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By nicesoni_ash, Senior Member on 14th December 2016, 05:18 AM
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Announcement from nicesoni_ash: Use bugs reports, features requests etc through tabs now.

Important: This rom is not maintained anymore and therefore end-of-support. There is no development anymore, no updates to be expected and if there are bugs, they will not be fixed anymore.

I am not responsible if you brick your devices or other issues. Do some research if you have any concerns about features in. How to submit a bug report? How to submit a bootloop log? Feature requests: I am open to feature requests again since this is now again an unofficial build. No support for custom kernels so don't report any issues if you use any. Don't ask for VOLTE. It'll be added when sources are released from ONEPLUS. Google for alternate methods.
About Resurrection Remix ROM
Downloads and useful links

About Resurrection Remix ROM

Resurrection Remix has been based on CM, slim. omni and original Remix ROM builds which creates an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the most new features, brought directly to your Device

Many things that in previous versions were tweaked with mods, are now included by default in the ROM so, please enjoy!
CM (LOS) team,
RR Team,
OMNI team,
gharrington for 3minit Battery mod
GioBozza for Wakeblock Mod
and of course to all the supporters
Main Features

-Navigation Bar
-Enable/Disable Navbar
-Navbar Button Customization
-Navbar Dimensions(Potrait & Landscape)

-Brightness Slider
-Enable/Disable Show Notification Count
-SuperUser Indicator Switch
-Carrier Label
-Carrier Label Switch
-Carrier label Colour
-Quick PullDown Switch
-Smart Pulldown Switch
-Clock Customizations
-Time & date
-Clock Colour
-Day & date Toogle
-Center Clock/Right Clock Choice
-Battery Bar customization
-Battery Icon Customization(circle/landscape/Potrait and more)
-Battery % Text
-Network Traffic Indicator

-Toast Animations
-ListView Animations
-System Animations

-Gestures Anywhere Feature

-App Circle Bar
-Choose apps in App circle
-Trigger Width
-Trigger Hieght
-Trigger Position

-Recents Panel
-Clear All button Switch
-Clear All Tasks Switch
-Clear All Button Location(Top right,Top Left,Top Center,Bottom Left,Bottom Right,Bottom Center)

-cLock Widget
-CLock And Alarm Customizations
-Weather Panel Customizations
-Calender Events

-Lockscreen Shortcuts
-Choose upto 5 Shortcuts
-100 Icons for Shortcuts

-Quick Slider Shortcuts

-Notification Drawer
-Weather Display Switch
-Quick Settings
-Choice to Add 20 Tiles
-Enable 2/3/4 Tiles per Row
-Enable Disable Birghtness Slider in Notification Panel
-Advanced Location Settings Switch(Choose Battery saving/Device Only/High Accuracy Directly in Notification Panel)
-LongPress Toogles to Enter Settings

-Backlight Timer
-Backlight Strength
-Navigation Bar left/Right handed mode Switch
-Power Menu
-Power Menu End Calls Switch

-Volume Buttons
-Wake Up Device
-Playback Control
-Keyboard Cursor Control
-Swap Buttons on Landscape mode

-Perfomance Profiles
-LCD Density
-Expanded Desktop Mode
-Heads Up Customizations
-Overall Smoothness Improvements
-Quick Unlock
-Optimizations to Improve Battery
-ALL cm13 Features (Most)

Changelog for 5.8.5


Installation Instructions

- Download the latest build
- If it's a bump in the version number e.g. 5.8.3 - 5.8.5, download the whole rom zip instead of downloading through OpenDelta.
- Download Gapps
(Recommended not mandatory) - Take a nandroid backup
- Recommended - Full wipe and factory reset
- Flash ROM using latest TWRP recovery
- Flash Gapps and other zip you would want to flash.
- Reboot.
- Enjoy!

Update Instructions

- Download the latest build
(Recommended not mandatory) - Take a nandroid backup
- Flash ROM using recovery
- Wipe cache
- Wipe dalvik cache
- Reboot
- Enjoy!

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM][OP2][UNOFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 [7.1.2] - Be Delighted, ROM for the OnePlus 2

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
Based On: LineageOS

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 7.1.2
Stable Release Date: 2016-12-14

Created 2017-05-23
Last Updated 2017-11-20
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From now on, check this link for changelogs.

Known Issues :

You tell me with logs.


27th Feb 2017

Sources updated till 27th Feb, 6.30pm IST.

Add dashboard summary for Additional buttons.
Backup option added in OpenDelta. (Read post #4 (FAQs) for more info.

OpenDelta version upped to v1.2.


25th Feb 2017

Sources updated till 25th Feb, 11.30am IST.

February security patch level.

Switch to the CMHW touchscreen gestures implementation - Finally thanks to @benschhold
Fix TaskManager Running services, earlier it was showing installed apps, now it's showing running services as it should.
Secure mode enabled in OpenDelta and version is now v1.1

(Comes with sources update)
"Emergency call button on Swipe lock Screen."
"Hide Lockscreen emergency button"
Fix automatic zen rules.
Fix Disabler during automatic rules switch, it wasn't sticking before.
All accounts are visible in Account section now, earlier it was only Google accounts.


23rd Feb 2017

Clean flash or no bug reports please..

Sources updated till 23st Feb, 5pm IST.

(Mod) WakeBlock: Blocking the drain before it’s too late.
Credits to GioBozza

You need wakeblock app to use this mod. Visit this thread for more info.

Remove root access under Development Settings if SuperSu installed.

Changelog should be for 5.8.2 now.
Removing Unofficial from the OTA updates.
Fix execution of and allow executing usefull commands from
Fix "unknown" action in Custom Gestures. It is default for defaults actions.

Adding OPENDELTA_BUILDTYPE (SONI) in builds name so OpenDelta can fetch updates for op2/op3/op3t.
OpenDelta is fixed properly now. We will know for sure once I build my next update.

For whoever interested to know the issue.

App checks for the build_type (official or unofficial), it gets disabled if find unofficial build. I made changes in source code so app jumps over the condition
and still checks for updates. This was needed as I build official and unofficial builds now. It wasn't needed earlier.
I am sure there could be other ways to fix this if I knew Java better but for now this works.

Shutdown animation, boot/shutdown sounds.
- For testing something, they may come back in future.
3minit Battery Settings apk removed. Download the free app from my AFH/oneplus2/Misc folder.

(Comes with sources update)
Revert "All tile scroller for quickbar settings
Revert "Auto calculate quickbar tiles amount" - Now you can select no. of small qs tiles.


21st Feb 2017

First official build, yayyy.. ..

Clean flash please or else some settings may not appear...

Still old way of gestures as no new method worked so far..

Sources updated till 21st Feb, 6pm IST.

RR Base version updated to 5.8.2

Configuration qs tile longclick opens OpenDelta now.
Wired headset: make ringtone audio focus customizable
Define priority for callerinfo selection
Fix inconsistant display number format issue in Messaging application
telephony: Hack GSM and LTE signal strength
Framework: Add Fade in and Fade out effect to Recents FAB

system.prop modifications for Battery and Performance
- This is also supposed to fix FP lag but I didn't notice much changes, do let me know if feel any positiveness else I'll revert this.
- Based on "PurePerformances X" work, cherry-picked from Cosmic-OS.

Disable wpa_supplicant log spam
Turn the spam off
location: silence log spilling
Keyguard: disable logspilling debug

Add Phh Superuser dashboard tile
Add Magisk Manager dashboard option
Settings: Change magisk dashboard icon
Properly remove root access under DevSettings (if Magisk installed, next version will check for SuperSU too)
Add VOLTE new icon (with switch)
- So removed HD notification and icon. (Thanks @kunalshah912)
Hotspot Tile: longclick should open Tethering settings
Add longpress action for data saver QS tiles -

Caffeine Tile long press action for infinity, 20m is also added.
Disable ongoing statusbar ime switcher notification
Allow to set Ripple on other buttons for Home button only pixel animation
Allow to set pixel animation for the home button only

Increase Zenmode max hour limit from 12 to 24
long click actions for Heads up to default
Reset battery stats

display fstype for mounted volumes
autobrightness Tweaks
lock rotation on SetupWizard
Shutdownanimation, boot and shutdown audio files, all in.

Wifi Speed modification - WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini
Fixed sepolicy issues
remove cm updater since we have OpenDelta and also we didn't use it at all.

OMS7 related:
graphics: ADB "N" icon compatible with OMS7
Bring back main dashboard background color
Expose Keyguard affordance circle background

(Comes with sources update)
SmartBar: Pixel button animation support
Bring in initial Pixel Navbar animation resources
Make Power Menu Emergency Panel Optional
Added Slim Recents
Net monitor: fix visual glitch on statusbar expand when autohide enabled
QS Stroke: Fix Stroke Not applying with Blur
Show infinity for large notification counts
Correctly Fix SB weather always showing on left
base: instrumentation: fix protected apps intents
Hide Lockscreen emergency button - under Lockscreen security
Separate one handed mode icons
Fix one handed mode triggering tapjacking protection - This may only work with OneHanded mode or in all cases, didn't test.
Unlock keystore with fingerprint after reboot

OpenDelta related:..
Since we now have a hosting site, thanks to @benkxda, I have been working hard on implementing OpenDelta, it's not really hard to implement but due to some modifications on system.prop from RR side which I wasn't aware about, I was having some issues. I am still having minor conflicts on what to do with built_type tag as that's needed for opendelta working and since one of my build is official but other twos are unofficial, I am planning to use a unique tag for all my builds so OpenDelta can easily fetch files based on that tag. Since this is the first proper build with OpenDelta, you need to flash the whole rom, increment builds will start hopefully from next build or soon. I will keep you informed.

For now you will have update disabled, coz the identifier tag is still "Unofficial" in my sources.

To check whether this is working or not, just change these values from Official to Unofficial in your build.prop in system directory. (this is a proof of concept at least for now.). This will be fixed in next update as I explained earlier.


and (that's what my directory name is and that's how OpenDelta will check for updates, right now it's OnePlus2)

Reboot and if you check again, OpenDelta will show you that you are on latest version, not update disabled.


10th Feb 2017 Part - 2

Old way of gestures so we wouldn't have to wait for LOS to implement them, who know how long it will be so we are going back the way it was..

Everything is same except gesture implementation is now the old way till we get any update on how our devices are going to get the treatment. I wanted the flash functionality on lock screen and that/s why an extra build.


10th Feb 2017

No Gestures other than double tap to wake, and Double tap to sleep on statusbar and click on power button twice for the camera.
More gestures will be added when they are merged in sources, so have patience and don't ask..

Sources updated till 10th Feb, 11am IST.

Fixed Google Play service force close.
Revert "Revert "Use round icons""
Revert Drop PicoTTS
Safe headset volume option - Sounds -> other sounds
More Delta updater fixes but still postponed till I find a hosting service to provide direct download links to the app.


8th Feb 2017

Moved to test folder, works for me on dirty flash else play services fc on clean flash so even this is strange, this build is working fine on dirty flash, I am looking into the issue..

Sources updated till 8th Feb, 11am IST.

BootAnimation: Play boot/shutdown animation and music
- Add/Replace system/media/ with your own zip and set 644 permissions to make it your shutdownn animation.
- Add/Replace system/media/boot.wav with your own wav audio file and set 644 permissions to make it your boot sound.
- Add/Replace system/media/shutdown.wav with your own wav audio file and set 644 permissions to make it your shutdown sound.
Drop PicoTTS
Allow unlocked USB data access
Tile: Lockscreen - Enable it to start your phone to with lock or without lock if disabled.
DND tile: Longpress when active to show detail view.
Mock Location is off by default.
Added a protected broadcast for Masquerade events.
GestureInputFilter: stop the battery drain. (Read more detail on git)
Add Random effects to system animations. (requested by someone)
Revert "Add advanced location tile" (requested by someone)
Show USB Mode Dialog when connecting to pc.
Renamed Substratum to Themes and moved to Customization category.
3minit Battery Settings free version 4.1.1 preinstalled.
Substratum v561 preinstalled.
Round Icons are reverted. Will try to add a switch in future if receive such requests.
Added AOSCP Battery Style (still having issues so the switch is hidden, will work on it later. This is just to remind myself that it needs to be fixed.)
OpenDelta is included but don't get too excited. It's still WIP. I need some free time to make it work on server side and that'll take some time.
Dependies for OpenDelta

(Comes with sources update)
Fix recents thumbnails for one hand mode
Bluetooth: Fix Default BT turn on
AlarmsBlocker Made by @faust93. Based on WakelockBlocker by @maxwen
SystemUI: PowerNotification: Add up button to fragment
Add one handed mode action
WiFi Hotspot: use new on/off logic
Slidetouch listener only on navbar view
Remove cube in, cube out animations for configurations tabs (this will fix the issue one user reported)
Settings: Add status bar tap to sleep pref to gestures
Settings: gesture: Add CMParts touchscreen gesture settings
Disable statusbar superuser indicator by default
Update qs settings on dpi change
Fix playing screenshot's sound when camera's sounds off
Fix Battery Text Visibility issues - Reported by so many. I guess this'll put an end to those posts

Stock Kernel
usb-gadget: support USB keyboard
App - USB Keyboard


1st Feb 2017

Sources updated till 1st Feb, 5pm IST.

RR official OMS support.
Official version bumped to 5.8.1
Launch SuperSU from Settings
Launch Substratum from Settings
Used Uber Toolchain again for building with many optimizations as follows:
- Strict aliasing, graphite, GCC only, and cortex-a15 tunings.
- Remove strict from key files (controlled from and ensure that things stay aosp if not enabled.
- Added CLANG_O3 option for clang-made files (since more and more android is built with clang)
- Remove an annoying -g (for building purpose only)

(Comes with sources update)
Dashboard tile layout config
Disable lock screen blur by default


28th Jan 2017

Sources updated till 28th Jan 2017, 3pm IST.

Add 3Minit battery mod. Go to playstore and download 3minit battery settings app PAID and download else get free with ad supported version from here.
Statusbar: Gracefully adapt 3Minit Battery hook for AOSP
Revert "Add advanced location tile" - Location tile will work as before now.
Owls Notification headers from AOSIP.
Add 5th number row to AOSP keyboard.
Trebuchet is back.

Stock Kernel
Fixed the failed SafetyNet CTS check.


24th Jan 2017

Sources updated till 24th Jan 2017, 2pm IST.

NFC tile removed since we don't have NFC.
Add advanced location tile.
Call recording automatically in dialer. Open you dialer, go into settings, then Sound and Vibration and then enable last option for ACR. If you don't have these options, nothing I can do about it. It could be a regional restriction.
Gello in, AOSP Browser out.
Remove Trebuchet since we already have pixel launcher.
Fixed notification volume stream title
Fixed 0.25x/0.75x Windows animations Scale - Check installation instructions again.
Fixed DUI Double tap to sleep duplication.

(Comes with sources update)
Add support for lockscreen blur effects - To disable, go to Security - Click on Gear icon in front of Screen lock and disable the last option.
HotspotTile: Don't reset the number of connected clients
Masquerade updated to include security related patch.


20th Jan 2017

Sources updated till 20th Jan 2017, 1pm IST.

Notification Stream Title Fixed
Lockscreen charging: "mAh" to "mA"
update one handed "info" drawable color to pixel blue
Fix visibility of single-line view in expanded group notification
Fix One Handed UI Switch Derp


19th Jan 2017

Sources updated till 19th Jan 2017, 1pm IST.

(Comes with sources update)
Battery light: 100% charged level
RecentsView: Add an Extra Condition for Making FAB And Clear Recents Invisible
FAB Recents Clear All improvements
RecentsView: Clean up FAB calls
SystemUİ : Fix QS brightness slider margin
Launch default music player on headset connect
Update button backlight brightness in real time
Add QS brightness switch to QS advanced settings
Add volume link notification switch
Add new feature of One-hand UI Mode - Smartbar (Derp is source so won't work, will be fixed in next update)
Add Wakelock Blocker


18th Jan 2017

Sources updated till 18th Jan 2017, 11pm IST.

Lockscreen charging info: real time values
Navbar tile: one tap to enable/disable, long tap to choose nav type
DUI Smartbar: double tap to sleep on navbar
Navbar dt2sleep code improvements
API to restart SystemUI without root
Fix DUI navbar edit logspam
Lockscreen charging: Formatting improvements
logcat: fix SuperSU related spam
doze: allow grayscale even if invert boolean is false
Show contacts with phone numbers only

(Comes with source updates)
Fixed - Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime
Header Packs: Add back all RR and PitchBlack smart header Packs


16th Jan 2017

I would suggest to Clean flash this time due to too many system level changes.

Since I was having issues building with UberTC coz of binutils, I am building with Stock chain and that's why all uberTC related optimizations are reverted though I am hopeful to get them back soon.

Sources updated till 16th Jan 2017, 7.30pm IST.

Developer Options
MediaScanner behavior on boot.
Add preference for EdgeGesture service (Block gesture touch events).
added animation transition mode 0.75 and 0.25.
Development Settings: Add QS to toggle Show touches (Add them through qs)
Development Settings: Add QS to toggle Disable HW Overlays (Add them through qs)

SystemUI Tuner
Make Data/Wifi activity icon in statusbar optional.

Notification Header
Custom QS header images
Custom header extensions
Bring back Screw'd notification headers.
Fix wrong peek height of the notification panel.
QS Headers: Don't cut off Brightness slider & button.
Added CAF task manager back in. (Came with merging with RR sources)
RR QS header pack will be included in next release as the built was done before they merged their changes.

Added "Accept all files" option for incoming files via BT.

System Related
Allow faster app switching
Disable bluetooth by default - By default it was ON on first boot on Nougat so disabled it.
Partition information menu and Extra info. (About Phone - Extra Information)
Avoid RuntimeException and log spam.
- Stopping Google Play Services to have free reign and do whatever they want with the other Google apps.
Webview_packages: fix incorrect signatures
Webview_packages: correct signature definition for Chrome Stable
Webview_packages: prefer the more powerful webview pac

I may still have missed out a few of those changes as the list was pretty long.


11th Jan 2017

Sources updated till 11th Jan 2017, 10.30am IST.
January Security Patches
Show link to Google Play
- Added a shortcut to app's google play link in app's details.


3rd Jan 2017

Moved from CM to LineageOS.
Sources updated till 3rd Jan 2017, 11.30pm IST.
Fixed duplication in miscellaneous settings.
Set animation scaling to 0.6.
Signature spoofing option moved to Developer options.
Used Uber Toolchain for building this time with many optimizations as follows:
- Strict aliasing, graphite, GCC only, and cortex-a15 tunings.
- Remove strict from key files (controlled from and ensure that things stay aosp if not enabled.
- Added CLANG_O3 option for clang-made files (since more and more android is built with clang)
- Remove an annoying -g (for building purpose only)
Disable Gello apk building commit reverted as that's disabled through vendor option now and will be build only when they fix the maven issue themselves.

Main changes in Sources

Show battery info on lockscreen when charging
Support separate encryption/lockscreen passwords
Header items + Date time Positions.

Under the hood changes - Check github for that.


29th Dec 2016

Mostly source updated.

▪ project device/oneplus/oneplus3/
▪ dcd8d6a Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of into cm-14.1

▪ project frameworks/base/
▪ 1f72e4d Merge branch 'nougat' of into oms

▪ project packages/apps/Settings/
▪ 1690ff2 Merge branch 'nougat' of into oms

▼ 12/29/2016

▪ project frameworks/av/
▪ 5af1b48 Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of into HEAD

▪ project frameworks/base/
▪ a2c8082 Automatic translation import
▪ 7454709 Fix lockscreen clock font reset issue - Do not refresh ui when device sleeping
▪ 6c114f0 Merge branch 'nougat' of into oms

▪ project kernel/oneplus/msm8996/
▪ c144cc8 arm: dts: disable partial update for s6e3fa5 panel
▪ 4f5073f ARM: dts: 15811: Target different GPU firmware image name
▪ 6f6f703 Import 15811

▪ project packages/apps/Dialer/
▪ b291672 Merge branch 'nougat' of into oms

▪ project packages/apps/OmniSwitch/
▪ 32e1354 Automatic translation import

▪ project packages/apps/ResurrectionStats/
▪ 1310c81 Automatic translation import

▪ project packages/apps/Settings/
▪ 981adfa Automatic translation import
▪ 5b3aae7 Merge pull request #649 from jhenrique09/patch-1
▪ 776dd53 Fix battery bar style string in array
▪ ab73669 Fix navbar height-width seekbar units
▪ 0960821 Merge branch 'nougat' of into nougat
▪ 87c565c Fix typo
▪ 23f63ad Merge branch 'nougat' of into oms

▪ project packages/services/Telecomm/
▪ abfa5f1 Automatic translation import
▪ e69cb80 Fix incorrect key in Maps

▪ project packages/services/Telephony/
▪ 33ae395 Automatic translation import
▪ fad30ba Automatic translation import

▪ project vendor/oneplus/
▪ c5d96cf oneplus3: Add op3t

▼ 12/28/2016

▪ project android/
▪ 1df68d4 Track rr cmsdk

▪ project device/oneplus/oneplus3/
▪ 544d826 sepolicy: thermal-engine: allow reading kgsl sysfs

▪ project device/oppo/common/
▪ d933895 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/cm-14.1' into cm-14.1

▪ project frameworks/base/
▪ eaf7433 Automatic translation import
▪ 66082c5 Merge branch 'nougat' of into oms
▪ 8c4bfb9 Base: Fix battery styles

▪ project packages/apps/CMParts/
▪ f086830 CMParts : Fix battery styles

▪ project packages/apps/Dialer/
▪ 24ae1be Automatic translation import

▪ project packages/apps/OmniSwitch/
▪ 5b8a91e Automatic translation import

▪ project packages/apps/ResurrectionStats/
▪ 633e162 Automatic translation import

▪ project packages/apps/Settings/
▪ eaabf39 Automatic translation import
▪ ff96859 Settings: Fix battery styles & improvements ,edits - Edit strings - Fix changelog and features settings fragments - Remove unused pngs - edit button settings - Move disable animation switch to system animation settings and add dependency - Improve misc settings - Fix drill layout - Fix screenshots delay values
▪ 7cc236f Merge branch 'nougat' of into oms

▪ project vendor/cmsdk/
▪ a54fa25 merge_upstream Change-Id: Ib147444f8c3ffbc97e9c11a465a4729cc068a43d

▼ 12/27/2016

▪ project build/
▪ 907d897 Merge branch 'nougat' of into oms
▪ abf90bd Show rom build-type info on flash script

▪ project device/oneplus/oneplus3/
▪ 7867d2e Fixing Device model in About.

▪ project frameworks/base/
▪ 24d9323 Automatic translation import
▪ 9f20b48 Merge branch 'nougat' of into oms
▪ 562b258 Merge pull request #163 from AndropaX/patch-3
▪ 063aae9 Use round icons

▪ project frameworks/native/
▪ ad00cba Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of into oms

▪ project packages/apps/Dialer/
▪ 37d01a3 Merge branch 'nougat' of into oms

▪ project packages/apps/OmniSwitch/
▪ f89ae00 Automatic translation import

▪ project packages/apps/ResurrectionOTA/
▪ 2589090 Automatic translation import

▪ project packages/apps/ResurrectionStats/
▪ ff0d344 Automatic translation import

▪ project packages/apps/Settings/
▪ 9bb9010 Automatic translation import
▪ 465f9a9 Merge branch 'nougat' of into oms
▪ b50fd13 Improve build type info & edit strings

▪ project vendor/cm/
▪ 996be4f Merge branch 'nougat' of into nougat
▪ 9f64540 Show "Default" type if no build type available for settings - caps

▪ project vendor/cmsdk/
▪ c6e0dff CMSDK: Fix battery styles


27th Dec 2016

Latest CM and RR sources till 27th December 2016, 10am IST.
Fixed - Bug in Gestures. (Removed extra Haptic feedback option)
Reverted "InputMethodService: Disable fullscreen keyboard."
- as RR added back all keyboard IME features back.

Noticeable base updates by RR
- Implemented XOSP Blur personalization options
- Blur: Color Filters implementation
- Ported PA battery circle style
- Toast animations are working fine again.
- Custom Toast Color Options


22th Dec 2016

Latest CM and RR sources till 22nd December 2016 8pm IST.
Fix WiFi drop-outs on A2003.
Partial screenshot aborted by user: Show a less troubled warning.
Screenshot tile: single tap to choose the mode, long press to fire.
Data activity icon in statusbar.
- No switch yet to turn it off, enabled by default.
Added fastscroll to the Manage applications screen.
Open app when clicking on icon in App Info screen.
Added policy to SELinux to allow ViPER4Android in enforcing mode.
Custom Gesture actions.


19th Dec 2016

Fake signature spoofing can be enabled/disabled now. Option is available in Miscellaneous settings. Default is off.
Fixed - Notification Slider extra options are sticking now.
Substratum OMS support is added.
- Remember if you get an error applying a theme or the theme doesn't give you desire results, report it to the dev not here.
- I have added this feature to the people asking for it but if you don't know how to use OMS, read about it and learn from it's google+ group. This thread is not about OMS.
- Special thanks to @benschhold for his always being helpful attitude. His repo helped me to pick OMS commits easily.


16th Dec 2016

Stock Kernel Fixes

Fix: Security vulnerability CVE-2015-8966
Fix: Security vulnerability CVE-2016-8655

Note - See official change-logs for base changes in Configurations - Miscellaneous - Unofficial Updates - Changelog.


13th Dec 2016

First unofficial build.
Latest CM and Resurrection Remix updated sources (android-7.1.1_r6) - 13th Dec 2016, 6pm IST
OTA fixed for unofficial builds.
KCAL implemented in stock kernel.
Usb: Gadget: mass_storage: added sysfs entry for cdrom to LUNs (To support DriveDroid properly to switch between USB/CD-ROM)
Notification slider: add extra options.
- Option to ignore slider in zen auto mode.
- Extra notification modes (ring and vibrate)
InputMethodService: Disable fullscreen keyboard in Landscape mode..
Added support for fake signatures *for microG GmsCore (
Gello is not in the rom for now. (Giving build errors)[/SIZE]

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Will figure out what to do with this post later..
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ROM is rootless, where is magisk?
Download and flash from this link.

What is OpenDelta and how to use it?
- OpenDelta is an app developed by @Chainfire for OmniRoms which is open sourced and can be used by anyone. It's for providing incremental updates to users so instead of downloading a file of about 500+mb in size, you only need to download a file that's only about 20-50mb in size. This size can vary from update to update yet it'll still be better than the full zip.
- Checking for updates can be automated or manually invoked by user.
- If you want more files to be flashed with the delta update, put them under sdcard/OpenDelta/FlashAfterUpdate
- You can enable Secure Mode in OpenDelta settings to make sure that the delta updates are signed with proper key and no intermediate injection was done, only downside is that the additional zips won't be flashed.
- OpenDelta is in Customization - Misc.
- Remember to keep the full zip of latest you have flashed, else when the delta update available it will ask you to download full zip of latest version instead of patching your existing zip with delta update.
- If you are getting update disabled, make sure you clean flashed 23/02/2017 build or do a clean flash of any build after that and you will be fine later.

How to use Backup in OpenDelta properly?
- This feature is added recently and only supports system/data/cache/recovery and boot partitions with data compression ON and md5checksum OFF.
- There is currently no option to select which storage partition you want to backup yet, I will implement in future in my free time.
- Remember if there isn't enough space left on your device for backup, whole script will halt and no further installation will happen so make sure there is enough space on your storage.
- You will be shown a warning if you forgot to check Backup option under settings.

How to use CleanFlash in OpenDelta properly?
- This feature is added recently to clean flash the updates.
- This can work with Backup option so it's better if you click both Backup and CleanFlash options as then it will take a backup first before a clean flash.
- You will be shown a warning if you forgot to check Backup option under settings when you do a clean flash using this option.

How to use 3minit Battery mode?
- Download "3MinitBatterySettingsfree v4.1.1.apk" from here.
- Install it, open it and apply any style.

How to remove Magisk and use my own root app?
- Download MagiskUninstaller and flash through TWRP and flash your own root app over it like SuperSU. Later you can uninstall or remove Magisk app.

What is that yellow middle finger and Pirate icon on my statusbar and notification area?
- Uninstall any app that helps you to pirate stuff e.g. LuckyPatcher and reboot, things will restore to default. I understand it's your phone and you are entitled to install anything you wish to, you are free to flash any other rom if you aren't happy with these modifications.

How to submit a bootloop log?
- Visit this post and follow the procedure.

My apps don't have access to Clipboard, what's wrong?
- It's a security precaution and you can enable app's background clipboard access by going into Security and enable "Allow background clipboard access".

I am not able to access my USB devices, like my pen drive etc, they were working fine earlier. What's wrong?
- This is again a security precaution and you can give access them by going to Security - USB Accessories and choose appropriate option from there.

What's different about Protected Apps in this build, how should I use it and is there any specific app I need to avoid adding to the list of my protected apps?
- Normally when you try to open any app that you added to your protected app's list, you get a notification first telling you that it's a protected app. That notification is removed from this build and you get a pattern screen directly. You can access this setting by going through privacy options in settings. Do remember not to add Settings app into your protected app's list though else you won't be able to access any settings. Clean flash would be the only option.

Flash this zip in case this happens, you will be able to remove Settings from protected list after you flash this.

---- I will keep adding stuff here whenever I feel like it's needed to be.
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14th December 2016, 05:19 AM |#5  
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Name:	Screenshot_20161216-104459.png
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14th December 2016, 05:22 AM |#6  
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What's the difference between RajGopi builds and this one? Updating from cm sources regularly?
14th December 2016, 05:39 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by chetan_1215

What's the difference between RajGopi builds and this one? Updating from cm sources regularly?

Check Post # 2 for changes and yes.
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14th December 2016, 05:58 AM |#8  
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how about adding OMS.. to make it special/different from official ?
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14th December 2016, 06:08 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by iharryghuman

how about adding OMS.. to make it special/different than official ?

Will merge and test how stable it is and if find stable enough, will release later.
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14th December 2016, 10:12 AM |#10  
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Wow, too many commits for OMS. It'll take some serious work.
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14th December 2016, 02:24 PM |#11  
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Yeahie cool..
I come back when my likes are reloaded
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