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WARNING: You'll most probably loose ALL your data, and might break your phone. Please use with extreme caution!

The goal of this ROM is to provide full Treble-compatible hardware support, and nothing else.
This means that hardware which DON'T have Treble API won't be supported, like Essential's external camera.
No feature will be added. This will ease forward porting to new Android versions, which is the very goal of Project Treble

My hope is that other ROM developers will use this ROM as a basis to construct more advanced ROM.

For a list of supported devices, consult and fill

How to flash:
Follow instructions available at

v29 (2019-03-06):
- March security patch
- Fix MT6739 incoming SMS and mobile data

v27 (2019-01-08):
- January security patch
- arm32_binder64 variant
- Minor stuff

v25 (2018-09-07)
- September security patch
- [Mi 6X/Mi Pad 4] Fix backlight
- [Mi Mix 2S] Disable fingerprint button behaviour
- [Galaxy S9/Note 9]
- Fix (some) MTK incoming call
- Fix a2dp on some devices
- Fix boot on some devices

v23 (2018-08-07):
- August security patch
- Fixes tethering on some Qualcomm devices (Thanks @notsyncing)
- Enable Ambient Display for everyone
- Add an off-computer flasher (first step towards OTA)
- Fixes MTP
- Fixes fingerprint on Moto devices
- Change Huawei quick charge based on device (Thanks @Dil3mm4 )
- Fixes camera on Moto devices
- Fix notches height for some devices (Thanks @tadiT7)

v22 (2018-07-03):
- July security patches
- Fixes Samsung Galaxy S9 fingerprint enrollment
- Fix in-call audio for Pixel 2
- Disable night mode on some MTK for which it is very slow
- Fix wifi tethering on some configurations

v21 (2018-06-27):
- [OnePlus 6] Fix booting on A slot
- [OnePlus 6] Fix userdata filesystem size
- [OnePlus 6] Include a framework-res overlay (fixes auto backlight, improve battery-life, ...)
- Fix status bar height for notches on various devices (Thanks @tadiT7)
- [Samsung Galaxy S9 Qualcomm] Fix backlight
- Fix webview in Android Go variant
- Fix audio jack for some devices
- Fix H264 encoding on Huawei (Thanks @OldDroid)
- Fix backlight on some SDM845 devices (Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Xiaomi Mi8)

v20 (2018-06-07):
- June Android security patch level
- New experimental FLOSS variant (check sources for list of apps)
- [OnePlus6] Fixes backlight
- [OnePlus6] Partial support for DnD slider
- Fixes bug on some A/B devices where device would stop booting after several success

v19 (2018-06-03):
- Huawei fast charge (Thanks @flex1911 and @OldDroid)
- Fix MTK TrustKernel TEE (those devices will need to factory reset!)
- Support 32bits Android 8.0 devices
- Rewrite Security Patch Level for Android 8.1 devices, and A/B devices as well. Should fix boot for some devices.
- Enable GPU profiling on Huawei devices to fix UI glitches
- Fixed Modded Google Camera installation
- Use round icons
- Enable doze
- New Android Go variant
- On Huawei devices add "Swipe fingerprint for notifications" option
- Releases are now compressed with xz. Uncompress before flashing.

v18 (2018-05-14):
- Update to Android Security Patch level 2018-05-01
- Disable HW keystore on mediatek devices using trustedkernel, until it is fixed
- Re-enable Huawei navigation keys (Thanks @LuK1337 and OpenKirin team)
- Fixes android build version/security patch level (might lead to stuck on bootanimation some devices)
- Enable NightMode for everyone
- Enable automatic backlight with Huawei Mate 9 settings on Huawei devices
- Remove unnecessary warning on boot (if you still get it, it means it is useful, to tell me!)
- Include, fixes data connection for several Qualcomm devices

v17: (2018-04-24)
- Fixes multimedia from SDCard
- Fixes in-call audio for Qualcomm devices
- Fixes in-call earpiece/speaker for Foxconn/Qualcomm devices (Razer Phone, Sharp Aquos S2, ...)
- Fixes signal level for Huawei devices (Thanks to OpenKirin team)
- Fixes boot on some A-only devices (HTC U11+, Xperia XZ1 at least)
- Report vendor's security patch level instead of framework security patch level
- Fix fsck for f2fs (Thanks @flex1911 and @LuK1337)

v16: (2018-04-05)
- Fixes MTP access to sdcard
- v15 was missing graphical glitches fix. Applied it again.
- Resize /system to maximum size on first boot

v15: (2018-04-03)
- Update to 2018-04-01 security patches
- Fixes FAT sdcards
- Fixes some USB-C headphones on some devices
- Fix Essential PH-1 boot

v14: (2018-03-26)
- Fixes Galaxy S9(+) backlight control

v13: (2018-03-23)
- Disable Android's fake touches, which made unlocking hard
- Fixes Galaxy S9 boot and WiFi
- Make system.img back to 1.5GB
- Disable again adb auth, to help debugging

v12: (2018-03-05)
- Updated to security patch 2018-03-01
- Various stability, behind-the scene, changes
- Fixes camera on MTK devices
- Support ARM32 devices
- Supports HW button backlight

v11: (2018-02-20):
- Fixes bluetooth on Kirin 970 devices (Thanks @LuK1337)
- Fixes sdcard on Huawei devices
- Includes nfc-nci.conf, should fix NFC on some devices
- Show real Android version (Thanks @LuK1337)
- Enable ADB authentification

v10: (2018-02-18)
- Android 8.1 !
- Includes versioned vndk, so devices running both 8.1 and 8.0 should work

v9: (2018/01/15)
- Include the compositing fixes for Kirin 970
- Crude support for Huawei fingerprint gestures (click = home, left = back, right = voice assistant, up = quick settings, down = notifications, long press = recent apps)

v8: (2018/01/14)
- Huawei compositing fixes (fixes various graphical glitches)
- Various su SELinux fixes

v7: (2017/12/30)
- Fixes various regressions (APNs, A/B, vanilla, fingerprint ...)
- Fixes dev/input requirement (not useful to any real-life product yet, afaik)
- Fixes some not-installable applications from Play Store
- Fixed substratum in phh's superuser

v6: (2017/12/19)
- Major code clean-up. Please report regressions
- Fixes random reboot on Huawei devices
- Optionally includes SU (you need to install phh's SuperUser from F-Droid/Play Store)

v5: (2017/12/14)
- Fixes FDE decryption (SystemUI was crashing in loop)
- Use a real list of APNs
- Include Chrome and Gboard (fixes IME crash when trying to input a symbol)
- Fixes SEPolicy for Hardware Overlay Picker (should fix crash of Hardware Overlay Picker on startup)

v4: (2017/12/10)
- Fixes sdcard in MTP
- Fixes Dual-SIM
- Includes hardware-specific overlays:
- Enable 4G selection in networks
- Bigger status bar on Essential PH-1
- Enable navigation bar on HTC U11+

v3: (2017/12/04)
- Fixes sdcard in MTP build fail, so will be fixed in next release
- New variant including gapps

v2: (2017/11/26)
- Fix wifi tethering
- Fix F2FS userdata
- Fix sdcard
- Fix fingerprint (Huawei)


Want to chat about this project? Go to Freenode IRC, #phh-treble.
IRC: irc://

Other chatrooms:

Thanks @MishaalRahman and @Exelios for the huge kickstart help

Thanks to all my donators:
- @Exelios

- @fargonaz
- @VictorM86
- @howdid
- @heatfire
- @ohwarumbloss
- @RexGoogolplex
- @abhas.abhia
- @Emoclaw
- @Sebianoti
- @DocRambone
- @egandt
- @Blackbird1997
- @Burakki
- @josdehaes
- @TheUndertaker21

Thanks to the following companies:
- Huawei, for a Huawei View 10
- Blackview, for a Blackview A20

PS: Yes the name sucks, but I'm clueless about a name
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24th November 2017, 04:34 PM |#2  
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How to know if your phone is supported:

- Does your OEM provides a stock Oreo ROM?
No ===> Your phone is not supported
- Run Treble Check on stock Oreo ROM. Does it say Treble is supported?
No ===> Your phone is not supported

If all answers are yes, then your phone MIGHT be supported.
Test it, and report the result!
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24th November 2017, 04:35 PM |#3  
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Build script available at

Current status:


Xperia XZ1:
- Broken camera (because of Sony's DRM)

Huawei Mate 9 Pro and Honor 9:
- Fingerprint sensor should have "home" behaviour
- software keys should be disabled

Known end-user problems (WON'T BE FIXED in this ROM):
- No exfat
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24th November 2017, 04:46 PM |#4  
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Known mess:
- A-only should use https://android-review.googlesource....0status:merged) instead of dm-verity hacks
- the dm-verity work-around is also needed on A/B, so other patches are missing, for some other reason
- On A/B devices, this system.img effectively transforms the device into a userdebug build. This means adb root works!
adb root should work on A-only later too, though it requires that the OEM includes https://android-review.googlesource....+status:merged)
This can probably be worked-around by moving adbd inside a /system/etc/init/xxx.rc
- ADB auth is totally disabled at the moment on A/B, this is bad, but useful for debugging.
- Huawei (for instance Mate 9) doesn't declare android.hardware.fingerprint. This ROM does it for them, but this need to be better implemented
- SuperSU and Magisk screws with SELinux policy. DO NOT USE SuperSU OR Magisk WITH THIS ROM
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24th November 2017, 07:45 PM |#5  
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Great work guys, indeed revolutionary work, Congrats
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24th November 2017, 07:49 PM |#6  
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Can there be support for the LG optimous g pro
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24th November 2017, 07:56 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by Leone/kyleproxx

Can there be support for the LG optimous g pro

That phone was released in 2013, so it's unlikely.
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24th November 2017, 08:36 PM |#8  
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Support for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (mido), is it possible?
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24th November 2017, 08:38 PM |#9  
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Following the project.
weldone @phhusson.
24th November 2017, 08:38 PM |#10  
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will this rom support oneplus5 later on?
24th November 2017, 08:40 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by jef_00

will this rom support oneplus5 later on?

OnePlus said they won't support Treble, so no.
You can try to complain to them, since all they do is because for good PR.
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