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  1. justjr

    Thread Interactive governor highly efficient profile for SmartPack Kernel - Android N/O/P

    Hello all. After about a month of researching and testing with the Galaxy S5, I'm finally happy with my SmartKernel profile, with the interactive governor carefully tuned, using known resources and countless trials and errors, as well as other various tweaks, like VM and I/O scheduler, and...
  2. justjr

    Thread [Q] Where are the Developers and Performance options in CM10.1 config 28032013 build?

    I can't find this options under my options... they are not under system in this version of CM, I came from a CM10 that used to show the options just fine. Really weird. Did those options moved? I can't find them... But if I plugin the USB, debugging icon pop up and I am able to get into...