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  1. AshtonTS

    Thread [Q] Activate on postpaid Verizon?

    Been thinking about picking up one if these as a backup. The problem is that these phones can only be activated on postpaid verizon after 6 months of being active on prepaid. Sort of a deal dealer. Can this limitation be passed? Is there anyone who knows of a way to bypass this and just activate...
  2. AshtonTS

    Thread Screen fade out instead of CRT animation?

    Is there any mod, or anyone who could make a mod that changes the screen lock animation from the CRT to just a simple fade off? When the screen turns on it fades on, so just like that except for screen off.
  3. AshtonTS

    Thread Clock Widget Font?

    just as the title suggests, I would like to know what the font of the clock widget is. Im looking for the text that says the time, but if you guys know any of the rest of it, I'd like to know that too.
  4. AshtonTS

    Thread [APP][Concept] Cydia for Android

    All you guys who want to see this a reality, submit this tread as a news tip on xda, share it on twitter and g+ (if you would like tag known developers), and do whatever else to get publicity. If we hit the front page of XDA, I'm sure we can get this project off the ground. I know this idea has...
  5. AshtonTS

    Thread Android OS draining battery?

    Well my nexus has been giving me 5 hours SOT for the longest time, but just randomly, it decided to start dying really fast. I checked battery stats, and sure enough, android OS is the killer here. I'm aware android OS drains are usually because of apps installed, but I haven't installed...
  6. AshtonTS

    Thread Semi Transparent Navbar + Status bar?

    Hey guys, anyone know of a way to get a transparent navbar and status bar like the one in this thread? I'd rather not switch roms since I like CM so much. Does anyone know what I need to mod in systemUI or wherever to get this to work...
  7. AshtonTS

    Thread Insufficient Storage Space?

    So I have a 16GB nexus 4 and I have about 8GB left, and I was updating ingress and it says I don't have sufficient storage?! :mad: I don't have the patience or time to deal with this, especially since my iPads iCloud account got ****ed all of 5 seconds before I tried to update ingress...
  8. AshtonTS

    Thread Support Ryan Scott of CyanogenMod! [Please Read]

    Ryan Scott of the CyanogenMod team (you may know him better as ChiefzReloaded) has contracted a rare, flesh-eating virus. The full details are explained in Cyanogenmod's Google+ post here Here's a photo of the disease in action More details about the virus can be found here This is truly...
  9. AshtonTS

    Thread PS4 Controller?

    I know it was just announced an hour ago, but we had support for the PS3's dualshock 3 controller, so do you guys think the dualshock 4 will work with the six axis app?cor do you think it will require a full rewrite of all the drivers? Any answers, questions, comments, or discussion are welcome
  10. AshtonTS

    Thread Instagram Thread

    Hello everyone. Lately I've been into instagram a lot. I got one when they first came out, but I hadn't used it much until a couple months ago. I thought it would be a cool idea to have people on XDA post their instagram Usernames (and maybe even some cool pics!) here so we can get to know each...
  11. AshtonTS

    Thread Sensation Digitizers Interchangeable?

    I apologize if there have been threads like this in the past, search is currently down. I, wondering if the three sensation models' (Sensation, TMO 4G, and XE) are all interchangeable. I'm going to be getting a cracked screen t-mobile sensation tomorrow (if all goes well) and I definitely want...
  12. AshtonTS

    Thread [GUIDE] Set up ADB and Fastboot on a Mac easily (With Screenshots!)

    Ok, so I'm going to make a little write up on how to easily install ADB and fastboot on a Mac. It's actually quite simple, and plus you don't have to worry about drivers like in Windows. Instructions First, make a folder named "android" (no quotes of course :)) You can place it anywhere on...
  13. AshtonTS

    Thread Open WebOS beta 1 Released! After about a year of waiting, HP has finally open-sourced WebOS. This is great news. Devs, I hope I can see this someday on my GNex
  14. AshtonTS

    Thread Open WebOS source released, port anyone? The first beta of Open WebOS code is scheduled to hit HP's servers later today. Anyone think we have a chance of seeing a port for the good ol GNex? Would anyone even be interested? I know I am! People have expressed...
  15. AshtonTS

    Thread MMS while connected to Wi-Fi

    So, for some reason the GNex has to be connected to 3G to send or to receive MMS messages. When I'm connected to Wi-Fi, it won't automatically download, or even notify me of, an MMS message. I've had many people yell at me for not answering their messages when they send me a picture message, but...
  16. AshtonTS

    Thread Have a question or problem about the ICS OTA? Post them here!

    Please read posts 1-3 BEFORE posting. ______________________________________________________________________________ So I've noticed a lot of new threads with questions and problems relating to the ICS OTA that came out this morning. I figured I'd start a thread to post all the questions and...
  17. AshtonTS

    Thread WebOS Port?

    Since it's been open sourced, any chance of porting it to the Galaxy Nexus? FirefoxOS also has been ported, so I would think WebOS would be possible. Any info on that? Would love to experiment with WebOS if it can be ported.
  18. AshtonTS

    Thread [How-To] Remove HTCLinkify to open YouTube links with YouTube app, etc.

    This should work for all HTC phones with HTClinkifyDispatcher.apk (so basically all HTC phones on ICS and a few on GB with most sense-based ROMs) if opening a YouTube link in the browser doesn't give you the option to open it in the native YouTube app, you have HTCLinkifyDispatcher on your...
  19. AshtonTS

    Thread [Q] Latest RUU?

    Hey guys. I need to know what the latest official TMobile RUU number is. I'm working on a project and this is something I need to know :) thanks!
  20. AshtonTS

    Thread [Q] Getting a warranty replacement on a traded phone

    Ok, so I got a Galaxy Nexus in a trade, and I'm loving it. There are a couple issues: the screen has purpling and displays gradients funkily (if thats a word) Its really hard to notice and I don't even know if the person who I got it from knew (if she did she could have had verizon replace it so...
  21. AshtonTS

    Thread ICS is official! (Sort of)!! The ICS update is official. The download links aren't up on the site afaik, but the update is there. Someone who is stock should check for the update in Setttings>About phone>Software update HTC has taken down the update from...
  22. AshtonTS

    Thread [Q] JuopunutBear S-OFF Mac? Getting Close!!

    Hey guys, I've been trying to get the Windwos version of ControlBear.exe for the JuopunutBear S-OFF method to work on my Mac. First, I installed Wine through MacPorts. Then I installed the windows drivers for HTC phones in Wine. When cd into the correct directory and type wine ControlBear.exe It...
  23. AshtonTS

    Thread [How-To] Remove HTClinkifydispatcher.apk to open YouTube links to the YouTube app etc

    This should work for all HTC phones with HTClinkifyDispatcher.apk (so basically all HTC phones on 4.0 or 4.1 and a few on 2.3 with most sense-based ROMs) if opening a YouTube link in the browser doesn't give you the option to open it in the native YouTube app, you have HTCLinkifyDispatcher on...
  24. AshtonTS

    Thread Lock Bootloader Error

    Ok so I'm trying to relock my bootloader to RUU to the new ics leak 3.13.605.7, but I can't get fastboot to re-lock the damn bootloader. It gives me this error when I type fastboot oem lock ... INFOLock successfully... INFOTZ_HTC_SVC_DISABLE ret = 134086000 (0x7FDFD70) ERROR: usb_read failed...
  25. AshtonTS

    Thread [Q] CRT Lockanimation?

    Is there any way to manually enable the CRT Lockanimation? I've tried editing the bools.xml of a decompiled framework-res.apk file however that didn't work. I read somewhere that I have to edit services.jar but I have no idea where to begin. Anyone have any experience with this, any ideas at all?