[WORKING] Force enable VOLTE - VOWIFI on OP7 PRO

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virtyx Senior Member
Hi guys

after a lot of back and forth between OP and Qualcomm i finally got the qualcomm drivers for the Oneplus 7 pro

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1K-...j3aF9oD38-XGx1 - INSTALL THESE DRIVERS LAST.

to enable VOLTE/VOWIFI:
CREDIT TO : jamal2367

Originally Posted by dagoban


If you are on Vodafone and you are having problems with Telefonica_UK_Commercial, try India-VoLTE-Vodafone instead.
The name of the country doesn't matter, its all about the actual configuration settings stored in the profile.
you can select profiles of your chosing and report back your country, carrier, and settings you got to get it working and we'll keep a list

The German carriers have enabled VoLTE for quite some time already and OnePlus has officially enabled the feature, but we were still not able to actually use it, only to show it in the settings because the carriers have not distributed OnePlus with the appropiate settings for VoLTE + VoWiFi.

Original credits go to jamal2367 from https://android-hubo.de/thread/8203-...n-de-ohne-root

With root-->magisk--> Module VoEnabler 1.2 by Toucan-->enable it
w/o root--> open the dialer: *#800# --> oneplus Logkit --> Function Switch --> enable VoLTE + VoWifi switch

You can break your phone, so know what you do

1)To be safe, make a backup via TRWP of your EFS partition BEFORE you flash anything! If you're not rooted, do a nandroid backup via fastboot

2) Download and install:
Just use the standard settings and click on OK, next, ...

3) Connect your phone to your laptop via USB

4) open dialer app and enter *#801#
Set Serial and Full-port switch to ON

5) Open "PDC" in your QPST start menu folder, best to do by right click & "run as administrator"
Select your device, right click on "Oversea-Commercial_DS" and deactivate Sub0 and Sub1
Click on Oversea-Commercial_DS again and click on remove -- DO NOT CLICK REMOVE, JUST DE-ACTIVATE IT - your settings stick after a reboot, so no longer need to remove the profile (at least on my device my profiles stick, also makes it easier to go back to default)

6) Close the app and reopen it

Select India-VoLTE-Vodafone or Telefonica_UK_Commercial, right click and SetSelectedConfig for both Sub0 and Sub1

Click on the profile from step 7 again and click on Activate
Yes, select UK/India even if you are located in another region (see above for comfirmed locations + carriers)

9) Restart your phone

10) Voila, you now have working VoLTE + VoWiFi

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tasoskio Senior Member
confirm Greece-cosmote working thanks @virtyx
both volte-vowifi

settings used:H3G Denmark commercial
and magisk module VoLTE & VoWiFi Enabler
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virtyx Senior Member
Originally Posted by tasoskio

confirm Greece-cosmote working thanks @virtyx
both volte-vowifi

lets keep this basic for other people.
can you fill the below.

Settings used:
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virtyx Senior Member
can we please move this to "guides news and discussions" please.
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larsdennert Senior Member
Is this a flash zip that adds additional capability?

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thedamnone Member
I don't have "enable VoLTE + VoWifi switch" in the LogKit->Function Switch menu. My model number is GM1913.

Edit: there's an updated LogKit apk that fixes this in the other VoLTE thread.
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Fik2207 Junior Member
Works perfect with new driver on O2 Czech Republic
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virtyx Senior Member
Originally Posted by Fik2207

Works perfect with new driver on O2 Czech Republic

guys when replying with a working volte/vowifi can you please fill in this:

Settings used:

just so others know what settings work and which dont.

great to hear its working for you all!!!
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Fik2207 Junior Member
Works perfect with new driver on carrier O2 - Czech Republic - settings by Telefonica_UK_Commercial
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lucyr03 Senior Member
Anyone tried Orange Romania?
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