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[ROM+Kernel][EAS-VOX] VertexOS Carbide v3.6 and RenderZenith Kernel 012 (Blueborne)

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By joshuous, Recognized Developer on 12th March 2017, 01:29 PM
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Announcement from joshuous: VertexOS v3.6 and RenderZenith kernel 012 released!

*** Disclaimer
I do not assume responsibility for any issues that befall you when you flash this ROM and kernel.

VertexOS aims to provide a simple but enhanced near-stock AOSP experience with carefully selected features and an emphasis on stability and smoothness. VertexOS features RenderZenith kernel and the Vox Populi Power HAL, which brings EAS support.

VertexOS ROM (RenderZenith kernel is built-in)

RenderZenith kernel (EAS-supported custom ROMs only)

VertexOS features

* EAS support
* Vox Populi Power HAL (developed by yours truly)
* Vertex Walls
* Daydream VR support
* Disable SIM toggle
* DASH-charging support (thanks to AOSPA for charging message on lockscreen)
* OMS (please install Substratum separately)
* SELinux Enforcing
* OnePlus Camera ported from OOS
* sRGB toggle (AOSPA)
* Buttons customization (AOSPA)
* Battery icon customization (AOSPA)
* Double tap Launcher3 homescreen to sleep (AOSPA)
* Double tap lockscreen to sleep
* Alert Slider
* Off-screen gestures
* Slide on statusbar to adjust brightness
* Night light
* Unlink ring and notification volume
* Longpress volume keys for previous/next music track
* Screenrecorder (toggled with Volume Up + Power)
* Signature spoofing (for microG)
* AOSPA's Accidental Touch
* DCI-P3 calibration for supported displays
* OOS Camera with Auto-HDR and 60 FPS recording

RenderZenith Kernel features

* Based on @renderbroken's great work with EAS
* EAS support
* CPU governors: Sched and Schedutil (default)
* I/O schedulers: bfq (default), cfq, noop, deadline, zen
* AdrenoBoost support
* KCal support
* Backlight dimmer
* Sound control
* Sweep2Sleep
* Boeffla Touchkey control driver
* Passes SafetyNet

Recommended setup
TWRP: 3.1.0-0 Official TWRP (OP3), 3.1.0-1 Official TWRP (OP3T)
Firmware (use the latest): (OP3), (OP3T)
Filesystem: EXT4
Superuser: Magisk
GApps: Open GApps

Make sure you are on the recommended TWRP.
1. Nandroid backup.
2. Wipe /cache and /system. If coming from another ROM, wipe /data as well.
3. Flash recommended firmware.
4. Flash ROM, GApps, and Magisk.

Bug reports
No support will be given for problems caused by Xposed, Greenify, Naptime, Titanium Backup, ForceDoze, MicroGMS, other kernels, Substratum themes, different TWRP, different firmware, other tweaks (build.prop, etc).
* Logcat required. You may use Matlog, Syslog, or ADB through a computer. Share via (or equivalents).
* Clear description of error.
* Does it happen on clean flash?
* Did you try to reproduce the error without Substratum themes enabled?

Known issues
* Reboot is required to enable/disable Music touchscreen gestures after a toggle.
* 60 FPS video recording is not stable yet. (It now works!)

Slack group
PM me or (@calvinistmac, @mostafawael) if you would like to join the VertexOS Slack group for test builds, easier bug reports and quicker replies from me

Credits and acknowledgements
* @multi_rom_user and @kash296 for supporting me since the beginning. You guys supported me since the very first alpha build. Without you guys, VertexOS may never have seen the light. My highest gratitude goes to you.
* @RenderBroken, the best partner I can ask for in working on VertexOS and EAS, and a mentor who taught me more about kernels. Also the man who played a major role in porting EAS to the OP3/3T.
* @Morphicsn0w for the logo, banner designs and boot animation
* The testers in the VertexOS and AKT Slack group
* Google, CAF, AOSPA, LOS, PureNexus, DirtyUnicorns, @myfluxi, @dianlujitao, @sultanxda, @flar2, @LordBoeffla

Source codes

If you would like to support me, your words of encouragement mean the most to me.
However, if you wish to go a little further with a donation, you may do so at Every donation I receive helps me to offset the cost of purchasing my next development device. Thanks

XDA:DevDB Information
VertexOS, ROM for the OnePlus 3

joshuous, RenderBroken, calvinistmac, @multi_rom_user, @kash296, @Morphicsn0w
ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
ROM Firmware Required: Use the latest available
Based On: CAF (LA.UM.5.8.r1-02800-8x98.0)

Version Information
Status: Testing

Created 2017-03-12
Last Updated 2017-09-16
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12th March 2017, 01:29 PM |#2  
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1. OP3 and OP3T supported?
- This ROM is on the OnePlus 3 & 3T Cross Device Development forum for a reason…

2. DASH-charging supported?
- Yes

3. F2FS-compatible?
- It should work, but I don’t give support for any strange issues caused by it.

4. Changelogs?
- Please check my commits on Github or the changelogs section in Settings->About Phone.

5. What is EAS?

6. Feature requests?
- Please bring feature requests to the VertexOS Slack group. I would appreciate it if you send me commits for genuinely meaningful additions, bug fixes, and optimizations. I prefer features that can be implemented without needing a toggle. Please take note that I don't want to pack this ROM with a ton of features. There are many feature-rich ROMs out there already.

7. Passes SafetyNet?
- Yes. If you want root, use Magisk and enable Magisk Hide. SafetyNet failures may also occur because ADB is enabled.

8. Custom toolchains?
- I build Zenith kernel with Linaro TC 6.3.1.

9. Does VertexOS work with other GApps, TWRPs, firmwares, SU, kernels, tweaks, Viper4Android, etc?
- Please feel free to try, but I may not give support for issues caused.

10. Deep sleep issues?
- Reboot or clean flash.

11. Mobile network issues?
- Toggle airplane mode to see if it fixes the problem. Please check your APN and Preferred Network Type in Mobile Network Settings. If your APN is missing, please share the APN you want me to add.

12. Google Camera / OP3T front camera doesn't work? (IRRELEVANT AS OF LATEST BUILD)
- You'll need HAL3 enabled. VertexOS has HAL1 enabled by default. To enable HAL3 please flash the HAL3 Enabler. This may also fix front camera issues for OP3T. Be warned that you will lose OnePlus Camera functionality when you go HAL3.

13. Trustzone or Assert failed error 7?
You're using an incompatible firmware.

14. Why is the security patch in "About phone" outdated?
This ROM tracks CAF, which lags behind AOSP by a bit. However, you shouldn't be worried about this because CAF brings in the latest security commits even when the stated security patch level in "About phone" is outdated. Trust me, I've compared the commits of our CAF tag with the latest AOSP branch commits, and also with the Android Security Bulletin. Please just wait patiently for CAF to update the security patch string. I can easily change it and 'cheat' you guys, but I'm never going to do such a thing. So please be patient and know that your device has the security patches.

15. Creating unofficial builds of VertexOS
I have no qualms with it. If your builds are public, please do the following:
* Share proper links to the sources you used
* Provide clear credits to me
* Do NOT ask for donations
* Do NOT ask me for help if you face build errors. You ought to know your stuff and figure it out yourself. I never received help from anyone when I built ROMs up until this day. Call it being a douche, but the fastest way to learn is to figure things out the hard way. Google, Stack Overflow, forum searches, Github search and code tracing (especially this) are your best friends.
If you want to port and maintain VertexOS for another device in the longer term, send me a PM and we can discuss more. I only consider maintainers with much experience and who know how to bring up ROMs without having to ask for help.

16. Facing odd drains and issues with apps (message notifications not showing)?
* Stop restoring them with Titanium Backup
* Stop using hacky tweaks

17. Google Play Services drains?
* Clean flash
* Stop restoring everything with Titanium Backup

18. Losing Magisk root?
* Don't enable the BusyBox option
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12th March 2017, 01:29 PM |#3  
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VertexOS changelogs

16 September 2017
VertexOS Carbide v3.6 Finale and RenderZenith EAS 012 kernel

VertexOS Carbide v3.6 Finale
* Blueborne fix
* LineageOS updates
* CAF LA.UM.5.8.r1-02800-8x98.0 tag

RenderZenith kernel 012
* LineageOS updates

1 September 2017
VertexOS Carbide v3.5 Finale and RenderZenith EAS 011 kernel

VertexOS Carbide v3.5 Finale
* FINAL Nougat build. Oreo in progress
* CAF LA.UM.5.8.r1-02700-8x98.0 tag
* LineageOS device tree updates
* OxygenOS blob updates
* Switch Launcher to @azaidi's Launcher3
* Hide keyboard selector when only GBoard is activated and multiple languages are enabled
* UI color improvements for OneplusDoze and Alert Slider menu
* Translation imports
* Fixed Settings->More crash affecting some users
* Fixes for Android Auto
* Removed double tap on status bar to sleep (not in line with our vision)

RenderZenith kernel 011
* LineageOS updates
* Will be working with @RenderBroken on new rebase

9 August 2017
VertexOS Carbide v3.4 and RenderZenith EAS 010 kernel

VertexOS v3.4 changes
* CAF LA.UM.5.8.r1-02400-8x98.0 tag
* LineageOS device tree updates
* OxygenOS OB19 blob update
* Re-enable high speed recording profiles for Google Camera support
* Enable OOS Camera to work with HAL3 enabled (Amir)
* Enable Auto HDR and 60fps recording in OOS Camera (Amir)
* Implemented AOSPA's accidental touch feature
* Fixed disabling of capacitive button backlights
* Re-enabled custom off-mode charging display
* Preloading of extra classes for increased app launch speeds and extra responsiveness in apps
* Add system-background stune node (dev/stune/system-background) for schedtune boost support
* Launcher3: enable changing icons and app label's (from AOSPA)
* Bring back Fast Dormancy
* Updated APNs
* Sounds on charger connected
* Other miscellaneous additions and fixes

RenderZenith EAS 010 changes
* LineageOS updates
* Binder updates for improved Interprocess Communication performance (measured)
* Linux kernel upstreamed to 3.18.62
* Update sRGB tuning based on latest OnePlus commit

15 July 2017
VertexOS Carbide v3.3 and RenderZenith EAS 009 kernel

VertexOS v3.3 changes
* Updated to CAF LA.UM.5.8.r1-02200-8x98.0 tag
* Improve Schedutil performance (I noticed before it was performing terribly compared to Sched)
* Re-enabled sdcardfs
* Back to CFQ for now
* Updated APNs from LineageOS
* Updated to latest blobs and device tree commits from LineageOS
* Reverted VR framework until someone tells me they want to use it
* UI fixes (LTE+, Shutdown message, etc)
* Camera has the processing dialogue again (I haven't smali edit it yet)

RenderZenith EAS 009 changes
* Upstreamed to Linux 3.18.60
* Updated with latest LineageOS commits
* Enable RCU_BOOST
* Cherry-picked some commits from Pixel kernel
* Tuned sRGB for S6E3FA5 display
* DCI-P3 support for S6E3FA5 displays (tunable is in /sys/devices/virtual/graphics/fb0/dci_p3. Please set it with Ex Kernel Manager or a script to echo 1 into the tunable. I'll maybe add a toggle in future)
* Enabled Boeffla Touchkey driver by default (capacitive keys light up OOS-style)

27 June 2017
VertexOS Carbide v3.2 and RenderZenith EAS 008 kernel

VertexOS v3.2 changes
* VertexOTA bringup!
* Enable IO prefetching
* Updated to CAF LA.UM.5.8.r1-02000-8x98.0 tag
* Updated to Lineage latest device and vendor commits
* Dialer: add in-call vibration features
* Restrict system-background tasks to little cluster only

RenderZenith EAS 008 changes
* Switched to PELT for load tracking
* Kernel updated in line with @RenderBroken's latest EAS and Lineage commits
* Removed a ton of 'optimizations'. I'll be doing more benchmarking before re-adding them back. Let's keep things simple.

27 May 2017
VertexOS Carbide v3.1 and RenderZenith EAS 007 kernel

VertexOS v3.1 changes
* Comes with RenderZenith 007 kernel
* Android 7.1.2 (5 May 2017 security string)
* CAF LA.UM.5.8.r1-01600-8x98.0 tag
* In line with Lineage's latest commits
* OB16 blobs
* OOS Camera without processing dialogue or weird green screens
* Latest Substratum commits added
* Disabled sdcardfs (to avoid white LED bug)
* HSPA+ icons
* High brightness mode QS tile
* Fixed Bluetooth issues
* Other internal updates

RenderZenith EAS 007 changes
* Updated to Lineage's latest commits
* EAS updates (thanks to @RenderBroken)
* Spectrum support
* BFQ updates
* F2FS updates

8 May 2017
VertexOS Carbide v3.0 and RenderZenith EAS 006 kernel

VertexOS v3.0 changes
* Comes with RenderZenith 006 kernel
* Android 7.1.2 (5 Apr 2017 security string)
* Complete rebase to CAF LA.UM.5.8.r1-01500-8x98.0
* In line with Lineage's latest commits
* Latest Substratum commits added
* See app new and old version number in Package Installer
* Use realtime scheduling for UI and Display thread (AOSPA)
* Button settings: Menu action fixed (AOSPA)
* Toggle to show battery level of connected bluetooth devices (SystemUI Tuner)
* Brand new Vertex Wallpapers (thanks to AERTIME and @Morphicsn0w)
* Moved toggle for "Press power button twice for camera" to Buttons category
* Automatic DND fixes
* UI fixes
* Removed HSPA+ icons for now (UI bug)

RenderZenith EAS 006 changes
* Updated to Lineage's latest commits
* Ported the very latest BFQ upstream changes (default IO scheduler, and performs on par with CFQ in benchmarks in Androbench)
* Optimised BFQ for SSDs
* Boeffla Touchkey Control driver (hardware button users rejoice)
* sdcardfs updates
* Linux upstream CFQ updates
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12th March 2017, 01:30 PM |#4  
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Vox Populi guide

Boosting with Vox Populi

This is the game-changer. At the heart of a fully functional EAS rom is a Power HAL that complements it. The Power HAL is responsible for delivering a smooth experience by providing touch/fling boost support. Previously the touchboost values were fixed and could not be changed. With Vox Populi Power HAL, you now have the freedom to dictate your own boost parameters.

Configuring Vox Populi boost settings
There are several tunables in /dev/voxpopuli:
* enable_interaction_boost: toggle touch/fling boost
* fling_min_boost_duration: minimum duration to boost for flings
* fling_max_boost_duration: maximum duration to boost for flings
* fling_boost_topapp: schedtune.boost for top-app during flings (will revert to default after flings)
* fling_min_freq_big: minimum frequency for Big cluster during flings
* fling_min_freq_little: minimum frequency for Little cluster during flings
* touch_boost_duration: boost duration for simple touch and taps
* touch_boost_topapp: schedtune.boost for top-app during touches/taps
* touch_min_freq_big: minimum frequency for Big cluster during touches/taps
* touch_min_freq_little: minimum frequency for Little cluster during touches/taps

Play around with these tunables first, and leave a reply in this thread only if you face any issues. I recommend that you use Ex Kernel Manager to set the values using Tools->User Settings so that they persist after reboot. You may check whether you settings applied correctly using the CPU Float app on the Play Store.

If you would like this to be incorporated in other EAS ROMs, please point the ROM developer towards (
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12th March 2017, 01:31 PM |#5  
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More reserved
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12th March 2017, 01:34 PM |#6  
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First. Looking forward to flashing this.
12th March 2017, 01:35 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by aadityarulez

First. Looking forward to flashing this.

The official 2.0 build will be released within the hour
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12th March 2017, 01:36 PM |#8  
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My favorite ROM 😎 Vertex is home. Amazing work @joshuous!
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12th March 2017, 01:40 PM |#9  
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great work
12th March 2017, 01:40 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by joshuous

The official 2.0 build will be released within the hour

Thanks for the heads up.
12th March 2017, 01:46 PM |#11  
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Last Build is from 14.02???
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