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[KERNEL] [Nougat][Oreo] [3.10.108] [GCC 6.4] IceColdKernel v0.7

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Announcement from GreekDragon: 21/12/2017: New build, check #2 for the changelog.


Hello everyone, this is my personal kernel for kenzo. My philosophy on kernels is pretty simple:
  • Follow upstream Linux always
  • Security and stability are paramount
  • Features will be added only as needed
Hopefully you enjoy

Thread Rules
  1. I refuse to acknowledge/respond to bug reports that do not include clear steps to reproduce, a logcat, and a console ramoops (if random rebooting) or a dmesg (any other issues). Follow this guide to do this. More on bug reporting policy here.
  2. Keep things civil, I do NOT tolerate flaming of any kind.

  • UV Support ( Already UV'd with the best stable values)
  • Updated to the latest security patch (August)
  • Updated to the latest Linux upstream version (3.10.107)
  • Several CVE fixes
  • Upstream patches from CAF and Linux
  • Touchboost force disabled
  • KCAL color control
  • Wake gestures (sweep2wake, doubletap2wake, sweep2sleep)
  • Franco Sound Control and Flar2 Sound Control
  • ZRAM support
  • I/O schedulers (maple, noop, deadline, row, cfq, bfq, test-iosched, sioplus, zen, fiops)
  • TCP Cong support (westwood, reno, bic, cubic, htcp, vegas, yeah, illinois, lp, scalable, veno, hybla, highspeed, )
  • Wakelock controls
  • F2FS support
  • exFAT and NTFS support
  • Compiled with a Linaro 6.4 TC
  • Makefile optimizations (courtesy of @adinkwok)
  • AnyKernel2(thanks to @osm0sis)
  • More...

Nougat/Oreo : Download Folder

Nougat/Oreo ROM:
  • If you are on the kernel that came with your ROM: flash the kernel zip and reboot
  • If you are on a custom kernel: dirty flash your ROM zip, flash the kernel zip, and reboot

Upgrading from one version to the other:

Remove saved values at boot, flash the kernel zip and reboot


Frequently asked questions
1.1 Q: I am having an issue, can you help me?
1.1 A: I am not an amazing kernel developer but I will certainly try my best. First, start by reading the release posts, as I may make note of a particular issue. Also search the thread to see if I have discussed it before. If you see nothing, please provide me with a dmesg/last_kmsg and logcat, your ROM/kernel version, and a detailed description of the issue, following this guide. If I can't reproduce reliably though, I'm not going to fix the issue.

1.2 Q: Can you add xyz feature?
1.2 A: If you link me the commits or tell me what kernel you had the feature in, I can take a look at them. I will not go digging super hard for commits and I will ignore requests that don't include this information. I won't promise that I will merge every request but I will always take it into consideration.

1.3 Q: How do I control the kernel?
1.3 A: I'd recommend using either @flar2's EX Kernel Manager or @Yoinx's Kernel Adiutor-Mod; both are extremely solid and have given me no issues.

1.4 Q: What ROM are you on? What are your settings?
1.4 A: Currently, I am on AICP and my settings are available here here

1.5 A: The kernel doesn't drain any battery, use an app like BetterBatteryStats to figure out what app is screwing with your phone.

1.6 Q: Does it boot in BlackscreenOS ?
1.6 A: I don't know. You can try.

1.8 Q: Can you add Quick Charge support ?
1.8 A: No.

1.9 Q: Bro, i have kate variant, can i use it ?
1.9 A: Of course.

2.0 Q: QC support ?
2.0 A: Don't be ridiculous.

2.2 Q: How about GCC 7 support ?
2.2 A: Currently, GCC 7 cannot be booted on kenzo.

2.3 Q: Why it shows me random max frequencies?
2.3 A: If you're using LOS Based rom is an expected behaviour, don't worry, it won't ruin your performance, is same as before.

2.4 Q: Slow charge bro please fix!
2.4 A: Bro pl0x upd8te fermware.

2.5 Q: Core 6 is offline bro!
2.5 A: Really? wew, enable it and make it default at boot.

2.6 Q: Where i can find you sur?
2.6 A: Either on Telegram(My XDA Username) or G+ sur.

Thanks to:

@osm0sis for AnyKernel2.
@Asphyxiate666 for making me to open this thread.
@nathanchance for allowing me to kang his thread template.
@SitiSchu for the thread banner!
All of you guys for viewing the thread!

XDA:DevDB Information
IceColdKernel, Kernel for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Source Code:

Kernel Special Features:

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 2018-01-30

Created 2017-07-28
Last Updated 2018-01-30
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28th July 2017, 10:54 PM |#2  
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-- This is not a full changelog, for full changelog please refer to my kernel source --
Switched to Flar2's sound control
Various picks. Nothing new.

-- Old changelogs --

-- V0.6 --
  • Updated to v3.10.108
  • Security Updates
  • Patched memory leaks
  • Added support for Oreo
  • Removed init.ick.rc script at boot
  • Various ALSA commits from upstream
  • Various sound commits
  • Fix Headset detection missed changes
  • Addresed a security issue in mac80211
  • Compiled using up-to-date GCC Linaro 6.4
  • Maybe i forgot something...
-- V0.5 --
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'caf/LA.BR.1.3.6_rb1.21'
  • Staging: prima: Update to caf/LA.BR.1.3.6_rb1.21
  • All latest stuff from LineageOS msm8956 kernel
  • Fixed kenzo specific flags, could boost performance
  • Queue work in some stuff for saving cpu circles
  • Reduce the rate of needless idle load balancing
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • zRAM fixed
  • msm_thermal update
  • Mute logspam
  • SDHCI update
  • Add clock-frequency property to CPU nodes
  • Run all RCU threads at RT prio 2
  • Various Upstream commits
  • Enable more TCP Congestion
  • Fixed Mouse pointer issue
  • Added Flar2 sound control support
  • Max compression streams 4 in zRAM
  • Enhance power efficiency
  • Reduced power usage to improve power efficiency
  • micro-optimizations in lib
  • Enable idle power collapse
  • Fix mic boost
  • Introduce earpiece boost
  • Allow external wired earphone mic to be boosted
  • Completely removed mobicore driver
-- V0.4 --
  • Updated to August Security Patch
  • Added support for Kate
  • Various sound commits
-- V0.3 --
  • Fixed Random reboot
  • Picked upstream fixes/changes
  • [TEMP] Removed adreno_idler
  • Disabled Useless I/O schedulers ( ROW, test-iosched )
  • Increase a bit the uv values for stability
  • Improved GPU
  • Optimization flags to GPU Drivers
  • Make Westwood the default TCP Congestion algorithm
  • Support TCP Cong ( check OP for currently TCP congs support)
  • Reduced CPU Load
  • Add Slimbus OC
  • Fix memory leaks and deadlocks
  • Picked cpuidle commits for better deepsleep
  • Boost fp at unlock
  • Various interactive improvements
  • Silence huge logspam
  • Do not log selinux permissive denials
  • Add frandom support
  • USB Wireless support
  • Blocked wakelocks
  • Updated init.ick.rc (check ak2)
  • More...

-- V0.2 --
  • Built with GCC 6.4 Linaro TC
  • Support FIOPS I/O Scheduler
  • Run all RCU threads at RT prio 2
  • Convert some workqueues to use kthreads
  • Kenzo specific flags, could boost performance
  • Switch to cpubw for better wakeup
  • Proper pass the SafetyNet CTS check with an unlocked bootloader
  • Updated UV Values and adjusted voltages to avoid Random Reboots
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • zRAM Default compressor is now lz4
  • uid_sys_stats support
  • Mute logspam
  • adreno_idler support
  • Disable dm-verity
  • power efficient wq in fbcon, block
  • Various Upstream commits
  • No sound prop in init.ick.rc(AK2)

-- V0.1 --
  • Initial Release
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28th July 2017, 10:54 PM |#3  
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28th July 2017, 11:11 PM |#4  
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sum moar kenzo kernul pls sur dev

Always happy to see more upstream kernels cropping up around the place
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28th July 2017, 11:23 PM |#5  
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Thanks for this awesome kernel It is a nice thing to see a good developer works on a kernel for redmi note 3. I didnt want to use elementalx cuz of lack of upstream and now you came up with this. And the reason why i dont wanna use other kernels is they have so many patches that dont have a impact on performance in my opinion.
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28th July 2017, 11:40 PM |#6  
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wew, despacito it's here

Very good kernel
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29th July 2017, 12:15 AM |#7  
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6.4 de
29th July 2017, 01:20 AM |#9  
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It's amazing
thanks for your work
I got around 2000 ma for charging so that's great and it's faster somehow on Aex rom
don't stop supporting it
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29th July 2017, 02:17 AM |#10  
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Wow. Another kernel for Kenzo. Thank you so much dev. Gonna try this definitely. 😀
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29th July 2017, 02:47 AM |#11  
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Wow, nice work, new kernel

Enviado desde mi Redmi Note 3 mediante Tapatalk
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