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  1. shady79

    Thread Hardware or software

    I have a converted retail and was running cm13 all was fine until last night. Last week I dropped my phone in cement and the USB port got clogged. Unsure of what to do I was just swapping batteries until I could figure out how to unclog port. Well last night was when I tried to take the phone...
  2. shady79

    Post [ROM]*EOL*[6.0.1] PaulPizzRom [N910VVRU2CPJ2][12/16/2016]

    Can I flash this coming from CM13 or do I have to downgrade to 5.1.1. I'm on a converted retail.
  3. shady79

    Post [Guide] A noob's guide to Perm Root & TWRP on Verizon Note 4 Retail 5.1.1 (BPA1)

    Thanks, got it fixed. It was either a typo or a full sd card.
  4. shady79

    Post [HOWTO] Converting your Retail Note 4 to a Developer Edition Note 4

    so i finally figured it all out, although im not totally sure where i went wrong. I think it was either a typo in entering commands or a full sd card. After hours of trying and reading i got it straight and now have fully rooted, converted dev edition. I also scared the crap outta myself when...
  5. shady79

    Post [Guide] A noob's guide to Perm Root & TWRP on Verizon Note 4 Retail 5.1.1 (BPA1)

    yes i have an sd card in and no errors that i can tell. after each command i dont see anything that says error? its driving me insane, im sure im doing something stupid.
  6. shady79

    Post [Guide] A noob's guide to Perm Root & TWRP on Verizon Note 4 Retail 5.1.1 (BPA1)

    so ive tried a bunch of times, but when i get to the last command in adb (./samsung_unlock_n4-fix) i keep getting "not found"
  7. shady79

    Post [HOWTO] Converting your Retail Note 4 to a Developer Edition Note 4

    im pretty sure i just did that, tried again and still getting "not found" in adb. and the file you mean is the samsung_unlock_n4-2 correct?
  8. shady79

    Post [HOWTO] Converting your Retail Note 4 to a Developer Edition Note 4

    use root file explorer and place file in data/local/tmp on phone or pc?
  9. shady79

    Post [HOWTO] Converting your Retail Note 4 to a Developer Edition Note 4

    Set permissions? Not exactly sure how to.
  10. shady79

    Post [HOWTO] Converting your Retail Note 4 to a Developer Edition Note 4

    Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong, I get thru all the adb commands until the last one ./samsung_unlock_n4-2 and it says not found... and temp root worked, verified by root checker
  11. shady79

    Post [Firmware] [Official] Firmware / Kernel / Modem / Recovery [N910VVRU2CPF3]

    I take it that means I'm screwed for now? No options correct?
  12. shady79

    Post [Firmware] [Official] Firmware / Kernel / Modem / Recovery [N910VVRU2CPF3]

    So if I updated to 5.1.1. Thru verizon, am I able to use these Odin's to get twrp recovery, modem, kernel?
  13. shady79

    Post 4.x-to-4.4.2-NK1-SAFEUP-or-DOWNgrade & Obtain or Keep Root & SafeStrap! EZiest WAY.

    wifi issue I cant seem to get wifi working. I started with step 3 of the 2nd method in the op cuz i was on 4.3 and rooted with SS. i installed the newest Hyperdrive rom and flashed all the files according to the steps in SS then flashed the boot img in Odin and evrything worked fine but i have...
  14. shady79

    Post [Q] Cracked Glass

    Awesome, Thank you for the info!
  15. shady79

    Thread [Q] Cracked Glass

    Ive been looking everywhere to find out if its possible to replace just the glass for the 4g touch. I see that they sell them on Ebay but i read somewhere about a different phone that its quite difficult and the bond between the new glass and screen is not good. Can someone please shed some...
  16. shady79

    Post PERMANENTLY fix your "blown" speaker

    Can someone tell me if this will always work? I took my speaker out and tried it but it made no change. I think it is because I don't have a very strong magnet. Also when I took it out I didn't see that many metal shavings. Where can I find an earth magnet besides online? Thanks.
  17. shady79

    Post [10-11-11][ROM] gingerbread-evo-deck [1.3][2.3.7 Stable] #Stablistic

    thanks....flashing away now!!
  18. shady79

    Post [10-11-11][ROM] gingerbread-evo-deck [1.3][2.3.7 Stable] #Stablistic

    Anyone have a mirror for the new GAPPS w/ vvm? the one in op doesnt seem to be working...thanks
  19. shady79

    Thread SmS Printing

    Can anyone tell me how i can go about printing my text message conversations? Is it possible to transfer them to my pc then print them out?
  20. shady79

    Thread Text Intercepting

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to intercept my wifes texts. We both have tilts and i have read it can be done, but im having trouble figuring it out. If anyone knows how to or can lead me to where i can find out it would be great. I have a feeling something might be going on and i...
  21. shady79

    Post Warranty exchange upgrade to ATT Fuze

    I had to replace the lcd in my tilt and now i want to try a warranty exchange. Does any one know if they will give me a hard time? If i just act really dumb and dont say anything and tell them it keeps shuttin off by itself or pull the plug on a rom flash i should be good right? Also, do they...
  22. shady79

    Thread LCD Replacement

    Ok so i sat on my Tilt and busted my LCD. Me and my fat A$$!! I then went on eBay and bought a replacement for 40$, get it a few days later and start the operation. Following along precisely with a picture tutorial on how to disassemble, put in the new LCD and start the reassembly. I soon...
  23. shady79

    Post [Jan 06 2k8] Dutty's 2k8 Rom [DualTouch v2 & v3 Final Rom] Updated Pls Read Posts 1-3

    oops, Sorry dutty shoulda read just a little bit longer. Found out had to change my radio to Now volume works just great. Patrick check out this thread
  24. shady79

    Post [Jan 06 2k8] Dutty's 2k8 Rom [DualTouch v2 & v3 Final Rom] Updated Pls Read Posts 1-3

    No volume Dutty I flashed from one of yor old roms to your new v3 with no problems except that i have no volume on my ringer. My speaker works fine when i make a call and put it on speakerphone but yet my ringer doesnt work. When i go to the volume adjustment there is no sound. Any help...
  25. shady79

    Post Cannot install any new ROMs cuz Activesync!!

    I have tried that a few times. Not totally sure how to check the registry for anything left behind. What should i look for? thanks for the help
  26. shady79

    Thread Cannot install any new ROMs cuz Activesync!!

    Well i just picked up my new Tilt a few days ago and have not be able to try out any ROMs yet cuz activesync is crazy. I had 4.2 running just fine for the longest time with no problems. I now have the tilt and needed to upgrade to AS 4.5, so i did with the cd from the tilt and everything went...
  27. shady79

    Post WM5 AKU 3.3 Rom for G3 & G4 Wizards (includes Crossbow stuff and many enhancements)

    I just noticed the same thing. Set up one of my pop3 accounts and now Poof! gone?
  28. shady79

    Post WM5 AKU 3.3 Rom for G3 & G4 Wizards (includes Crossbow stuff and many enhancements)

    I believe this Rom will work with all carriers, anywhere.
  29. shady79

    Thread Resco explorer and smartskey

    Has anyone else had this problem? Everytime I close messaging with smartskey it opens resco explorer. Ive had this problems with all roms ive used except the stock cingular rom.
  30. shady79

    Post HELP!! My 8125 keeps resetting all by itself.

    Just my 2cents Maybe you might wanna divulge a little more info than " my 8125 keeps resetting" In my expierence the more info you can tell about your problem the better the probability of someone knowing whats wrong. Like i said, just my 2cents. Shady
  31. shady79

    Post Idiot here...Apology for being rude

    Nomad, Thanks, that helped alot. I actually saw that thread in my searches and somehow missed the cab. Boy talk about dumba$$ also, thanks for the google search info, is there anything that google isnt good for? Now if i could jsut figure out how to walk on water ill be all set =)...
  32. shady79

    Post Idiot here...Apology for being rude

    Aggrivation Ok, I have tried asking politely. Thats why i got upset and started this thread. Hanmin.. I have not helped anyone for two one has asked, and i dont like to just give answers if im not sure there the CORRECT answers. My 20 posts are mostly me asking questions to learn...
  33. shady79

    Thread Idiot here...Apology for being rude

    I dont understand why no one will help me. I asked numerous times for someone to help me in getting my internet connection setup again. I have installed Molski's last rom and now i can no longer get an internet connection. It might seem like a stupid ? to alot of people on here but i cant figure...
  34. shady79

    Thread Connection Setup

    I just upgraded to Risidoro's custom 2.26 rom w/ CF2-SP1 and everthing works freakin great except i cant connect to the internet. I tried cingulars setup process for bith Media Net and My Isp and keep gettin "cannot connect for unknown reason" message. can someone please shed some light on my...
  35. shady79

    Post NEW Custom 2.26 ROM with CF2-SP1 Flash7 Java Rings Themes...

    GPRS Settings Hi All, I just upgraded to this ROm and I love it! But, after installing I no longer am able to connect to the internet. Can someone please lead me on how to get things workin again, Thanks
  36. shady79

    Post CING folks: AKU2.3 updated, now with Multi-installer + CF2

    cant upgrade or downgrade Hi, Last nite i installed one of summiters other roms (aku2 217 with ringers, etc. etc, ...) All worked fine. Today i tried to install the rom from this post, option 1 full rom and its not happening. I first tried to cid unlock and that didnt work. then i tried the...
  37. shady79

    Post rom link not working

    thanks! thanks for the quick response
  38. shady79

    Post Cingular 8125 users: custom AKU 2.3 ROM available

    link not working Can someone please post a working link to Summiter's new rom on the first page of this post. When i click on it or any of the other ones throughout this thread i keep getting the 55 failed to change directory. Thanks!
  39. shady79

    Thread rom link not working

    Hi, Can someone please post a working link to Summiter's new rom on the first page of this post. After trying to click on it i keep getting 550 failed to change directory. same with all other links to it throughout the post. I also cant seem to find it going on the ftp site. Thanks
  40. shady79

    Thread auto-scroll with Opera

    ok, ive been using smartskey for while with no problems, then the other day i installed opera and it wont autoscroll with the volume slider. it work fine with IE? do i have to do something special? or is it not compatible?[/b]
  41. shady79

    Thread VGA Confusion

    I have a 8125 and dont really understand what vga is all abot. Can someone tell me or lead me to some posts about vga its benfits, how to get it what its for. Sorry if this sounds stupid but if you want to learn you must ask questions. i in return will happily answer questions...
  42. shady79

    Post Clock on 8125 in military time?

    Thanks Thanks Summiter, Damn is there anything you dont know? Also thanks for the quick response. Ive been looking all day to try to fix the damn clock. Regional settings didnt even come to mind
  43. shady79

    Thread Clock on 8125 in military time?

    OK i have my 8125 bout a week now and so far ive updated the rom to summiter's custom cingular rom, and all is well with that. Last nite i installed resco file explorer and memmaid. i also did the omapclock tweak and all is well there too, but i noticed that now my clock on the today screen is...
  44. shady79

    Post Cingular 8125 users: 2 custom RUU upgraders available on ftp

    ok am i a total bonehead? i cant seem to used either of the links in this thread to get the ruu. can someone please help? I also cant find them on the ftp site. also when i try to use sundriedpeas link in my firefox browser it opens a new tabs and says this ftp server does not allow anonymous...
  45. shady79

    Post Looking For a teacher!!

    I live in new jersey and work in nyc. I'm even interested in maybe just talkin over the phone or email. I'm getting alittle more confident as I mess around with the phone. let me know. thanks
  46. shady79

    Post Kaspersky Security and Activesync fight to death!

    I finally found the cure. someone from kaspersky's lab forum told me to try the newest version os A/v and a beta version of A/H and it worked fine. no more crashes no problems no nothing.....yet. the A/V version is and the beta version...
  47. shady79

    Thread PQ1 sd card any good?

    wondering if anyone heard of this PQ1 sd mini card. Its a 2gb that has 10gb transfer spped. listed for 75.00$ Please post with any info
  48. shady79

    Thread Kaspersky Security and Activesync fight to death!

    OK well while waiting for someone on here to help me with my activesync problem, ive figured out that the culprit is the kaspersky A/V and firewall. I totally uninstalled them both and activesync worked fine. But i want to use kaspersky so does ne one have true expierence with these products and...