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  1. Redwraith96

    Thread [Q]How to add TCP congestion control?

    how can I add an other tcp congestion control algorithm on my samsung galaxy w?
  2. Redwraith96

    Thread Please Close Thread

    Hello everyone I just want to share this beatiful rom that I've found on this chinese thread: This rom it's based on 2.3.6(GAPPS are included)and it has many tweak that make speedy and smooth.:p Also this rom has a good battery usage...(see the screenshots):good: Installation guide credit to...
  3. Redwraith96

    Thread [Q]Time sharing

    How can I check the time sharing of the cpu, if this is possible? :)
  4. Redwraith96

    Thread [Q] Airplane Mode

    when I put the offline mode I can still see the signal strength of-51dBm,is there a way to zero the signal?
  5. Redwraith96

    Thread CSR Racing problem

    Today i've installed a new game ,CSR Racing,but this after a few second stuck and restart my phone. i'm using stock gb rom. I've tried to play a second time this game but the result is the same.