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[KERNEL] Dorimanx V3.2 OP3+T Nougat 7.1.1 STOCK 4.5.1 Tree 3.18.84 [28 NOV] PWR CORE

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Dorimanx OP3/T Kernel for STOCK 7.1.1 OOS/H2OS 4.1.6+7+4.5.1 + BETA!

NO > Oxygen 3.x.x or CM/LineAge/OREO BETA SUPPORT!!! GO AWAY NOW!

My PM box, is for Emergency ONLY! do not send me PM's just because you cant post! that is lame, post something useful and post in thread.


My kernel was based on OP3/T Stock Kernel 4.1.6+7+4.5.0 + BETA 15/24 Source.

Kernel Tree is 3.18.84, + OP3/T and CAF updates + my tweaks and lots of tuning!

Global Credits!
Flar2 for many kernel mods
Cyanogen/LineAge/Code Aurora for many kernel mods
OP3 Devs for Stock kernel base!
To all my sources in GITHUB!
Linus Torvalds for Linux source!


  • Kernel support OOS/H2OS 4.1.x
  • Kernel compiled with Linaro GCC 7.1.1 Android Bionic 64Bit adapted for OP3/T
  • Kernel includes all new security patches.
  • Kernel updated up to 3.18.84 build.
  • Kernel includes all original last 7.1.1 changes by OP3/T Devs.
  • Kernel operate in 300HZ + all needed fixes to do that.
  • Kernel has DASH charge and USB Fast Charge (USB mode up to 900mA with MTP on)
  • Kernel support charging up to 2500ma with any charger! stock locked to 1500ma
  • Kernel has swipe to wake features by @FLAR2 (up,down,right,left,and dual tap).
  • Kernel include Sweep2Sleep allows sweeping from right to left and backwards!
    on soft buttons to turn off the screen. by @FLAR2
  • Kernel has support for screen color change app. (KCAL Interface).
  • Kernel has support for touch keys light delay, default 6sec. by @andip71
  • Kernel include KGSL fixes and reworked GPU driver (use 133MHz min freq to save juice, goes to idle @ 100MHz)
  • Kernel include all latest patches from Code Aurora source for 3.18.y
  • Kernel include Enhanced TCP methods
  • Kernel include IPA/TIMERFD/WIFI/NETLINK wakelocks removal code by @franciscofranco
  • Kernel include open source QUALCOMM Wi-Fi driver updated to max without debugs.
  • Kernel include advanced binder driver from main line 4.10.y kernel.
  • Kernel include CDROM emulation on mass_storage (compatible with DriveDroid 0.10.18+)
  • Kernel include latest F2FS driver for 3.18.y with fixes for speed and stability.
  • Kernel include ZEN,NOOP,BFQ,DEADLINE,CFQ,FIOPS,SIO I/O govs tuned for SSD.
  • Kernel includes Elementalx, Blu_active, Interactive, Conservative, Ondemand, Performance CPU GOVS.
  • Kernel support FSYNC mode for FS. (Off by default)
  • Kernel includes ARM enhanced performance and battery patches
  • Kernel support Backlight Dimmer feature.
  • Kernel supports CPU OverClock/UnderClock for both clusters.
  • Kernel support thermal driver tuning, max heat for cores.
  • Kernel includes advanced crypto drivers and latest qseecom decryption driver.
  • Kernel includes updated EXFAT and FUSE + NTFS drivers.
  • Kernel support for not forcing encryption and verity checks.
  • Kernel includes support for CIFS driver.
  • Kernel includes fast finger print sensor mod when screen is off.
  • Kernel includes support for Haptic Feedback (vibrate) tuning (more/less)
  • Kernel includes massive code update for sound driver, and @FLAR2 sound/mic gain control interface.
  • Kernel include boost to I/O by mounting partitions with optimized flags, and updated MMC driver.
  • Kernel includes updated BT and NET/PPP/VPN/DATA drivers.
  • Kernel include mode to ignore home and touch keys when finger is pressed against the screen.
  • Kernel includes Aroma Installer for easy install with few simple changes that can be selected.
  • Kernel includes many patches to camera, GPU, and screen drivers.
  • Kernel has OTG enabled by default internally.
  • Kernel has Notification LED Control driver by @andip71
  • Kernel include usage of power efficient workqueues in many drivers by @franciscofranco
  • Added Support For INIT.D Scripts see /data/init.d folder
  • Kernel will switch to NOOP I/O Sched during screen Off time to save power. by @SultanXDA
  • Kernel will boost CPU frequency when screen wakeup to improve user experience, by @SultanXDA
  • Kernel will set max allowed apps in RAM to 60 from 32
  • Kernel will add advanced busybox binary in /sbin/busybox for advanced users and my scripts

Known BUGS!

Post reports, i will fix.

Standard disclaimer:

By installing this kernel YOU will take full responsibility for any damage to your device!
Hardware or software! no one forcing you to install it.
So please do not blame me if you read wrong! or didn't read at all the instructions that i have written for YOU.

But you can feel SAFE to use it, as I test every release on my phone!
Before I publish it for download.

Your warranty will be void by installing custom kernel as my.

Kernel Sources:
TO DOWNLOAD GO DOWN!!! YES MORE DOWN...(do i need to repeat?)

How To Install:

You will need to have device with Latest Recovery installed! Please install the 3.1.1.x BUILD!
>>>Here is the Recovery you need!<<<

Old recovery can corrupt your DATA partition as my kernel using latest F2FS driver. new recovery has updated driver.

Refer to other threads for recovery install process and for oem bootloader unlock.

Download kernel, upload it to your SDCARD, anywhere.
Always have STOCK Kernel for your ROM!
Reboot to Recovery.
THINK AGAIN! did you made backup? NO!!!!??? DO IT NOW!
If you had any other Custom kernel, Install STOCK kernel or dirty flash your ROM,
to clean any trace from other kernel. then install ROOT/Magisk if you wish! then install my kernel ALWAYS THE LAST.
Do not clean any cache or dalvik (needed for ROM only!).


If you wish to UNINSTALL my kernel, there is a uninstaller ZIP for you.
it's will remove all ramdisk changes, and install last 4.1.6 stock kernel, preserving ROOT if was installed!

Have Fun and report.

Honored Fearless BETA Testers! without them i would be lost in dark kernel space:
  • dimberr
  • Diechel
  • misterepicwin
  • vampire36
  • RyperX
  • siggey
  • bipinbedi
  • Chris7
  • Leicxan
  • Radon94

Donation Board:
  • ME donated 150+ hours to update stock to now.
  • Dimberr HUGE Donation!
  • Betadr X2
  • Diechel
  • RyperX
  • misterepicwin
  • Cultofluna
  • Andrej666
  • Aagato86

Thread Rules:

This is a Kernel development thread ONLY.
1) Any kernel reports with LOGS in case of crash from /sys/fs/pstore/console file.
2)Any satisfaction reports with picks and suggestions about kernel.
3)Any questions related KERNEL.
4)Any important information that may improve this kernel.
5)Any issues you have with STOCK Stable ROM. this what i use and test, all the rest are BONUS.
6)Sound mods and root access. i think it's good information that can improve user experience with my kernel.

Not Allowed:
1) extreme off topic about some ROM mods, APPS, Magisk non ROOT modules,
2)Comparing kernels, other vs other, my vs other.
3)Trolling!, Spamming, hate toward other users, flaming, feeding trolls. posting not in English, NOOB calling other users.
4)Disrespect of any beta tester listed in OP.

All recognized developers Allowed to manage there own threads without bothering forum administrators.

I can, and I will, remove all not allowed posts without blinking.

Mirror #1 by willflint
Mirror #2 by GITHUB!

Info for Web Hackers,
in my mirrors, there is nothing to take!
My work is public and for the people!
Please let my mirrors work in peace.

Please consider supporting my work by tipping
44vY3x5nBqCRfZdVwLtAgjbzUfnnEevd54yyCzsM4HzFfZEXH3 6e1WYD9RKRKUmT5SW46Ytkp1bnVZqhySeQFh99C4iivgB
Wmt8gnhjtQeefUfmVkUj6EHD14XK9crU2dej2EPsGn3JSrLMcS kDytnJDBTeg3muD3Z3Hsc9CSNxFKpRFcpKW7k92urmTd1yB

There is Kernel OTA APP that will auto download and install kernel via TWRP!
>>>>>>Kernel OTA APP<<<<<<

Mirror #2

Change logs:

Kernel 3.2 Stable

*Merged patches 3.18.80+81+82+83+84!
*Merged latest F2FS driver updates from source.
*Merged many updates to BINDER code for CAF source.
*Merged mods to touch screen driver by sultanxda, great work for optimization and power save.
*Merged new updates from CM14 including: MDSS,VIDC,
*Merged latest WIFI driver updates. ver 06300

Kernel 3.1 Stable

*Merged main stream patches 3.18.74 to 3.18.79
Tons of changes! it's 400 commits compressed to patches.
*Merged optimizations to BINDER code from CAF.
*Merged latest Qualcom WIFI driver v06100

Kernel 3.0 Stable

*Reverted changes to SDCARDFS to get rid of bug with folders in storage.
Beta team reporting that all good now.
*Merged patches 3.18.72+73 including:
*Merged BINDER updates from CAF and Mainline kernel.
*Merged wakelocks shut when drivers shift operations, by franciscofranco

Kernel 2.9 Stable

*Merged AOSP and CAF updates including:
*Merged patch 3.18.71 including:
SCSI,USB,FS,Kernel Core,MM.
*Merged OP3 Dev BETA OBT24+OBT15 color updates.
*Merged latest WIFI driver updates.
*Merged massive update to F2FS from 4.14.y kernel
*Merged latest updates to SDCARDFS from CAF and AOSP.
*Merged latest OEM OP3 4.5.0 kernel updates.

Kernel 2.8 Stable

*Merged OP3/T BETA branch OBT23+OBT14
It's updates to colors switch Srgb and nightmode.
*Merged main line update 3.18.68+69+70!
Many changes to: FS,Kernel Core,NET,BT,SOUND,ARM64,SCSI,LIB,MM
*Merged updates to BINDER CORE from Aosp and main line source.
*Merged updates to F2FS driver.

Kernel 2.7 Stable

*Added busybox mount function to help with working with /system folder.
*Merged latest patches from CAF and AOSP including:
*Merged 3.18.67 patch including: NET,SCHED,Kernel CORE,MM,SOUND updates.
*Fixed selinux not enforced if Magisk installed on EXT4 Data partition!

Kernel 2.6 Stable

*Merged patches 3.18.64 to 3.18.66
Including many many updates to all core drivers and functions.
See GIT if you like to dig in too code changes.
*Merged many updates from CAF and AOSP branches for our device.
*Merged latest OEM OP3/T 4.1.7 update to kernel. (will work just fine with 4.1.6 and BETA too)
*Added new STOCK 4.1.7 kernel to mirror, and new uninstall zip including 4.1.7 stock kernel.
to install this build on 4.1.7 ROM! make sure you had 4.1.7 stock kernel to get all ramdisk updates by OP3!

Kernel 2.5 Stable

*Merged CAF updates including:
*Fixed ROM dev ram access to used RAM by apps, no longer show 0B
*Merged updates to F2FS driver from Android dev list.
*Merged OP3 Devs BETA 12 update that focused on color update for night mode.
*Updated Busybox from source.

Kernel 2.4 Stable

*Merged fix for low CPU frequency after deep sleep for short delay.
*Merged Patch 3.18.62 including: CRYPTO,TTY,FS,KERNEL CORE,MM,NET updates/fixes.
*Merged update for F2FS driver from source.
*Merged update to BINDER driver from CAF big improvement in code structure and functions.
Binder is directly responsible in running apps and services, memory allocator.
*Merged patch for android-verity mount check.
*Merged new code that will shrink and compact RAM each time screen goes off after 3sec.
And only once in 15min! This will help to have always fresh and fast device. For very long time of use 150hours+
*Merged fix for QCOM driver to prevent possible memory leak.
*Merged new update to WIFI driver LA.UM.5.5.r1-05400-8x96.0 open source perfect module!
*Merged massive fix by Awesome DEV @SultanXDA for debug fs code.
*Compiled new Linaro GCC 7.1.1 = new libs and Android Bionic Core, first time such thing was possible!
And compiled Kernel with this massive native android toolchain!
Noticeable speed and global stability feeling!
My BETA team is impressed! 3 days no words in our discord channel hehehe
*Updated Busybox 1.28.0 from source using GCC Linaro 7.1.1

Now it's possible to use OTA Kernel Update App by @Diechel
It's will auto download kernel, install it via TWRP, and show you the change log
Really cool thing! it's donation app. 1$ feel free to donate, or use the website as before
>>> <<<

Kernel 2.3 Stable

*Merged latest update to F2FS driver from source. sync with 4.13.y tree.
*Merged fix for min sched windows when kernel using 300HZ.
*Merged CAF patch to fix bugs and security issues in:
*Merged latest WIFI opensource update LA.UM.5.5.r1-05300-8x96.0
*Merged mods to WIFI driver to reduce battery usage.
*Merged mainline patch 3.18.61 including:
*Merged mod to boost CPU freqs after suspend on wakeup.
*Added SeLinux mode changer in Aroma Installer.
You can set Enforce or Permissive. no apps/magisk modules needed!
*Updated Uninstaller to include selinux mods cleanup.
*Added mount command to be linked to busybox, so apps can remount system and root.
If they are allowed to use ROOT.

Kernel 2.2 Stable

*Merged kernel updates 3.18.59 + 3.18.60
Including USB,FS,Kernel Core,LIB,NET,IOMMU,MM
*Set to deny access from perfd ROM service that can brake CPU gov tuning.
*Tuned Interactive GOV on boot for both cluster,
To deliver great Performance and balanced battery save.
*Tuned Blue_Active Gov default tuning.
*Fixed init.d support from /data/init.d/
*Updated busybox to 1.28.0 made with Linaro gcc 7.1.1 64Bit
*Merged many updates from CAF source for our soc.
*Updated WIFI driver to latest opensource LA.UM.5.5.r1-05100-8x96.0
*Fixed my boot script load on boot to allow better tuning of kernel.
*Fixed not working touch when screen is in half wake state. (liftup, wave gesture)
*Added new driver to allow to limit max freq on both clusters so no other app
or ROM service can set higher. for now not used! and not forced.
I will add controls for it in my app.
*Merged updates to F2FS driver from main source.
*Updated new GCC Linaro 7.1.1 kernel builder 64Bit and made kernel with it.
*Added new controls for CHARGING LIMIT in Aroma installer.
You can set max allowed charge back to 1500ma if you wish!

Kernel 2.1 Stable

*Merged 3.18.58 patch including RAM,USB,NET,FS updates.
*Added overclocking for OP3 Model, one step higher for both clusters, not used by default!

Kernel 2.0 MEGA BOMB Build

Kernel will work with BETA STOCK ROMS!

Including All the in WHAT INSIDE LIST
Tested for long time by fearless beta testers!
And crowned as STABLE.


XDA:DevDB Information
[KERNEL] Dorimanx V3.2 OP3+T Nougat 7.1.1 STOCK 4.5.1 Tree 3.18.84 [28 NOV] PWR CORE, Kernel for the OnePlus 3T

dorimanx, dimberr, Diechel, misterepicwin, vampire36, RyperX, siggey, bipinbedi, Chris7, Leicxan, Radon94
Source Code:

Kernel Special Features: See What Inside list.

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 3.2
Stable Release Date: 2017-11-28

Created 2017-06-25
Last Updated 2017-11-28
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25th June 2017, 05:12 PM |#2  
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One for ME

Some INFO:

ONLY for OP3T!!! do not do this for OP3 model!

If you have Verity Alert on boot that says it's not enforced. and you like to fix it!
Here is how to by @RyperX and @Leicxan

Download modem + firmware 4.02 and the 4.1.6 here:

Reboot to Recovery!

Connect your device to PC with USB cable.

1. Install modem 4.0.2
2. boot to fastboot/bootloader (from recovery menu)
3. apply the 2 commands in this order ("fastboot oem disable_dm_verity", then "fastboot oem enable_dm_verity") using fastboot exe file in your PC

C:\Users\admin>fastboot oem disable_dm_verity
OKAY [ 0.031s]
finished. total time: 0.032s

C:\Users\admin>fastboot oem enable_dm_verity
OKAY [ 0.032s]
finished. total time: 0.034s


4. reboot directly to recovery again using the volume keys and then power key to select recovery!
5. flash modem 4.1.6! or 4.1.7!
6. reboot

Warning of the verity not enforced is gone.
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25th June 2017, 05:13 PM |#3  
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And one more for me
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25th June 2017, 05:14 PM |#4  
Senior Member
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Great you are here

Lets get the OP3t the same lifetime as our LG G2 had
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25th June 2017, 05:26 PM |#5  
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Let the game begin....
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25th June 2017, 05:26 PM |#6  
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Hmm definitely interesting... Will check this kernel out! Nice work by the way...
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25th June 2017, 05:27 PM |#7  
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Happy to see it public 😁

Sent from my OnePlus 3T using XDA Labs
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25th June 2017, 05:38 PM |#8  
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Seems amazing!
Just installed, will edit with small review after few days.
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25th June 2017, 05:57 PM |#9  
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wow.. long time since my g2 <3
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25th June 2017, 06:09 PM |#10  
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Boom Shakalaka

---------- Post added at 06:09 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:07 PM ----------

Originally Posted by RyperX

Great you are here

Lets get the OP3t the same lifetime as our LG G2 had

Should be exceptional until at least Q4 2020, bring people nicely to the OnePlus 8/8T
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25th June 2017, 06:10 PM |#11  
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best battery life, best kernel for op3, dorimanx

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