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  1. maej72

    Thread Where do I get latest bootloader and modem (DSFB) please?

    As title says "Where do I get latest bootloader and modem (DSFB) please?" and how do I make it flashable via TWRP?
  2. maej72

    Thread [Q] updating bootlader and csc

    hello there my bootloader is "I9300XXELLB" which came with the phone on 4.1.2 XELLA, now is it important to update the bootloader so i dont get problems with 4.3 and up roms since i've read the bootloader might cause some problems? if yes please tell me how without flashing an official rom if...
  3. maej72

    Thread [Q] i beg you to help me plz, i just cant root nextbook next8p12

    hello guys, i have this nextbook next8p12 tablet it has a rockchip 29 board and its on ICS 4.0.3, i looked everywhere to root this guy, but no luck most of the root scripts dont recognize the device, maybe i dont know how to root in the first place and dont know where to find the drivers and how...