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[ROM] [8.1.0] 家 BootleggersROM 2.3-STABLE 家 [OFFICIAL]

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The main logo

Intro Part

Bootleggers ROM is an aftermarket firmware based on Ground Zero Open Source Project (GZOSP) and brings custom features with the most useful apps on your device, with the goal of "Making you feel like 家".

Using the stability and compatibility of GZOSP, this ROM is also packed with some custom wallpaper (Dawn by fxckingdeathwish), ringtones, and fonts, to bring to your device into a more fresh look, also with a selection of apps, header packs and wallpapers (on ShishuWalls app).

Also, we got our Google+ Community and our Telegram Group to talk about the ROM and share some love if you wish!

Features Part

Some of the features that are included on this ROM are:
* ROM Logos
* QS Rows and Colums
* Scroll on small QS
* OmniStyle: Header Images
* Volume Keys: Wake up, skip tracks and switch according to rotation
* Dirty Unicorns Interface (DUI): Fling, Smartbar and Pulse
* Show song album cover, visualizer and battery info on Lockscreen
* Custom Carrier Label
* Power Menu Items
* AOSP Recents: Membar, Clear All and Inmersive Recents.
* Battery LED light settings
* Type of notifications: Heads up and Ticker, pick your poison
* Suspend Actions: Make your device disable GPS and switch to 2G when you're not using it
* AppOps: Manage your apps permissions in an advanced way
Also, you can check a full list of Features available here.

Thanks Section
Thanks to this people, this ROM could be possible, so, i have to give a big thanks to:
* Shishu (For being there)
* Ground Zero ROMs Team
* AOSPExtended
* NitrogenOS
* DirtyUnicorns
* Lukas Koller (Camera Roll dev)
* fxckingdeathwish (for the amazing photos for wallpaper/headers)
* OmniROM
* CyanogenMod/LineageOS
* PixelExperience
* PureNexus
* merothh
* Resurrection Remix
* CrDroid
* CypherOS
* PureKat
* theimpulson
Changelog v2.3:
*June security patch

   * build/make/
1dbf285 Go: Get the heap a bit bigger

   * frameworks/base/
2a43a9c Automatic translation import
eb61cce Set BT_SCO status
df35097 ShishuNights: Add a fade on SystemUI
b087bf0 Merge pull request #24 from Astridxx/patch-2
7a057b1 Keyguard: Fix Turkish translation
a57e917 base: Use drawable on shutdown dialog instead of color
09eb056 Shishu Themes: VoLIT
e3cdc06 Add QS pulldown with one swipe on FP sensor [1/2]
8b41368 [2/2] ThemeTile: Please, don't translate shishu theme names
dc405dc SettingsLib: Set to transparent
1dd515d ShishuNights: Make it more clear
c816bd1 [3/3] base: add 10 colors
f6b10e8 clock styles: fix dimens for the new clocks
0e02dce Fw_base - Allow toggling animations off [1/2]
f835f51 [1/2] Add shishu immensity clock
3b83ced base: Add our shishu clock
c767098 [1/2] add dates styles
ac355ce [1/2] Add sammy accent clock and a variant
07af806 Add interpolators to qs tiles animation [1/2]
cae2929 Add animations to qs tiles [1/2]
2f542f6 ListView: Fix Widget couldn't find any view
d25a443 Animations: Add option 'Random' to System Animations
53bdc44 Add option to disable scrolling cache [1/2]
c492f2c AOKP animations: Add an entry for TRANSIT_TASK_OPEN_BEHIND [1/2]
57e4d37 AOKP custom system animations (1/2)
46920c2 Frameworks: Re-adapt toast window animations for 7.1.1
d090a3a FW_Base - XuiMod: Toast Animations [1/2]
1a6f132 ambient clock: Let's set the size for all the clock calculations
6c35b8c DO NOT MERGE (O) Revoke permision when group changed
17b8436 Rework thumbnail cleanup
f759fcc DO NOT MERGE - fix AFM.getComponentNameFromContext()
e02b7cb Make sure apps cannot forge package name on AssistStructure used for Autofill.
e060385 Add kill button to notification guts [1/2]
f93f1ac base: Code cleanup and set GoBold as default... again
5d53b2c Fix the strange recents Android P transition
a44689e Add toggle to enable Android P system animation [1/2]
04b2844 Add Android P transition
6cb9f36 Add a slight tint to the power menu when wallpaper tint is off
c3a00a2 base: Set a dark tint when disable wallpaper tint is enabled
6a23d68 Allow to disable the Wallpaper tint [1/2]
6d9ba26 ShishuIllusions: Fix weird left line on background
5639197 Themes: Theme background_material_dark
1a05e34 lockscreen : differentiate hour from minutes in digital bold style clock
479f456 Work smarter not harder
3a39e0e lockscreen : Align sammy style to center
2859fdd Allow for the 'Big Clock' analog padding to be changed per device
6e4d25d Lockscreen clock styles: update alarm status also if ambient is off
46025f9 Fix LS weather layout with clock styles
de1cb64 base: Tint headers with qs background instead of black
cae8ab5 base: Set the date clock black to 14sp
0d12c99 base: Date fonts - change font from alarm clock too
7568be5 Status bar: Update notification count icons
655e2ed Show infinity for large notification counts
6f755b9 SystemUI: small optimization for notification icon numbers
507e339 systemui: Forward-port notification counters
e58711c Keyguard items: code improvements
eeabbf3 Introduce lockscreen clock/date styles [1/2]
6202d60 Hide lockscreen items [1/2]
399a7dc SlimRecents: add fingerprint scanner gestures [2/2]
cebea28 Allow to dismiss notifications with FP left/right swipe [1/2]
8071a76 SystemUI: Don't append app name to file on lockscreen
535855b SlimRec. media info: fallback to notification text if no metadata available [2/2]
2014ef7 Cleanup SlimRecents media info/colors code [2/2]
3a044bf Slimrecents media artwork/card color: don't skip navbar blacklisted apps
257d598 Slim recents albumart: fix possible NPE for getOriginalLargeIcon().loadDrawable()
321f6c1 Slim Recents: albumart as player card icon when playing a song [2/2]
6389665 Centralize and fix caches broadcast receivers [2/2]
a96a526 SlimRecents: if a song is playing, set track info as card title and use albumart     color as card color if automatic color is set for cards [2/2]
b0db570 Slim Recents 3.0 [1/3]
35845d7 Allow SmartPixels to bypass check for whether a window is obscured
ff83b42 Smart Pixels: Dynamically register receiver
6fba6ee Smart Pixels: Switch to registered receiver
2bf858d Move Smart Pixels out of SystemUI
a3bc85a Fix NullPointerException on systemui restart with smart pixel enabled.
a2c1753 SystemUI: Refactor Smart Pixels tile
3bb0e0d SystemUI: Add Smart Pixels tile
db4ca98 SystemUI: Smart Pixels [1/2]
1a35a29 SystemUI: screen-dimmer-pixel-filter
a988d87 Pulse: Add bar animation smoothing [1/3]
2a1db35 Add Pulse Lava Lamp start and end colors (1/3)
5b6ffae base: Change battery warning color
3b86a07 Add an option to force pre-O apps to use full screen aspect ratio
2ea2464 base: ROM size calculation error on 4GB ROM device
ba7743c [2/3] NetworkManagement : Add ability to restrict app data/wifi usage
7a56ff7 Dialer Lookup [1/2]
50cccdc Gesture Anywhere: Add missing dimens
d1aae35 Gesture Anywhere : Layout improvements & switch to dark material theme
78e1fe2 Gesture Anywhere : Materiallize gesture anywhere layout - Added close fab button - Added 3 colors gradient layout background - overall improved UI - Exposed all colors for the themers
83a9eef Gesture Anywhere : Fix GA fc and saving the gesture cache
de758bc Gesture Anywhere: Increase width to 40px [1/2]
2fdf514 Gesture Anywhere [1/3]
29c8d7d Framework: Volume key cursor control (1/2) This feature is moved to framework so it also works with third party keyboards.
65bedee [3/4] La Fontage: Add the fonts on the LS font selector
840e9c5 [2/4] La Fontage: Declare the fonts
48711c8 base: featureize ro.recents.grid and Go Layout

   * packages/apps/BootlegDumpster/
33bfdd9 Automatic translation import
c68bed3 dumpster: Fix our crowdin string
43db954 dumpster: fix Animations FC

   * packages/apps/BootlegOTA/
248361d Automatic translation import

   * packages/apps/Launcher3/
a6381e9 Automatic translation import

   * packages/apps/Settings/
f0df76d Automatic translation import

   * vendor/bootleggers/
1bc7df3 vendor: Let's make the update already
4516b86 vendor: Update prebuilt apks

   * vendor/bootleggers/extras/
8d292c8 new bannerino


   * frameworks/base/
50949d2 Running services icon toggle [1/2]
b181fea SystemUI: Make Running Services icon smaller
1251ed2 QS: Add Sync QS Tile
f6429a1 SystemUI: Enable dualTarget on CellularTile
5baceb7 Give contact permissions to car kits by default
06afc8b pms: Fix the IndexOutOfBoundsException issue
3207d7b binder: resolve the NullPointerException of services with null descriptors
d5bf54e Frameworks: In the kill handler ensure the logging handler was run
1130be7 [DeadLock]AMS PMS MountService
c72bdd9 Fix AccessibilityNodeInfo memory leak
6efe626 media/jni: Check mute state before starting play
31d30d1 frameworks/base: Fix ContentService JNI leaks
8f6956a PackageManagerService: Add finally block to close the stream
d22bbe7 SQLite: Do integrity_check only once
0a444a8 SQLiteDatabase: Catch corrupt exception during transaction
38b5d83 backup: Fix system_server crash caused by schedule version error
d1cbfdc SettingsLib: use Cloudflare DNS servers as hints
37499e0 schedule vsync immediately when requested from the Looper thread
bc1d2e6 ActivityManager: clean up pending broadcast receviers when force stop package
6c536a4 ActivityManager: fix service could not be started correctly when app.thread == null
cd901b7 ActivityManager: Handle application crash in new thread
e6c03ef SystemUI: Add missing recycle calls
86af851 backup: Fix a system server crash
8da55ad Avoid the restart process for launching provider killed by AMS
414fa72 Shorten wait time for shutdown time optimization
0253237 mountservice: Don't nuke all volumes when decrypting
696c643 mountservice: Shut down volumes before restarting framework
48f508e MountService: ensure VolumeRecord with UUID exists before modifying
633797d SystemUI: Rotation button can't work at first time after rotate screen
cc54877 SystemUI: thread protect keyguard callbacks
73a26c4 Allow to quickly open Running Services from QS panel [1/2]
941c8b5 Permissions: Grant Pixel's Wallpaper app access to SD
e9ae484 NetworkDiagnostics: switch to Cloudflare DNS
07ebbeb Use Cloudflare DNS servers as defaults for tethering
6c04513 Use Cloudflare DNS as the default fallback
4530fa1 Revert "[1/2] base: featureize ro.recents.grid and Go Layout"
6f04591 [1/2] base: Lockscreen owner font text
5516835 base: Lockscreen Date Fonts [2/2]

   * packages/apps/BootlegDumpster/
158ec6e dumpster: Clarify that's carbon gestures
359f500 Add interpolators to qs tiles animation [2/2]
3e591f7 Add animations to qs tiles [2/2]
fa382bf [2/3] dumpster: add 10 colors
d372f37 dumpster: add our new clock and date designs
5f92359 Animations: Fix listview not showing selected item
0883c04 dumpster: organize the new menues
5417d07 dumpster: Add check if device haves Owner Info
3806ee1 dumpster: Collection of derps to fix in
6d4a03b dumpster: Power menu improvements
08dad10 dumpster: recents improvements
ab811c7 dumpster: The No-no locking
6e2c263 dumpster: Remove features on non-fp devices
b4ada46 Fix our derp: Remove the HW keys settings on non-hw devices
cf9d80f dumpster: add a category on the gestures section
3245eb5 Dumpster: move 3 finger gesture into gestures
6f70497 Pulse: Add bar animation smoothing [3/3]
3519652 dumpster: Move Shutdown animations into animations
b040327 Utils: Add check for devices with Fingerprint
a8002a3 [TEST] Utils: Add a check if device is lockscreen secured
6c22e9b [TEST] Utils: Add check if this is a Android Go build
bfc3438 animations: Fixes and upgrades to the code
999991d ROMControl - Allow toggling animations off [2/2]
f82b085 ROMControl - Add option to disable scrolling cache [2/2]
033dc0f ROMControl - AOKP Animations remove override app anim feature
cdd676b ROMControl - AOKP animations: Add and entry for  TRANSIT_TASK_OPEN_BEHIND [2/2]
e64e34c ROMControl - AOKP custom system animations (2/2)
615322b ROMControl - XuiMod: Toast Animations [2/2]
3589ae9 Add kill button to notification guts [2/2]
1d16b3d Allow to disable the Wallpaper tint [2/2]
1f8c872 Add toggle to enable Android P system animation [2/2]
88d4acc Forward-port notification counters
fc21feb Introduce lockscreen clock/date styles [2/2]
773fbb0 Hide lockscreen items [2/2]
925398c Ensure SlimRecents respects RTL [2/2]
7b0fc1e PackageListAdapter: show more apps in the list
49678c6 Slim Recents hints footer: cut down the long novel
507e57d Slim Recents settings: add hints footer
ef04eec Set fast mode (never expanded) as default [2/2]
05d663f SlimRecents b.l. PackageListAdapter: really sync mInstalledPackages
84393d1 Slim Recents 3.0 [3/3]
7e67d41 Animations: Fixes and improvements
4c92dc0 fix animation section derp
ee86302 Update Smart Pixels menu
8b84249 Smart Pixels [2/2]
603bd4a Add ListPreference helpers backed by Settings
525c3db Volume key cursor control (2/2)
727f9c3 Add Pulse Lava lamp start and end colors (3/3)
3c59e95 Increase gesture anywhere width to 40px [2/2]
918c546 Gesture Anywhere: Fix wrong value being set.
4ec9958 Gesture Anywhere [1/3]
06492c8 dumpster: Add a unsupported character alert
7a0d4a4 [4/4] La Fontage: Add the new options
671e48b dumpster: Move Lock fonts and alpha to a new clean section
fde21b5 Running services icon toggle [2/2]
b077fa4 [2/2] dumpster: Lockscreen Owner info fonts
570aa3c Dumpster: Lockscreen Date Fonts [1/2]
3d6daa1 Return: Listanimation Views and Interpolator [2/2]
a5b4eff Choose a custom editor app for screenshot notification edit button [2/2]
1d028a7 LogIt: Code improvements
48dc9a8 dumpster: Add AICP Log It
878c501 dumpster: Import SU libs from AICP
e41c8b1 dumpster: Adds and tweaks, test
161eba1 Keyguard & Bouncer Alpha [2/2]
4182cc1 Dumpster: Carbon Gestures(2/2)
73fdc5c dumpster: add a placeholder files
ba6d57e dumpster: Add animation settings
6d1bd5c dumpster: bring back gestures

   * packages/apps/DUI/
d67e756 Merge pull request #1 from BootleggersROM/oreo.1-del

   * packages/apps/Dialer/
a60657e Merge pull request #2 from BootleggersROM/oreo.1-del

   * packages/apps/Launcher3/
5ee381a Launcher3: Let's say a final goodbye to Lean Companion

   * packages/apps/Settings/
6d77cea Add QS pulldown with one swipe on FP sensor [2/2]
8f13788 Allow to dismiss notifications with FP left/right swipe [2/2]
6976b02 SimSettings: Fix potential NPE
ce3a51d SimSettings: Handle NoClassDefFoundError on devices without telephony-ext
a4b97e0 [1/2] settings: make Shishu Themes titles untranslatable
f4a08ab Settings: External Smart Pixels fragment launch
a57c805 [1/3] Settings: per-app cellular data and wifi restrictions
ebf9348 Gesture Anywhere [3/3]
195e3fc Allow to quickly open Running Services from QS panel [2/2]


   * frameworks/base/
570b803 Return: Listanimation Views and Interpolator [1/2]
630b6e2 Keyguard & Bouncer Alpha [1/2]
a48697a Choose a custom editor app for screenshot notification edit button [1/2]
1f4dd00 fwb: Add CarbonGestures(1/2)
813400f  Improve vpn footer warnings layout [2/2]
9cbd84e Improve vpn footer warnings layout [1/2]
d0bf2b7 Fix "Disable QS footer warning"
ad0e84a Set Persisting Mobile Data connection off by default [2/2]


   * build/make/
4acbbd0 build: Build Shishu Inmensity theme
9cb9d8f build: Add the new systemui overlay packages

   * vendor/bootleggers/
70910bb [1/3] Add 10 colors


   * packages/apps/Launcher3/
ffc9763 Merge pull request #2 from BootleggersROM/oreo.1-del
eaff1ce Launcher3: Set this log report into a normal Log print
faba7b5 close down content provider
7dd78c9 filter out huawei widgets
3b601b1 add option to hide page indicator
121b877 add option to change date format for At A Glance
f4a6b41 remove dark theme restrictions for dark search bars
c88b46d add support to devices with very tall aspect ratio
c965521 add support for devices without telephony
1dc3a69 Revert "add reference to companion app in settings (with ping and response)"
a0acac1 Revert "add companion app for "At A Glance""
b65c8cc Revert "forward at a glance actions to companion, which should handle them, as it can declare the necessary permission more safely"

Also if you got some ideas,bug fixes, stability improvements or want to help to support features for your device, you can do it by sending a Pull request on Bootleggers Github (check downloads and sources part) or GZOSP Gerrit (also check the downloads and sources part), will be really appreciated. Together we can do a better ROM.

Downloads and Sources Part


ROM Folder on Sourceforge
GZR Gapps (ARM64 devices)

Device Sources:
Device tree
Kernel tree

ROM Sources
Bootleggers Github
GZOSP Github
GZOSP Gerrit
Telegram group Bootleggers OP3/3T

XDA:DevDB Information
BootleggersROM, ROM for the OnePlus 3

Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo

Version Information
Status: Stable
Stable Release Date: 2018-03-19

Created 2018-03-19
Last Updated 2018-07-15
Attached Thumbnails
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ID:	4452075  
The Following 56 Users Say Thank You to Rkschunk For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift Rkschunk Ad-Free
19th March 2018, 11:41 PM |#3  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 19
Wow, thanks.. Any screens ?
The Following User Says Thank You to MrOnizuka For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift MrOnizuka Ad-Free
19th March 2018, 11:47 PM |#4  
Tzagor's Avatar
Thanks Meter: 7
Does it support encryption?
20th March 2018, 12:01 AM |#5  
Rkschunk's Avatar
OP Senior Member
Flag porto alegre
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Originally Posted by MrOnizuka

Wow, thanks.. Any screens ?

yes, in session screenshots
The Following User Says Thank You to Rkschunk For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift Rkschunk Ad-Free
20th March 2018, 12:07 AM |#6  
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Rkschunk

yes, in session screenshots

Does it support encryption?
20th March 2018, 12:46 AM |#7  
dwxvi's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Prattville, AL
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Donate to Me
Interesting! I'm definitely trying this one out
20th March 2018, 12:48 AM |#8  
Bryandu13's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 164
Wow I'd love to try this rom, but me device have wired multitouch issue in 8.1 ROMs...
20th March 2018, 12:49 AM |#9  
Rkschunk's Avatar
OP Senior Member
Flag porto alegre
Thanks Meter: 1,533
Originally Posted by MrOnizuka

Does it support encryption?

here is encrypted, but I get FC in the security menu, I'm checking at that time.
20th March 2018, 02:18 AM |#10  
Thanks Meter: 19
it's there a vibration option in alert slider button ?
20th March 2018, 09:31 AM |#11  
Senior Member
Flag Indore
Thanks Meter: 71
so many ROMs for our beloved oneplus 3t but I and perhaps so many guys want a OS that has features plus outstanding camera that can be compared to oxygen OS stock camera.
Hope, at some day it would happen.
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