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avgjoegeek 2nd December 2010 06:00 PM

Strange we have many FAQ's WIKI's, Great topics on <x> subject - but not one place for the suffering new user to go to. After even myself duplicating topics that have been posted multiple times it is my hope to create this topic to help guide the newly wayward Captivate user to the correct topic and keep the repeated topics down a bit.


This is going to be a long long post - so make sure you use your CTRL-F in your Browser :)

Special Credits go to the following for putting together the information. I'm just the one gathering it up. So if something you read here helps - make sure to DONATE to them. Also if I have forgot to list you and you wish to be credited? PM me and I'll be happy to add you.

Design Gears


Also some tips before Posting your Question!
  • Use the SEARCH FEATURE on the Forum and keep your search simple. (ex. GPS, Bricked, Shutdown etc..) Odds are your issue has been posted and answered a few times.
  • Follow the Rules: Failure to do so could get you banned or worse ridiculed!
  • Be Courteous and Patient! - If your posted is filled with expletives and I hate this phone, and you come off as being overall rude? Don't expect an answer and expect your post to get removed and you possibly banned.

1) What USB Drivers should I get for my computer to recognize my Captivate? These are the drivers I have used on both a Windows XP 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit machines - so I know they work.
  • For Windows 64bit Click here.
  • For Windows 32-bit Click here.

2) How do I Root my Captivate?
By far the easiest method that I've been able to use is CLShortFuse's One-Click Root and Allow Non-Market Apps. It is a VERY SIMPLE application to use.: Click HERE to go to the post to read about it and download the application.

There is a new tool out there that is a "do-it-all-in-one" called AIO - I would check out the post here and check out the youtube video. This tool appears to do it all.

And users have asked what do I lose if I root my phone. The short answer is nothing! You will not lose any settings, pictures, media, application data etc. But you do gain a lot! I would suggest reading about rooting your device here to learn more about the benefits to rooting your phone.

3) Oh crap I have "bricked" my device!
Um no you didn't. Unless you are unable to get the phone to power on, or it will not be recognized by your computer it is not bricked. "Most" (as in 99.99999%) of the time you can get the phone back into download mode and then ODIN 1-Click back to stock. I would highly recommend going to the links posted before reading the methods I have below them.

Go to DesignGears Odin3 One-Click back to Stock thread and do what it says there.

You should also go to bobbylx's READ ME BEFORE FLASHING!!!! Thread as well by clicking here.

If your phone is still able to get to CWM You can download the stock OTA JH7 from this thread here! I would still recommend the Odin 1-Click method as it will definitely wipe all the gremlins from your phone.

You can watch this tutorial on youtube here if you wish. Credit to BlinkPhaseVideos for the tutorial.

If for some strange reason you absolutely cannot get the phone into download mode you can try one of two things:

The first method - It will take a few tries to get the timing just right so be patient:
  • Unplug your Device
  • Pull out the SIM, External SD Card, and Battery
  • Plug in the mini-USB Cable back into your phone.
  • While holding down BOTH Up/Down Volume Buttons re-insert the battery.
If you get the "grey battery charging" screen. Then you will need to try and re-attempt it as it didn't work. You should get the download screen and be ready to go back to stock.

Build a Jig to force the phone to go into download mode by reading this thread here.

Mind you this is not for the feint at heart and AT&T warranty centers might be a better option then completely frying your phone.

4) My Phone is Randomly Rebooting or Shutting down after I do <insert whatever action it was doing when it did it here.>

I was informed of two separate posts here and here and now here.

If you have a build 1008 phone and the IMEI # matches what is in this thread here then you might get a replacement device.

Feel free to try what they are posting on there and who knows? You might get lucky. But the overall consensus from what I've read is that if your phone is shutting down and it's not related to some errant application, a custom ROM, or you dipped it in water then it is hardware related and you will want to do a warranty replacement. (No warranty - OUCH! That $4.99 a mo seems pretty trivial now eh?)

5) My GPS is not working because of <insert your random thought/idea here>?
There are two awesome posts on the developer forums on thought, ideas, potential fixes that will at least help if not completely fix your GPS. Keep in mind a lot of this is speculation, personal user experiences, and some folks just madly mashing buttons and getting lucky and having no clue as to how they fixed it.

If your not having GPS issues GREAT! You don't need this then!

My personal favorite thread as it has a lot of information about how GPS works is the [GPS/AGPS] REAL solution analysis thread (Jupiter Tweaks) thread. ***Note: This is most likely only for Froyo 2.2 ROM's.

Another one that has a lot of information and might possibly work for your is:
GPS Flawless/I am requesting XDA Community and Developers to please read!!

6) So.. You think your ready to Install that Awesome <insert Name of ROM here> ROM that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE?
Uh-uh... not until you have read here first. This is that sticky topic that says "Read BEFORE flashing!!". This is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT reading you can do before you start flashing as it shows you how to backup and restore your device.

Then you need to read up on nbs11's guide on his [GUIDE] How to Install a Custom ROM by going here. This guide is VERY easy to read and can apply to most of the custom ROMs that utilize a *.zip to install. ***edit - now includes a video(s) on youtube on how to install that custom ROM.

And failing to follow the developer/cooker's instructions to the "T" could cause catastrophic issues with your phone and yes... possibly bricking your device. Make sure when you go to the ROM you wish to install that you read their install instructions as it could slightly differ from other ROMs out there.

7) So your Battery is Going Down to 0% faster than your USB can Charge Your Phone?

This - by far is probably the best thread I have read about the subject. Although some of it might be speculation - it does seem to be pretty solid work. I would suggest reading this post:How to isolate and fix battery drain (and maybe lag, too) and then see if your battery performance improves.

I hope this guide helps you out. I wish I had known this information before I started flashing ROMs.

avgjoegeek 2nd December 2010 06:01 PM

Important Links with Additional Information about your Captivate
I have found all of these quite helpful. If you think your post should be added please PM me!

Wiki's and How-TO Basics!
The XDA Samsung Captivate Wiki
XDA and Android Terms and Acronyms Thanks to jmtheiss for creating this. Basic guide to XDA and your Captivate :)
AIO Captivate Toolbox: This is the all in one tool that allows you to do everything from install drivers, root your phone, and install custom ROM's. If your new this might be the tool for you to use.
Samsung HOW-TO Wiki (3rd Party Link)
The Main XDA Wiki: Lists all the phones that XDA has in their forums. Also has additional information there.
ADB for Dummies! - ADB is probably one of my best tools for tweaking my phone (and restoring stuff I break). If your going to be changing your phone around at all - READ THIS THREAD

Theming Your Phone
Captivate Theme Sticky: Go here to see all of the different themes/tweaks/mods for your Captivate phone.
MetaMorph Home Page on XDA - This is a 3rd party application that will modify the look of your phone without you having to modify any type of *.apk files yourself.
Circle Battery Mods - How to change your default Battery Icon on your status bar.
Transparent Widgets - Just what it says. But please be careful and understand what you are doing before attempting these mods.

avgjoegeek 17th December 2010 03:30 PM

Common Sense Before Posting Your Question - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ

Before you post a question on XDA - Please make sure you have utilized the SEARCH Feature - as your issue has probably been answered at least once.

If your going to post a question, make sure it makes sense! i.e. a bad example is ZOMFGBBQSAUCE WTF DO I DO!!!1111!!!!111!!!!!! vs. Phone is Soft Bricked After Attempting to Odin 1 Click. Which one do you think people are going to know how to answer by looking at the topic? Just saying..

In the body of your text it will be very helpful if you do the following:
  • State clearly the issue - bricked my phone etc.
  • What ROM are you currently using?
  • What is the EXACT ERROR of the issue you are reporting?
  • Is your phone rooted?
  • Did you have USB Debugging turned on?

If you fail to put pertinent information such as the above - there is no way for anyone to answer your question.

And.. this shouldn't need to be said but I'm adding it anyways...

Be patient. Be polite. Just because you cannot understand something does not mean u can show your frustration at folks here.

Of course this does not encompass all questions - mainly this is useful for when something goes wrong with your phone.

qwertyaas 17th December 2010 03:59 PM

Good resource to put everything together.

avgjoegeek 20th December 2010 03:00 PM

w00t Sitckied! Thanks!

Mr.Pirate 29th January 2011 06:42 AM

JF6 to JF7 Kies Mini Update. Is it necessarily?
Question guys. After using Odin to obtain JF6, do I need to use Kies mini to get to JF7 to be able to use another ROM or I can just master clear everything and from JF6 install a new ROM? Asking because I bricked my phone trying to do OTA to JF7. Got a replacement phone. The boot loader is shot probably so its safe to say my Captivate is bricked. It won't power on at all. I think upgrading to JF7 is pointless but need your expert advice. Thanks.

Jemack 30th January 2011 09:35 PM

I have never upgraded from jf6 to jf7 before I flashed another rom, never had any issues. Think it would be an unnecessary step if you are planning to flash over out anyway.

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using XDA App

avgjoegeek 31st January 2011 10:23 PM


Originally Posted by Mr.Pirate (Post 10975533)
Question guys. After using Odin to obtain JF6, do I need to use Kies mini to get to JF7 to be able to use another ROM or I can just master clear everything and from JF6 install a new ROM? Asking because I bricked my phone trying to do OTA to JF7. Got a replacement phone. The boot loader is shot probably so its safe to say my Captivate is bricked. It won't power on at all. I think upgrading to JF7 is pointless but need your expert advice. Thanks.

After you use ODIN back to JF6 - you can then upgrade back up to any ROM the Dev Forums have available.

The only caveat to this - is READ THEIR INSTRUCTIONS! Some are highly experimental and require you to install them different from the standard CWM install method. (i.e. Cyanogen and the Gingerbread port going around).

SeanHacker 6th February 2011 01:30 AM

i wish this thread was around when i first started out a while back. good job on this one guys.

YoungGun821 7th February 2011 06:34 AM

Can someone post something that shows how to install a theme? I have flashed a custom rom and see a theme I wanna install on it. (Already downloaded the .zip file for it, not sure what to do next)

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