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  1. jeetu1981

    Thread [Read before/after posting Q] Basic Courtesy/Responsibility!!

    Hello New users!! I have been browsing SGN forums from last one and half month or so and observed few things in Q&A section- One- users does not change title of the question thread even if the issue has been resolved and it confuses people and they keep on posting possible solutions (just...
  2. jeetu1981

    Thread Galaxy Note II Index- Almost everything you need is (will be) here!!

    I will try to compile all useful guides/information available for Note II across the Note II sections. You will find everything from official firmware update to rooting, modding and custom firmware flashing. The only motive of this thread is to collect each and every important/essential...
  3. jeetu1981

    Thread [Guide][Link] Reverse tethering for galaxy Note [Free] (Windows)

    Hi, Seen a lot of users asking whether reverse tethering/Internet pass through (using PC internet on phone) is possible for Note or not. So decided to post it here. Okay here is the link to the original thread by capslock66. (All credits to him) NOTE- This is for Windows users only!! You...
  4. jeetu1981

    Thread Galaxy Note Index- [Rooting]/[Flashing]/[Themes/Apps] Almost everything you need!!

    I have tried to compile all useful guides/information available for our Note across the Note section. You will find everything from official firmware update to custom firmware flashing. Again, none of this is my work, I have just compiled it together for easy access. The only motive of...
  5. jeetu1981

    Thread Galaxy Note stock/custom JB/ICS MODs- All at one place

    Post #1- TW ICS Mods Post #2- Tutorial Post #3- TW JB Mods It should be already mentioned in the respective threads but again, make sure to delete .odex file (if applicable) if you are installing any mode and always backup the stock app. 1. Themes, 15 toggles and transparent notification pull...
  6. jeetu1981

    Thread (How to) Working 15 toggle mod for stock 4.0.4 ROMs

    I have seen lot of people looking for working 15 toggle mod and transparent/modded status bar and notification pulldown for stock 4.0.4 roms. here is small guide- Note- Changing systemui.apk should not be a big issue and you can always replace it with stock (keep backup), make sure to delete...
  7. jeetu1981

    Thread Galaxy Note Custom ROM Index- All custom ROMS at one place

    . .************************ Lollipop/CM12 based ROMs*********************** NightOwl by bauner - Thread RESURRECTION REMIX by varund7726 - Thread . .************************ KK/CM11 based ROMs***************************** AICP by audahadi - Thread...
  8. jeetu1981

    Thread Do not use (temp recovery) to root Galaxy note on ICS!!

    Hi, This has been reported and confirmed that using temporary touch recovery method to root Galaxy Note on ICS is not safe, this has been posted several times in the forum but lot of people are still trying or asking to try this method. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS TEMP RECOVERY, it can brick your...
  9. jeetu1981

    Thread How to perform safe full wipe/factory reset on Galaxy Note.

    We all know that full wipe in recovery or factory reset in setting can brick our Note, so is the only way to perform full wipe is to re-flash the ROM? Or it can be done as below? Root and flash cwm recovery using custom kernel through odin Remove yellow triangle using triangle way Boot in cwm...
  10. jeetu1981

    Thread CM6 ROMs cannot access my SD

    Hi, I have a very strange problem, I have tried 3 CM6 ROMs but none of these can access my SD but when I reflash 2.1 ROM it is working fine. Please note that I formatted the card through PC (FAT 32) and xRecovery but still same issue. Most strange thing is that the same card is accessible by...
  11. jeetu1981

    Thread (Discussion) Best Applications for HD2 (personal opinion)

    We all have installed and tried tonnes of applications on our beloved Leo, now it's time to find out and list your fav applications. Here is my list. 1. Skype 2. Palringo 3. SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.5 (with Doc and mskip android theme) 4. SPB backup 5. SPB wireless monitor 6. Memmaid 7. Windroid...
  12. jeetu1981

    Thread [Q] Leo sense home tab weather animation always on?

    Hi, Usually the weather animation on sense home tab stops in few seconds, if there any way/tweak to keep it always on. PS- Before asking this question here, I searched everything but found nothing. Please forgive me if this question has been asked earlier. Thanks