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    Thread Android 11

    Has anyone tested android 11 ? Second beta version is right now up
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    Thread Always on Display mode on redmi Note 7

    Hello guys any solution?. I've got option but this option in settings doesn't work. Maybe official app must be patched or something ?
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    Thread Problem with data mobile

    Hi guys. I've got a problem with data mobile on my stock rom or any other rom based on stock rom. Everything is OK when I install lineage 16. What is the problem? Please help me
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    Thread Fantastic ROM from sundream, sense 10, Android 7.1.2 Password 2019 But please download and re-upload somewhere. I can't download cause I don't have Baidu account
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    Thread Fantastic new sense rom for 10 password 2019 Can anyone download this and re-upload somewhere else. I can't log into Baidu
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    Thread help with download

    I found some interesting rom but can't download. Maybe someone can upload this at the other server.
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    Thread Couple MODS for Desire 510 SENSE 6.0 (weather, clock, lockscreen etc.)

    Hello guys here are some tested mods for our DESIRE 510 device. Everything on this post is tested and it works but i adivce to make a backup before everything what you're trying to do with system files 1. Transparent clock with weather: DOWNLOAD 2. Weather animation DOWNLOAD 3...
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    Thread weather animation on weather app

    Is there any chance to get to our device weather animations instead weather pictures?
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    Thread problem with installing apps who has more than 100mb

    Helloguys id like to know that if someone has same problem as I. I cant install any app WHO actually has more than 100 mb. Cant install Thomas was alone on my desire. Apps install and when is near to the end i have text app doesnt install
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    Thread Htc Wildfire Wallpapers Picker 1.0

    Wildfire Wallpapers (Wildfire resolution) These wallpapers are straight from the HTC devices and ready to be used on your Android device. After installing, navigate to your homescreen. Press menu and choose wallpaper. From there, select 'Wildfire Wallpapers' and you'll be able to choose one...
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    Thread [request] i need a htc wildfire stock calculator

    I really need a stock HTC wildfire calculator. Maybe someone can upload on attachment? I will be very pleased
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    Thread REAL Htc Sense animating flip clock widget on every non HTC Android phones

    click to watch What do you need ? First things first 1. Install Beautiful Widgets (available for free from getjar) 2. Download Weather SuperSense skin 3. Remove Beautiful widgets (TRUST ME) 4. Install animating flip clock mod by leonidis 5. Install BeWeather 6. Go to Agile lock 7. Add widget...