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Corv0 17th March 2019 05:59 AM

Galaxy S10+ Battery Optimisation guide
After my truth revealing updates and posts are deleted by the team with the excuse of them being "offensive" when there's clearly no offence, I decided you don't deserve any of this, your right to generate traffic using my content is forfeit.

The guide will not be updated:

I'm not going to update this guide or answer any question anymore.

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dominicstg2 17th March 2019 07:33 AM


Originally Posted by Corv0 (Post 79135266)

Many users have asked more details on how I achieved my battery life results, this guide will cover some basic settings and behaviors that are proven or supposed to reduce energy consumption, no root involved.

Power results to expect:

7-9h SoT: Mainly 4G, mid to max brightness, navigation applications and outdoors utilities.
9-11h SoT: Your average work day, 50% max brightness and 4G, 50% half brightness or less on WiFi, mainly video playing, communication and web browsing applications.
11-14h SoT: Same as above but with lowered screen brightness and no 4G.
Gaming applications automatically forfeit any battery report due to too many variables. I can’t include them, but your gaming time will certainly last longer if you follow everything.

According to what has been seen on forums, Snapdragon versions seem to perform considerably worse than Exynos ones regarding power consumption and they should be expected to not last as much, I’m still waiting to see a side by side battery test between the two, please mention your model when posting screenshots.

Initial Setup

Just a few options here:
  • Avoid restoring backups from older/previous devices, Google’s app data restoring system has been known to permanently influence Play Services’ drain.
  • Smart Switch is also bugged, do not use it, everyone saw better results by skipping it.
  • Set up as new and import only what you need.


Night Theme
Black/Night themes will reduce power consumption without doubt while helping your AMOLED maintain quality for the future, your Quickpanel has a simple shortcut to enable Night mode system-wide and on supported Samsung applications, keep it on all the time if possible.

Your Quickpanel is not actually black in Night mode (85% black), it also forces your device to drop frames every time it is summoned by blurring the background, a very expensive and unnecessary effect.
  1. Download Good Lock from the Galaxy store
  2. Open QuickStar, set BG Color to black (make sure to run the bar to the darkest end) and disable Blur effect.

As smooth and elegant as OneUI Home can look, it is stupidly heavy on the GPU, especially when launching the app drawer (unnecessary blur effect again), you can see Nova and OneUI Home compared:
  • Nova: No frames dropped
  • OneUI: Dropping frames EVERY single time the drawer is summoned, keeps dropping several scrolls later too.
You can make Nova look exactly the same as stock OneUI while having more features and better performance.

Background wallpapers
Darker wallpapers will help, but overall no big deal.
Animated wallpapers are expensive, you’re not going to stare at them, keep your wallpapers static and your animations in the gallery.

  • More connection settings: Disable Nearby device scanning, it’s mostly used to push ads whenever you’re around malls and shops.
  • Private DNS: Set your DNS to 1dot1dot1dot.cloudflare-dns.com, Cloudflare’s DNS will greatly improve your browsing speeds. This setting will also make it harder for Google to track you around the web, you will be blacklisted from Google Opinion Rewards by keeping it on, if you do not use Google Opinion Rewards then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Location services

Biometrics and Security, Location, disable everything under Improve accuracy, you don’t need this on this phone, nobody does, modern GPS systems are already accurate enough indoors to not justify having to scan for Wifi SSIDs or Bluetooth even when they're off.


Dolby Atmos requires some additional processing to handle the extra channels, if you do not hear any quality difference, keep it off.


FHD+ (2280 x 1080) and WQHD+ (3040 x 1440) will look exactly the same to the untrained eye.
WQHD+ will to make your GPU worry about 23% more pixels, it will result in:
-30min off your average SoT day
-25% less autonomy in 3D games
I personally couldn’t go back to 1080p after upgrading all my displays. All my SoT screenshots have been taken on 1440p settings.


Most apps can be disabled from Settings, Apps, for apps that can’t be disabled that way, I recommend using this guide if you are unfamiliar with Adhell.
After disabling everything related to Facebook (use alternative apps if you really need it), do not keep duplicate active services that do the same kind of tasks;
  • If you are using Gboard as keyboard, disable Samsung Keyboard and Keyboard Neural beta
  • If you are not using OneUI Home then disable OneIU Home and Bixby Home.
  • You can safely disable Bixby itself if you prefer Google Assistant or no assistant at all.
You can apply the same principle to all the system apps you think aren’t useful to you, this will greatly reduce RAM usage and CPU wakelocks/alarms.

Battery Monitors
They’re not free to use, they drain energy by logging, everything does.
Unless you’re specifically checking for rogue apps attacking your battery, get rid of Accubattery or similar apps.

  • The two best keyboards I know are Gboard and Samsung keyboard, I do not like and cannot recommend any other.
  • Your keyboard should also be black at all times, that will result in at least 30% less power waste when typing, Gboard and Samsung Keyboard have their own themes for that.
  • Disable anything that makes your buttons clicking sounds or vibrations, it’s unnecessary, energy expensive and has been demonstrated to not improve your typing performance in any way.

Device Care
Good utility, but you shouldn’t run it manually and you shouldn’t kill apps with it, instead:
  • Enable Auto optimisation, set it some-when during your sleep.
  • Enable Auto restart, no Operating System is immune to bugs manifesting by staying on for too long, make your device restart itself at least every 3 days, when you sleep, and at least 10 minutes after auto optimisation is supposed to run.
  • Disable Security, Samsung is getting paid to put this McAfee crap in their firmware, in the EU it will be disabled by default since it is also a tracker not initially included in any other contract from Samsung.
  • If you accidentally enable it, go to Apps, look for Device Security, and wipe data, that will disable it.
Android does not need an Antivirus, you will not get malware unless you install modified apps with unofficial signatures (the Play Store still has malware too, stay away from shady apps), if you often try third party apps from the outside, make sure your apks are clean by uploading them to www.virustotal.com.
If you suspect your phone has been infected and you can’t identify the package, install a better Antivirus software such as Bitdefender or Avira, but I don’t recommend keeping them installed unless you are playing with high risk applications all the time.

Sleeping apps
Sleeping apps puts unused (not in your multitasker) apps to sleep, alike pressing X on a desktop Operating System.
Since most apps are badly optimised and using Android’s great RAM management to keep them alive only results in more wakelocks and drain, Samsung deserves a lot of respect for letting us do this without third party apps such as Brevent or Greenify.
You need to have Outlook installed on your phone to follow those annoying work e-mails, but you’re tired of notifications? Put it to sleep.

Put every app to sleep unless:
  • You need notifications from it
  • You use it often


Animations are expensive and make your system appear slower, reducing them will help by making your GPU draw less frames.
They can be sped up or disabled from Developer options, I recommend .5x for a good balance, to enable developer options:
  • Settings, about phone, software information, repeatedly tap on Build number until you magically become a developer.
Additional animations can be removed by enabling Reduce animations in Advanced features and Remove Animations in Accessibility, Visibility enhancements.


  • If you are using Adhell, that’s your best adblocker for Knox devices.
  • https://raw.githubusercontent.com/St...s/master/hosts is the best collection of hosts, make sure your Adhell is whitelisting Analytics domains, you will notice these domains being spammed under “Domains blocked in past 24 hours”, Android will keep trying to reach those domains until they are whitelisted.
  • If you don’t want to use Adhell for whatever reason, Blokada is an excellent VPN-based adblocker that is way less invasive and does not seem to impact battery, use it with the recommended hosts and keep it on at all times, enable always on if you notice it getting killed often.

When trying to put a private dns I added it and lose data and Wi-Fi it spazes out if I turn the private dns off it's fine. I am from Australia would that be any? 1dot1dot1dot.cloudflare-dns.com is it this or 1.1.1..cloudflare-dns.com

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Also what do you suggest is good alternative for facebook

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madvinegar 17th March 2019 11:03 AM

What is your opinion about "adaptive power saving" in performance options?
Should we turn it on?

Shuthefrontdoor 17th March 2019 02:49 PM

Very helpful thank you

Corv0 17th March 2019 03:02 PM


Originally Posted by madvinegar (Post 79136650)
What is your opinion about "adaptive power saving" in performance options?
Should we turn it on?

It should be on, I forgot to include it, thank you.

@dominicstg2 It might not work well in every region, in that case you can just skip it.

A great alternative to facebook is Face Slim

Notefan161 17th March 2019 06:20 PM

some great tips there thank you

so if you are struggling battery life wise should you go from QHD to FHD or does it make no real difference? and would you say having a blue wallpaper would drain a lot more than a black wallpaper?

Corv0 17th March 2019 08:18 PM


Originally Posted by Notefan161 (Post 79139344)
some great tips there thank you

so if you are struggling battery life wise should you go from QHD to FHD or does it make no real difference? and would you say having a blue wallpaper would drain a lot more than a black wallpaper?

FHD will definitely help but I find vision quality to be a higher priority over half an hour or more of battery per full cycle, it's totally up to you.

Blue wallpapers will in theory drain more than any other colour, this Dynamic AMOLED's blue subpixel is much larger than the others, but you won't feel the difference unless you stay still on your home page for long periods of time.

madvinegar 17th March 2019 11:16 PM

Also one small correction if I may. The correct DNS should be 1dot1dot1dot1.cloudflare-dns.com
(you forgot the last 1 at the end). :D

sam20e 18th March 2019 01:41 AM

very helpful post. Thank you @Corv0

Corv0 18th March 2019 03:14 AM


Originally Posted by madvinegar (Post 79141024)
Also one small correction if I may. The correct DNS should be 1dot1dot1dot1.cloudflare-dns.com
(you forgot the last 1 at the end). :D

Wow indeed, I shouldn't have typed it from memory, thanks.
@dominicstg2 try the correct one.

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