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  1. rsb007

    Thread Flashing XT1255 ROM on XT1254

    Hello, My friend traveled to US and bought a Droid Turbo (XT1254). We live in Brazil and he wants to debrand it and flash stock ROM. There's a Moto Maxx (XT1255) with brazilian FW. Can I unlock his bootloader (I read the tutorial and done bootloader unlock couple times) and flash XT1255 rom on...
  2. rsb007

    Thread [Guide] Text-To-Speech (TTS) in (almost) any language

    First of all, sorry for my english. I know thats not so good, but I think you can understand it :p In this guide I'll teach how to install almost any TTS language (non-robotic) so your device can read things in your native language without problems. 1) Plug your device on computer and create a...
  3. rsb007

    Thread Bounty for a Dev

    Everything started here, with me and AragornPE agreeing with inheme's idea that we are offering a bounty to any developer who can boot a FUNCTIONAL and USABLE day-to-day basis ROM to Motorola Milestone 2. This includes wifi, camera, gps and gsm functionability, with minor to no bugs. The rom...