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By acuicultor, Recognized Contributor / Recognized Developer on 23rd July 2018, 10:11 AM
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For OOS STABLE/OPEN BETAS and CUSTOM ROMS based on OMNI/AOSP running Android 10!!!

/* *** Disclaimer
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war,
* or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research
* if you have any concerns about features included in this KERNEL
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

hi folks for now onwards this thread will have support in it's appropiate xda subforum


XDA:DevDB Information
Radioactive Kernel, Kernel for the OnePlus 6

Source Code:

Kernel Special Features:

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 10.0.8
Stable Release Date: 2018-07-26

Created 2018-07-23
Last Updated 2019-11-19
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23rd July 2018, 10:11 AM |#2  
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* Initial release based on oos beta branch source

* Revert "devfreq: Add a governor whitelist" (acuicultor) [c4828f2cd2a8]
* defconfig regenerate (acuicultor) [461ac0aac4ce]
* cfq-iosched: temporarily boost queue priority for idle classes (Jens Axboe) [e8b7b502e0eb]
* block: set slice_idle to 0 on cfq (DespairFactor) [b8cbe4f4c0d4]
* block: introduce Anxiety I/O scheduler (Tyler Nijmeh) [39661c380c17]
* Make msm_serial_hs RT to improve Bluetooth performance (Philip Cuadra) [94700158c842]
* staging: binder - Set binder_debug_mask=0 to suppress logging (John Dias) [e63042c0841e]
* Revert "PM / Suspend: Print wall time at suspend entry and exit" (Park Ju Hyung) [01f02fd300e3]
* msm: dsi-display: backlight_min shouldn't be lower than 1 (Francisco Franco) [84f03e671667]
* drivers: misc: implement usb fast charge mode (engstk) [eb62a2592a3c]

* [TESTING]Makefile: switch to -O3 (acuicultor) [fa7b77e99efa]
* kernel:sched: add missing define (acuicultor) [452334b4fc97]
* cpufreq: schedutil: Queue sugov irq work on policy online cpu (Maria Yu) [1542135ab798]
* cpufreq: schedutil: Remove CAF predicted load functionality (0ctobot) [5862da72a7f2]
* schedutil: follow CAF's initialization (Park Ju Hyung) [2472d13e95ac]
* cpufreq: schedutil: Expose default rate-limits as config options (Danny Lin) [9acdb39d9b9c]
* cpufreq: schedutil: Improve init protection checks (0ctobot) [2626efb188f8]
* cpufreq: schedutil: cleanup sugov_get_util (Yaroslav Furman) [defff08cd7c7]
* cpufreq: schedutil: Improve and extend init protection (0ctobot) [8f3ca882aefa]
* cpufreq: schedutil: Remove CAF hispeed logic (0ctobot) [d93c453d685a]
* cpufreq: schedutil: Restore stock rate-limit thresholds and apply init protection (0ctobot) [7ceda19f5124]
* cpufreq: schedutil: update warn_on with bug_on (Santosh Mardi) [0a9a69c4ae04]
* cpufreq: Rename cpufreq_can_do_remote_dvfs() (Viresh Kumar) [34ce6db8b2fa]
* cpufreq: schedutil: Hard-code rate-limit thresholds (Sultan Alsawaf) [c21a9ed90289]
* sched/cpufreq: Remove unused SUGOV_KTHREAD_PRIORITY macro (Leo Yan) [e50af747f3ed]
* cpufreq: schedutil: Use idle_calls counter of the remote CPU (Joel Fernandes) [7fe47a6390db]
* sched/cpufreq: Don't pass flags to sugov_set_iowait_boost() (Viresh Kumar) [6b1a80d0424c]
* cpufreq: schedutil: Examine the correct CPU when we update util (Chris Redpath) [4fe99a0de65d]
* cpufreq: schedutil: Always process remote callback with slow switching (Viresh Kumar) [6087f459c6fc]
* sched: cpufreq: Allow remote cpufreq callbacks (Viresh Kumar) [bf9e1d2167ec]
* cpufreq: schedutil: Hardcode up/down_rate_limit_us (Adam W. Willis) [3c9d61f4f671]
* cpufreq: schedutil: Hardcode iowait_boost_enable (Adam W. Willis) [f5d8a2f574b5]
* cpufreq: schedutil: stop freq update when not changing (John Dias) [a7c2882be5fd]
* cpufreq: schedutil: clear cached_raw_freq when invalidated (John Dias) [c3c1fa6e76d3]
* cpufreq: schedutil: Don't set next_freq to UINT_MAX (Viresh Kumar) [fef5f4bb6655]
* cpufreq: schedutil: Avoid using invalid next_freq (Rafael J. Wysocki) [96501a53f4d5]
* cpufreq: schedutil: Fix iowait boost reset (Patrick Bellasi) [d5c5b111bf05]
* cpufreq: schedutil: Use unsigned int for iowait boost (Joel Fernandes) [573e21840d1e]
* cpufreq: schedutil: Make iowait boost more energy efficient (Joel Fernandes) [bc25bf4d3a84]
* sched: Make iowait_boost optional in schedutil (Joel Fernandes) [dfddc1d36c6e]
* SCHEDUTIL: Add back up/down_rate_limit_us (RenderBroken) [bee3fa8bc036]
* cpufreq: Return 0 from ->fast_switch() on errors (Viresh Kumar) [0aa513a941e5]
* cpuidle: Allow enforcing deepest idle state selection (Jacob Pan) [b3165c1dcb14]
* defconfig regenerate (acuicultor) [0035e7c3d5ec]
* tripndroid:iosched: make compatible with 4.9 kernel; cast parameters to unsigned long (freak07) [f9046821e937]
* tripndroid: iosched: improve performance (TripNRaVeR) [7ab53cf3cab8]
* block: fixup the tripndroid i/o scheduler for linux 4.4 (TripNRaVeR) [8b6a8d30e377]
* block: add tripndroid io scheduler (TripNRaVeR) [1a80aa52b836]
* mm: ksm: Optimize defaults (Pranav Vashi) [7c8df9470e90]
* sched: boost: Don't try to kick idle CPU (Artem Labazov) [9e496c1bb6c5]
* sched: set number of iterations to h_nr_running (Uladzislau 2 Rezki) [22e8e120d1e1]
* sched: set loop_max after rq lock is taken (Uladzislau 2 Rezki) [930e7fd8b969]
* sched: check pinned tasks before balance (Uladzislau Rezki) [cfd8ca8934b0]
* BACKPORT: dm bufio: introduce a global cache replacement (Mikulas Patocka) [e3aab30cae78]
* BACKPORT: dm bufio: remove old-style buffer cleanup (Mikulas Patocka) [a714f7ec7698]
* BACKPORT: dm bufio: introduce a global queue (Mikulas Patocka) [dceda7a52f44]
* BACKPORT: dm bufio: refactor adjust_total_allocated (Mikulas Patocka) [4ba113d6c95a]
* BACKPORT: dm bufio: call adjust_total_allocated from __link_buffer and __unlink_buffer (Mikulas Patocka) [2455d52864bb]
* ANDROID: move up spin_unlock_bh() ahead of remove_proc_entry() (DongJoo Kim) [2ac147cf7d62]
* mm/memblock.c: cast constant ULLONG_MAX to phys_addr_t (Stefan Agner) [34d2629334be]
* msm: kgsl: Make the "scratch" global buffer use a random GPU address (Jordan Crouse) [c33ed70256b6]
* msm: kgsl: Use a bitmap allocator for global addressing (Jordan Crouse) [5cb13dc2f8f5]
* msm: kgsl: Execute user profiling commands in an IB (Jordan Crouse) [85f49db67672]
* msm: kgsl: Verify the offset of the profiling buffer (Jordan Crouse) [c58ce10f9a3f]
* ANDROID: regression introduced override_creds=off (Mark Salyzyn) [7aec005e1f10]
* BACKPORT: block: annotate refault stalls from IO submission (Johannes Weiner) [4c11a5b6357d]
* ANDROID: usb: gadget: Fix dependency for f_accessory (Quentin Perret) [6b379c16f56c]
* UPSTREAM: psi: get poll_work to run when calling poll syscall next time (Jason Xing) [380a33db3c30]
* UPSTREAM: sched/psi: Do not require setsched permission from the trigger creator (Suren Baghdasaryan) [dc7bb3a46627]
* UPSTREAM: sched/psi: Reduce psimon FIFO priority (Peter Zijlstra) [96b5b45386bc]
* kernel/sched/fair.c; Turn on sched_min_task_util_for_boost_colocation feature (freak07) [4f118a5bb2cd]
* sysctl: change max swappiness (freak07) [457bc5a2b99d]
* defconfig regenerate (acuicultor) [5bc3b4744af2]
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23rd July 2018, 10:20 AM |#3  
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Nice to see you here my friend laugh:
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23rd July 2018, 10:22 AM |#4  
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Come on!
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23rd July 2018, 10:45 AM |#5  
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Yay, gone official.

What a great start, can't complain so far.
Feels rock-solid in terms of stability, well balanced. It has all the current available kernel features.

Keep up the radioactivity. Great work!
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23rd July 2018, 10:57 AM |#6  
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very good work!!
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23rd July 2018, 11:39 AM |#7  
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The Best kernel of our Op6... Amazing perfomance and battery life

Enviado desde mi ONEPLUS A6003 mediante Tapatalk
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23rd July 2018, 11:50 AM |#8  
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pls add flash light with calls and notifications
23rd July 2018, 12:21 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by VeToX1995

pls add flash light with calls and notifications

Sorry but having led notifications is more than enough in my opinion.
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23rd July 2018, 12:34 PM |#10  
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The Best kernel!! great job👍
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23rd July 2018, 12:39 PM |#11  
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Great!!! Welcome!!
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