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[ROM] [11/19] NSCollab 1.0.60 | Android 2.3.7 | CM 7.1.0 [N259]

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By frank707, Senior Member on 18th February 2011, 11:38 AM
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NSCollab 1.0.60

A best of both worlds rom for your Nexus S

Rom Features:

Android : GB 2.3.7
Android : CM 7.1.0 [CM Team]
Launcher : Stock GB
Boot Animation : Nexus
Theme : Transparent Notification Pull Down
System : Ram Optimization [Juwe11]
System : EFS Autobackup
System : Host w/ Adblocks
System : Ext4 I/O Tweak [supercurio]
System : Auto Zipalign @ Boot [Wes Garner]
System : Google Talk Video Chat [3G* / WIFI]
App : Google Wallet [nauckwj]
App : Explorer [speed software]
App : RescanMedia [Aditya Talpade]
App : Voodoo Control [supercurio]
App : No Wallpaper [MIHAI PREDA]

Installation Instructions:

[01] Download and place the file on your phones SD Storage
[02] Boot into latest ClockworkMod Recovery
[03] From mounts and storage select format /boot
[05] From main menu select wipe data/factory reset
[06] From main menu select install zip from sdcard then choose zip from sdcard
[07] Select
[08] Reboot your device
[09] After the initial boot, a reboot is recommended

Download :

Web Connect : NSCollab-1.0.60

MD5 : [ 89b258ac8fa9a5c686aac6a88b25b3fe ]
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ID:	739228  
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18th February 2011, 11:45 AM |#2  
OP Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 461
[11/19] 1.0.60

[10/10] 1.0.50
[system] CyanogenMod 7.1.0
[update] SuperUser 3.0.4
[removed] DSPManager

[10/08] 1.0.46
[kernel] Matr1x CFS [8.0+] [Updated Voltages] [MATHKID95]
[fix] Boot Loop
[update] Market [3.1.6]
[new] Music [4.0.1]

[10/07] 1.0.45
[fix] Installer Script

[10/07] 1.0.44
[system] CyanogenMod 7.1 [N. 216]
[fix] Display Rotation

[10/07] 1.0.43
[system] CyanogenMod 7.1 [N. 217]
[gapps] 2.3.7
[update] Superuser 3.0.2

[10/03] 1.0.42
[system] CyanogenMod 7.1 [N. 212]
[kernel] Matr1x CFS [8.0+] [MATHKID95]
[android] 2.3.7
[new] Superuser 3.0
[fix] BLN Blinking
[fix] 2g / 3g Toggle Boot Loop
[update] Launcher [2.3.7]
[update] Maps [5.10.1]
[update] Gmail []
[update] ROM Manager []

[09/23] 1.0.41
[system] CyanogenMod 7.1 [N. 203]
[kernel] Matr1x CFS [7.0+] [MATHKID95]
[rom] Performance Tweaks
[new] Improved Streaming / YouTube Playback
[update] Market [3.1.5]

[09/21] 1.0.40
[system] CyanogenMod 7.1 [N. 200]
[kernel] Matr1x CFS [7.0+] [MATHKID95]
[new] RAM Optimization [Juwe11]
[new] EFS Autobackup [brainmaster]
[app] No Wallpaper [MIHAI PREDA]
[update] Host [improved ad-blocking]
[update] Maps [5.10.0]
[update] Rom Manager []

[08/06] 1.0.39
[system] CyanogenMod 7.1 [N. 153]
[kernel] Matr1x CFS [5.5+] [MATHKID95]
[kernel] Boots @ Stock Speeds [1ghz]
[kernel] Stock Voltages
[kernel] BLN deactivated @ boot [enable w/ bln app]
[new] 3G / DATA Turbo Charge Tweak
[new] Notes [2.1.1] [Jacob Ras]
[update] Host [improved ad-blocking]
[fix] Video Chat connection issues w/ Google Talk over 3g / Wifi

[08/01] 1.0.38
[system] Android [2.3.5]
[system] CyanogenMod 7.1 [N. 150]
[update] Gapps [2.3.5]
[update] Maps [5.8.0]
[update] ROM Manager []
[update] NEW Android Market [3.0.27]
[fix] GAPPS Installation [ex. YouTube installed but hidden / unable to open]

[07/28] 1.0.37
[system] CyanogenMod 7.1 [N. 147]
[kernel] Matr1x CFS [5.5] [/COLOR]
[update] Launcher2 [2.3.5]
[theme] Transparent Statusbar

[07/25] 1.0.36
[system] CyanogenMod 7.1 [N. 144]
[kernel] Netarchy CFS [1.3.8]
[update] Maps [5.7]
[theme] Stock CM Statusbar Toggles

[06/30] 1.0.35
[system] CyanogenMod 7.1 [RC1]
[gapps] 20110613
[update] Maps [5.6.2]
[update] Su Binary [2.3.2-efgh]
[update] Superuser []

[06/15] 1.0.34
[fix] CMParts [Notification power widget FC]

[06/14] 1.0.33
[system] CyanogenMod 7.1 [N. 103]
[mod] Talk - Video Chat [No longer requires wifi] [after the initial first boot of NSCollab 1.0.33, a reboot is required to enable 3g / data video chat without wifi requirements]
[new] fix permissions on boot
[update] Su Binary [2.3.1-efg]
[update] Superuser []
[update] RomManager [] [/b]

[06/07] 1.0.32
[system] CyanogenMod 7.1 [N. 95]
[fix] Talk [Stock APK] [1.3]

[06/03] 1.0.31
[new] VM Heap Size @ 48M
[update] Talk [w/Wifi Optional Mod V2] [britoso]
[update] Rom Manager []
[update] BusyBox [1.17.2]
[fix] Tag / NFC

[06/01] 1.0.30
[android] 2.3.4
[system] CyanogenMod 7.1 [N. 88]
[kernel] Netarchy CFS [1.3.4]
[fix] Rom Manager Installations[/COLOR]
[update] Launcher2 [2.3.4]
[update] Talk [w/Video Chat] [1.3]
[update] Maps [5.5.0]
[update] Rom Manager []
[update] Voodoo Control []

[05/08] 1.0.23
[system] CyanogenMod 7 [7.0.3]
[kernel] Netarchy CFS [1.3.2] (stability has been great / 3 days no reboots)
[update] Books [1.3.4]
[update] Maps [5.4.0]
[update] Music [3.0]
[update] Rom Manager []
[fix] Netflix Compatibility

[05/08] 1.0.22
[system] CyanogenMod 7 [7.0.3]
[kernel] Netarchy CFS []
[app] Google Docs
[update] Build Script [stability / bug fixes]
[update] Google Maps [5.4.0]
[update] Rom Manager []

[04/22] 1.0.21
[system] CyanogenMod 7 [N42 04-22-11]
[kernel] Netarchy CFS [] (stability)
[fix] ext4 i/o tweak

[04/17] 1.0.20
[system] CyanogenMod 7 [N40 04-17-11]
[kernel] Netarchy CFS []
[mod] Stock Launcher Tweaks (smoother app drawer / app scrolling)
[update] Rom Manager (v.
[app] Shush! Ringer Restorer (v. 8.4) [Public Object]

[04/14] 1.0.19
[system] CM 7 [N39]
[launcher] Stock GB Launcher2.apk
[theme] Camera
[theme] Menus
[fix] Notification Pull Down Bug w/ Launchers

[04/11] 1.0.18
[rom] build optimizations
[system] CM 7
[launcher] UD Launcher [blackdroid]
[app] Touchwiz Calculator [master]
[update] Market [master]
[update] Maps [master]
[fix] folder display bug

[03/31] 1.0.17
[system] CM7 RC4
[kernel] Netarchy CFS [BLN + CM CPU - Settings/Performance/CPU Settings]

[03/30] 1.0.16
[kernel] Netarchy CFS [Reliabilty!]
[fix] Microbes Live Wallpaper
[fix] EXT4 Tweak [Quadrant Users Enjoy!]
[fix] Busybox [v. 1.17.1]
[app] SoundRecorder [v. 2.3.3]

[03/29] 1.0.15
[fix] SU bug on NSCollab 1.0.14
[fix] Busybox [v. 1.18.4]
[updated] Superuser [v.]

[03/29] 1.0.14
[system] CM 7 RC 3
[kernel] Netarchy CFS [bln support]
[app] BLN Control
[update] 3rd party apps installed to /data/app [can now be uninstalled through : settings - applications]

[03/28] 1.0.13
[system] CM 7 Nightly #32
[kernel] SuperAosp #24 [bln support]

[03/21] 1.0.12
[system] CM 7 Nightly #28
[update] gapps-gb-20110307
[update] Busybox 1.19.0
[theme] Notification Bar Power Toggles [ClassicalGas]
[theme] Dark-Launcher2.apk [Jonathon Grigg]

[03/19] 1.0.11
[system] CM 7 Nightly #25 [improves touch screen sensitivity and scrolling ]
[kernel] Netarchy 1.3.0 CFS [improves boot times]
[update] Busybox 1.7.1
[update] Voodoo Control [v. 0.10]
[mod] CMParts.apk [removed System CM specific options ex. System /CMStats /CMUpdate /Changelog]

[03/16] 1.0.10
[system] CM 7 Nightly #22
[New!] Rom Manager Support w/ Update Notifications

[03/14] 1.0.09
[system] CM 7 Nightly #19
[kernel] Netarchy 1.2.8 CFS
[updated] Rom Manager (v.

[03/11] 1.0.08
[themed] Camera [Jonathon Grigg]
[app] Explorer [speed software]
[updated] Voodoo Control (v. 0.9.1)

[03/08] 1.0.07
[android] GB 2.3.3
[system] CM 7 RC2
[kernel] Netarchy 1.2.7 CFS
[updated] Google Maps (v. 5.2.1)
[updated] Market (v. 2.3.4)
[updated] Voodoo Control (v. 0.9)
[updated] Rom Manager (v.

[03/03] 1.0.06
[kernel] Netarchy 1.2.5 CFS
[updated] Installer Script (wipes cache / dalvik-cache [after first initial boot, a reboot is recommended])
[updated] Google Maps (v. 5.2.0)
[updated] Gmail (v.
[updated] Voodoo Control (v. 0.8.6)
[removed] Twitter
[removed] Facebook
[removed] TypoClock

[02/25] 1.0.05
[new] Stock CPU Freqs @ boot (overclock optional)
[updated] New all white notification bar toggles [rori~]
[updated] Gmail 2.3.4
[updated] Market 2.3.3
[updated] Rom Manager
[updated] Twitter 2.0.1
[updated] strict minfree handler
[removed] whiskeyInit (cfq io scheduler, kernel vm management, kernel scheduler)
[removed] CMUpdateNotify.apk (saves resources / accessing anonymous statistics CM setting will result in unexpectedly stopped error)
[removed] CMStats.apk (saves resources / accessing notifcations CM setting will result in unexpectedly stopped error)

[02/23] 1.0.04
[app] RescanMedia [Aditya Talpade] (workaround for gallery not being updated with new images; run / close RescanMedia, then open gallery it will be forced to reindex your image catalog)
[update] ROM Manager v [ClockworkMod]
[widget] TypoClock [Semicuda]
[added] host w/ adblocks
[added] auto zipalign @ boot [Wes Garner]
[added] whiskeyInit [Sombionix]
[^] whiskeyInit tweaks cfq io scheduler, kernel vm management, kernel scheduler, battery life
[^] whiskeyInit includes strict minfree handler
[fix] now all notification toggles have been updated to white icons

[02/22] 1.0.03
[fix] optimized & cleaned up installation
[new] transparent drop down status bar
[new] all white power notification icons
[added] microbes live wallpaper
[added] cm torch app
[updated] market v. 2.3.2

[02/19] 1.0.02
[new] now overclocked @ 1.2ghz on boot [1200max/100min]
[added] stock nexus bootanimation

[02/19] 1.0.01
[fix] just some minor house keeping
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18th February 2011, 01:39 PM |#3  
abumhmmd1's Avatar
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Smile THANKs

SHOTs from my Nexus S

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18th February 2011, 07:08 PM |#4  
Senior Member
Flag Ulm
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Works fast and well!

Just restored my backup with titanium and pushed back theme chooser with root explorer to have my cyanbreadX Theme back :)

2226 in Quadrant Benchmark

18th February 2011, 07:12 PM |#5  
Senior Member
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sounds like the perfect rom ! going to try now ! thanks
19th February 2011, 12:51 AM |#6  
irishrally's Avatar
Senior Member
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What about adding the modified stock launcher that someone else posted that included the drag to uninstall feature?

... and thanks for the ROM.
19th February 2011, 02:00 AM |#7  
kenvan19's Avatar
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Added to the Rom/Kernel/Theme reference thread!
19th February 2011, 12:46 PM |#8  
xmRipper's Avatar
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Great! Does it include theme choser? If not, how can I install it again?
19th February 2011, 05:09 PM |#9  
Thanks Meter: 3
Best of every world. 2790 averagr at 1.2ghz

Sent from my Nexus S using XDA App
19th February 2011, 05:35 PM |#10  
solrac.dc's Avatar
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Downloading as I type and will give this a whirl!!! Thanks again for your time in providing this to us techies.

UPDATE- So far it has been a smooth ride my friend. Very nice work and keep getting up!!
19th February 2011, 08:01 PM |#11  
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by xmRipper

Great! Does it include theme choser? If not, how can I install it again?

I've grabbed ThemeChooser.apk and ThemeManager.apk from the latest nightly CM7 and pushed it back to system/app in this rom. After a manuall "install" via root manager it was back in the menu and I've got themes to choose from :)

CyanbreadX Theme and a Quadrant Bench with this ROM:

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