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  1. austriker27

    Thread P10 Plus - Unboxing and First Thoughts Video

    Hey guys, Just wanted to add my unboxing video for anyone thinking about the device. As a photographer I love it and hope to post more in depth videos up on YouTube especially from a photography perspective. For now, here's my unboxing video : _cF8m0wXFdE
  2. austriker27

    Thread Telegram chat supergroup for Huawei P10 & P10 Plus users

    hey fellow P10 brethren (I have a p10 plus) I created a telegram supergroup for some live discussion and chatting about our sweet devices. If you don't have telegram, check it out. It's has the best feature set of any messenger app I think. Edit: Due to scammers the telegram link has been...
  3. austriker27

    Thread best cases?

    Who has a case that they recommend ? Please include a link. I love the spigen case for my P9 but don't see it available fot the P10 plus.
  4. austriker27

    Thread Huawei Cheating with some components on the P10

    This is all over the news in China apparently. Sounds like huawei substituted worse components into P10s which is really sad and makes me angry as I was just about to order one.
  5. austriker27

    Thread telegram vroup for P10 plus users!

    Created a group in telegram for users of the huawei p10 plus superphone! I have a P9 but plan on getting a p10 plus soon. Link to join : (Telegram has some great group features and keeps your phone number private if you want)
  6. austriker27

    Thread DBrand?

    I'm looking forward to purchasing this phone and love dbrand skins. Anyone know if they will plan on offering some for the P10 Plus?
  7. austriker27

    Thread Does anyone have EMUI 5+ on P9 Plus intl model?

    I've got a P9 international model and want to upgrade to the bigger P9 Plus intenational model. Does anyone have an international model of the P9 Plus with EMUi 5 in the USA? I've heard the plus models might be updated more quickly. Also i'm not too happy my P9 is on a security update from July...
  8. austriker27

    Thread Does anyone have EMUI 5 on a P10 Plus intenational model?

    I've got a P9 international model and want to upgrade to the bigger P9 Plus. Does anyone have an international model of the P9 Plus with EMUi 5 in the USA? I've heard the plus models might be updated more quickly. Also i'm not too happy my P9 is on a security update from July. The other option...
  9. austriker27

    Thread P9 has suffered a life threatening injury - screen replacement help!

    Sadly I was at a lake cabin last weekend relaxing and we decided to go for a walk, that turned into a hike. Along the way my phone slipped out of my chest pocket and fell face down on the rocky trail. The screen in shattered with like a zillion cracks sadly. I had taken the case off hours before...
  10. austriker27

    Thread P9 and group texting in the stock messenger app not threading correctly

    I'm still on 4.1 and having issues with group texts. The stock messaging app (which I happen to like) threads them as individual texts. Not a group text. I didn't see any option for threading group messages in the settings. I hate sms (this is one of the reasons) but everyone in the USA still...
  11. austriker27

    Thread Just bought a Huawei P9 Plus - but no NFC nor force touch ??

    First off - the camera app (which is why I bought it) and aperture mode is awesome. Also the hardware is so sick visually. My issues - it seems my model of the P9 Plus does NOT have Force touch nor NFC. Per the Huawei website it should. These were the big biggest reasons for me to buy the plus...
  12. austriker27

    Thread best place to buy the P9 Plus in the usa ?

    I've been looking at eBay and Amazon but both have limited selection. Also I was surprised to see not even swappa has any listed for sale. I'd love to buy one. The white P9 Pluses on ebay are pretty pricey or sold out.
  13. austriker27

    Thread Turning the HTC one M7 into windows mobile

    Just for fun I sort of want to try to get my htc one as similar to windows phone as possible. I've always been intrigued by their tile interface. So right now I'm using the launcher 8 free to Simulate it a bit after a quick search in the Google play store. But how can I take this further? I...
  14. austriker27

    Thread [Q] Running JB Cyanogen on SIII with SanDisk SD card .. formatting fighting the ROMs

    Sorry I searched for about an hour but couldnt find anything similar to this exact question. I must be as good at searching as the government is at solving anything. This is my buddy who has an SIII on verizon. (Im still rocking a G2). End goal: Get JB (cyanogen) working so he can be rid of...
  15. austriker27

    Thread (Q) issue with swiftkey and qwerty hardware keyboard??

    So I downloaded swiftkey free version yesterday to test it out. Its nice but for some reason it is still on when I flip out into super-text/qwerty keyboard time. This makes using the qwerty impossible because swiftkey doesn't recognize the keys you type. I think its probably a software glitch...
  16. austriker27

    Thread [Q] Best Travel app for android, anything out there like blackberry travel?

    Those of you who have used blackberry travel know its absolutely a must have for the globe trotter. Anywho I am headed on vacay this week and was wondering if anything is comparable on the android? Big features of bb travel: tracks your gate ID number lets you know if anything changes, times...
  17. austriker27

    Thread As Much as I love the G2.. qwerty newcomer phone..

    Don't get me wrong, I love my G2. But that being said I also love android which means tons of widgets and apps which tend to slow the slightly slower (ie experienced :D) processor/ram on the G2. And I have a pretty quick ICS rom.. But that being said I am constantly on the prowl keeping an eye...
  18. austriker27

    Thread Best way to make status bar bye bye?

    Howdy I'm constantly modding my android and had an idea the other day. I think I'd be best to make the status bar disappear or hide it. I have a custom Rom that allows that but I want the option of still being able to swipe down to check it. What's the best to hide the status bar but still...
  19. austriker27

    Thread [Q] Spontanous Issue with Google Voice Not opening

    Doesn't seem like there is a specific forum for google voice (there probably should be) Recently I have the most annoying of issues. Seems google voice will not open. I did the usual trouble shooting. Uninstalling google voice, deleting the data, re installing from market several times. Still...
  20. austriker27

    Thread [Q] Led indicator for sms, Google voice, email, etc ?

    I found a few references to apps that might do this but seems like they are more to change the track pad for notifications. And being i arrived to this g2 party a few years late i need some help. Apps like no led and light flow light. I came from BlackBerry and it was very handy took be able...
  21. austriker27

    Thread ICS profiles, coming from a BlackBerry

    Howdy So what's the deal with the profiles in ICS? I'm not sure exactly how they could be used to be beneficial. I just returned after a hiatus to BlackBerry who I must say had the profiles settings down perfect. I use to use android but since then things have changed. It seems the sounds...
  22. austriker27

    Thread [Q] Whats the best way to import text messages from blackberry 9900 to android?

    Hello, I am trying to move my text messages from my blackberry 9900 that I was using to my new android (G2) that I have transitioned to. Has anyone done this before? I have done some searching on here, and on crackberry but cant find a solid answer. I did find a program "blackberry 2 android"...
  23. austriker27

    Thread Google Voice Issue: Multiple threads for the same contact are created

    So I recently returned to android after about a year's absence. I was hoping this issue with google voice had been worked out, especially as I am about to do a full convert/port to google voice. I searched a bit but couldnt find an answer. So the same contact will text me but often times...
  24. austriker27

    Thread Otterbox & Extended Batteries

    Hey folks, I tried searching but could not find the answer. I am about to the buy the otterbox for my lovely G2. I love otterboxes but before I do, anyone know if an extended battery (like this one) would fit with the otterbox on it? I assume not, based on prior experience the otterbox must be...
  25. austriker27

    Thread [Q] How to tell what type of reception you are in ?

    Hello all, I have a dumb question, and I have searched google for the question pertaining to ICS, my phone/ROM, and also on my rom's thread here on XDA. It's tricky because the question is not a universally phrased question.. So I have my G2 on tmobile's prepaid plan and want to transition...
  26. austriker27

    Thread [Q] Free tmobile Tethering & Wifi calling

    Hello all, I am about to set back into the android world and had a quick question on the G2. I know in the past the G2 had wifi calling and tmobile tethering. Looks like (I did some searching) in the past it was free to tether although HTC said with the ICS updates it will be gone. Thing is the...
  27. austriker27

    Thread Cry for Google Proprietary Messaging App

    I am transition from BB back to android for various reasons, but one thing I will miss is BBM. I think that apple creating their own propreitary messaging platform shows there is definite potential in such a product. I did some searches and looks like google had something called huddle, then...
  28. austriker27

    Thread Otterbox [Mother of all cases] for the G2

    Hello, So I am thinking about getting a G2. Thing is I love otterbox. They are so lovely. I have one on my 9900 right now (yea I know, its a blackberry.. flame me..) I have found evidence (more evidence) of an ancient myth- that there was production of the otterbox for the G2/Desire Z. Problem...
  29. austriker27

    Thread Converting to a Droid 4

    Hey Folks, Anyone tested out the Droid 4? I used to have a G1 and loved it. Now I am contemplating switching back to android but want a qwerty. G2 would be great but it seems a bit old/outdated.. Has any G2 user switched to a droid 4 (seems like the best qwerty, with little plans to make a...
  30. austriker27

    Thread Quest for the best qwerty android

    Hey Folks, So a few years ago I had a HTC G1, and loved the rooting game and thus was on this great site quite a bit. Since then I moved on to love blackberrys and currently own a 9900. I love how data and overall efficient BB's are, but thats neither here nor there. I am not here to dispute...
  31. austriker27

    Thread The Quest to Turn a G1 into a lean, mean, GPS navigating machine..

    Howdy, So alas I have moved past my good ole flashin' days of the G1 and got the new blackberry 9900 about 2 months ago (loooove it). But I found my awesome G1 in my closet and have a mission in mind. To transform it into a rockin GPS Navigator. Alas Blackberry (nor iPhone for that matter) do...
  32. austriker27

    Thread [Q] Looking to 'grandfather' my way into 4g speeds with at&t

    Hi there, So I am currently using an unlocked G1 on AT&T without having to pay any data plan (because they dont recognize it as a smart phone). However I can upgrade to an unlimited plan for $10 but because of the phone's band it would only get 2G. So my G1 is dying and is super slow and one...
  33. austriker27

    Thread [Q] quasi-Blackberry OS rom ?

    Hello, So I am curious, has anyone flashed/ceated a ROM that is basically the blackberry rom? Thing is I am thinking about upgrading my phone and considering a blackberry just because my new job relies heavily on outlook thus it would be easier to be integrated on a blackberry.. So I really...
  34. austriker27

    Thread G1 Successors..

    So I have been casually been browsing around off and on for the past few months for a rocking follow up phone to the G1.. Don't get me wrong- I absolutely love my G1. Ask anyone who knows me, I love it and it loves me. Nothing like owning the original android, and plus its a stellar phone. I...
  35. austriker27

    Thread help, phone wont boot & and wont restore backup

    Hey, So my phone died this morning and then I tried to reboot and it wont boot past the android screen. When I try to restore it from a backup in recovery mode using nandroid it tells me "error : run via console!" which I cannot due because I cannot boot up the phone.. My...
  36. austriker27

    Thread Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy theme or wallpaper: wanted

    So I was searching and could not find a theme for hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. I think it would look awesome on android, with clear cut and definitive lines. Has anyone made such a theme?? Also along the same lines, does anyone have a really epic hitchhiker's guide wallpaper, feel free to...
  37. austriker27

    Thread another g1 owner looking for another g1 case - but with a twist

    so after finding out there is not an otterbox case for the g1 (booooo!) I have started to think that it would be great to find another styled case that is snug fit for the g1. That got me to realizing the lack of snugness in most g1 cases is from the keyboard and having to flip out the screen. I...
  38. austriker27

    Thread issues with rooted g1 (cm4.2) - calls to voicemail and unlock

    Hi there, So I rooted my phone about a month ago and installed an older version of cyanogen mod because I wanted 1.6 for the navigation. So I installed cm4.2.15.1. It worked fine for quite a while, then I had a few issues so I wiped and reset up the phone. Now I am having a few issues... -the...
  39. austriker27

    Thread hard high quality case

    hi there, recently i encountered a iPhone that had on it an amazing case. the case was solid in my hand and felt like it count take on tons of damage. i really liked the case and was hoping to find one for the g1. The case was made by otterbox but I looked on their site and they dont have any...
  40. austriker27

    Thread blank/black screen after boot - frozen? gulp. . help

    Howdy, So I flashed my phone to cm4.2 last weekend and everything has been quite dandy. But I now I have a problem, and I kind of doubt its from the cmod because that was a week ago and this problem happened yesterday... Yesterday I was talking on the phone until the battery died. Then I...
  41. austriker27

    Thread help installing cm - too many different guides, any verified?

    hi there, so i am slightly new at this and have searched for hours and hours trying to find a consistent formula for rooting and installing my g1 to cyanogen mod 4.2 (or latest stable one, thus not cm 5). I seriously stayed up until 1am last night and now i am at work (started at 8) still...