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[ROM][9.0][Enchilada] Android Ice Cold Project 14 [Official builds]

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By csolanol, Senior Member on 14th September 2018, 09:00 AM
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Android Ice Cold Project

AICP is known by everyone as the "Ice Cold Project" that started on a Desire HD years ago (2012) and since then has evolved into a mature ROM with the BEST community that you can find!!!

Until Lollipop, the Rom has always been based on AOKP. Unfortunately, since AOKP stopped development (but made a comeback later), we changed our base to CM.
With the re-brand of CM to LineageOS (LOS) we were LOS based with some tweaks from AOSP for Oreo.
Now we use GZOSP as base for all our pie builds.

If there are any bugs, either we will sort them out or the GZOSP team will if it concerns their code base. This rom isn't GZOSP supported, so no need to report errors/bugs to them!!

#include <std_disclaimer.h>

 * Your warranty is now void.
 * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * thermonuclear war or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
 * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
 * you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you. Hard & a lot.

Feature list (rough Overview)

In the beginning we would like to thank:

GZOSP team
LineageOS & CM (R.I.P.) team
@Maxwen and the rest of the OmniRom team
DU team
SlimRoms team
Resurrection Remix team

@LorD ClockaN
plus the rest of the crazy bunch that we call "team"

We are paying for servers that build nightlies/weeklies and everything that comes with it, so EVERY DONATION will really be appreciated and be used to cover those expenses.
Thank you!!

Latest Stable Release: Version 14.0 (Android Pie)

Download link:

Note: Official builds will be deleted from our servers every month due to maintenance services.
We advise everyone to keep at least the latest or best working build on their device as a backup.
Maybe copy it to a cloud service or USB too.

Google Apps:
(version: 9.0, ARM64, micro or nano)


Full Changelog link:
(Click on the device picture to display all available downloads in a list. Click on the corresponding Changlog button.)

for the rest: You tell... :P

For the best experience on Camera we currently recommend xtrme's Google Camera port, which is fully working for us.
(These versions can also handle AR Core & Playground, if you like to use it)

Before using the ROM:
Q. Can I have an ETA for the next build?
A. Yes, just look in the OP to see if your device is built on a nightly or weekly schedule.

Q. Does this ROM support custom kernels officially?
A. No. You can still use them, but discussion should go in the thread of the respective kernel. We don't offer support for bugs you might encounter while using them!

Q. Why doesn't this ROM support Xposed?
A. Xposed is a hack that is geared towards AOSP, custom ROM's modify the framework a lot, so Xposed can cause a ton of issues on custom ROM's. Now it might work for you, however it is not to be discussed in this thread, and you should refrain from posting bug reports.

Q. Alright, but I still want to flash Xposed, so which version do I need to install?
A. You will need to use the version arm64/arm/whatever for SDK 28.

Flashing the ROM:
Q. What do I need to know before flashing?
A. Check the install instructions in the first post...

Q. Can the builds be dirty flashed over each other?
A. Yes, however make a nandroid backup first as there is a chance of getting a bootloop or encountering bugs. Also bugs may only be reported on a clean flash.

Q. How do I dirty flash builds?
A. Wipe the System, Cache and ART/Dalvik cache. Flash the ROM and, reboot to recovery and flash gapps + Magisk if you use it. Or just use the OTA app to preform that task for you.

Q. How do I flash kernel builds?
A1. If it's a .img file, boot into TWRP and go to the install page in TWRP, in the bottom right corner select "install image", select the desired kernel, then select "boot", then swipe to flash, then go back to the install screen and install your root method again, if you don't want to loose root and reboot.
A2. If it's a flashable ZIP, you can flash it together with a ROM update or separately. Go to the install page in TWRP, choose the kernel zip (or add it to the flash queue right after the ROM zip). Then add your root method to the queue if you don't want to loose root. Now swipe to flash, and then reboot.

Using the ROM:
Q. How do I enable software buttons?
A. Go to Aicp Extras/Navigation bar, and enable it.

Q. I installed a bad theme and now I'm getting a bootloop, how do I fix it?
A. In TWRP, flash the substratum rescue zip that's in the substratum folder on the internal storage.

Q. I'm having issues with WhatsApp, how do I fix it?
A. Read this

Q. Do I need to provide a logcat if I'm reporting a bug?
A. If you want it to be fixed faster (or at all) then yes, you should definitely provide a logcat. (Note: Please just link the logcat from your GDrive, Dropbox, etc. and do not post the content here. Thanks.

Q. How do I get a logcat, what type should I get and more questions that can conveniently be answered by my pre-determined answer?
A1. Read this thoroughly. Also, here's a good app for getting logs: (Root needed).
A2. If you are already rooted, you can use the built-in feature to make a logcat and provide that. Just look into the others section in the AICP Extras main page.

The ROM has NO GApps persistence in between dirty flashes.
For further instructions, please read the "flashing" section of this post!

It is STRONGLY recommended to fully wipe your device before flashing and please avoid restoring system apps and system data with Titanium Backup as this can cause stability issues that are very hard to debug.
If you believe you know what you're doing - then fine, go ahead, but please don't complain if you experience any strange behavior.

How to flash:
(Again: Don't do it, if you don't know it!)

Files to download before starting:
* Download stable OxygenOS full zip >= 9.0.3 from here.
(XDA thread for reference)
* Download TWRP image & zip Installer >= 3.2.3-1 from the link provided above
* Download AICP ROM (Link)
* Download latest OpenGapps nano or micro package for ARM64 & Android 9.0 from here

Setting the phone into a "clean" device state and/or flash AICP for the first time:
(e.g. coming from another custom ROM)
  1. Connect the phone to a PC
  2. Reboot to bootloader and boot your device into recovery mode:
    fastboot boot twrp-3.2.3-x_blu_spark_v9.96_op6.img
  3. Wipe System, Data and Caches
  4. Flash the latest OxygenOS zip & Flash TWRP Installer zip
  5. Reboot to Recovery
  6. Flash OxygenOS zip again (to make sure it is on both slots) & TWRP Installer zip
  7. Reboot to Recovery again
  8. Flash the AICP ROM zip
  9. Wipe Data & Cache, not System
  10. Flash TWRP Installer zip
  11. Reboot to Recovery once again
  12. Flash OpenGApps package
  13. Reboot the phone!
  14. Flash latest Magisk (if you want to get rooted) by rebooting to Recovery and flashing the ZIP.

Installing ROM Updates ("dirty flashing") MANUALLY
  1. Reboot to Recovery.
  2. Flash Substratum rescue zip if you have a theme applied or uninstall the theme completely.
  3. Flash the AICP ROM zip & the TWRP Installer zip in a row.
  4. Reboot to Recovery.
  5. Flash OpenGApps package.
  6. Flash Magisk zip, if you want to be rooted.
  7. Reboot.

Note 1: ** NEVER switch boot slots manually from recovery.**
Note 2: When booting or rebooting don't try to unlock the device with fingerprint for the first time. Just unlock it with pin/pattern/password. Once unlocked for the first time you can use fingerprint.
Note 3: The root solution must be flashed together with every ROM Update, because TWRP installer removes root!

Currently Supported Root Solutions:

Magisk stable

PREREQUISITE FOR OTA ("Over-The-Air") Updates:
  • IMPORTANT: Doing an OTA update through the App will NOT delete GApps or Magisk or userdata, BUT will definitely remove TWRP as of now!
  • (Following updates can of course be flashed via the Updater app without having re-installed TWRP)
  • Please make sure the device is charged above 30% before installing.
  • The process will be done in background while you can continue to use the device.
  • It is possible to to priorize the process to make it faster.
  • It is possible to "just" download the update & export it to flash it for example later or manually.

If you want to contribute to the AICP or want see what is being worked on/merged, feel free to visit our Gerrit code review system. (Link is at the bottom!!!)

Kernel source:
Device tree source:

ROM & Additional links:
AICP Gerrit Code Review
AICP on Github

AICP Discord server

ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
Kernel: Linux 4.9.x

Version Information:
Status: WEEKLY

You want to see a "normal" night at the "DEV office", click here!!

XDA:DevDB Information
AICP, ROM for the OnePlus 6

csolanol, wartomato, semdoc
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
ROM Firmware Required: OOS Stable 9.0.4
Based On: GZOSP

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 14

Created 2018-09-14
Last Updated 2019-04-13
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14th September 2018, 09:02 AM |#2  
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14th September 2018, 09:03 AM |#3  
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14th September 2018, 09:04 AM |#4  
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Oos cam?
14th September 2018, 09:07 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by se7ensde

Oos cam?

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14th September 2018, 09:31 AM |#6  
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Any screen shot ??
14th September 2018, 10:10 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by Shakib123

Any screen shot ??

really are screenshots needed?
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14th September 2018, 10:21 AM |#8  
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Great work bro

Any major bugs?
14th September 2018, 10:24 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by csolanol

really are screenshots needed?

Not really, this awesome work is enough. Thanks for bringing us AICP.

Originally Posted by JDR0iD

Great work bro

Any major bugs?

Yes, no screenshots. LOL.
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14th September 2018, 10:34 AM |#10  
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Before start to flash it:

* Download 5.1.11 Firmware OnePlus6Oxygen_22_OTA_015_all_1808102118_770880.zi p and move to your internal SDCard.

* Download TWRP: twrp-3.2.3-0-enchilada.img
* Download TWRP installer zip: and move that to your internal SD card.
* Download AICP Weekly and copy to your internal SD card.
* Download latest OpenGapps nano package for arm64 and copy to your internal SD card.

1. Go to bootloader mode and boot your device into recovery mode: (use the lastest official TWRP)


fastboot boot twrp-3.2.3-0-enchilada.img

2. wipe system, data and caches

3. flash OnePlus6Oxygen_22_OTA_015_all_1808102118_770880.zi p + TWRP installer zip in a row.

4. reboot to recovery

5. flash OnePlus6Oxygen_22_OTA_015_all_1808102118_770880.zi p again.

This way, we are sure that we have same firmware on both A&B slot's.

6. Boot into system

Now, we are ready to flash AICP

a. Go to recovery again. ( TWRP was flashed already...)

b. Wipe system, data and caches

c. Flash + TWRP installer

d. Reboot to recovery

e. Flash GAPPS + Magisk 17.1 (optiional)

f. Reboot to system.

On dirty flash:

** Repeat steps between a-f.

You have to flash TWRP installer after every update then boot into other slot and flash GAPPS + Magisk (optional)


** NEVER switch slots manually from recovery.

Enjoy !!!
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14th September 2018, 02:04 PM |#11  
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Installed it and now testing good work for the amazing ROM
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