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[EOL][KERNEL][ido][CAF][v3.10.107] Chtolly Kernel - r16 (23-09-2017)

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Welcome to the new thread! KudKernel is now Chtolly Kernel and starts the release from r7.

About -or- What is this?
A minimal, yet optimized custom kernel based off my modified LineageOS kernel source with my own additions and features that will be impossible to include into the main kernel.

  • First of all, all builds here are my personal builds.
  • Not all features included are my work. And therefore, credits to all used works are available on the bottom of this post.
  • I'm not responsible for any damage caused by flashing my kernel. You're at your own discretion.
  • Sharing policy: Please share link to this thread instead of direct download link if you want to share my work elsewhere. Thank you.
  • I won't provide support for those who're flashing my kernel with zips other than ones provided in OP.

  • Freshly compiled from Acer Aspire E5-475-37KP running Manjaro Linux 17.0.1 Gellivara and Linux kernel 4.9.44.
  • Based off my modified LineageOS kernel source, always updated with latest LineageOS kernel changes.
  • Included all changes from CAF LA.BR.1.2.9-03610-8x16.0 release tag.
  • Linux kernel updated to latest LTS release: Linux 3.10.107.
  • WLAN (prima) driver release lnx.1.0-00156.
  • Compiled using Linaro GCC 7.2.1 (link to the TC is at additional sources section).
  • Built with -Ofast optimization flags, targetting Cortex-A53 CPU platform.
  • Powered by AnyKernel2 backend (osm0sis).
  • Now with Spectrum support! Download Spectrum from Play Store.
  • Included latest Busybox NDK from osm0sis (v1.27.1), along with all symlinks into /sbin.
  • Adaptive LMK settings restored, allowing you to enjoy full potential of it.
  • Hacked thermal engine, throttle at 60'C with maximum clock while throttling is 960 MHz.
  • doubletap2wake support for FocalTech panels. (flar2, ariafan)
  • CPU minimum frequency is reduced to 200 MHz for both CPU clusters.
  • CPU governors available: performance (at boot), powersave, interactive (default), ondemand, nebula, elementalx, zzmoove, cyan.
  • I/O schedulers available: noop, deadline, ROW, CFQ, BFQ, FIOPS (default at boot), sioplus, zen.
  • TCP congestions available: reno, cubic, westwood, vegas, veno (default), illinois.
  • Wakelock Blocker to block most well-known Qualcomm wakelocks. (franciscofranco)
  • Power Suspend driver version 1.5 - power management kernel driver for Android without early suspend.
  • core_ctl backported from Linux 3.18. (Aviraxp)
  • Hardware wakelock suppressor v2. (nutcasev1.5)
  • Userspace controls for SW CRC check, Gentle Fair Sleepers, and Arch Power.
  • Stack protector enabled to prevent buffer overflow.
  • Other additional features: TTL target support, NTFS read/write support, Yama security, SECURITYFS, SECURITY_PATH support.
  • Most of unnecessary features are removed from the kernel for smaller size. Removed features are on 2nd post.

  • IMPORTANT! Recoveries without built-in busybox support aren't supported by default. It may make your device unbootable after flashing. Chinese-made TWRP recoveries are known to be affected.
  • Xiaomi Redmi 3S/X isn't supported.
  • KudKernel v1.0-rc1 until v1.1 are only for 6.0.1/7.1.1 AOSP/CAF based ROMs without SECCOMP support.
  • KudKernel v1.2 is only for 6.0.1/7.1.1 AOSP/CAF based ROMs with(out) SECCOMP support.
  • Chtolly Kernel r7 and newer are only meant for 7.1.2 AOSP/CAF based ROMs with rebased kernel source.

Hosted with love on AndroidFileHost.
No mirrors are permitted.

  • Make sure you're using the latest version of TWRP Recovery.
  • Reboot your device into recovery mode.
  • Tap "Install".
  • Select Chtolly Kernel zip (
  • Enable "Zip signature verification" to make sure you're not flashing a broken package!
  • Swipe flash button.
  • Enjoy KudProject release!

Just flash stock boot.img from your ROM, or just dirty flash your ROM. Re-apply systemless mods that you've.

Special Thanks and Credits
  • The Linux Foundation (seriously)
  • CodeAurora Forum (CAF)
  • LineageOS
  • @Anik_khan, HighwayStar and ariafan from 4PDA
  • @thewisenerd - Extending kernel tree support to ferrari
  • @The Flash, @frap129, and @USBhost - The awesome GCC build script!
  • @franciscofranco, @arter97, @flar2
  • Other developers who I can't mention them all or I might get this section bigger than everything else. Credits for them are on commit identities.

XDA:DevDB Information
Chtolly Kernel (ido), Kernel for the Xiaomi Redmi 3

Source Code:

Kernel Special Features:

Version Information
Status: No Longer Updated
Current Stable Version: r16
Stable Release Date: 2017-09-23

Created 2017-03-06
Last Updated 2017-09-23
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Known Issues
  • HDR in some camera apps might not work.
  • For some reason, pstore files are generated even when there's no kernel panic on previous boot.
  • A random reboot might be expected during usage, but it's fine because nothing I can really do on this since LineageOS stock kernel has the same problem.

To-Do Lists
  • None yet.

Removed Features
  • System V IPC support
  • CPU boost
  • dev/mem support
  • conservative, userspace, and powersave CPU governors
  • All TCP congestions except westwood, cubic, and reno
  • Parts of debug and tracing stuffs
  • Everything else marked as disabled in this commit

Additional Sources
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Only list brief changes. Complete changes could be viewed here at anytime.

r16 - 23-09-2017 (UTC+8) - EOL
  • Included Blueborne vulnerability fix.
  • Compiled with newer toolchain.

r15 - 29-08-2017 (UTC+8)
  • Merged CAF tag LA.BR.1.2.9-03610-8x16.0.
  • Up-to-date SDcardFS changes.
  • Compiled with Linaro GCC 7.2.1. (link to toolchain is in 2nd post)

r14 - 15-08-2017 (UTC+8)
  • doubletap2wake support for FocalTech panels.
    Credits to flar2 for wake gestures driver and ariafan for porting it to Redmi 3.
  • Laptop mode is enabled by default.
  • Compiled with newer toolchain. (GCC 7.2.1 20170815)
  • Various tweaks and improvements.

r13 - 06-08-2017 (UTC+8)
  • Back to BusyBox NDK from osm0sis and updated to v1.27.1. Fixes SuperSU not detecting root.
  • Roll back WLAN (prima) driver to lnx.1.0-00156.
  • Spectrum: Reset kernel profile back to Balanced every reboot.
  • Fixed some internal conflicts between init scripts and Spectrum profiles.

r12 - 03-08-2017 (UTC+8)
  • Quick update to (really) enable ZZMoove CPU governor.

r11 - 02-08-2017 (UTC+8)
  • Initial Spectrum support! Download Spectrum from Play Store.
  • Merged CAF release LA.BR.1.2.9_rb1.23.
  • Updated WLAN (prima) driver to lnx.1.0-00160.
  • Switched BusyBox binary to YDS-v1.27.1. (YashdSaraf)
  • Added FIOPS I/O scheduler and set it as default on boot.
  • Added ElementalX (flar2) and ZZMoove (ZaneZam) CPU governors.
  • Merged tweaks for CFQ, BFQ, and deadline I/O schedulers for non-rotational devices.
  • Reduced debugging and security hardening.
  • Compiled with newer toolchain (GCC 7.1.1 20170802).
  • Various fixes and improvements.

r10 - 14-07-2017 (UTC+8)
  • Updated WLAN (prima) driver to lnx.1.0-00156.
  • Enabled all new features on latest prima driver.
  • Fixed ramdisk files permissions.
  • Killed powersave and cyan (unstable!) CPU governors.
  • Included Busybox NDK 1.26.2 (osm0sis) into /sbin & symlink all applets.
  • Picked most of cherry-picks from msm8916 common kernel tree. (may also include CVE patches...? Who knows?)
  • Restored Adaptive LMK settings that was removed on device tree level. Default is still disabled and not tested.
  • Bring SDcardFS into latest android-3.10 changes per 14 July.
  • Compiled with newer toolchain (GCC 7.1.1 20170714).
  • AK2: Bring latest arm64 mkbootimg and unpackbootimg binaries.

r9 - 06-07-2017 (UTC+8)
  • General customization of kernel features. See all changes here cause it'll make this changelog no longer as brief as it should.
  • Added and enabled experimental cyan CPU governor (emre3461) ported from exynos5410 kernel platform over MSM interactive.
  • Switchover to -Ofast optimization flags. Expect more bloated zip!
  • Compiled with newer toolchain.

r8 - 29-06-2017 (UTC+8)
  • Updated CAF base to LA.BR.1.2.9_rb1.22.
  • Updated Linux kernel base to 3.10.107.
  • Updated WLAN (prima) driver to lnx.1.0.c4-00039.
  • Compiled with newer toolchain.
  • Re-enabled /dev/kmem support.
  • Restored core_ctl with modified parameters; hotplug only performance cluster.
  • Backported core_ctl from Linux 3.18. (Aviraxp)
  • Devfreq governor whitelist. (Sultanxda, Aviraxp)
  • Hardware wakelock suppressor v2 (nutcasev1.5)
  • Default entropy values are now 512 (read) and 256 (write). Fixed a stupid bug with entropy that causes high CPU load by system.
  • Some improvements (?)
  • Cosmetic updates to the updater-script. (lel)

r7 - 17-06-2017 (UTC+8)
Brief changes:
  • Kernel that you might know as KudKernel, is now Chtolly Kernel. Old KudKernel builds however, are still archived for those who need them.
  • Rebased and updated CAF base to LA.BR.1.2.9_rb1.18.
  • Updated Linux kernel base to 3.10.106.
  • Updated WLAN (prima) driver to lnx.1.0.c4-00036.
  • Compiled using GNU GCC 7.1.1 toolchain.
  • Properly optimized for Cortex A53 CPUs.
  • Removed core_ctl.

As KudKernel:
v1.2 - 11-04-2017 (UTC+8)
  • Compatibility against next LineageOS Nightly build and some ROMs built after April 5th.

v1.1 - 29-03-2017 (UTC+8)
  • Untested build, but it should be as stable as v1.0.
  • Updated CAF base to LA.BR.1.2.9_rb1.14
  • Merged two latest LineageOS changes, which are sound fix. Use it with latest LineageOS to avoid problems.
  • Enabled NetFilter TTL support

v1.0 - 18-03-2017 (UTC+8)
  • Added exFAT driver 1.2.24
  • Added nebula and smartmax CPU governors
  • Added FIOPS and zen I/O schedulers
  • Added KCAL control, LiveDisplay to KCAL interface
  • Updated F2FS driver to v4.11-rc1
  • Updated sdcardfs
  • Backported random driver from Linux 4.2
  • Enabled 2A charging current
  • Disabled Intel governor
  • Disabled stack protector (should fix some performance issues with some users)
  • Fixed cpuinfo reporting msm8916 instead of msm8939
  • Removed -funsafe-math-optimizations (already enabled by -ffast-math)
  • Boot with FIOPS I/O scheduler
  • Reduced minfreq to 400MHz on both clusters
  • Reduced thermal limit to 60°C
  • More fixes and improvements (check GitHub repo for details)

v1.0-rc2 - 11-03-2017 (UTC+8)
  • Compiled using Linaro GCC 6.3.1 2017.01
  • Updated CAF base and prima driver to LA.BR.1.2.9_rb1.12
  • Reduced maximum frequency to 960MHz (performance) / 800MHz (powersave) after boot
  • Added Intel governor
  • Some improvements

v1.0-rc1 - 06-03-2017 (UTC+8)
  • Initial release on xda-developers
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
What do you recommend for kernel tuning app?
What are these governors/schedulers for?
Check this thread by @Saber. Everything you want should be there.

Why my performance cluster doesn't go deep sleep and/or always on high workloads?
1. If you use KA/-Mod, force close and clear data of the app then reboot.
2. Make sure you're tuning it right.

Help, seems like the profile doesn't apply.
Make sure you've run Spectrum for the first time at least once.

Can I flash this kernel on MIUI?
Yes, but Wi-Fi won't work. Don't blame me for this.

Can I share this to the xyz local forum?
Take a look at sharing policy in OP.
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Off-topics on my thread are permitted. However, please:
  1. Keep the thread civil.
  2. Take your fights privately. (please)
  3. No discussion of other kernels, nor comparing between them.
  4. No discussion of everything that is against XDA rules.
Here we go!
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Congratulation mastah
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wow, nice work @krasCGQ... thanks for your work bro! i will test soon as possible
6th March 2017, 05:27 PM |#9  
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Sorry but I can't see the DL Link, am I juste dumb ?

---------- Post added at 06:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:24 PM ----------

Nvm XDA labs fault
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Good to see it out, will try for sure.
6th March 2017, 07:58 PM |#11  
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Work on last lineage

Click image for larger version

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