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[ROM] [7.1.2] [Snapdragon] [MultiVariant] EmotionOS [06/23/2017]

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By hsbadr, Inactive Recognized Developer on 30th December 2016, 05:09 AM
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Announcement from hsbadr: [ROM] [7.1.2] [Snapdragon] [MultiVariant] EmotionOS [06/23/2017]

EmotionOS aims to provide stability, performance optimizations, ultimate customizations, theme support, security patches, and the most recent updates. If you are looking for a stable ROM that is featureful and fully customizable, you are in the right place.


Only bug reports with logs belong to this development thread while all other topics and questions should be posted in the Q&A thread.

Your warranty is now void.

I am not responsible for bricked devices,
dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you
getting fired because the alarm app failed.

Please do some research if you have any
concerns about this ROM before flashing it!

YOU are choosing to make these modifications,
and if you point the finger at me for messing
up your device, I will laugh at you.  A LOT.

The builds will have three tags:

  • STABLE: include tested changes and confirmed bug fixes;
    are suitable for daily use.
  • TESTING: include experimental changes to be evaluated and to possibly fix some issues;
    may be used as daily driver only if they don't break functionality or introduce new issues.
  • VZW-ONLY: same as TESTING builds, but support Verizon variant (VZW SM-N910V) only.


For the latest changes and bug fixes, check the 2nd post.

You may also join EmotionOS Google+ Community.


This ROM supports all Snapdragon variants, especially US variants (Verizon / VZW SM-N910V, T-Mobile/TMO SM-N910T, Sprint / SPR SM-N910P, and US Cellular / USC SM-N910R4) and Canadian variant (SM-N910W8).

Check the ROM status in the 3rd post!



Only for international variants (SM-N910F/G):
>>> Flash RIL/QMI fix from the 3rd post, before flashing Gapps.


  • Read the announcement post before flashing any OTA update.
  • Clean flash (wipe system/data/cache/dalvik) is recommended.
  • You need to install Gapps for ARM SDK 25 (Android 7.1.1 Nougat) .
  • You may also need to set default Apps and grant special access/permissions.
    In Settings / Apps:
    - Click the Settings icon and select "Show system" from the 3-dot menu...
  • Make sure that your preferred APNs are selected in Settings/Cellular networks.
  • If you run into DRM/Netflix issues, flash!
  • If you want to restore stock display colors/options, turn off LiveDisplay (set Display Mode to Off), Adaptive Display, and Ambient Display. Otherwise, enjoy tweaking your display options and calibrate the colors for your liking.
  • For fingerprint enrollment, you may need to swipe quilckly one more time at the end so that you get two "Done" messages. Fingerprint won't work until you successfully register at least one finger.
  • To enable backlight for hardware keys, go to Settings >> Emotion Control >> Buttons, disable and re-enable hardware keys switch, and set backlight brightness and illumination timeout.

XDA:DevDB Information
EmotionOS, ROM for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 4

hsbadr, Pafcholini
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
ROM Firmware Required: N910VVRS2CQE1
Based On: LineageOS

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 7.1.2-20170623
Stable Release Date: 2017-06-23

Created 2016-12-30
Last Updated 2017-06-27
Attached Thumbnails
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30th December 2016, 05:09 AM |#2  
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Info Changelog
Green dates are for STABLE builds, blue dates are for TESTING builds, and red dates are for VZW-ONLY builds. To learn more about build tags, check OP!

You may find a WIP section on top, for what to expect in the coming build. You could vote for a newer build by hitting THANKS to the announcement post of the latest build. For more details, check ROM status in the 3rd post!

All builds include the upstream EmotionOS and/or LineageOS changes.



  • ...

  • Enabled SDCardFS
  • Enabled USB emulation
  • Enabled ZRAM/ZCACHE
  • Extended filesystems support
  • LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2 Nougat)
  • Updated SELinux policy and addressed denials
  • Updated vendor proprietary blobs (N910VVRS2CQE1)

  • Enabled Bluetooth SIM Access Protocol (SAP)
  • Enabled conference support for video calls
  • Fixed video autoscaling in the kernel
  • Increased audioflinger shared memory heap size
  • Increased Bluetooth TX timeout to 5 seconds
  • Updated APNs for VZW legacy CDMA networks
  • Updated camera HAL wrapper and configs
  • Updated display board configs and flags
  • Updated GLES version string to 3.2
  • Updated IPC Router Security Configuration (IRSC)
  • Updated kernel source code and ramdisk
  • Updated lights HAL from Samsung hardware
  • Updated media board configs and flags
  • Updated permissions and contexts for cpufreq
  • Updated SELinux policy and addressed denials
  • Updated SysFS permissions for leds
  • Updated translations and fixed typos

  • Added Gello package instead of AOSP Browser
  • Added support for OMS rootless Theme Interfacer
  • Enabled SIM Toolkit (STK) functionality
  • Enabled QCRIL UIM VCC feature
  • Increased bluetooth disable delay
  • Increased bluetooth patch settlement delay
  • Moved wakelock overlay for flashlight
  • Updated camera HAL wrapper and configs
  • Update GIDs, permissions and ownerships
  • Updated SELinux policy and addressed denials
  • Updated vendor proprietary blobs

  • Allowed flashlight to hold a wakelock
  • Enabled block-based OTAs
  • Enabled the Pinner Service
  • Included both Camera2 and SnapCam
  • Removed IP reachability monitor config
  • Set shutdowns timeout system property
  • Updated default permissions and capabilities
  • Updated media configs and overlays
  • Updated SELinux policy and addressed denials
  • Updated SnapCam camera app
  • Updated vendor proprietary blobs

  • Added face detection toast notification
  • Disabled quick pulldown by default
  • Patched CVE-2017-5967 vulnerability
  • Re-enabled hardware keys switch
  • Removed obsolete system props
  • Removed CMFileManager and Gello
  • Restored SnapCam configs and strings
  • Restored Substratum's background service

  • Added SELinux rules for SuperSU
  • Added support for SuperSU systemless root
  • Cleaned up and updaed SELinux rules
  • Correct minor string typos in Emotion Control
  • Enabled bluetooth interleaved scan feature
  • Fixed hardware keys backlight/brightness
  • Removed broken init entries/scripts
  • Set default bluetooth name using device model
  • Updated board configs and framework overlays
  • Updated camera HAL and SnapCam configs
  • Updated power HAL and removed obsolete hints
  • Updated SELinux policy and addressed denials
  • Updated vendor proprietary blobs (N910VVRS2CQB2)

  • Added aptX and aptXHD bluetooth audio codecs
  • Adjusted FlipFlap window dimensions
  • Changed default notification colors
  • Cleaned up and updated SnapCam app
  • Cleaned up and updated the RIL class
  • Enabled bluetooth AVRCP feature/profile
  • Enabled VoLTE in framerwork overlays
  • Fixed Fingerprint/ValidityService enrollment
  • Fixed permissions and SELinux contexts
  • Hid sRGB toggle in developer options
  • Replaced Snapdragon Gallery with Gallery2
  • Reset VSYNC event phase offsets
  • Restored bluetooth configs and overlays
  • Set idle GPU frequency to 240 Mhz
  • Updated and organized vendor proprietary blobs
  • Updated app permissions and SELinux rules
  • Updated camera HAL and SnapCam configs
  • Updated configs for panel display modes
  • Update graphics permissions and SELinux contexts
  • Updated SELinux policy and addressed denials
  • Updated screen density / AAPT configs

  • Added FlipFlap app for smart/flip cover
  • Cleaned up and updated CustomDoze app
  • Cleaned up system properties and overlays
  • Disabled block-based OTAs for multi-variant system
  • Enabled GPS HAL coarse position injection
  • Enabled more features for bluetooth compatibility
  • Enabled overlay for all location components
  • Fixed GPS with Samsung's legacy blobs
  • Fixed permissions and removed invalid UIDs
  • Fixed various issues in the boot sequence
  • Fixed video autoscaling on old OMX decoders
  • Fixed Youtube by removing smooth streaming property
  • Removed nonexistent firmware symlinks
  • Reorganized and cleaned up the source code
  • Updated and cleaned up camera overlays/configs
  • Updated audio configs and increased volume
  • Updated camera HAL and fixed some issues
  • Updated GPS configs and used HTTPS for XTRA
  • Updated MSM thermal paths/parameters
  • Updated SELinux policy and addressed denials
  • Updated services groups and capabilities
  • Updated vendor proprietary blobs (N910VVRS2CQA1)

  • Cleaned up and updated camera HAL wrapper
  • Replaced Camera2 app with a custom SnapCam
  • Secured kernel and ADB debugging
  • Updated Consumer IR HAL with MS_IR_SIGNAL
  • Updated device-specific power HAL
  • Updated display configs and board flags
  • Updated GPS XTRA servers and added CA path
  • Updated kernel configs and ramdisk
  • Updated SELinux policy and addressed denials
  • Updated vendor propietary blobs
  • Used numbers for camera HAL ISO values
  • Used real time values for lockscreen charging info

  • Added more features to Emotion Control
  • Added support for new mDNIe scenarios
  • Added QTI telephony extension
  • Cleaned up and updated camera HAL wrapper
  • Cleaned up board configs/flags
  • Cleaned up Dalvik/ART filter flags for JIT mode
  • Cleaned up system properties
  • Disabled lockscreen rotation override
  • Enabled Qualcomm's AV enhancements
  • Increased maximum number of users
  • Removed HW keys system property
  • Removed obsolete configs and overlays
  • Updated Bluetooth configs and overlays
  • Updated CMHW java classes
  • Updated Dalvik/ART filters/configs
  • Updated GPS HAL and configs
  • Updated kernel configs and ramdisk
  • Updated SELinux policy and addressed denials
  • Updated vendor propietary blobs
  • Various updates, tweaks, and bug fixes

  • Added per-app cellular data and WiFi restrictions
  • Added UI blur and volume link notification switch
  • Adjusted color temperature settings for LiveDisplay
  • Enabled UI blur support and added required blobs
  • Enabled/forced lockscreen rotation by default
  • Fixed Widevine DRM issues (Netflix) using L3 mode
  • Protect broadcast
  • Updated and cleaned up vendor proprietary blobs
  • Updated camera HAL wrapper and parameters
  • Updated SELinux policy and addressed denials

  • Added hardware keys on/off option
  • Cleaned up telephony system properties
  • Enabled various kernel features/configs
  • Fixed rotation issues with Samsung firmware
  • Removed unused/obsolete overlays

  • Restored modem-host interface (MHI) driver
  • Updated Messaging/Mms configs/overlays
  • Updated SELinux policy and addressed denials

  • Addressed more SELinux denials
  • Fixed Gallery FC with photo editing
  • Fixed SELinux file and service contexts
  • Updated bluetooth configs and overlays
  • Updated modem-host interface (MHI) driver
  • Updated vendor proprietary blobs

  • Added Snapdragon Gallery app
  • Addressed more SELinux denials
  • Cleaned up media configs and profiles
  • Fixed statusbar position/style
  • Restored EmotionOS statistics
  • Updated camera HAL wrapper
  • Updated Emotion Control package

  • Added carrier services and Sprint helper
  • Added more features to Emotion Control
  • Enabled VVM3 visual voicemail for VZW
  • Fixed Widevine DRM issues such as Netflix
  • Updated build info from MM 6.0.1 (N910VVRS2CPL1)
  • Update CarrierConfig overlays with more configs
  • Updated proprietary blobs (N910VVRS2CPL1)
  • Updated SELinux policy and addressed denials

  • Added option to select 4G or LTE
  • Cleaned up frameworks/SystemUI overlays
  • Fixed button actions reassignment
  • Re-organized Settings UI with summaries
  • Updated tethering configs and overlays
  • Updated SELinux policy and addressed denials
  • Updated Widevine DRM proprietary blobs

  • Added Dirty Unicorns navigation bar
  • Added missing resources in Settings
  • Cleaned up and updated overlays
  • Fixed Call Log reset with Bluetooth
  • Increased audio offloading buffer size to 64kb
  • Implemented EmotionOS OTA support
  • Retored Bluetooth configs and overlays
  • Showing 4G instead of LTE in SystemUI
  • Updated data services from CAF source code
  • Updated kernel ramdisk and service definitions
  • Updated SELinux policy and addressed denials

  • Fixed CPU info in Settings/About phone
  • Full support for Substratum OMS themes
  • Rebased on LineageOS (RIP CyanogenMod)
  • Removed unneeded HexoLibre theme
  • Updated display calibration and configs
  • Updated SELinux policy and addressed denials
  • Updated TelephonyProvider symlinks
  • Used 4 threads for dex2oat
  • Used the default/prebuilt GPS HAL

  • Cleaned up and updated audio configs
  • Disabled ERI operator string for non-VZW variants
  • Enabled TTY mode in Telecomm service
  • Increased gain for camcorder microphone
  • Increased gain for other mixer paths
  • Made time daemon MLS trusted subject
  • Restored contexts for directories during init
  • Set proper WiFi and bluetooth power configs
  • Updated operator info for CDMA variants
  • Updated SELinux policy and addressed denials

  • Added missing camera parameters
  • Addressed SELinux denials
  • Created missing init directories
  • Enabled gesture settings
  • Falling back to L3 by removing liboemcrypto
  • Re-enabled fingerprint wake-and-unlock
  • Updated init and kernel ramdisk
  • Updated RIL SHIM library

  • Cleaned up and updated media codecs
  • Created missing log directories
  • Defined actions to be executed during/after boot
  • Disabled camera CPP duplication
  • Disabled nonexistent media decoders
  • Disabled unsupported Qualcomm's flags
  • Enabled telephony IPv6 capability
  • Enabled the setgid bit on directories created by init
  • Fixed nandroid restores due to telephony data
  • GPS: Added android_runtime dependency
  • GPS: Cleaned up and updated GPS/location configs
  • GPS: Fixed missing Samsung sec-GPS configs
  • GPS: Fixed "Use of memory after it is freed" warning
  • Handled framebuffer hint for Ambient Display
  • Reverted "Allow Flashlight service to use wakelock"
  • Moved camera service to run on late start
  • Set appropriate permissions for time data
  • Toned down VM BMS logging level
  • Tuned system properties for graphics performance
  • Updated camera parameters and sysfs permissions
  • Updated and cleaned up SHIM libraries
  • Updated audio features and board flags
  • Updated graphics framebuffers permissions
  • Updated kernel cmdline for debugging
  • Updated QMUX daemon socket permissions
  • Updated Qualcomm's time services
  • Updated SELinux policy and addressed denials
  • Used the default number of surface buffers

  • Addressed SELinux denials
  • Allowed Flashlight service to use wakelock
  • Built OMX libraries from source code
  • Cleaned up media codecs from white spaces
  • Disabled fingerprint wake-and-unlock
  • Enabled Qualcomm's DivX video decoders
  • Enabled Qualcomm's MPEG video decoders
  • Fixed fingerprint/home wake conflict
  • Fixed Google Home app crashing
  • Fixed Google Fit app crashing
  • Fixed graphics and media configs
  • Moved qcamerasvr service to main class
  • Re-configured radio access family
  • Reduced bootanimation resolution to speed up boot
  • Restricted ERI for CDMA carriers
  • Updated init services GIDs
  • Updated media codecs and profiles
  • Updated/Restored trlteRIL java class

  • Added support for Substratum theme engine
  • Added system properties for Perf
  • Allowed all display rotation angles
  • Allowed interfaces to get v6 address for tethering
  • Cleaned up and organized system properties
  • Cleaned up and updated kernel ramdisk
  • Cleaned up CellBroadcastReceiver overlays
  • Cleaned up framework base overlays
  • Cleaned up SELinux contexts and escaped '.' character
  • Configured VSYNC phase offsets
  • Created Telephony Provider symlinks for legacy RIL
  • CyanogenMod 14.1 (Android 7.1.1 Nougat)
  • Disabled bluetooth by default
  • Disabled Qualcomm's location stack
  • Enabled extended video features
  • Enabled install non-market apps by default
  • Enabled IPv4 defrag and rpfilter support
  • Enabled IPv6 defrag and rpfilter support
  • Enabled PCM audio offload by default
  • Enabled SAP sensors for GPS use
  • Fixed MMS sending failure
  • Fixed offline charging animation
  • Fixed unknown phone number
  • Fixed unknown network / operator
  • Fixed Widevine DRM SHIM library
  • Forced reading operator-string from ERI XML
  • Increased maximum readahead to 512 KB
  • Increased media volume to 30 steps
  • Increased voice call volume to 15 steps
  • Moved ERI configuration files to CarrierConfig
  • Moved time_daemon service to main class
  • Removed duplicated system properties
  • Removed obsolete system properties
  • Removed old-apns-conf.xml APN list
  • Removed QTI telephony extension
  • Removed TelephonyProvider APN overlays
  • Removed unneeded Contacts overlays
  • Removed unneeded Keyguard overlays
  • Removed unneeded Messaging overlays
  • Removed unneeded Telephony overlays
  • Restored Samsung proprietary boot classes
  • Restored Graphics/HWC system properties
  • Reverted the custom bootanimation
  • Set correct permissions for tombstones
  • Set device provisioned by default
  • Set P2P preferred channel list
  • Set SELinux label for wifiloader service
  • Switched to CM charger libhealthd
  • Switched to unified LED capabilities overlay
  • Use 3 surface buffers to avoid timing issues
  • Used alternate ERI XML via init
  • Used HTTPS for GPS/XTRA2 download
  • Updated proprietary blobs (N910VVRU2CPJ2)
  • Updated all GPS/location configs
  • Updated and unified MMS configs
  • Updated build info from N910VVRU2CPJ2
  • Updated CarrierConfig overlay for all variants
  • Updated consumer IR HAL
  • Updated charging thresholds in uW
  • Updated doze and ambient display configs
  • Updated eMBMS configuration parameters
  • Updated media codecs and profiles
  • Updated Qualcomm's Adreno GPU drivers
  • Updated IMS/VoLTE proprietary blobs
  • Updated IMS/VoLTE system properties
  • Updated NFCEE access for Android 7.x Nougat
  • Updated servcies GIDs and SELinux labels
  • Updated SELinux policy and addressed denials
  • Updated system properties for audio
  • Updated system properties for media
  • Updated thermal-engine SHIM library
  • Updated vibrator/vibetonz sysfs permissions

  • Enabled proximity check on screen wake
  • Enabled suspend when screen is off due to proximity
  • Increased the maximum size for MMS message
  • Reset MMS user agent string and profile URL
  • Updated AAPT/DPI configs and system properties
  • Updated security configs for Android 7.x Nougat
  • Updated SELinux and addressed denials
  • kernel: Addressed eMMC 5.0 spec violation
  • kernel: Disabled MSM DMA test module
  • kernel: Updated filesystem drivers
  • kernel: Updated EXT4 driver
  • kernel: Updated ecryptFS driver
  • kernel: Updated sdcardFS driver
  • kernel: Updated MSM camera driver
  • kernel: Updated MSM GPU driver
  • kernel: Updated MSM IPA driver
  • kernel: Updated MSM SoC sound codecs
  • kernel: Updated MSM SoC sound driver
  • kernel: Updated network drivers
  • kernel: Updated QSEECOM driver
  • kernel: Updated Qualcomm SoC driver
  • kernel: Updates from the latest source code

  • Added custom telephony plugin
  • Added support for trltedt (SM-N910G)
  • Cleaned up CarrierConfig overlays
  • Cleaned up framework and boot class path
  • Customized telephony network values
  • Ported updates from Pixel XL images
  • Re-added custom bootanimation
  • Updated Android filesystem config
  • Updated ramdisk services groups
  • Updated SELinux policy and addressed denials
  • Updated SELinux rules for camera
  • Updated SELinux rules for CMHW/vibrator

  • Disabled Samsung MTP
  • Fixed unexpected app crashes
  • Updated CarrierConfig overlays
  • Updated telephony overlays
  • Updated vendor proprietary blobs

  • Fixed first/clean boot issues
  • Fixed media/Youtube audio issues
  • Fixed speaker and mic for voice calls
  • Optimized and cleaned up kernel ramdisk
  • Removed unused CM NFC feature
  • Reverted the custom bootanimation
  • Updated SELinux rules for the kernel
  • Updated filesystem mount options
  • Updated filesystem manager flags
  • Updated firmware GID and mount masks

  • Added support for all Snapdragon variants
  • Added fs_config support for custom binary
  • Added custom permissions for pm, camera, and IMS
  • Applied a fix for emergency calls
  • Enabled reschedule/delay service restarts
  • Restored audio configs from Touchwiz
  • Updated media codecs for Nougat
  • Updated media profiles for Nougat
  • Updated RIL java class for Nougat
  • Updated WiFi configs for Nougat
  • Updated SELinux and addressed denials
  • Updated SELinux rules for media hacks
  • Used set_prop to replace deprecated rules
  • Custom bootanimation by @Creeper36

  • Enabled audio features
  • Enabled Cell Broadcast settings
  • Enabled VoLTE bools
  • Hacked media for legacy blobs
  • Unified build for all variants
  • Updated SELinux policy

  • Addressed SELinux denials
  • Fixed some errors/exceptions
  • Updated proprietary blobs

  • Addressed SELinux denials
  • Fixed Widevine DRM
  • Restored audio effects
  • Updated media codecs
  • Updated bluetooth overlays
  • Updated telephony overlays

  • Preliminary support for other variants
  • Updated audio configs
  • Updated bluetooth configs
  • Updated SELinux policy
  • Updated kernel source code
  • November security patches

  • Initial Release of Android 7.1 Nougat

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30th December 2016, 05:09 AM |#3  
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Info ROM Status
Release Date:

No ETA, but you could vote for a newer build by hitting THANKS to the announcement post of the latest build.

Supported Variants:

This ROM fully support US variants:

  • Verizon / VZW (SM-N910V)
  • T-Mobile / TMO (SM-N910T)
  • Sprint / SPR (SM-N910P)
  • US Cellular / USC (SM-N910R4)
  • Canadian variant (SM-N910W8)
International Snapdragon variants (SM-N910F and SM-N910G) need RIL/QMI fix. This can be done by flashing blobs from the latest firmware ( or before flashing Gapps.

Nandroid Backup/Restore:

To fix nandroid restores (No SIM and Phone FCs) due to TelephonyProvider data/symlinks for using legacy RIL blobs on newer versions of Android 7.x+, you may wipe TelephonyProvider data by flashing this ZIP directly after restore and before rebooting to system.

Required Firmware:

The latest firmware (currently, Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow) is required for all variants. Check your device/variant forum for firmware upgrade!

Bug Reports:

All bug reports should be posted here. I'll ignore the posts that don't include appropriate logs. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to respond to the PMs.

User Support:

There's a linked thread for Q&A, general discussions, and pre-/post-installation chat. Please keep this thread clean and post there all your personal issues that are not related to the development such as Xposed, themes, extra mods, other stuff, ... etc.

This thread is only for development, including bug reports with logs. All other topics should be moved to the support thread.

Thank you for collaboration! That's how users could contribute to the development.

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30th December 2016, 06:16 AM |#4  
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You just made my day, flashing...
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30th December 2016, 11:07 AM |#5  
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Thank you for your work. ^^ I'll give it a try.
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30th December 2016, 12:03 PM |#6  
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Wow new rom to try
I am looking forward to trying this rom out
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30th December 2016, 08:43 PM |#7  
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Info 2 EmotionOS Downloads
The builds are moved to EmotionOS Downloads.

OTA updates will be supported in the next build.
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30th December 2016, 09:10 PM |#8  
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@hsbadr Thanks!
30th December 2016, 10:30 PM |#9  
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@hsbadr Awesome Build!

I noticed that when trying to add (edit) the Quick Settings - I can only drag and drop the tiles that are closer to the top - The others just "bounce" back to their original position.

Log attached (hopefully it caught the issue)

Have a Very Safe - Very Happy and Healthy New Year 🎉

Thanks again!

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31st December 2016, 02:26 AM |#10  
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Thank you ,look forward to using this ROM

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31st December 2016, 06:11 AM |#11  
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But I have a little problem with samsung music app. It can't launch
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