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  1. Baijoosharma

    Thread Qcn file required please help

    After unbrick i lost imei and cant read qcn or efs from any tool please could you share qcn file of lg g7 tjanks a lot in advance:crying:
  2. Baijoosharma

    Thread Need help to get back serial number in G710EAW

    Need help to get back serial number IMEI are there :( need urgent help please :crying:
  3. Baijoosharma

    Thread g710EAW Indian variant anybody successfully rooted/unlock boot-loader?

    g710EAW Indian variant anybody successfully rooted/unlock boot-loader?
  4. Baijoosharma

    Thread After pie update Airtel Volte lost on EAW

    :eek: finlaay i noticed I lost VOLTE After pie update on Airtel:crying:
  5. Baijoosharma

    Thread Remove bloatwares

    Follow this post if you want to quickly remove bloatware
  6. Baijoosharma

    Thread Missing deep sleep :(

    I noticed that mobile doesn't go to deep sleep during the night :crying: it consumes 6-9% (wifi off/on and net also same situations) batteries in 6-7Hrs my old G6 uses only 1-3 %(net on, wifi on, AOD off) anybody has noticed same? :confused:
  7. Baijoosharma

    Thread android Pie for LG KZD files for different models

    you can check here for latest one ---> <---- details with direct link Model Region File name Date G710EAW HKE G710EAW20a_00_OPEN_HK_DS_OP_0621.kdz* 7/4/2019 G710EAW...
  8. Baijoosharma

    Thread Don't cry for pie just enjoy music, boombox, wireless charging, ip68, mah fav display

    I tired European Pie nothing new same because LG uxi so just enjoy high quality LG's durable mobiles. Android version doesn't matter until LG changes ui. And please guide juniors first if they stuck in boot loop or related quires asap xda is hope so please first help them thanks
  9. Baijoosharma

    Thread [Stock] [discontinued]LG G6 H870DS Oreo download for India and other regions

    LG G6 Oreo H870DS I lost my g6 :crying: so wont update in future here is a link you can check by yourself :good: single link for all H870DS model-->
  10. Baijoosharma

    Thread Last operation was not preformed due to low memory

    I hall anybody noticed when uploading pics on facebook or tweeter, I tired both edge and chrome both can't upload pics :'( any solution?
  11. Baijoosharma

    Thread LG Pay in any update, anybody got it?

    :) in which countries it is coming :confused: :angel: wanna use it in India :cowboy: :silly: first Oreo has to come :mad:
  12. Baijoosharma

    Thread LG G6 remove bloatware apps of LG-H870DS

    the simplest way to remove bloatware apps of LG G6 H870DS requirements USB drivers installed on PC ADB, Fastboot and Drivers, ADB minimal tool SETP-1: Install ADB tool Open Developer options SET-2: In mobile settings >About phone common>software information>build number touch it 5-7 times...
  13. Baijoosharma

    Thread [Discontinued] RESURRECTION REMIX 5.8.2 for M2 Note [7.1.1]

    Finally most customization ROM RESURRECTION REMIX bases on Android N 7.1.1 The ROM has been based on CM, Slim, Omni and original Remix ROM builds is here INSTALLATION 0 Must be TWRP by Shev-t (I lolipop) 1 Make a backup of current system 2 Manually Wipe System, Data, Cache! Always! 3...