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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][8.1] switchroot LineageOS 15.1

    thanks for this release. a bug i found: in twrp the aroma installer for gapps does not work correctly. the installer gui is rotated, but the buttons respond like the picture is not rotated.
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][7.1.2][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 for P2

    which app do you use for 4k video? which one is the best
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2][P2] Unofficial LineageOS 14.1

    how is the battery life of this rom compared to stock?
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    Post [6.0.1] Official Marshmallow is rolling out now. Bugs & impressions here!

    Any method out there to enable flex storage?
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    Post [MOD] Minimum Brightness

    it would be great if one could choose the lowest value. for example my phone is indeed darket at "2", but on "1" the screen goes black. i'd like to be able to change to lowest value. is that possible (maybe in a future update)?
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    Post LED control on stock with any app!

    Thank you for this great mod! Could you tell us what exactly was changed in the original file? So we can make these changes ourselves when newer versions of the file appear in new updates. THANKS!
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    Post [XPOSED] [4.4+] [Z3 Fully Compatible] Serajr Xperia™ Xposed (KK) v3.4.2 - 13/03/2015

    Thank you for this awesome Xposed module, it really changed my phone for the better. The few things that were missing in the stock Xperia Rom are available thanks to you, hats off. I love my Z3 Compact even more now. To thank you I donated you 5 bucks, thanks again, awesome work! I have one...
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    Post [CM11][4.4.2][i9300][ROM][KERNEL][FEB26] temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build - V50

    first of all i want to thank you for your great, incredible work, temasek. i've had many phones before my s3 because i was always disappointed in them. i was going to sell my s3, too, but after flashing your kitkat rom i know that i will keep the s3 until it breaks. now, that the camera is fixed...
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    Post [A700][ROM] iconiaN 2.6 (Jelly Bean 4.1.1) Fully rooted

    hi vorbeth, i already enjoyed opensensation for my htc, it was and still is an awesome rom! i have one question concerning iconian: is usb storage support working atm? i tried to mount my ntfs usb flash drives which worked on the stock firmware and they can't be mounted. how to fix this?
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    Post [NIGHTLY][ROM][4.1.2] CyanogenMod 10 for Acer A700

    Reporting a bug: usb storages which have files or folders with special letters like ä , ö , ü make problems. you cant access the folders or files with the special letters
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    Post [ROM][CM10][Kang][Pyramid][4.1.2][04 Oct]

    bruce, could you please add an option to disable CRT. i mean, i liked crt, but the stock jellybean animation was better IMO
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    Post [NIGHTLY][ROM][4.1.2] CyanogenMod 10 for Acer A700

    not at all. it is laggy and a few crashes here and there (browser etc.). but it is already better than the stock rom. I can recommend this rom, considering it is still alpha. I hope that this rom will have a better performance in new updates. THANKS pawitp! I only kept my a700 because of your...
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    Post [NIGHTLY][ROM][4.1.2] CyanogenMod 10 for Acer A700

    thanks for this AWESOME ROM!!! although it is alpha, it is already better than the acer a700 stock rom. :D and i have to report a bug: videorecording in 720p and 1080p does not work. Edit: There is another bug: when you have folders/files with special character like ü, ä and so on ntfs usb...
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    Post [ROM][Sense 4.0][FINISHED] OrDroid 9.0.0 | EQS | APM | Tweaks | Fast & Stable

    I installed the EQS tweak but the "recent apps" screen has the one x resolution. Any way to change it? Will the EQS be included into ordroid as it is public now?
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    Post [MOD] Extended Quicksettings - My Last (second last?) contribution to the xda

    Works great on my Sensation (OrDroid). Recent Apps is way too big for the screen as it is in One X Resolution. Any way to change the resolution of it?
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    Post [ROM][Sense 4.0][FINISHED] OrDroid 9.0.0 | EQS | APM | Tweaks | Fast & Stable

    is there a way that we can add the new tweak manually till j4n87 gives you permission to include it to coindroid? edit: i mean, he did not forbid you to post it seperately from your rom, did he? edit 2: or could you at least give us a hint how to do it ourselves if you do not want / can't post...
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    Post [ROM][Sense 4.0][FINISHED] OrDroid 9.0.0 | EQS | APM | Tweaks | Fast & Stable

    1) uninstall titanium Backup 2) delete /data/app/com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup-1 (use a root fileexplorer like es file Explorer) 3)delete dalvik and cache 4)boot and install titanium backup
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    Post [ROM][Sense 4.0][FINISHED] OrDroid 9.0.0 | EQS | APM | Tweaks | Fast & Stable

    Thanks for your suggestion, but I still can't see any content in the HTC Hub. When i do what you suggested, HTC Hub attempt a full reload, but then stops and everything is like before... Does anyone have an other solution.
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    Post [ROM][Sense 4.0][FINISHED] OrDroid 9.0.0 | EQS | APM | Tweaks | Fast & Stable

    Exactly my thoughts! NOONE cares whether someone cant handle his/her phone and decides to change the rom while believing that the former one was better. CoinDroid is purely awesome and noone cant deny it! You may not like Sense4, but you cant dislike amazing Performance combined with an...
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    Post [ROM][Sense 4.0][FINISHED] OrDroid 9.0.0 | EQS | APM | Tweaks | Fast & Stable

    Awesome rom guys! I Used ordroid for some time now, formerly insertcoin with sense 3.6. I asked myself how a rom would be when you two cooperated... I cant believe my dream came true :). Great Performance and battery life! I have One problem though: The htc hub does not have any Content in it...
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    Post [ROM][★★ICS Sense 4★★][30/05l]RCMixDroidXxX v2.1,Fast Smoother Better, Tweaks

    I've tested your rom for a day, and i have to admit, it's pretty awesome! but there are some flaws. i had three random reboots, i do not know why. and two times my devices suddenly went blackscreen and the only thing that helped was to pull out the battery. all this happened when i used the...
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    Post [ROM][★★ICS Sense 4★★][30/05l]RCMixDroidXxX v2.1,Fast Smoother Better, Tweaks

    hahahhahaha xD. ok capy, if system tuner pro kills my phone, i will throw it in the nord-ostee-kanal. :p
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    Post [ROM][★★ICS Sense 4★★][30/05l]RCMixDroidXxX v2.1,Fast Smoother Better, Tweaks

    meh. i will also take my digital camera with me ;). the best way to test a rom for daily use is, well, to use it daily. this project will take 2 months :D. i won't wait 2 months.... i can't resist. and in case of emergency i still have my nandroid backup of opensensation. thanks for this great...
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    Post [ROM][★★ICS Sense 4★★][30/05l]RCMixDroidXxX v2.1,Fast Smoother Better, Tweaks

    well, i really need my phone to be stable because we have a biological science project and i have to take photos and make my notes... but:challenge accepted :D will report
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    Post [ROM][★★ICS Sense 4★★][30/05l]RCMixDroidXxX v2.1,Fast Smoother Better, Tweaks

    this rom is AMAZING. Thanks for your hard work! I usually do not like sense, but sense 4.0 kind of got me. yet i'm still hesitant to use this rom as a daily driver... i currently use the opensensation rom. how is the batterylife compared to opensensation?
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    Post New Cyanogen Logo / Mascot

    this mascot really looks like some turdy bully kid from the schoolyard who wants to steal your lunch money. btw his name reminds me of sid from toy story...
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    Post Will there be any Cyanogendmod ? 7,9 ?

    cm9 is being improved for sensation everyday. try the opensensation rom by vorbeth, its a cm9 rom. vorbeth adds his improvements to the rom, everything else is pure cm9. btw, many of vorbeth's mods were added to cm9 for sensation, he is doing great work!
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    Post My data not working

    reflashing your radio or updating to ics could solve your problem. or just exchange it ;)
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    Post Best Video Player for Sensation that uses HWA

    i never had any problems with mx video player. it's dual core optimized and suptitles are shown in a very good way (font etc. changeable). i used to watch dragonball z episodes in hd, no other player could play the sound while using HWA. mx player has the option to use HWA for video, but...
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    Post Temple Run now in Android

    works on my sensation, runnin HNS 1.1. i waited for this app to be released for android. the only game i missed from my old iphone. thanks for the news!
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    Post Sense 4.0 for sensation

    i also like the sense widgets, but htc sense is really battery-demanding. if you feel that you could get more out of your battery, you should try aosp like roms, or just install another launcher (htc sense rosie wont be deleted) to test if it improves your battery life.
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    Post HTC Sensation will not be receiving Sense 4.0

    i also think that htc will roll out sense 4.0 after heavily optmizing it. they can't do this to us... well then again there will surely be custom roms with sense 4.0
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    Post how do you choose a rom?

    there are two major categories of roms here, the ones with sense and the ones without sense. i tried pretty much all of the roms and i can recommend you virtous inquisition when you prefer a senseless rom close to aosp (android open source project; stock android) or the insertcoin rom when you...
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    Post [8/7/12] [Sense 3.6|AROMA|Tweaks|TMOUS] ALL IN ONE MOD V12|Rosie|Framework|Keyboard

    yes, i will try that. one of those folders had a png in it which caused an error while recompiling. i will try replacing them. but why can you recompile them when there are bad files? :D I will share my knowledge if my mod works. Edit: i cant get it working.... i think that my htc resource file...
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    Post [8/7/12] [Sense 3.6|AROMA|Tweaks|TMOUS] ALL IN ONE MOD V12|Rosie|Framework|Keyboard

    jerrytan93 i really enjoy your mods! they are the best mods for rosie, they are just awesome! i have one question though: which program did you use to compile the rosie.apk? i wanted to modify the rosie.apk to have auto-rotation (set screenorientation from "portrait" to "sensor" in xml), but i...