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    Thread [FBOOT][MULTIROM] FOTA -Noob edition

    I worked a bit on FOTA bootloader, and i'd like to share some of my work. Few words about Fota in general I think lot of people here don't understand fully how Fota work, and this may prevent a lot of questions, please read it. We use Fota in Badadroid project as a bootloader, it's the piece...
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    Thread About shut down on wave

    Hi everyone, i'm currently trying to find something about shutdown on wave. Here is the situation : Wave could shut down on Mikegapinsky Polishblood (August 2012). It couldn't reboot, but shutdown was working. Some time later, we can't do it aymore. What i want to do ? find where is the code...
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    Thread [ROM] [CM11] SD and NAND version of Badadroid v4.4

    Hello everyone, here is my work to make Badadroid run on SD or Nand. Lot of people requested it but it's for test purpose. I don't know about performance (don't look really bad, but i haven't tested it), but you can do some tests and report. This ROM is based on Badadroid v4.4, for both kernel...