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  1. fulltank

    Thread Display too warm ?

    Though the Red and green are set to low and color to cool , the display is still warm ... And actually the color calibration is very narrow and doesn't change it much . Any solution ?:confused:
  2. fulltank

    Thread AA conversion in Indian Ford car

    I have a Ford freestyle 2019 (AKA Ford KA+ Active )which doesn't have android auto ,In fact I booked the T+ variant which has AA , but ended up in T variant due to a dealer goofup.Both T and T+ variants have similar display (Flyaudio) , But T+ is with Sync 3 that has AA and car play , It has 2...
  3. fulltank

    Thread [Q] Asylum omni Thread ?

    Is there a thread for Asylum omni Rom ? I am on this ROM , and its good , But I couldn't find a thread related to it...:confused:
  4. fulltank

    Thread Samsung released Note JB open source

    Link Only very few countries received the update so far , May be its up to us now to release for the rest :)
  5. fulltank

    Thread [Q] Touch wiz on JB 4.2X

    May be a nonsense query : but can the touch wiz ported to AOSP 4.2X ? , I guess that's Samsung's Job.But they wont care any more ...
  6. fulltank

    Thread [Q] Updating to official JB from other custom / leak ROMs

    As the JB update is around the corner , some of us may be interested to receive it by official methods (OTA/Kies),For those who are in unofficial ROMs ,it may need a bit of rework to prepare the phone to receive the updates. I am currently on Ultimate XXLSC JellyBean 4.1.2 v5.1 with Philz Safe...
  7. fulltank

    Thread screen flickers

    I am on stock ICS DDLR9 , I observed this issue 2 days back , I didnt change any settings / new apps around the time. I tried uninstalling the screen off and No LED apps , but still problem exists .It appear ~10 sec of turing on the screen and may repeat after some time , irrespective of the...
  8. fulltank

    Thread SIM refresh issue

    I see this issue since I subscribed 3G few weeks back.The screen comes on by itself with a popup of SIM Refresh.I am on stock LR6 with network set as GSM/WCDMA as required for 3G.It seems to appear even when the data is disabled .Any one has any solution ?
  9. fulltank

    Thread Successor for Galaxy note ?

    Hearing some buzz on the successor of note. Nothing official yet,but may be in MWC or Samsung conference in March (?) , But what features the existing and to be owners of note expecting ? Edit : I know Galaxy note 10.1 and I didn't mean it. Adding the main expectations from the user's...
  10. fulltank

    Thread HD2 - Life after 3 feet of mud water

    Day b4 yesterday I was on a walk by the riverside with HD2 in pocket.On my attempt to balance on a wood over the mud , I lost balance and fell in to river.It was ~3 feet on the banks.I couldn't first belive that I am face down in to the muddy water (thanks to rain),but then I was quickly pulled...
  11. fulltank

    Thread [Q] Dolby Mobile for HD2 ?

    HD7 got it , Some one thinking of a Wm6.5 compatible ?