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  1. andreoide

    Thread viber

    I noticed when sending front or back Camera videos in Viber there is no problem. As soon as i click Camera in Viber to take a picture and sent it to a contact, it does not sent, a white circle keeps turning gor 30 sec, than it stops an Viber notice pop up that the picture was not sent. I re...
  2. andreoide

    Thread [Q] from T-mobile branded to unbranded

    Hi I seached alot before i posted this, so i hope someone can help me. I have i9100 S2 with PDA i9100BOLPM / i9100 BOLP7 / i9100TNLLP8 wich is branded by T-mobile Netherlands. ( ICS ) I want to flash JellyBean, now someone told me this I9100XWLSD_I9100XENLS1_XEN is safe for me to flash troug...