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How to convert a Nokia 7+ from China Variant to Global

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With Android P Beta Updates, Nokia 7+ from China (TA-1062) can be converted to Global. No matter if your bootloader unlocked or not.

1. Download and Rename to, and put it to root directory.
2. Dial *#*#874#*#* to update.
3. After you updated to Android P, you can either enjoy Android P Beta or downgrade to with the same method. Remember downgrade to B2N-213B will erase data.

That's it.

Following guide is deprecated and archived.

NOTE: To finish the whole procedure, you need to use OST LA 6.1.2 and DO NOT PATCH it. And you need to find a seller on Taobao who could flash your phone remotely - to prevent from advertising suspect, I won't recommend a seller in this guide.
Critical Procedure: Obtain veracity flash permission key
From Nokia 6 with Android 8.0 Update, dm-veracity is introduced. This will require a service permission key from FIH server in order to flash your phone with service permission.

You can download the firmware from:
Here's what you're going to do:

(If you're prototype or bootloader unlocked phone users, you can skip step 1 to 5)
1. Find a seller on taobao that could flash your Nokia 7+ to normal state. Little hint: The keyword you're going to use is "诺基亚 7 plus 刷机". (Nokia 7 Plus flashing)

2. Ask and pay to the seller to flash the China Variant firmware for you. He'll use TeamViewer and other tools to flash the phone for you. Do not panic, this is only for getting service permission key. If you have no idea about how to use Taobao, you can just Google lots of info about it. If you have difficulties about reading and talking to seller in Chinese, you may need a translator.
3. After flashing procedure completed, please keep all the files in "C:\LogData\OST". This contains the veracity flash permission key you're going to use.
4. Find BASE64 encoded veracity key in these logs, like this:

[13:04:59::675][13780]	[FB]: [Send] oem dm-veracity (timeout:0ms)
[13:04:59::697][13780]	[FB]: [Recv] OKAY06294xxxxxb81b3e050

[13:04:59::707][13780]	[COMMENT]: device challenge UID = 06294xxxxxb81b3e050

[13:04:59::715][13780]	[COMMENT]: Do authentication for bootloader flash permission...
[13:04:59::742][13780]	[COMMENT]: --------------------------------------------------
[13:04:59::753][13780]	[COMMENT]: START AUTHENTICATION
[13:04:59::763][13780]	[COMMENT]: Check digest length (UserInterAction.AcquireAuthentication)
[13:04:59::772][13780]	[COMMENT]: Check communication token length (UserInterAction.AcquireAuthentication)
[13:04:59::781][13780]	[COMMENT]: Query signature (UserInterAction.AcquireAuthentication)
[13:04:59::792][13780]	[COMMENT]: [QUERY SIGNATURE] START ---------------------------------- (ServerInfo.queryEncodedSignature)
[13:04:59::801][13780]	[COMMENT]: Server query service type: ChangeBootloader (ServerInfo.queryEncodedSignature)


[13:05:02::196][13780]	[COMMENT]: [RESPONSE RESULT] signature: VGTFW[blablabla]mZrB4X1tVqt8J7K/g== (ServerInfo.dumpWebResponse)
[13:05:02::206][13780]	[COMMENT]: [QUERY SIGNATURE] END   ----------------------------------
Copy encoded info to another text file. In this case, copy the info from VGT to g==.
5. Visit, upload the text file you created, then it will return a 256 bytes binary file. This is the veracity flash permission key for later flashing, please keep it to a safe place. I assume that you put this to drive D as veracity.bin.
6. Unpack the global firmware by using nb0 unpacker tool. You know we'll flash them manually by using fastboot command. I assume that you extract the firmware to D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked
7. Enter your phone to download (fastboot) mode. You should be familiar with how to enter if you've read related guides in other Nokia and Sharp phones forum.
8. Type these commands below with the fastboot you prefer. You may want to write a batch to finish them at once.


If you're prototype or bootloader unlocked phone users can skip the procedure of flash veracity.

fastboot flash veracity D:\veracity.bin
fastboot flash xbl_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-xbl_service.elf
fastboot flash xbl_b D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-xbl_service.elf
fastboot flash abl_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-abl_service.elf
fastboot flash abl_b D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-abl_service.elf
fastboot reboot-bootloader
fastboot flash veracity D:\veracity.bin
fastboot flash sutinfo D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-00WW-001-sutinfo.img
fastboot flash tz_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-tz.mbn
fastboot flash rpm_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-rpm.mbn
fastboot flash hwcfg D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-hwcfg.img
fastboot flash hyp_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-hyp.mbn
fastboot flash pmic_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-pmic.elf
fastboot flash keymaster_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-keymaster64.mbn
fastboot flash cmnlib_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-cmnlib.mbn
fastboot flash cmnlib64_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-cmnlib64.mbn
fastboot flash dsp_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-dspso.bin
fastboot flash devcfg_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-devcfg.mbn
fastboot flash sec D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-sec.dat
fastboot flash mdtpsecapp_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-mdtpsecapp.mbn
fastboot reboot-bootloader
fastboot flash veracity D:\veracity.bin
fastboot flash modem_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-1-132E-NON-HLOS.bin
fastboot flash mdtp_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-00WW-mdtp.img
fastboot flash boot_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132G-00WW-boot.img
fastboot flash system_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-00WW-system.img
fastboot flash system_b D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-00WW-system_other.img
fastboot flash bluetooth_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-BTFM.bin
fastboot flash persist D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-00WW-persist.img
fastboot flash nvdef_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-NV-default.mbn
fastboot flash hidden_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\C1N-0-0020-0001-hidden.img.ext4
fastboot flash cda_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-00WW-014-cda.img
fastboot flash splash_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-00WW-013-splash.img
fastboot flash splash2 D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-00WW-014-multi-splash.img
fastboot flash KEY_INFO D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-00WW-012-keyinfo.img
fastboot flash vendor D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-00WW-vendor.img
fastboot flash xbl_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-xbl.elf
fastboot flash xbl_b D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-xbl.elf
fastboot flash abl_a D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-abl.elf
fastboot flash abl_b D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-abl.elf
fastboot oem set_active _a
fastboot oem enable-charger-screen
fastboot flash e2p_package D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\B2N-0-132E-e2p.tar
fastboot flash e2p_script D:\B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0_unpacked\
fastboot format userdata
fastboot reboot

9. After that, your phone will be running Android one firmware now.

If you want to revert your phone back to China Variant firmware, do the same thing from step 6, but use China Variant firmware instead, and modify the commands above to exact files.

Hope you can write a third party FIH phone flasher to replace OST LA after you read this guide and get inspired.

Special thanks:
@heineken78 for tool
@blackpanther0582 for official firmware
@Ranpe for uploading these OTA packages for every TA-1062 users
Someone in Huaqiangbei provide prototype phone to me
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28th March 2018, 02:09 AM |#2  
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I'll tell you some technical details here.

OST LA flashing permissions are divided to few levels.

Level 0: Break into the program without account
Level 1: Service point permission
Level 2: Production line permission
Level 3: FIHTDC internal permission

You know Level 0 is the patched OST LA, lots of limitations can be found in this level. Since you don't have permission to obtain veracity key, you can't just use Level 0. In 6.0.4, you can still do a lot - that's why I provide packages for Nokia 6 require 6.0.4.

Level 1 is used by service points and most of Taobao sellers. In this case, they would pick the domain to N/A, and change the MAC address temporarily, log in OST LA. Level 1 is only capable of flash the firmware in for the same variant, in other words, you can't flash global firmware in normal cases. This info can be found in Service Manual from TNS Mobile Oy.

I have no exact idea about level 2, let's talk about Level 3. This is used by Foxconn internal employees. With this permission, you can flash your phone to any variant you want. To login related account, you need to pick the domain In theory you can get Bootloader unlock key with this permission.
As for how do I know that? Well, I have a friend who has account to Level 3. However, share this account to public is not allowed by server, will cause the account's password force modified.

Like the predecessor SUT L1/3, OST LA just combined various levels into account judgement.
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2nd April 2018, 09:54 AM |#3  
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Will lost support of CDMA2000?
6th April 2018, 01:19 AM |#4  
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Originally Posted by kitkitfok

Will lost support of CDMA2000?

Nope. As I tested, you can still use CDMA carrier properly, from CDMA 1X to LTE.
7th April 2018, 04:25 PM |#5  
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i wonder if there will be sellers who will perform this as a service for sale to NA buyers who aren't comfortable or able to do it themselves.
8th April 2018, 02:20 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by matthewkuhl

i wonder if there will be sellers who will perform this as a service for sale to NA buyers who aren't comfortable or able to do it themselves.

Maybe sellers from AliExpress can help you.
11th April 2018, 05:07 PM |#7  
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Would this be ready to use in the UK if bought from Alliexpress with Global rom installed.It says it has google play store and supports OTA ??
10th May 2018, 12:27 PM |#8  
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If I'm on 8.0 would I be able to use the P update straight away or do I have to update to 8.1 first?
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10th May 2018, 11:20 PM |#9  
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11th May 2018, 03:06 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by hackjackyer


English only on xda please.

4. Use the English language.

We understand that with all the different nationalities, not everyone speaks English well, but please try. If you're really unable to post in English, use an online translator. You're free to include your original message in your own language, below the English translation. (This rule covers your posts, profile entries and signature).

Thank you.
11th May 2018, 08:57 PM |#11  
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Downgrade doesn't work.. says file not found
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