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  1. zac68

    Post Marshmallow wont connect to samsung nx500 anymore?

    From what I understand. Security changes in Marshmallow are preventing the Samsung Camera app from working properly. Samsung needs to update the app to resolve the issue. I found the following advice on the dpreview website which may be of help to you. Everything works in marshmellow its...
  2. zac68

    Post SM-G920F Bricked/Won't boot

    You could try using a genuine Samsung cable. I find that my other generic cable's are fine for transferring data, but don't play nice with Odin or Kies. You could also check out this post. Zac
  3. zac68

    Post I have no Operating System on Galaxy S6

    If you decide to flash a Pit file, you should be able to find the right one here.
  4. zac68

    Post [Q] HELP! EFS BACKUP MISSING imei :null\null

    I used this tool and it worked perfectly for me. :laugh:
  5. zac68


    Thank you. This worked perfectly on my Note 3 N9005 with android 4.4.2. I had no previous backup and my EFS folder was empty. I ran the backup anyway and was surprised when a backup file was created. I ran the restore and it worked.:good:
  6. zac68

    Post Finally Ipad smoothness : Onda V975M Quad Core 2.0GHz 9.7 Inch Retina Screen

    New v1.0.6_v1 Firmware update here. I haven't tried it yet. Waiting for reliable root first.
  7. zac68

    Post Finally Ipad smoothness : Onda V975M Quad Core 2.0GHz 9.7 Inch Retina Screen

    Root instructions and a link to the required files here. ***Update*** Root is not permanent. It seems to disappear after a few reboots. :( ---------- Post added at 05:01 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:51 AM ---------- My...
  8. zac68

    Post Finally Ipad smoothness : Onda V975M Quad Core 2.0GHz 9.7 Inch Retina Screen

    I found some info on-line about this device and a disassemble here. I've ordered one as...
  9. zac68

    Post [REF] GALAXY NOTE 3 (SM-N900/N900W8/N9005) GSM MODEM'S Collection (Odin/CWM)

    Don't know if it triggers Knox. Being a tinkerer I don't worry about warranty and stuff like that on my devices. Yes N9005 modem.
  10. zac68

    Post [REF] GALAXY NOTE 3 (SM-N900/N900W8/N9005) GSM MODEM'S Collection (Odin/CWM)

    Install at your own risk. Follow these instructions to a "T" in this link under the heading "How to Install Galaxy S4 Radio/Modems!" Download
  11. zac68

    Post [REF] GALAXY NOTE 3 (SM-N900/N900W8/N9005) GSM MODEM'S Collection (Odin/CWM)

    I extracted it myself from the UK rom and flashed it via Odin. You could do the same or see if it has been posted online by anyone.
  12. zac68

    Post Galaxy Note 3 Aussie (Australian) Users Thread

    The circle with a line through it means you don't have phone reception I.E. the signal has dropped out.
  13. zac68

    Post [REF] GALAXY NOTE 3 (SM-N900/N900W8/N9005) GSM MODEM'S Collection (Odin/CWM)

    I can second this. After trying unsuccessfully to flash the MJ2 modem, I found these same instructions on a Galaxy S4 site and sure enough it works. The other thing I did was to use a MicroUSB 3.0 cable instead of my trusty USB 2.0 one.
  14. zac68

    Post ★★★ [ROM][JB4.3][HALO] SuperDroid v9 [13/08][CM10.2][GCC-4.9] ★★★

    So far so good. The only issue so far was constant reboots when I had the phone on charge. Uninstalling Setcpu and Light Manager fixed that. One question though. How do I change where the Camera app stores the photo's I take.
  15. zac68

    Post RomAur v12.1 [ LB-UB ] - KK4.4.2- c660x - .230 - FAST-STABLE - AROMA - DISCONTINUED

    I came from "monxDIFIED ESSENTIAL i1 | HONAMi" and followed the instructions from step 8 8 - Enter to recovery 9 - Make sure to do a Factory Reset/ Wipe data / system/cache before installing ROM 10 - Install rom 11 - Flash dualrecovery 2.6 CWM 12 - Flash Kernel RomAur v8.x*CWM 13 - Reboot...
  16. zac68

    Post [ROM] [LB&UB] ★ monxDIFIED ★ ULTIMATEZ | DARK/LIGHT | HONAM1XZ™ [v03-00-02][06/11]

    No issues with adding Widgets in Nova launcher. From what I understand, one way to fix this is to use something like Titanium Backup to convert the launcher to a system app.
  17. zac68

    Post [ROM] Motorola Blur UI - 20/07/2013

    Had one issue so far. When trying to add widgets in Nova Launcher I got this error "Unfortunately, Settings has stopped". Tried uninstalling the app and rebooting into recovery, then Wiping the Dalvik Cache and Cache Partition as well as fixing permissions. The fix in the end was to use...
  18. zac68

    Post [ROM] [LB&UB] ★ monxDIFIED ★ ESSENTIAL | DARK/LIGHT | HONAMiXZ™ [v05-00-01][05/11]

    I think it's 644 rw- r-- r-- actually. That's what the other files are. 755 is for directories
  19. zac68

    Post Is it worth swapping my S3 for an xperia Z

    That's pretty much what I meant. Our phone will benefit from this...if it happens.
  20. zac68

    Post Is it worth swapping my S3 for an xperia Z

    The Xperia Z is supposed to be getting stock Android and will be sold in the Google Play Store. That I presume will lead to better development of this phone. :good:
  21. zac68

    Post [HELP]Stock camera flashable .zip

    These file should work with .350 and .434 according to the author :good: Zac
  22. zac68

    Post I9305 front replacement identical to I9300?

    They are the same. I've fixed several i9305 phones with the i9300 front screens :good:
  23. zac68

    Post [MOD|TOOL][AROMA][PalaTool]BloatCleaner | Android 4.2 Apps | Nexus UI & More 18-Feb

    Seems to be working fine on the i9305, I just changed these lines mount("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p9", "/system"); mount("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p8", "/cache"); mount("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p12", "/data"); For these run_program("/sbin/busybox", "mount"...
  24. zac68

    Post Is Galaxy Nexus better for VoIP than Nexus 4?

    It sort of does if you turn the mic and speaker gain down low on your sip client and when you make a call turn the volume down by one or two increments. An alternative that is supposed to work is to use a handset plugged into the Nexus 4 when you want to make VOIP calls. The galaxy nexus does a...
  25. zac68

    Post [Q] Does it have GPS for photo location and can you run turn by turn navigation?

    Yes it can embed the GPS location into the photo metadata and the standby time is pretty good, I'm into my second day with this device with about two hours screen on time and it's at 48%. When not in use the device seems to go into a deep sleep. When I first charged it the other day I didn't...
  26. zac68

    Post [Q] Call recording Nexus 4 ---Please test---

    I can confirm this also. I've been using CallRecorder with the Alsamixer for the last 6 months and it works fine on the Galaxy Nexus.
  27. zac68

    Post Nexus 4: The Australian Thread

    All good with Westpac. I used my Visa card and didn't get charged any transaction fee.
  28. zac68

    Post [REQUEST] Real world photos

    Interesting. Some purple camera flare in the shoot with the sun. Just like the Iphone 5 :(
  29. zac68

    Post [ROM][4.1.2] Slim Bean ( Maguro) [All Languages]

    241 to be exact :good:
  30. zac68

    Post Nexus 4: The Australian Thread

    Looks like I'll be getting mine today and no Monday as I was lead to believe. :good: 8:42 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery BELMONT EAST AU
  31. zac68

    Post Nexus 4: The Australian Thread

    Tragedy strikes :( I got an email saying my Nexus has shipped. Checked the Fedex tracking number and it said delivery will be tomorrow at 5pm. Checked Fedex a few minutes later and there was an update that read "Package received after FedEx cutoff" and the delivery time has now changed to...
  32. zac68

    Post [Official] Play Store orders & shipping thread!

    Just got a notification that mine has shipped :laugh: Fedex will be dropping it off tomorrow afternoon.
  33. zac68

    Post [Official] Play Store orders & shipping thread!

    No notification email here. Luckily I checked the Play Store and saw it for sale. Snagged a 16GB model before they sold out.
  34. zac68

    Post [POLL] Fellow gnex owners: buying N4?

    I'm keeping mine, but I bought a 16GB Nexus 4 a few hours ago when they became available on the Australian Play Store for my wife. You had to be quick though, as the stock for the 16GB model ran out in about 20 minutes. Stock for the 8GB model took about 2 hours to run out.
  35. zac68

    Post Available on Nov 13 - GONE?

    It was about 9am here on the west coast when it when on sale.
  36. zac68

    Post Available on Nov 13 - GONE?

    I'm in Australia. I managed to get one of the 16GB ones before they sold out. Only the 8GB model is available now.
  37. zac68

    Post Nexus 4: The Australian Thread

    My order says "Shipping estimate: November 15, 2012". Does that mean I can expect it on that date or does it mean it will be sent to me by that date? Either way I'm no hurry as it's a Christmas present for my wife. I'm going to stick with my Galaxy Nexus and get myself a Samsung Galaxy Camera...
  38. zac68

    Post [HOW-TO] Working MTP in Ubuntu

    In XP I have to do it. Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, from memory might not of be as fussy. I could be wrong though. I use Ubuntu these days.
  39. zac68

    Post Turn Galaxy camera into SUPER camera

    Surely you could make Voip calls on it. The device has a speaker, a microphone and data connectivity via Wifi or 3g/4g. You might look silly making calls on a camera but if you paired that with a Bluetooth adapter, then you'd be in business.
  40. zac68

    Post [HOW-TO] Working MTP in Ubuntu

    This method works great on Ubuntu 12.04. Works for me in Windows XP and Windows 7 as long as I turn off USB Debugging
  41. zac68

    Post 5-inch Google Nexus in the works from HTC

    16 Shades of gray... nice. To be fair though the Newton does not have GPS hardware built in. You have to connect it to a GPS receiver to get that functionality.
  42. zac68

    Post 5-inch Google Nexus in the works from HTC

    Actually us Windows Mobile lovers had maps (Tom Tom) and touchscreen devices (Resistive) first.
  43. zac68

    Post TouchWiz Jelly Bean Addon 2.1 - S4 Edition (Launcher Update LIB)

    Works fine on SlimICS with Apex Launcher. Thanks :)
  44. zac68

    Post [ROM] Android Open Kang Project - maguro - JB

    Rom Cleaner Should do this for you. I use it and it works fine.
  45. zac68

    Post [Q] Galaxy Tab 7.7 as a PDF reader

    I just went from the 10.1" Acer Iconia to this device in the last week and it gets the job done for sure. For info I read PDF magazines such as Web User, PC World etc and they work. I presume other magazine would have similar formatting and should be Ok.
  46. zac68

    Post [ROM][IMM76D] FoxHound 0.6 Black Ed.|4.0.4|Apr 24|Toggle|Performance+More

    He has it here Cheers Zac
  47. zac68

    Post [ROM][IMM76D] FoxHound 0.6 Black Ed.|4.0.4|Apr 24|Toggle|Performance+More

    Agreed. Mine drops about 4% per hour when idle. Previously it was less then 1% per hour on version 0.4. I've been using the franco.Kernel nightly 12 with both roms I Cleared the Partition cache, Dalvik cache before upgrading to this 0.5 build and fixed permissions after the installation...
  48. zac68

    Post [Baseband/Radio] DVKK6 (Telstra GSM)

    It has HD Voice. Check out this Telstra page and look for the line starting with "Enjoy high definition voice calls" :)
  49. zac68

    Post How to connect Galaxy Nexus to linux pc

    I ended up installing Windows 7 in virtual box. In the end it was easier to do that then to continue wasting time getting Ubuntu 11.04 to play the MTP game
  50. zac68

    Post [Baseband/Radio] DVKK6 (Telstra GSM)

    That works :) Thankyou