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By ananjaser1211, Recognized Developer / Recognized Contributor on 20th April 2020, 01:20 PM
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Announcement from ananjaser1211: Samsung OneUI 2.0 Running Full Android 10.0 For the Exynos8890 Devices!
Welcome to Floyd Q Port For the Exynos8890 Series

Some information you should know..
  • This is a full Galaxy S9+ port with Android version 10.0 / Oneui 2.0
  • This ROM is made with heavy collaboration from @corsicanu make sure to give him coffee
  • Read the instructions and the F.A.Q Before installing the rom or posting a reply As there are critical information in there!.
  • You are not allowed to use this base, aroma, or any parts of it for your own "ROM". if you want to make a Q port, "DIY"
  • Any sort of Kanging will be reported without hesitation.
  • If you like this rom and appreciate my efforts, Hit the Thanks button, and consider a donation

Submitting new issues/Requests
  • First read existing issues and the F.A.Q Below to ensure its not a duplicate
  • Properly report issues by Submitting an issue on GitHub
  • Please whenever you report a bug in this thread, add it in github, otherwise i wont be able to keep up.
  • And try to provide as much info as possible

Initial Release :-
After a battle that took months on end, im able to deliver you this project in a state were i can deem it as "Daily Driver", This was no easy task, Android Q has changed alot
And a skin such as oneui 2.0 was never intended to run on this device, But here we are. another middle finger to planned obsolescence.

Aside from project Treble, this officially is My first major project on this platform. and i hope you like it.
As the nature of "Initial releases" tend to be, expect Bugs, i wrote down the ones i can see and that are actual issues that can affect people. so make sure to read them.
And The F.A.Q and Notes page is more important than this entire post. it details stuff that you might need to do in order to avoid issues and not to look stupid reporting issues that otherwise wont happen.

Finally, This rom is only possible due to a TON of contributions from my friends @corsicanu , without him you probably wouldn't have seen this ROM.
I have also included the majority of improvements , Aroma and edits from his Amazing "HadesRom" Series which im sure you guys are familiar with already.

A Lot of great people helped me make this project, especially testers who has been digging through this ROM for over a month. make sure to check them out in the credits section.

Alright enough chit-chat. Enjoy the ROM. and do let me know in the thread how it is going on your end.

Before you post : READ everything, And especially the install steps and F.A.Q, the rom has been tested thoroughly for a long time, so if you have an critical issue like not booting or something major, you missed the instructions, posts that are irrelevant to this project will be ignored(Constructive criticism is welcomed). If you do face a new bug however, dont just say "hey bug here fix nao" provide more information, and a LOGCAT, bug reports without logcats will most likely be ignored.

  • - Android 10.0
  • - G965FXXS7DTB5 March release
  • - Heavily debloated/deknoxed
  • - Zipaligned and tuned
  • - Optimized for battery and performance
  • - Full Samsung OneUI 2.0 Experience
  • - Magisk Supported
  • - RMM PrePatched
  • - F2FS for userdata and cache
  • - CronosKernel v3
  • - And all the goodies Android Q / Oneui 2 Brings
  • - Contains all features from S9 minus hardware specific ones (Iris/faceunlock etc)
  • - All the main features are present (Wifi,Bluetooth, gps, camera etc)
Floyd/Hades Port Features :-
  • - Samsung DolbyAtmos
  • - optimised for S7 Flat / EDGE with their own separate configurations
  • - Many prop and feature tweaks and exclusive apps
  • - DE-Knoxed and disabled Additional samsung root prevention and security spams
  • - Full OMC setup with Many samsung supported countries
  • - MultiWallpaper support
  • - S9 Infinity Wallpapers
  • - Selectable SmartManager (Intl / CN)
  • - Full goodlock Pack + Patched Versions
  • - Debloated via Aroma (Email, Calculator, Video, Music, Voice Recorder, etc)
  • - Custom boot animations (Samsung Wh/Bl , Floyd, Hades)
  • - Yuva features (UsbBackup, SPowerPlanning, SProtect, Ultra Data Saving, Memory Saver and Samsung Max)
  • - Custom Fonts/Emojis included (And 1120 Font mods/Google fonts etc)
  • - Selectable YouTube Vanced
  • - Patched for Single/Dual SIM + SDCard
  • - Patched Dual Messenger for All user apps
  • - Selectable Edge Panels and edgelighting+
  • - SamsungDaily (BixbyHome) And Bixby Voice (Read F.A.Q)
  • - Recovery toggle (Long Press restart)
  • - Samsung Max and other Misc WiFi features
  • - Native AppLock
  • - Wifi S-Secure
  • - Native Screen Video recorder
  • - Native Call recorder
  • - Enabled some csc features (extra toggles, call record, status bar network speed etc.)
  • - And the list keeps going!
CronosKernel V3.0 :-
  • All of the custom kernel features can be controlled using HKTweaks by @corsicanu
  • - Full Android Q Support
  • - Compiled with Linaro toolchain
  • - Optimized for battery and performance
  • - Tons of under the hood improvements
  • - Upstreamed to 3.18.140
  • - F2FS Support
  • - R29P0 GPU Backport from Exynos7870 Q source
  • - Improved sched tick rate
  • - GPU Overclocking / Voltage & Thermal control
  • - CPU Voltage Control And underclocking
  • - Devfreq Voltage control
  • - Compiler optimizations
  • - Many wakelocks blocked by default
  • - BoefflaWakelock Blocker
  • - WireGuard Support
  • - MoroSound control
  • - Magisk Support
  • - Aggressive samsung wakelocks block toggles
  • - Battery charger controls
  • - FadeLED Support
  • - DT2W / S2W / S2S Supported
  • - UKSM Module included
  • - Tuned SWAP rate
  • - Dynamic Fsync Driver
  • - PowerSuspend Driver
  • - PWM Flicker Free Mod by @wootever
  • - Greatly improved scheduler and governor
  • - And many others that can be found on github

  1. ensure you have up-to-date TWRP (3.2 or higher). (Moro Twrp for example)
  2. ensure you are running recent oreo bootloader and modem!
  3. Download and copy the ROM to your device
  4. Wipe everything (SYSTEM,DATA,CACHE,DALVIK and if possible internal storage)
  5. Flash the ROM.ZIP (Select only what you will use in bloat otherwise it will fail due to system size)
  6. Setup your rom and READ the F.A.Q for more information.
  7. After a full successful boot. you can flash Magisk

  • - Follow the git repo to stay uptodate on bugs : Github
  • - NFC And Smart Cases
  • - Hardware keylight does not lightup/vibrate when pressed (F.A.Q)
  • - Flashlight intensity cant be changed
  • - Slowmotion in camera does not work 90% the time
  • - Some WiFi will have connectivity issues when using RandomizedMac option (F.A.Q)
  • - Fingerprint in Paypal/Bank apps

Imgur Album with Screenshots : IMGR

YouTube Video by @musabcel: Youtube

IF you helped in this rom and i forgot you, Send a PM or contact on Telegram
@corsicanu For a ton of support with this Project and a ton of HadesROM Features / Aroma (xoxo)
@kill-switch For Support and assistance with this ROM
@cvolton For fixing Device MAC Issues and 4K/60 FPS camera mod, and other contributions
@MkUltraBlack for sysUI modding
@Shariq3422 For help with Auto Brightness
@RickyBush_ For IOS Emoji
@Team Vanced For YouTube Vanced

Thanks to the Testing Team for helping me greatly :-
@kill-switch @Morogoku @SnowFuhrer @nalasTS @Oto_16 @Cvolton @Logan @SamsungUI @Shariq3422 @MkUltraBlack
@Sparta19666 @mathy007 @CANCAN_BBN @Kakashi82 @unibombz @DaveSouthUK @Arcsin2

Downloads. Changelogs , F.A.Qs below

XDA:DevDB Information
FloydQ, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

ananjaser1211, corsicanu, kill-switch
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: Android 10
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
ROM Firmware Required: Latest Bootloader/Modem and TWRP 3.3+
Based On: Oneui 2.0

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: V1.0
Stable Release Date: 2020-04-20

Created 2020-04-20
Last Updated 2020-05-13
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Name:	Screenshot_20200420-092834_Camera.jpg
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NewsChannel : Telegram
Come hang with us on our chat : Telegram
FloydQ V1.0 [LATEST]
AFH : Download
MEGA : Download
GoogleDrive : Download
Updated F.A.Q : XDA
WiFi Improvments : XDA
Sound Improvments : XDA
Kernel Update : XDA
P.S : if you had issues downloading from Drive, sign in and save the file to your drive. the file name will show up as Copy of Floyd*
Size : 2.56GB
MD5 : 8a1da0663f05aed440f48770aa6a742e
SHA1 : 81621da90a7192292ce9f216c34e4d3d21998d4a

Floyd v1.0 - 04.20.2020
- Initial Release
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Read this F.A.Q While the rom is Downloading.


-Updating GameTools/GameOptimizer From galaxy apps will break them.
-On first setup, let the phone update everything before using it
-To keep Youtube vanced, untick autoupdates from playstore
-If you want root, flash latest Magisk (Atleast after one successful boot with the ROM)
-Ensure you have most recent oreo bootloader / modem combo to avoid issues
-You should NEVER dirty flash from Pie, or god forbid oreo. it will cause issues. so dont

V1.0 - PostRelease F.A.Q : Here

F.A.Q :

Q : Games are Laggy/Pix-elated/Stutter/sucks/crashes
A : Open GameLauncher > Top Left menu > Game Performance > Set Game performance to "Focus on PowerSaving"
- The other options might work for some games, but they also break others.
- This ensures the game run at native resulotion and without any hiccups

Q : WiFi issues, disconnections and unstability
A : This happens sometimes when using "Random Mac" Feature when connecting to a network, So try without it and vice versa

Q : I have a black screen on boot.
A : If you have a smart cover on, remove it.

Q : How to get Root ?
A : Download Magisk from the Official Thread . flash

Q : Does this support X?
A : This rom is ONLY for the Exynos Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. and nothing else

Q : Can i use X kernel?
A : Only kernels that explicitly mention "Android Q Oneui 2.0" Support

Q : Alternative for Recents/Menu buttons to make them vibrate ?
A : Use VibeOnKey AppPlaystore

Q : I have Symlinks error / Rom wont go past splash
A : As the AROMA Told you, dont pick all the bloat. and use default settings if you dont know otherwise

Q : I still have issues installing. Why ?
A : If you previously installed Treble, and did not flash revert, Now is a good time. Your system might be too small

Q : How can i setup F2FS ?
A :
1) Download morogoku F2FS Ready TWRP : AFH Flash the TWRP zip within TWRP
3) Reboot back into TWRP after flashing moro twrp (Very important)
4) Wipe > advanced wipe > Data > CHANGE > F2FS (Your entire internal storage will be wiped out!)
5) Reboot and you will have DATA as F2FS, the same can be done to CACHE as well. Do not do it to SYSTEM

P.S : Make sure you are using an F2FS supported Kernel. Check the kernel features you are installing otherwise it will not work

Q : Device is running too hot
A : If it was just set-up, Give it time and make sure everything is up-to-date.

Q : GCAM Is not working
A : You have to use Android Q compatible GCAM Otherwise it will be stuck at processing (unicamera should work)

Q : What to do after the rom is setup ?
A : Go to samsung apps, let the phone update everything

Q : My phone does NOT boot help pls
A : Ensure you have LATEST bootloader and modem installed, did all the wipes, and did your house chores.
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Addons, Fixes and other msic stuff will be posted here when needed

Patch 1 : Wifi Improvements

This fixes issues caused by Bluetooth Low Energy constant scanning that breaks WiFi
For more details and download : Here

Patch 2 : Audio Improvments

This Fixes a ton of issues with Audio, Audio quality, and so on
For more details and download : Here

Patch 3 : Kernel Update

This has important changes in order to test the frequency of overnight charging bug and ram issues
For more details and download : Here
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Enjoy this rom everyone, its been long time coming.

Have fun!
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Congrats! glad to be part of this!
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Congrats anan, splendid work!👌
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Wow,It's finally out bro,GG
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Congrats! and thanks for your hard work
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Bro how can i know if my custom rom is running oreo bootloader and modem??
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