[ROM][OFFICIAL][17/09][7.1.2] VertexOS Carbide v3.6 (Blueborne)

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Announcement from vibhoothiiaanand: check post #429 for Quick kernel update and check #430 for Announcement.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any bricks you may obtain. Please follow the thread rules and steps and everything will be gravy. Remember, backing up before flashing is always recommended.
VertexOS aims to provide a simple but enhanced near-stock AOSP experience with carefully selected features and an emphasis on stability and smoothness.


* Disable SIM toggle
* OMS (please install Substratum separately)
* OnePlus Camera ported
* Vertex Walls
* sRGB toggle (AOSPA)
* Buttons customization (AOSPA)
* Battery icon customization (AOSPA)
* Double tap Launcher3 home screen to sleep (AOSPA)
* Double tap lockscreen to sleep
* Alert Slider customisations
* Off-screen gestures
* Slide on statusbar to adjust brightness
* Night light
* Unlink ring and notification volume
* Longpress volume keys for previous/next music track
* Screenrecorder (toggled with Volume Up + Power)
* Screenshot Crop & Share
* Removed HD icon
* Volte icon.
* Safetynet passed without root.
* Signature spoofing (for microG)
*OTA support

Feature requests are subject to my decision, and that we want to keep VertexOS lean.

Flashing Steps:

Coming from another ROM??
1) Download Latest Build (See Post #2)
2) Download 7.1.1 Gapps (optional - See Post #2))
3) Boot into recovery (TWRP)
4) Full wipe (Dalvik Cache, Cache, System, Factory Data Reset)
5) Flash the zip
6) Flash Gapps
7) Reboot

Updating from previous Vertex release
1) Download the latest build
2) Boot into recovery
3) Flash
4) Reboot.

Bug reports
No support will be given for problems caused by Xposed, MicroGMS, other kernels, Substratum themes, different TWRP, different firmware, other tweaks (build.prop, etc).
Logcat required. You may use Matlog, Syslog, or ADB through a computer. Share via (or equivalents).
Clear description of error.
Does it happen on clean flash?
Did you try to reproduce the error without Substratum themes enabled?

* See Post #2 for Downloads

* See Post #3 for FAQ/Known issues

Credits and acknowledgements
 Dirty Unicorns
All the testers for Constantly testing the Test and Experimental Builds.
If anyone i missed sorry.

Source Code:

XDA:DevDB Information
Vertex OS- for Oneplus2 , ROM for the OnePlus 2

vibhoothiiaanand, joshuous
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
ROM Firmware Required: Latest OOS
Based On: AOSP-CAF

Version Information
Status: No Longer Updated

Created 2017-03-15
Last Updated 2018-06-03
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15th March 2017, 02:18 PM |#2  
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Check POST #429 for updated kernel
- VertexOS 3.6
- Fixed Blueborne bluetooth issue
“In simple words, BlueBorne is an attack vector that can allow cyber criminals to use Bluetooth connections to silently take control of targeted devices without any action whatsoever on part of the victim. What’s really disconcerting is that for a device to be compromised, it doesn’t have to be paired to the attacker’s device, nor does it even need to be set to ‘discoverable’ mode. As many as eight separate zero-day vulnerabilities (including four critical ones) can be used to hack into most Bluetooth devices in use today, irrespective of the operating system."
So with this update this issue is FIXED
- Few kernel improvements
- Latest CAF merges
- September security patch
- Minor improvements.

- Removed AutoSMP since not much great
- Reverted back to 3.10.105 kernel

Nothing more since this is a quick FIX to solve blue borne bluetooth issue so you guys dont suffer .


* Now version 3.5
* FINAL Nougat build. Oreo in progress
* CAF LA.UM.5.8.r1-02700-8x98.0 tag
* Switch Launcher to @azaidi's Launcher3
* Hide keyboard selector when only GBoard is activated and multiple languages are enabled
* UI color improvements for OneplusDoze and Alert Slider menu
* Translation imports
* Fixed Settings - More crash affecting some users
* Fixes for Android Auto
* Made default DPI to 420
* Removed double tap on status bar to sleep (not in line with our vision)
* Disabled autosmp hotplug
* Change in boot frequencies
* Big cores are now boosting bit differently
* WiFi qcacld changes
* Other miscellaneous additions and fixes

* CAF LA.UM.5.8.r1-02400-8x98.0 tag
* Implemented AOSPA's accidental touch feature
* Re-enabled custom off-mode charging display
* Preloading of extra classes for increased app launch speeds and extra responsiveness in apps
* Add system-background stune node (dev/stune/system-background) for schedtune boost support
* Launcher3: enable changing icons and app label's (from AOSPA)
* Bring back Fast Dormancy
* Updated APNs
* Updated kernel to 3.10.107
* Made Maple as default I/O scheduler
* Added Pdesireaudio 10.1
* Underclocked few cores
* Removed Haloplug
* Removed H-cubre residue
* Change in CPU state during charging
* Added autoSMP: A Highly-efficient hotplug driver by @mrg666, works in-sync with the CPU governor to enable off-line cpu cores when the the CPU frequency reaches a high threshold and still more compute power is needed.
* Added proximity wake
* Switched back to Op3 camera
* Added Charging Sound
* Kernel Workqueues made to power efficient
* Interactive governor made to angler
* Fixed issues in freq calculation
* Fixed WhatsApp autofocus issue
* Other miscellaneous additions and fixes
special thanks to @ShreyanshLodha for rebuilding the kernel as whole and fixing tons of issues.


*Now version 3.3
*Implemented Boeffla Touch control :Earlier if you touch your device display the hardware backlight will glow up that is really weird behaviour now its fixed
*Made OP5 camera as default

*Removed duplicate camera app
*Show LTE+ instead of 4G+{if supported)

*Fix power off saying your phone will reboot

*Fixed Broken Slider customisations
*Fixed Channel50 issue 

*Merged latest CAF tag
*Added back Haloplug
*Minor optimisations


-Now its version 3.2
-OTA updates
-Removed Greenlines of Camera when taking photos Thanks to Simao
-SElinux is now Enforcing
-Fixed many selinux denials
-Kernel improvements
-Kernel cleanup
-Doze improvements
-Power optimisations
-Fixed Wakelock bug
-Reduced SS delay to 300ms
-Launcherr3 improvements
-MediaCodec improvements
-Added 0.25 and 0.75 animation step
-Now All official builds are USER variant.
-Removed Haloplug
-Merged Latest CAF tag
-Removed few lineage things
-Please check github for FULL changelog

PLEASE DO CLEAN FLASH so from next builds you can do dirty flash 

If you have already flashed this build update it immediately via OTA app ,if your going to download,then download latest stable version

-Now VertexOS Carbide 3.1
-FULL Rebased source to pure CAF with Few lineage extras.
-Kernel is rebased
-Camera is now HAL3.
-HAl3 improvements.
-Added back HSPA+ icon.
-Added KCAL support
-Improved significantly First boot.
-Potential FIX for Wi-Fi scanning issue.
-UI optimisations.
-Fixed Huge Battery DRAIN due to motion sensor.
~Bluetooth Headset FIX.
-Added back VOLTE icon.
-Enable/Disable Bluetooth battery status in System UI tuner.
-Improved speed and memory usage.
-Major Kernel Changes 
-Many kernel tweaks
-Enabled 2.4Ghz Wifi Channel bonding
-Increased Speaker/Headphone output volumes
-F2Fs Support
-Import translations
-Added Fastcharge Drivers
-Added 27Mhz GPU frequency
-Adreno Idler added for maximising performance minimal power
-Perfromance improvements
-Thermal profile changes
-Introduce Haloplug: For better battery, better GPU performance and less heat.
and Many more check GitHub for more detailed changes.

XX05 and OLDER


-updated to 7.1.2: LA.UM.5.8.r1-01500-8x98.0.
-More substratum theme support for stock apps and fixes for theming.
-Updated brightness icon.
-Added Few more default walls.
-Added version info while installing apps.
-Added headsup on incoming call even if headsup and ticker are off.
-Major Audio improvements.
-Fixed broken button on Changelog back button from settings.
-Updated few Russian translations.
-Fixed Powerbutton camera gesture missing from display.
-Enabled SDcardFS by default.
-Added a gimmick of OOS ambient display.
-GPU and Bluetooth improvements.
-Improvement Wi-Fi.
-Improvement fingerprint detection.
-Fixed DND scheduling.
-Sepolicy updates
-Temp removed VOLTE icon,its actually missed due to rebasing to latest CAF,sorry peeps.
Special thanks to testers.

XX04 Builds.

~Updated to latest CAF : LA.UM.5.7.r2-00500-8x98.0
~Changed kernel to Garaks kernel.
~Alert slider Customisations vibrate ring silent etc.
~Import OOS blobs.
~Camera Shutter Sound FIX.
~Scrolling Improvements.
~Added support for SDCardFS.
~Added support for F2FS.
~Show LTE+ instead of 4G+.
~Updated Policy for ViPER audio and removed duplicates.
~Fixed Dailer icon issue.
~Battery life improvements.
~Camera Improvements due to latest BLOBs.
~Hardware optimisations.
~Temporary removed the H+ icon due to very small font size in QS.

~New BOOT Animation.
~Introduce PDesire Audio.
~Imported few more tweaks from OOS3.5.8
~Updated kernel from latest CAF.
~Improved WiFi.
~Added VOLTE icon.
~Added H+ icons for HSPAP connections.
~Improved Fingerprint unlock.
~Fixed battery warning text issue.
~Improvements to battery icons.
~Removed Headphone plugged-in notification.
~Minor performance tweaks.
~Added SafetyNet bypasss patch to kernel.
~Fixed duplicate APN entry.

~Full Source rebased to updated CAF.
~Version is now 2.2.
~Security patch Feb.
~added can version to about phone.
~Show app package name in app info screen.
~Charging LED updated.
~Major changes to Launcher3.
~High improved standby compared to old builds.
~For full details changelog just go to settings->about->Changelog.

~Switched back to darkbeast kernel.
~Merged to latest CAF [ LA.UM.5.6.r1-04000-89xx.0].
~added support to change device hostname [dev option].

~Fixed huge battery drain due to franco kernel.
~Imported OOS latest update Blobs
~Fixed battery text gap issue.
~Fixed position of battery exclamation mark.
~Fixed network drops.
PS:Will switch back to Franco when it is much more stable for daily use.


~First Official build.

~Franco kernel is now made as default kernel.
~Improved Vertex walls.
~Improved SIM toggle.
~Fixed Status Bar icons alignments.
~NEW: Modify devicehostname in Dev options.
~More Optimisation.
~Fixed Contacts merge issue.
~Added Different colour indicator for 100% charge
~Removed default wallpaper from vertex Walls .
~Reverted VOLTE icon since it misbehaves at some instance.


~Added Volte Icon
~FIXED playing screenshot sound while camera sound OFF.
~Wallpaper picker fixed[selection and crop ].
~Introduced Anti Piracy system

~Alert slider Icon FIXED


~Enabled Dexpreopt to speed up boot time.
~Fix overlapping of sim quick settings.
~Updated Sources.
~Speeded up wake and unlock scenario.
~Disabled animation while waking up device.
~Added new profiles for 60fps at 1080 and 120fps at 720.

Disabled app verification and enable non market apps installtion
Removed Camera2 snap and other Camera apps for making OP camera.
MicroG GmsCore: Signature spoofing support for N 
ThemeSafety :Introduce App Crash Intent 
Expose Screenshot flash and background colours 
Made OneplusCamera as Default .
Night Mode.

- Added vertex default wallpapers.
- Fixed wakelock during bootup and idle scenario.
- Changed reboot icon.
- Added long press back to kill app.
- Added column numbers to 6.
- Added Download Speed while Downloading.
- Misc. fixes.
-REMOVED SNAP CAMERA Please install OneplusCamera .OneplusCamera

~First Public Release.
~Fixed Gestures
~Moved to CAF device tree[DU].
~Made Darkbeast Kernel as Default.
~Removed HD icon .

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15th March 2017, 02:19 PM |#3  
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1.ROM is based on?
* Roms is Based was AOSP-CAF now its fully rebased to pure CAF with few lineage elements.

2.OTA Support?
* Yes after 2406 builds

3. F2FS-compatible?
- It should work, but I don’t give support for any strange issues caused by it.

4. Changelogs?
- Please check my commits on Github or the changelogs section in Settings->About Phone.

6. Feature requests?
- Please bring feature requests to the VertexOS Slack group. I would appreciate it if you send me commits for genuinely meaningful additions, bug fixes, and optimizations. I prefer features that can be implemented without needing a toggle. Please take note that I don't want to pack this ROM with a ton of features. There are many feature-rich ROMs out there already.

7. Passes SafetyNet?
- Yes. If you want root, use Magisk and enable Magisk Hide. SafetyNet failures may also occur because ADB is enabled.

9. Does VertexOS work with other GApps, TWRPs, firmwares, SU, kernels, tweaks, Viper4Android, etc?
- Please feel free to try, but I may not give support for issues caused.

10. Deep sleep issues?
- Reboot or clean flash.

11. Mobile network issues?
- Toggle airplane mode to see if it fixes the problem. Please check your APN and Preferred Network Type in Mobile Network Settings. If your APN is missing, please share the APN you want me to add.

12. Google Camera / OP3T front camera doesn't work?
- You'll need HAL3 enabled. VertexOS has HAL1 enabled by default. To enable HAL3 please flash the HAL3 Enabler. This may also fix front camera issues for OP3T. Be warned that you will lose OnePlus Camera functionality when you go HAL3.

13. Trustzone or Assert failed error 7?
You're using an incompatible firmware.

14. Why is the security patch in "About phone" outdated?
This ROM tracks CAF, which lags behind AOSP by a bit. However, you shouldn't be worried about this because CAF brings in the latest security commits even when the stated security patch level in "About phone" is outdated. Trust me, I've compared the commits of our CAF tag with the latest AOSP branch commits, and also with the Android Security Bulletin. Please just wait patiently for CAF to update the security patch string. I can easily change it and 'cheat' you guys, but I'm never going to do such a thing. So please be patient and know that your device has the security patches.

15. Creating unofficial builds of VertexOS
I have no qualms with it. If your builds are public, please do the following:
* Share proper links to the sources you used
* Provide clear credits to developer @joshuous
* Do NOT ask for donations
If you want to port and maintain VertexOS for another device in the longer term, send me a PM and we can discuss more.

16. Facing odd drains and issues with apps (message notifications not showing)?
* Stop restoring them with Titanium Backup
* Stop using hacky tweaks

17. Google Play Services drains?
* Clean flash
* Stop restoring everything with Titanium Backup

18. Losing Magisk root?
* Don't enable the BusyBox option

19.Can I dirty flash over previous builds?
* Yes but you may face some issues.

20.Is it Pre-rooted?
* NO.
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15th March 2017, 02:20 PM |#4  
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Connect With US:
Google Plus:
SLACK:If you want to join slack group just message me in telegram or message in the group with your email ID.
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15th March 2017, 03:05 PM |#5  
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Good job bro! Very stable rom! Smooth and fast!
15th March 2017, 03:15 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by Yousvel

Good job bro! Very stable rom! Smooth and fast!

thank you sir .
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15th March 2017, 04:23 PM |#7  
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where can i find kernel standalone? isn't it little outdated?
15th March 2017, 05:16 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by chxei

where can i find kernel standalone? isn't it little outdated?

currently stock kernel [DU or Lineage ] have issues with gestures trying to fix after fixing will make it public .
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15th March 2017, 05:16 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by chxei

where can i find kernel standalone? isn't it little outdated?

why yuou watn only kernel?
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15th March 2017, 05:20 PM |#10  
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Does it support volte and SU inbuilt
15th March 2017, 05:36 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by Droidcore

why yuou watn only kernel?

to try with my favorite rom
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