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[ROM/Kernel] {EAS/VOX} #OwnPlus3/3t OwnROM_V4 for OnePlus3/3t (7.1.2/OMS) 20170703

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Announcement from OwnDroid: Now available for OP3/3t

please be patient and all features will find their way back...

I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. A lot.

Click HERE if you want to help translate OwnSettings to your desired language!


All new Features in last build displayed in RED

- 100 % Working OOS camera (no snap camera)
- 3 Minit Battery Hook
- 100% Up-To-Date EAS commits by @joshuous
- OwnKernel OwnPlus3/t included
- Voted Apps:
* Nova Launcher instead of Trebuchet
* Amaze Filemanager instead of LOSFilemanager
* GBoard instead of AOSP KeyBoard

(Join us on G+ (link below) to help us make importand choices)

- No Root Acces - Flash desired root zip if wanted!!!
- Optional decryption
- 100% Overlay manager service Compatible
- Quick Tiles Customizations
- Improved Colorpicker
- Dash Charging info on lockscreen



- Navbar switch
- Smartbar Settings
- Fling Settings
- Pulse Settings
- Hardware Backlight settings
- Hardware Keys Settings
- Power Butten Settings
- Volume Button Settings
- Scheenshot type (full screen/partial)
- Extra Notification Slider Options (vibrate/ring and ignore automatic rules)

QS Settings

- Brightness slider settings
- Custom Rows and Collumns
- Small QS count


- SystemUI tuner
- Notification Count
- Clock Settings (Position, AM,PM)
- Quick open
- Double tap to sleep
- Hide Bleutooth battery status icon
- Network Traffic (Color, BPS, Update Interval, Automatic hide)
- Batterybar
- Statusbar Ticker
- Custom Charging symbol (flash/tidle)
- Data activity arrows (WiFi/LTE)
- VoLTE icon switch
- 4G/LTE Switch

Notification Drawer:

- Force Expanded Notifications
- Disable Expanded Notificaitons

- Recents Apps Screen:

- Fullscreen,
- RAM Bar
- OmniSwitch (+ option to set as default recents screen)
- Recents Clear All Fab + Location


- System animations
- Toast animations
- Listview animations
- Listview interpolator
- PowerMenu animations
- QS animations
- QS interpolators


- Selinux Swtich
Dashboard Collumns

OwnROM Center

- OTA Updater (ROM, G-apps, Kernel, Vendor)
- OwnROM Changelog
- OwnROM Walls (Download all kinds of OwnROM Wallpapers)
- Share OwnROM
- Github link
- G+ Link
- Official maintainers list
Team List
- OTA Update center


- Link Volumes
- Incrasing Ringtone
- Vibration intensetie


- Brightness control
- Live Display
- Screen rotation(0, 90, 180, 270 degrees)
- Active Display
- DT2W (if kernel supports)
- Immersive Desktop


- Expanded Desktop
- LCD Density


- Battery light
- Notification light


- Headsup Switch


- Live LockScreen
- Lock Screen Message
- Custom Corner Shortcuts
- Music Visualizer

Multi User
System Profiles
App Permisions
Privacy Guard



G-Apps (ARM64/7.1/Pico)
Firmware Files 3t (Radio,Bootloaders etc)
Firmware Files 3 (Radio,Bootloaders etc)

Installation instructions:

1. Backup whatever you have to, also do take a nandroid backup via recovery (Just in case)
2. Erase '/system', '/data', Cache and Dalvik Cache
3. Flash OwnROM
4. Flash G-apps
5. Flash desired root zip - if wanted
5. Flash Custom Kernel of your liking or keep stock
6. Boot

OwnROM Github
OwnROM Devices and Kernel Github
OwnROM Website

Thanks to:
The Whole OwnDroid Team
@joshuous - For his EAS work on device trees
@RenderBroken - For his EAS work on kernel
Most importantly YOU - the users

Anybody left out please do feel free to PM me

XDA:DevDB Information
OwnROM, ROM for the OnePlus 3T

Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
Based On: LineageOS

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 20170703
Stable Release Date: 2017-06-02

Created 2017-06-02
Last Updated 2017-07-03
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2nd June 2017, 09:27 AM |#2  
OwnKernel-OwnPlus3.t_R1 20170613

Only for LOS-N based ROMS!!!

Ownkernel is aimed to have the features YOU would like, and have the best EAS support possible. It's based on RenderKernel by @RenderBroken. I would like to take this oppertunity to thank him for his awsome work on EAS!!!

What is EAS?

Originally Posted by Mostafa Wael

Right here we go.
EAS is a completely different breed compared to the conventional HMP system, where it serves an entirely different purpose of achieving the optimal balance between performance and efficiency, with the latter taking the top spot. EAS achieves that via cleverer tasks placement, by which the system determines which is the more efficient cluster for the task to be processed by, as well as categorising the different tasks into cgroups (top-app, foreground and background, in order from highest priority to lowest priority respectively) by which each cgroup receives its sliver of the available firepower (cpuset). EAS also offers the capability of inflating the perceived load, that's determined by the load trackers, of the task in any of the cgroups via its schedtune.boost setting, and whether the task should be processed by all the cpu cores available or only by the cluster the task has been placed on via its schedtune.prefer_idle setting. One of the key features of EAS is lifting almost all the processing from the governor to the CPU scheduler (no it is not the I/O scheduler, something different) and letting it take much much more control, leaving the CPU governor to only do the frequency determination part, which unsurprisingly relies heavily on data supplied by the scheduler. With all that said, it is easily deduced that EAS is not all about governors and governor settings and the like, rather a much cleverer solution that serves the purpose of seeking the best balance between performance and efficiency, and to ensure the CPU is not overdoing a task or the CPU governor is overshooting a simple task, which would attribute to needlessly draining a lot of power as a natural consequence. EAS is about ensuring you get the smoothest UI possible while retaining as much power as possible. However, that does not mean that EAS is lame poor when it comes to performance. Sometimes, if not in most cases, this cleverer tasks placement makes tasks get processed faster, a point that is already proved quite well by the EAS-supporting non-OOS based custom ROMs like VertexOS, ZeNiTy-RR and PAEX. Conserving battery does not necessarily mean crushing performance. This explains that app launches are on-par with HMP if not ahead of it sometimes.

Conclusion: You should try and see what suits you more. But something i can safely say is, EAS is more than satisfactory when it comes to performance from the perspective of a man that always seeks the best performance available, and with the battery gains you yield with EAS, it can go better.


- Up-To-Date EAS Commits
- Updated with CAF LA.UM.5.5
- CPU govs: Interactive, conservative, ondemand, userspace, powerspace, powersave, performance, schedutil, sched.
- IO Scheds - FIOPS, CFQ, BFQ, ROW, DEADLINE, NOOP, and ZEN Schedulers
- Flar Sound Control
- Wake Gestures - DT2W, S2W, and S2S
- Complete Color Calibration Thanks to @savoca
- F2FS Support
- Adrenoboost
- USB Fast Charging
- every standard LOS feature...

Please note: Only the features YOU'd like to see will be added and that's how we go our seperate way from RB Kernel...

Recommended kerenel tweaker: EX Kernel Manager

How to Flash:

With OwnROM:

- Flash OwnROM: it is build in!!!!

Only OwnKernel:

- Download Kernel
- Put Kernel zip on SD
- Flash ROM dirty (when comming from other kernel)
- Flash Kernel zip
- Reboot and enjoy


Special Thanks to:
- @akhilnarang (for pointing some things out!
- You the Users!!!
(anybody left out? Feel free to pm me!

XDA: DevDB Information
OwnKernel, kernel for the OnePlus 3/T

Source Code:

Kernel OS Version: 7.x Nougat
Based On: LineageOS

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: R2
Stable Release Date: 2017-06-13

Created 2017-06-13
Last Updated 2017-06-14
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2nd June 2017, 09:27 AM |#3  


   * device/oneplus/oneplus3/
ea554c0  Enable Dashcharge for Op3/t 
   * frameworks/base/
4826824  Disable Dashcharg for every device 
   * packages/apps/OwnSettings/
902e7d5  OwnSettings: Update button backlight brightness in real time 


   * frameworks/base/
4606eb5  Base: Show 4G instead of LTE Switch [1/2] 
c9b1556  QS: Set default columns to 4 [1/2] 
d00538f  QSCustomizer: use custom column count 
c4fc3b0  Enable Dash Charge Message 
7e81793  Base: Custom QS rows/columns [1/2] 
e4180f1  Base: Custom small QS tiles [1/2] 
cb4d6e7  voLTE icon: fix spaces 
ca70644  Base: Ability to toggle VoLTE icon in statusbar [1/2] 
   * packages/apps/OwnSettings/
b270ce3  OwnSettings: Show 4G instead of LTE Switch [2/2] 
13d19e9  OwnSettings: Add Bullhead & Honami Maintainer 
c1a29a8  OwnSetting: QS: Set default columns to 4 [2/2] 
cc7b1a0  OwnSettings: Custom QS rows/columns [2/2] 
e063e5c  OwnSettings: Custom small QS tiles [2/2] 
701d68d  OwnSettings: Ability to toggle VoLTE icon in statusbar [2/2] 
3d712c3  OwnSettings: Add Angler Maintainer 
c14fdcd  OwnCenter: Change Telegram channel link to @OwnROM 


   * frameworks/base/
71f0d8f  Data activity icon in statusbar 
7952f73  Make Data/Wifi activity icon in statusbar optional [1/2] 
a181cfc  battery: Allow setting custom symbol near text on charging [1/2] 
   * packages/apps/OwnSettings/
cd83ed2  Fixes 
ec02b77  OwnSettings: Add Mido Maintainer 
a4aa9b9  OwnSettings: Add Titan Maintainer 
2069e7a  OwnSettings: Make Data/Wifi activity icon in statusbar optional [2/2] 
bd4d82c  OwnSettings: Allow setting custom charging symbol near text on charging [2/2] 
dffd162  OwnSettings: Translations Import 
   * vendor/ownrom/
85607c1  Merge branch 'own-n' of into own-n 
b398010  Vendor: Bring in 720p Bootanimation 
50e8991  Vendor: Prebuilt Updates 


   * device/oneplus/oneplus3/
efc4db7  op3: Bump camera wrapper hal3 device api version to 3.4 
88aae9b  op3: Bump camera wrapper module api version to 2.4 
44ee1b3  op3: Use open_legacy() for camera wrapper's legacy mode 
6ed153b  op3: Add camera wrapper 
1467d60  Revert "op3: Remove camera shim library" 
   * packages/apps/OwnSettings/
64e6241  OwnSettings: Fix Cancro Plus Url 


   * vendor/oneplus/
b780c86  op3: Update to OxygenOS 4.1.5 blobs 

   * OwnKernel/oneplus3/msm8996/
f648d2f  tri_state_key: allow more key codes for extra modes 
   * device/lge/h850/
46be8ee  h850: Track own msm8669 repo 
   * device/oneplus/oneplus3/
bed38c2  Op3: track own oppo-common repo 
   * packages/apps/OwnSettings/
d7f9b5d  OwnSettings: add Mako Maintainer 
3165d18  OwnSettings: Add Cancro Maintainer 
bdff03e  OwnSettings: Add Kenzo Maintainer 
6ebe7f0  OwnSettings: Translations Import 
086191f  OwnSettings: Dashboard tile layout config [1/3] 
46a378e  OwnSettings: Recents Clear All Button Tweaks and Add FAB to Recents [1/2] 
c1346c5  OwnSettings: Translations Import 
bb84704  OwnSettings: Add StatusBar ticker [2/2] 
d92558e  OwnSettings: ("-_-) 
022c105  Maintainers: Add H8520 maintainer 
6b4bb44  OwnSettings: Translations import 
c818173  OwnSettings: Fix of new Vector icons 
6fd7966  OwnSettings: Resize icons a bit 
db1f061  OwnSettings: Update some strings 
170ac73  OwnSettings: Vectorize all icons 
   * packages/apps/Settings/
3690c99  Finally fix gestures 


   * device/lge/h850/
caa1d36  h850: Add missing libs 
   * frameworks/base/
4fecc32  Base: Dashboard tile layout config [3/3] 
d1fa8e6  SysUI:Fix Membar Updating on Task Clear 
6753d02  RecentsView: Add an Extra Condition for Making FAB And Clear Recents Invisible 
aaccf76  FAB Recents Clear All improvements 
0ebf929  Fix Recents View FAB with N Dismiss all Button 
8e0ed36  Base: Recents Clear All Button Tweaks and Add FAB to Recents Panel [2/2] 
   * packages/apps/Settings/
d4c2b28  Settings: Dashboard tile layout config [2/3] 


   * frameworks/base/
8131f83  statusbar ticker: Update tickercolorhelper 
a935cc6  Ticker: Set default color to White [1/2] 
6defc17  Statusbar ticker: use a gentle smooth fade animation 
37523d4  Statusbar ticker: apply statusbar tint when set to white 
a5d8493  Statusbar ticker: apply statusbar tint when set to white 
374dea4  Base: Ticker allow to show music track info on new track being played [1/2] 
08557e1  Add Status Bar Ticker [1/2] 
   * packages/apps/Settings/
7b70d68  Fix Gesture Settings FC 
   * vendor/oneplus/
4a8c87a  Merge branch 'n' of into own-n 


   * packages/apps/Settings/
fa55de1  Settings: Fix of new vector Icons 


   * device/lge/h850/
0e3aed7  Own the LG g5
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2nd June 2017, 09:27 AM |#4  
Join us!

This is your chance to join the OwnDroid team

Ever wanted to:

- Maintain a ROM Officially for your device?
- Help adding features and optimisations to a ROM or Device tree?
- Design all the icons, wallpapers or logo's for a ROM?
- Build and Maintain the OwnDroid Website?

Here is your chance...
Wat do we want from you?

- Eager to learn
- Allways be kind to the users (Yes, even when they ask for ETA's)
- If you want to maintain a device Officially you need to own the device!!!

Does that sound good? then:
Get in contact with Mark V (a.k.a OwnDroid) on hangouts or on telegram (@OwnDroid)!!!
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3rd June 2017, 06:56 AM |#6  
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SOmebody can ay some about it? im on newest beta now and considering move here for test.
3rd June 2017, 12:29 PM |#7  
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Add changelog in a spoiler please!
3rd June 2017, 12:40 PM |#8  
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CAF based or LOS?
3rd June 2017, 03:03 PM |#10  
Originally Posted by Thunderbolt

SOmebody can ay some about it? im on newest beta now and considering move here for test.

I'm running it myself and for me it's great, but I'm only the dev, check it out for yourself and report back if you find anything...
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