account to calculate estimated PIE width
    .Send out a configuration change when screen size changes due to expanded
    .Add contact lockscreen icon
- packages/apps/settings:
    .Fix Dual Pane Preferance check box
- packages/apps/mms:
    .built in rom Cm10 Mms
    .Added messege split with counter

- frameworks/base:
    .Allow applications to show the navigation bar in expanded desktop mode
    .SystemUI: Clean up old H+ drawables causing issues on manta
    .Fix up notification LED behaviour
    .Pie controls: A new way of activation
    .Pie controls: Introducing a pie delivery service
    .Fix do not show snappoints if triggermask disables edge
    .Take mPieScale into account to calculate estimated PIE width
    .Don't collpase expanded status bar after onClick on torch tile
    .Navigation bar white icons
    .Revert "Multi pane preference settings"
- packages/apps/settings:
    .Fix entering navbar editor in expanded desktop mode
    .Color picker: add a button for holo blue light
    .Add contact icon and label
    .Colour picker text input field: wrong content due to alpha channel
    .Remove dual pane preference
- frameworks/base-packages/apps/settings:
    .Navigation button glow time and color
    .Navigation button color option
    .Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime
- frameworks/base-frameworks/native-dalvik-libcore:
    .GC triggering performance optimizations
- packages/apps/phone:
    .Kill off use off FORCE_LED_WITH_SCREEN_OFF notification flag

will be back

- dalvik:
    .JIT: Hoist loop load operations above loop (commit to aosp)
    .JIT: Suppress loop suspend checks (commit to aosp)
    .JIT: Combine add with shift (commit to aosp)
    .JIT: Use rsb and shift in easy multiply (commit to aosp)
    .JIT: Allow use of cbz/cbnz for conditional branch gen (commit to aosp)
    .JIT: Use vmla.f64 instead of vmuld + vaddd (commit to aosp)
    .JIT: Combine shift & sub for monitor unlock (commit to aosp)
    .JIT: Combine add with shift and offset for array load & store (commit to aosp)
    .Fix a minor leak in dvmCreateInlineSubsTable (commit to aosp)
    .Fix minor leaks caused by failed initialization in JNI_CreateJavaVM (commit to aosp)
    .Fix a minor bug in dvmCreateInterpThread (commit to aosp)
    .Fix some leaks in VfyBasicBlock & BitVector (commit to aosp)

- external/skia:
    .Add optimized S32A_D565_Opaque_Dither blitter(commit to aosp)
    .Add optimization of Skia S32A_Blend blitter(commit to aosp)
    .Add optimization of Skia S32A_Opaque blitter(commit to aosp)
    .Add optimized S16_opaque_D32_nofilter_DX blitter (commit to aosp)
    .Add shader for Clamp_S32_Opaque_D32_nofilter_DX (commit to aosp)
    .Add shader for Repeat_SI8_opaque_D32_filter_DX (commit to aosp)
    .Add shader for Clamp_SI8_opaque_D32_filter_DX (commit to aosp)
    .Add shader for Clamp_S32_Opaque_D32_filter_DX (commit to aosp)
    .Modify sample buffer size for larger displays (commit to aosp)
    .Restore cutil memsetX functions for Cortex-A9 (commit to aosp)

- frameworks/base-packages/apps/settings:
    .Lockscreen shortcuts. Bye, bye Talk. Welcome Hangouts
- frameworks/base:
    .Fix the flipping animation sometimes being played when pulling the quick …
    .NavRing : Fix FC on rotate
    .Don't include flags in configuration change if their value hasn't changed (commit to aosp)
- frameworks/native:
    .gl_code.cpp: Remove a DOS style newline (commit to aosp)
    .Gfx-3d: fix GetProcAddress in egl extention (commit to aosp)
    .DisplayDevice: initialize mDisplayToken correctly (commit to aosp)
    .Abort surface composition if hw surface is invalid (commit to aosp)
    .fix mem leak on error handling (commit to aosp)
    .Ensure dumpstate children die (commit to aosp)
- packages/apps/settings:
    .Use app/apps, not application/applications
    .Notification Light: Fix apps with same name not showing up
- packages/apps/contacts:
    .Cleanup: Use framework-provided method
- packages/apps/phone:
    .Fix a Cursor leak (commit to aosp)
    .Fix a Cursor leak (commit to aosp)
    .PhoneApp: Initialize ToneGenerator when needed (commit to aosp)

- frameworks/base:
    .Fix multi-user bugs
    .Add missing ACTION_MEDIA_UNMOUNTED intent  (commmit to aosp)
    .change "next" to "done" in minute IME option under 24-hour format  (commmit to aosp)
    .Fix incorrect fragment animation used for hiding fragments (commmit to aosp)
    .Finally fix incorrect flipping to quick settings
    .NotificationManagerService: fix typo on led off time variable

- frameworks/base:
     .Add condensed roboto font
     .Added 4.3 camera
     .Added SunBeam live wallpaper
latest TWRP is higly recomended
- full wipe if coming from a different rom, else skip this step
- wipe cache
- wipe dalvik cache
- flash zip
- (opt.) flash kernel since it comes with stock (i would flash trinity)
- reboot
- log into google and let it sync
- (opt.) push your busybox in the way you want or use Stericson BusyBox from the playstore (system/xbin is recomended)
- fix_permissions (in terminal if your kernel supports the script, else in recovery)
- (opt.) reboot


/// MD5SUM
you can also download the md5sum file and check in TWRP

/// LINK
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7th September 2012, 05:22 PM |#2  
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RasbeanJelly wallpapers

Darkbeanjelly theme by klinkerkp

Rasbeanjelly 11/1 build

Rasbeanjelly 10/28 build

Rasbeanjelly 10/16 build

Rasbeanjelly 9/26 build
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7th September 2012, 06:43 PM |#3  
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Dude charter is about to get reamed, pay too much damn money for 15 kb/s
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7th September 2012, 07:42 PM |#4  
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Running great so far...I will mirror later tonight if needed. Thanks

Sent from my Nexus S 4G using xda app-developers app
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7th September 2012, 07:57 PM |#5  
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Yeah, if I am still having issues it would be appreciated.

Gonna take this time to see if switching out google quixk search will fix the fc issue. Also gonna put the mms apk with quick dialog box in also.
7th September 2012, 08:43 PM |#6  
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Ok, internet is back to full speed. I put a dev-host link now and also tried to switch out the quick search apk. It doesn't fc anymore but it really doesn't do anything either. I just flashed latest gapps over and it works perfectly.
So, I hope you all enjoy.
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Originally Posted by rustyjay

Ok, internet is back to full speed. I put a dev-host link now and also tried to switch out the quick search apk. It doesn't fc anymore but it really doesn't do anything either. I just flashed latest gapps over and it works perfectly.
So, I hope you all enjoy.

What font is that in the messaging pic? Or if its not the stock messaging app, what app/theme is it? Looks sick!
8th September 2012, 02:41 PM |#8  
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Yeah, its a font called chinacat. I got it from ROM toolbox pro, but I think the free version has the fonts also.
8th September 2012, 03:55 PM |#9  
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Does this have the T9 dialing?
8th September 2012, 03:56 PM |#10  
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Thanks for taking the time to port the updated version of this rom man!
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8th September 2012, 04:26 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by jblazea50

Does this have the T9 dialing?

No t9, Rascarlo didn't put that in yet. I will see what I can do about that but not guaranteing anything cause my skills are just what I read up on and understand.
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