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    Thread Lg g5 mobile data problem

    I have a lg g5 unlocked, but I can not have mobile data Edit: problem solved

    Thread help with my milestone A953

    hello anyone can tell me which is the official sbf milestone 2 verizon? * brick the phone and I want it back but do not know which is the official sbf since rds lite api gives me error 0xe0000042 every time flashing a sbf :/ and I do not remember if it was before with froyo or gingerbread I...

    Thread [Q] I need to clarify a small doubt

    Hi I have a question with my Sensation 4G for T-Mobile I want to update my phone to ICS my phone is with gingerbread can not update via OTA if I look at the HTC Software update says I already have the latest update and am still on 2.3.4 made ​​the Unlockboot with HTC DEV ***UNLOCKED***...