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    Thread GCAM and real 48MP Mode

    Hey, is there any GCAM that support real 48MP mode?
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    Thread Viper Keep force closing

    Hey guys, Viper4Android Rocks, but it keep force closing, even in the middle of the music. Anyone know how to "fix" it?
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    Thread [GUIDE]Fix PopUp Camera Calibration

    After flash or format, some times our device has a NASTY bug on the PopUp Camera, where it keep opening and closing forcing the actuator motor and never re calibrate successfully. Making a bunch of error messages on the OS plus a useless front camera as it wont work. After doing research, i...
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    Thread [Shared-ROM]MiuiMix by MMX Team

    Hey guys, i'm not the dev however i requested a Mi9t/K20 build and help them with the initial release.. So guess what, here it is ;) Based on latest 9.9.26, with the chinese vendor and fixed the bugs from v2 build. Updates: MOD EDIT: Telegram link removed, read the STICKY! Download...
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    Thread TWRP Backup never work

    Hey guys, i'm at the latest Chinese TWRP (but same issue happen with the latest Russian one). I can nanodroid backup fine, but EVERY TIME i restore it give error 255 on data and another error on System restore. Backup is useless. I tried to format data in case it was a encryption issue (i even...
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    Thread GadgetShieldz

    Hey, i think those skins are promising, but sadly, it don't tell much about the textures differences. Has anyone used it? Anything to add about if the Lather (for example) feels like it. Or how the sandstone feels.
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    Thread MIUI Debloat + Optmizations

    Hey Guys, i've made a script to debloat MIUI and to install some Kernel optimizations at the INIT.D folder plus anti Google Play Services Wakelock Script (at INIT.D as well). Usually i use it on mi-globe and MIUI-MIX but it should work for, Global and Chinese ROMs too (both beta and...
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    Thread Telegram update group

    Anyone know the Telegram Updategroup?
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    Thread [Script]MIUI-Debloat

    Hey guys, i've made a MIUI Debloat Script for ALL MIUI based ROMs (even Chinese as i included crap apps such as Baidu to debloat exclusive from that ROM). The idea is to keep a simple and clean system. You also can install a Full Hosts File so you can block ads without installing a third party...
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    Thread MI-Globe and

    Hello friends, since day 1 of my unlocked bootloader i'm using Masik. But as this ROM is no more, i'm struggling to find a good MIUI custom ROM. I tried MI-Globe, that is based on, i like it but i still find it very bloated on the gapps aspect (i has the google app, the OK Google apps...
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    Thread Question about Maps

    Hello, i wonder if there is any maps app that uses the Google Maps API but isn't Google Maps (as it's heavy and not battery friendly). I use and like Here to drive, but it lack places to research as Google Maps is perfect on that.
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    Thread Change Masik Language

    Hey Guys, i use Masik as my ROM. So i had my OS on my native language, Portuguese, BR. How ever i changed to english but now it wont show Portuguese on the language list. Is there a way with Root or in TWRP that i can set it back? Even if cosmetic to the apps i have install, i need it back.
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    Thread Chinese vs Global

    So i just ordered this phone (i'm assuming it's the Note 5 Pro due to the specs).. but it seen to be the chinese...
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    Thread Change CPU governor with screen on or off

    Hey, i just got Tasker, the reason is i want it to set the CPU governor to powersave on screen off and when the screen on to set it as performance. I've made two scripts for that on SManager, using it it work fine.. but SManager isn't tasker so it wont apply it automatic when the screen is on or...
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    Thread [BUG]Battery wont charge to 100%

    Hey Guys, i flashed a custom ROM on the device, how ever, the phone wont charge up to more than 92%. I googled it but never found a cause nor a solution (even though on Xiaomi forum some ppl faced it). Any ideas on the cause and possible solution??
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    Thread Downloaded Theme Wallpaper

    Hey, i'm waiting for aproval to unlock the bootloader so i can install RR. I'm using, how ever, a theme that has a very nice wallpaper that i got from MIUI theme "store". Where can i backup the theme Wallpaper so i can use it in RR after i'll wipe the stock ROM?
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    Thread This phone have a Unlocked Bootloader?

    Hello, i want to buy a Redmi4x, how ever i want to know if it come with a Unlocked Bootloader and if TWRP installation is easy on the phone. Thanks
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    Thread Android Theme DIY

    Hi, i've made a couple of themes on that App. How ever with the latest version of it, plus the latest CM13 snapshot i'm having a problem. The theme crash the phone app. That i had a workaround before by using the CM theme engine feature that allowed me to theme a single app with another theme...
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    Thread [CM13][Peregrine]Screen Overlay issue

    Hello, i have a Moto G 4G LTE XT-1040 with the latest (11/08/2016) CM13 nightly ROM. I got an app that need the storage permision enabled. How ever when i come to enable it, a message pop up telling i need to disable Screen Overlay to change the permission. I did disable for all apps (except...
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    Thread Question before buy

    Hello, i have a couple of questions and need help to decide if i should buy the LG G3 855 (BR edition) vs the Moto X Play. Well, first off, independent of the phone that i'll get, i'll install TWRP and CM13, i can't have a phone without it. So, is the G3 easy to unlock the bootloader (specially...
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    Thread Module request/idea

    Hello guys, yesterday i was taking my girlfriend to the hospital and i had no headset with me. As we were in the line it is not a good idea to listen to whatsapp audio on speakers there. but i got a very important audio from work.... so something occur to me... Would it be possible to make a...
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    Thread Question about the bootloader

    Hello, i'm considering in buy a brand new Z3C online (from my carrier discount program), how ever i can't use any device without CM13. I wonder if any Z3C can have the bootloader unlocked.. and if not, if someone have a way to unlock the bootloader without the Sony method. I can't check if the...
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    Thread [Q]Facebook App Chat icon

    Hello, today i got a small issue from the facebook app. When i clean data and cache from the app, it display the chat icon where it always did (and where i like) after i login after the data/cache cleaning of the app. Like here: But... after i close/back off the app, it don't stay there. When...
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    Thread Help with a Script

    Hello, there is something that is driving me crazy. I don't use the GPS that much, due to that i let many google play services disable (with the disable service app). But for when i do need, i wish to create a script to enable those services that i know i'll need... and then another script to...
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    Thread [Script]Kernel Auditor

    Hello, i'm using the Sabermod Rom from beeeto, how ever the settings and script that i would like to share will work for all ROMs/Kernels with the latest Intelliplug and Settings (such as the Spirit Kernel). The goal is to have a snap on performance when the screen is on.... and a very deep...
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    Thread Bug on CM12

    Hi oasisfeng after the latest update that it allow Greenify to enable the Xposed features on lollipop i started to have some issues. The Xposed app it self on the module download page (any module) force close and same for the calendar app (not google calendar, the stock one). After i disable the...
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    Thread [SCRIPT] crDroid+Pink Kernel Fix (possible for other ROMs too)

    IMPORTANT: I think i reach the final build for this script. All in all i present two version of the script. One codename Balanced that is the initial script (and there for is the most balances i've got) and another codename Ultra Smooth as it is very smooth but may be too aggressive on...
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    Thread Peculiar issue on Facebook

    Hello, good morning, yesterday a very peculiar thing happened on my facebook. I've sent a message to a person on the 7th of February and on that day the person read the message. So far so good because it appeared the "seen" and the date (same day in that case) and time that the person read...