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By Adarsh1998, Senior Member on 20th November 2017, 05:30 PM
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/* Disclaimer 
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, 
* or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research 
* if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you blame me in any way for what happens to your device, I will laugh at you.
* BOOM! goes the dynamite
About Project:

Cardinal-AOSP is a Custom ROM which was initially based on AOSPB, then we changed our mind and rebased it to AOSP-RRO, to get better compatibility with most of the devices. And now we are based on AOSP on oreo. The main aim of this ROM is to bring stock AOSP experience as much as possible while maintaining performance, smoothness and good battery backup. I hope that you'll all love this project, and help us, shape it even more better. Meanwhile, all of our sources are publicly available on our Github. We also do own a Google+ Community, where you can.... uhm... you know, do what all others do at forums and communities! Hope you enjoy your stay and like our work on Cardinal-AOSP.

NOTE: we won't be accepting any feature requests, and only essential features will be added to enhance stock AOSP experience.

Changes on top of AOSP:
• QS Tiles: Adb over network, Caffeine, Screenshot, Reboot, Sound, Volume, PiP, Headsup, compass, Accidental touch, Sync, Hwkeys, AOD
• Cardinal logo on statusbar
• Signature spoofing support for MicroG
• Comes with Pixel/Stock theme
• Comes with Margarita substratum theme
• Reboot to recovery/bootloader in powermenu
• Latest Ringtones/Effects tones from Pixel image
• Allow lower temp for night light
• Accept All files over bluetooth option
• Volume Adjustments Sound
• Add SystemUI Tuner features into Wings
• Disabled RescueParty
• Enable Custom shapes option on Launcher3
• Screenshot sound toggle
• Reset Battery Stats
• Ship with Lightening browser
• L/R IME/Music Cursors
• VoLTE icon toggle
• DND Tile enhancements
• HSPA+ icon
• Add/Remove tiles with one click
• Volume link/unlink notification and ringtone
• Kill app button from recent screen
• Mobile data always on disabled by default
• Append app name to screenshot file name
• SIM Manual provisioning
• Show infinity on large notification
• Allow hiding vpn, data saver, volte, roaming icon from statusbar
• Scramble pin layout
• Package name in app info screen
• Descriptive vendor image mismatch message
• Bur-in protection (device specific)
• Enhanced call blocking support
• Dialer number lookup
• Proximity wake toggle
• Per-app cellular data and wifi restriction
• Ambient display music ticker

• Configurable SystemUI theme (Wallpaper based, light, dark)
• Wake on Plug
• Sensor block-per package
• In call vibrations
• Expanded desktop
• Scrolling cache
• Cpu info overlay
• Suspend actions

*Status Bar*
• Secured QS
• QS title visibility
• Custom QS layout configuration
• Headsup toggle
• Headsup whitelist/blacklist
• Ticker notification
• IME Selector notification toggle
• Battery light/Notification light options
• Network traffic meter
• DT2S on Statusbar
• Battery styles
• Smart notification
• Suppress notification
• Qs footer warning toggle
• Auto brightness icon toggle
• Clock and date customization

• Volume button wake
• Volume button music control
• Dynamic software Navigationbar/Hardware keys toggle
• Accidental touch
• Button backlight controls
• Custom Key rebindings
• Option to Disable Home key when ringing
• Screen off actions
• Swap hw and sw navigation keys
• Power button as flashlight

*Lock Screen*
• option to hide lockscreen shortcut on secured lockscreen
• Lockscreen media art toggle
• Option to unlock with FP directly after reboot
• DT2S on lockscreen
• Quick face unlock

• Clear all FAB option

Download Cardinal-AOSP Official Builds: Sourceforge
Download 8.1 GApps: OpenGapps
Download TWRP Recovery: 3.1.1-1 (recommended to fix error 7 issue)

Flashing Instructions:
- Download ROM and GApps
- Reboot to recovery and Backup existing ROM (Just in case!)
- Wipe System, Data, ART cache, Cache
- Flash ROM, Gapps and reboot...

AmirZaidi for his Launcher3 fork

@Recenz for wonderful bootanimation
@Wizper99 for awesome wallpaper
Extreme apologies if we've missed out someone, please feel free to PM, in case we've forgotten to pin your name here!

On what this ROM is based on?
As name says, it's an AOSP based project!.

Does this ROM supports themes?
Yes!, and as a bonus, we shipping with our own theme called Margarita!.

Error 7 while flashing on recovery, what should I do?
Update your TWRP recovery to latest version which has Oreo changes and fixes.

is forceclosing on my device, what should I do?
Report the issue with proper logs on our Google+ Community!.

How to take Logs ?
This doc should help you - How to take logs.

I would like to suggest a feature for this ROM?
We are not accepting any feature request for this project as of now, if it's really essential, post it under the "Feature Wish" section in our Google+ Community. We'll certainly look into it.

Does the zip include SuperSU, or should I flash it separately?
Nope , user has to flash himself.

So, you guys, a part of Citrus-CAF?
Aaah, yes! its our another project based on CAF, and featurerich!

So, I've this working build ready for an unsupported device. I would like to go official with it. What should I do? Contact us on G+ community with your trees linked on post.

So, how do I find out the latest updates, I mean, is there some kinda, a channel, apart from the Google+ Community? Oh yes, there is. Head to @CardinalReleases on Telegram.

Source Information:
Cardinal-AOSP on Github
Device configurations
G+ Community
Telegram Channel
Telegram Group
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20th November 2017, 05:31 PM |#2  
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v5.6.1 28-05-2018 (hotfix)
Device Changelog:
• Temp workaround for bt mac address re-generation
• Fixed ueventd derp
• Added wireguard kernel support

Source Changelog:
• Fixed vol button skip tracks
• Fixed Secured QS panel
• Fixed center clock visibility after theme change
• Fixed clock visibility on qs header if using center clock
• Fixed fc with expanded desktop on lock screen
• Fixed LightNavigationBar icons visibility
• Added ability to swap software navigation keys order
• Margarita updates
• Merged more transltions from crowdin

Margarita v5.5.5 Changelog:
• Updated Google dialer resources to v19
• Themed Google tasks
• Themed Telegram icons
• Minor adjustments to In-CallUI bg
• Fixed Gboard language picker text color
• Minor under-the-hood adjustments

v5.6 17-05-2018
Device specific changes:
• Merged changes from Abhishek's tree
• Fixed SELinux denials with new blobs
• Cleanup post_boot script
• Enable data-ipa-cfg-mgr
• Added more perfd dependent blobs
• Added Vulkan blobs from Suzu
• Added support for vp9 decoding
• Back to non-binderized Vibrator HAL
• Enabled Adaptive brightness by default
• Minor under-the-hood changes

Source changes:
• Merged AOSP tag android-8.1.0_r28
• Merged translations from crowdin
• Added Clock and date customization
• Added Cpu info overlay
• Added Always-on-display QS tile
• Added toggle for proximity Wake
• Added search bar to Apps & notification
and Battery optimization screen
• Added Suspend actions
• Added Per-app cellular data and wifi
• Added Ambient display music ticker
• Added some ringtones
• Added double tap to sleep on lockscreen
• Updated APN's from OOS
• Updated Margarita theme
• Updated Launcher3 changes by Amir
• Ticker improvements
• Volume skip track improvements
• Fixed issues with ADB
• Moved Quick face unlock toggle to Wings

Margarita theme v5.5.0 changes:
• Themed Google Calculator.
• Added more custom icons for MusicFX, Settings and DocumentsUI
• Added navigationBarColor for most of the apps
• Themed AOSP Gallery
• Small adjustments to Accent colors
• Added peach and mango accents
• Themed storage manager
• Removed Clock position options
• Themed Google Dialer
• Themed magisk manager
• Themed emergency information app
• Merged latest template changes

v5.5 10-04-2018
Device specific changes:

• Switched to Enforced SELinux
• Switched to QTI binderized powerhal
• Switched to Xperia X Perfd stack
• Switched to Oreo graphics stack (abhishek)
• Switched to Xperia X Interactive and sched tunings
• Switched to CAF FMradio
• Improved LMK configs
• Fixed XiaomiDoze issues on clean flash
• Added text classifier
• Added aptX and LDAC blobs
• Updated Prima and ipacm to LA.BR.1.3.7_rb1.11

Source changelog:

• Merged AOSP tag android-8.1.0_r20(April security patch)
• Merged Substratum System Service changes (Fonts, Bootanimations, Sounds)
• Added qs tile to toggle between Hw/Sw keys
• Exposed Scren pinning colors for themes
• Exposed tooltip text colors for themes
• Fix theming of QS expand/collapse icon
• Enhanced call blocking support
• Dialer number lookup
• Added scheduled notification to CardinalOTA
• Use autobrightness for Ambient display
• Option to choose Ticker styles (Scroll/Fade)
• Qs content padding fix
• Redesigned QC-FM2 radio app
• AOSP keyboard improvements
• Margarita theme updated to v4.0
• Merged latest Launcher3 changes from Amir (v3.4)
• Merged translations
• Minor under-the-hood changes

Margarita theme v4.0 changes:

• Added Dracula and Spacegray backgrounds.
• Added Cherry accent.
• Added translucent option for Calculator.
• Themed AOSP and CAF FMRadio.
• Fixed Gmail dark notification text.
• Themed tooltip to dark.
• Made QS footer divider optional.
• Themed GMS.
• Added option to download Sublime app.
• Fixed notification font size.
• Cleanup and removed unused resources.
• Fixed black text on bt confirmation dialog.
• Themed settings zoom preview.
• Fixed overlay for substratum stable.
• Added missing navbar landscape splitscreen icon.
• Added translucent option for DocumentsUI.
• Fixed incallui background.

v5.4.2 11-03-2018

Device specific changes:
• Fixed exFat support
• zRAM optimizations
• Hide sRGB toggle in development settings
• XiaomiDoze improvements
• Disabled HFP In-band ringing
• Switch to binderized Power HAL
• Updated Prima and data-ipa-cfg-mgr to LA.BR.1.3.7_rb1.9
• Updated kernel to LA.BR.1.3.6_rb1.25
• Fixed issue with sdcardfs (thanks to agni)
• Fixed time_daemon fatal crash

Source changelog (combined v5.4.1 and v5.4.2):
• Merged 8.1.0_r18
• Added sync tile
• Auto brightness icon toggle
• Added exFat support
• Margarita theme updates
• Bur-in protection (device specific)
• Revert OMS changes Introduced in March update which was breaking Substratum
• Ambient: Show battery level on bottom
• Use ⚡ instead of ~ in battery percentage text mode
• Ticker improvements
• Updated CAF Repos to LA.UM.6.4.r1-06900-8x98
• Fixed FC after changing SIM color

Margarita theme v3.6.2 changes:
• Removed Shutdown and bootanimations.
• Updated Substratum package overlay.
• Use accent for Settings Actionbar icons.

v5.4 05-03-2018:
Device specific changes:
• drop barrier and discard flags (fstab)
• off-mode charging animation from miui
• back to simple qc-powerhal
• build telephony-ext

Source changes:
• Merges 8.1.0_r14
• Merged translations
• Power HAL updates
• Battery styles
• Expanded desktop
• Added support for SIM Manual provisioning (device specific)
• Merged latest Substratum exposures
• Swap hardware recent and back keys toggle
• Quick face unlock support
• Merged Snap camera changes from LineageOS
• Switched to Amir's Launcher3
• Show infinity on large notification count
• More descriptive vendor image mismatch message
• Smart notofication sound
• option to allow supress notification if media playing
• Option to use power buttton for toggle flashlight
• Option to disable powermenu in secure lock screen
• Added VPN, Data saver icon to statusbar icons Blacklist
• Scrolling cache option
• Option to disable QS footer warnings
• Scramble pin layout
• 4G/LTE Switch
• Fixed Cardinal logo on white statusbar
• Ticker improvements
• Package name in app info screen

Margarita theme v3.6.1 changes:

• Merged upstream template changes.
• Dashboard redesign by Robin.
• Translucent style improvement.
• Themed QS Brightness buttons.
• Themed DocumentsUI.
• Transparent theme improvements.
• Themed Amir's Launcher3 fork.
• Adjusted Translucent style to use background color.

v5.3.1 03-01-2018:
Device specific changes:
• PowerHAL improvements
• Dexopt enhancements
• Perfd disabled by default
• Custom HWUI configs (credits MOVZX)
• Upstreamed kernel
• Fixed exFAT and NTFS support

Source changes (combined v5.3 and v5.3.1:
• Merged 8.1.0_r7
• Merged translations
• Mobile data always on disabled by default
• Append app name to screenshot file name
• Reboot menu overhaul
• New default Wallpaper
• Updated qcom repo's to LA.UM.6.4.r1-05400-8x98.0
• Added back Fingerprint vibration toggle
• Ticker fixes
• More exposures for theming
• Notification light customizations
• Unified Headsup and ticker settings
• Redesigned VoLTE icon
• Configurable SystemUI theme (Wallpaper based, light, dark)
• Rotation settings
• Fixed Lockscreen and dialer swipe issues
• Fixed button light lighting up randomly

Margarita v3.4 theme changelog:.
• Themed AOSP keyboard
• Themed AOSP Dialer and contacts
• Added blueberry accent
• Fixed navbar visibility on light navigation bar
• Merged upstream template changes
• Fully themed Settings Dashboard suggestion/conditions

v5.2 13-12-2017 hotfix:
• Merged goodix fixes
• Removed Status bar content padding

v5.2 13-12-2017:
Device specific changes:
• Initial Goodix support (thanks to Alex9yust
• Fixed perfd service (thanks to movzx)

Source Changes:
• Rebased to 8.1
• Better theming Capability
• Removed pixel navbar animation
• Removed fp vibration toggle
• Replaced Jelly to Lightning browser
• Import sounds from both Pixel 2 and 2 XL
• Margarita theme updates
• Lockscreen charging info
• Quick unlock on pin/password
• Added MusicFX
• Added screen off action to button actions
• Ability to kill app from recents
• Notification ticker
• Unlink notification/ringtone volume

v5.1.1 Mon, 20-11-2017:
Device specific changes:
• Enabled zRAM and enabled lz4 compression
• Fixed 99% charging bug (thanks to umang)
• Fixed Yellow tint on BOE display panel (thanks to abhishek)
• Fixed reboot to recovery bug (thanks to abhishek)

Source changes:
• Pixel Navbar animation
• Margarita Substratum theme included
• Added substratum shortcut in settings if installed
• Import translations from crowdin
• Fixed lock screen settings fc on device without fingerprint sensor

• Rebased CardinalOTA app from Satyabrat
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20th November 2017, 05:31 PM |#3  
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20th November 2017, 05:31 PM |#4  
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Reserved #3
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20th November 2017, 05:36 PM |#6  
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20th November 2017, 05:38 PM |#7  
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Great room. Keep it up team.

Some needs:
Icon shapes
Pixel like search bar

Pls consider.
20th November 2017, 05:42 PM |#8  
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Goodfix FP still doesn't work right?
20th November 2017, 05:48 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by ashwinonm

Goodfix FP still doesn't work right?

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20th November 2017, 05:53 PM |#10  
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Wow new rom!
Thanks dev sur
20th November 2017, 06:04 PM |#11  
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Sur thanks for the ROM. Hope BhoLTE works. 😂
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