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jeffsanace 18th April 2012 04:27 AM

{HELP} Interactive Help Forum!{TUTORIALS} Where questions are encouraged!
Many very accomplished Devs, themers and modders are available and ready to help others. With that said, this is an open invitation for anyone to post and ask for help or advise on how to do anything Android related. There is a wealth of knowledge here on XDA, and I believe that it should be shared.

NOTE***Most of these tutorials are for sense devices, but would love to see this become a thread for everyone.

NOTE***If you have a mod tutorial that you would like linked in the OP, pm me with the tutorial and I will link it.

A few easy rules to follow......

This will be a friendly forum, with no flaming for asking questions. Without someone asking questions, there simply are NO answers.

This is not a thread where someone will do everything for you, it is intended to teach. So get your pencils ready.

Please make sure you show respect to those that have helped you, after all, they don't have to. Hitting a THANKS is sufficient.

To start things off here are a boat load of tutorials that my friends and I have compiled that are very helpful, as well as links to tools that are commonly needed. I will add more tutorials periodically, so check back often.

All these people are to be commended for their efforts in helping others become better devs, themers and modders. I personally have learned a ton from all of them.

Guide/Tutorial Links
Fernando Sor's "text color guide"

pstevep's "m10 and you (a love story)"

Vinchenzop's "metamorph guide"

Average Joes' Notification Dropdown Text Color Changes/Status Bar Changes (Sense 3.0) Tutorial

il Duce's post linking multiple tutorials bunch of links, just check it.

theimpaler747's Want to learn how to theme [Guide]

KBanause's Guide for Android 2.3 for aosp

freeza's transparent notification pulldown guide

tommytomatoe's What You Know about Rosie

platinumandroid's themebuilding101.txt

steal25's adb tutorial links and skin tutorial

eg1122's guide to sense 3.0 editor

hockeyfamily737's Miui Theme Guide

dkdude's .9.png editing guide

fernando sor's hex editing guide

eg1122's change dialer text doc

whiterider13's odex info

fernando sor's custom background or text tutorial

eg1122's how to setup sense 3.0 editor

slayer69's .9.png doc

Papa Smurf151's .9.png addendum

steal25's How to zipalign

steal25's twrp 2.0 theme info

dased14's bootanimation guide

tommytomatoe's sense transparency guide

knightwolf123's Skins thread and Skin guides

genetic_shift's lockscreen background png name

jeffsanace's M10 modification tutorials

dropzeroc's Guide to enable wallpaper scrolling and disable carousel animations

dropzeroc's mod for wallpaper scrolling and disable carousel animations

il duce's sense lockscreen mods

il duce's sense minimalize lockscreen music widget

KemikalElite's Ultimate Phone Guide

Adding an animated dropdown (sense 3.0) Tutorial written by Gunthermic (original mod by Gruesome Wolf)

Ajthescot's setting up Android SDK for windows 7

Bill Bowers tutorial on adding transparency to most of sense 3.0 (original mod by Fernando Sor)

Fernando Sor's addition to Bill Bowers sense transparency tutorial

il Duce's tutorial on how to make lockscreen shortcuts and text straight(sense 3.0)

mDroidd's "Studio Android" Modding made easier (windows support coming soon)


- Papa Smurf151's {Dev Tools} Everything Android
- tommytomatoe's Android Utility for linux/mac
- Papa Smurf151's version of apk manager
- links to Xultimate
- 7zip - I use it all the time, you can alter zips quickly and easily.
- M10 Tools - If you are going to theme sense 3.0 at all, you will need this.
- Notepad ++ - Essential for editing xmls, scripts, etc.
- gimp - Great tool for editing images, especially if you don't want to pay for photoshop.
- APK Tool - For decompiling and recompiling apks.
- APK Manager - It incorporates APK Tool, but makes it a little more user friendly.

pstevep 18th April 2012 04:28 AM


I like where your head is at.

knightwolf123 18th April 2012 04:44 AM

A great idea :D look forward to reading until my brain hurts! All joking aside, allot of great information here. I hope to contribute in the quest for ultimate customization. Btw, Jeff your work always rocks. I learned allot from your examples :)

GrimReaper24 18th April 2012 04:45 AM


Originally Posted by pstevep (Post 24991417)

I like where your head is at.

Lmao Nice thread :D

pstevep 18th April 2012 04:48 AM


Originally Posted by reaper24 (Post 24991819)
Lmao Nice thread :D


It's beautiful.

Now I just need duce, fern, Thomas, vin, steal, silver, dased, and of course miss v and the whole thing will be complete.

dased14 18th April 2012 04:53 AM

Great job Jeff, I've learned a lot from the other one happy to help in any way I can

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jeffsanace 18th April 2012 05:40 AM

Anyone unable to post from phone?

Recognized " Bad Seed "

silverxbv2 18th April 2012 06:04 AM

It's working now it looks like. Just not from the link you posted. Anyways, great idea on starting this up here in this section. We should have this thread up in the 3k post range in no time.

Sent from my ADR6425LVW

GrimReaper24 18th April 2012 06:36 AM


Originally Posted by pstevep (Post 24991928)

It's beautiful.

Now I just need duce, fern, Thomas, vin, steal, silver, dased, and of course miss v and the whole thing will be complete.

Nice post man and I really do mean a great post. Hopefully it takes off really well. .. I was laughin at what you posted early on which for some reason was pretty funny.

I don't think it will be long before the whole crew shows up on here :D

dkdude36 18th April 2012 06:40 AM

well hello peeps

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