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    Thread [Q] Convert to International Unlocked Version?

    I have an AT&T Moto X with an unlocked bootloader. Android L is coming out, and I wanted to know if it's possible to convert my AT&T device to the international model, in order to receive updates more quickly. For example, if I flash the XT1053 software, which according to Wikipedia is the "GSM...
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    Thread [Q] Wifi Signal Drops When Trying to Connect

    Hey guys. So I attend a university that requires you to sign in with a username and password when connecting with the wifi. I have a Nexus 7 (unrooted), and a MacBook Air. My Moto X is rooted but with everything stock. Every time I try to connect to the network at my school, the signal suddenly...
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    Thread [Q] Phone Won't Enter Recovery

    Hey guys. So my Moto X keeps restarting every time I plug it into my computer, most likely due to my custom kernel. So I decided I would flash another kernel downloaded straight onto the phone, but whenever I select recovery from the bootloader menu, the phone just shuts off. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] Crazy Battery Issue

    Can anybody please help figure out what the problem is with my Moto X? I think the battery stats speak for themselves. I am rooted with write protection off.
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    Thread [Q] Xposed Framework not Active

    Hello. Today I rooted my Moto X by following this tutorial on Reddit (, and SU confirms that I have root access. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to root was to use the Xposed Framework. The APK for...
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    Thread [Q] Battery Dips 3 Days After Restore

    So to quickly sum up, the battery of my Moto X is good for precisely 3 days after I got it, and then started draining quickly in it's sleep. I performed a factory reset, installed the same applications, and the battery was once again good for 3 days, until it experienced the same symptoms...
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    Thread [Q] Battery Life Issues?

    Can anybody here help me diagnose my battery life issues? The battery was incredible for the first couple of days of use, and then suddenly plummeted to what I'm displaying in the screenshots. I know it doesn't look terrible, but it was so much better before, and I haven't downloaded any apps or...
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    Thread [Q] Which Root Method do I Use?

    So I recently got a Moto X for AT&T, and I've been extremely confused on which Root method I should be using. The device is running 4.4. Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] Get Apps to Display in Tablet Mode

    How can I get the Spotify app to run in tablet mode on my HTC One? I'm trying to use Xposed App Settings to do it, but the app still recognizes my device as a phone. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Daniel Sasson
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    Thread [Q] Error when booting into RUU

    Hello. I have a dev edition One that was converted into a Google Edition, and now I'm trying to return back to sense. I have an RUU to install, but everytime I run the command "./fastboot oem rebootruu" I get the following: ... (bootloader) [ERR] Command error !!! OKAY [ 0.011s] finished...
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    Thread [Q] "Android System" draining battery in 4.3?

    I converted my HTC One into a Google Edition, and I'm not running 4.3 (clean wipe and flash). "Android System" is now misbehaving though, and I have absolutely no idea what the problem is. My battery life has also dropped. What's odd though, is that when looking at the statistics for "Android...
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    Thread [Q] Using ISIS NFC Payments

    Hello! I would like to start using ISIS mobile payments on my Developer Edition HTC One, because it lacks a secure element that Google requires. It says the service is currently only available in Salt Lake City and Austin, but I don't see how it could possibly be restricted. Any help would be...
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    Thread [Q] Automatically Sync Application Data Across Devices

    Hello! I have an HTC One and a Nexus 7 2012. I was wondering if there was a way to sync game data across both devices, without having to touch anything. It would work every time I connect to a wifi network, for example. Thanks!
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    Thread [Q] No Touch Responsiveness in Recovery

    Hello. I recently transformed my USA DEV Edition HTC One that I rooted and ROMMED to be a Google Play Edition. The build number is 2.14.1700.15 CL211149 and kernel version is 3.4.10-g7edee3c [email protected] #1. Everything works except for the recovery. I initially had TWRP 6+ but the touchscreen did...
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    Thread [Q] HTC One NFC Secure Element

    Hello. Let's get this sorted once and for all. I have a Developer Edition US HTC One, and it seems that the only way to get Google Wallet working on the device is to pull the secure element off of the Sprint version of the device. Does anybody know how to go about doing this? I know it was done...
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    Thread Album Art Slanted

    So for some reason, whenever I play a song through the updated Google Music app on my HTC One, the album art is slanted over. Is anybody else having this problem or know how to fix it? Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] Google+ Excessive Background Data Usage

    Hey guys. So I was going through my data usage to see if I was nearing my maximum, and G+ seems to be destroying every other app when it comes to data usage, the overwhelming majority of it being in the background. Auto-Upload / Auto Backup / Picasa are all DISABLED Does anybody know what the...
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    Thread [Q] Autoplay Youtube

    So ever since the update to the Holo version of the Youtube app about a year ago, the autoplay feature in playlists has disappeared. Is there a way to reenable this, or are there any alternative ways to play a Youtube playlist continuously, one video after the next? I used to use it quite often...
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    Thread Where to buy an HTC One in the USA?

    I'm looking to buy an off-contract HTC One in the USA but it need to be from Amazon. Does anybody have a link? Due to the naming convention, it's pretty hard to shift through all the results for "HTC One" on Amazon.
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    Thread [Q] Should I Cancel my Order?

    Hey guys. I have been reading reviews on the phone, and it seems like the battery is terrible along with the speakerphone, the phone overheats, and it's way underpowered due to thermal throttling. The battery apparently is on par with the GSM Galaxy Nexus, and so far my experience the the CDMA...
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    Thread [Q] Nexus 4 VS Droid DNA

    Options: Current Carrier: Verizon Problems with Carrier: No GSM, no ability to buy unlocked devices, upgrades every 2 years, no Nexus, locked bootloaders, overall very for-profit moves (putting Verizon logo on the home button of the Galaxy Note 2), doesn't get new phones that often, likes to...
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    Thread [Q] Restoring Replacement from Nandroid

    Hey guys. I'll be getting a replacement Galaxy Nexus tomorrow in the mail, and I was wondering if it would be ok to flash the Nandroid backup from my current device onto the replacement, so I wouldn't have to go and reinstall everything. Is this going to screw up my device in any way? Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] NFC

    Hey guys. Can someone direct me to the best place to buy NFC tags? I want ones that can hold the most data for the lowest price, and I would like them to also be a little sturdy, unlike some of the sticker NFC tags. Also, what is the best application to program these? Make sure these all work...
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    Thread [Q] Snapdragon S4 Pro (Quad Core) vs Exynos 4412 Quad Battery Consuption

    Hey guys. Which processor uses less battery life? The Snapdragon S4 Pro (Quad Core) or the Exynos 4412 Quad, that is currently in the GS3. This is important because my next phone must have brilliant battery life. So far I've only heard good things regarding power consumption on the Exynos, but...
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    Thread [Q] Note 2 OR 1080P Qualcomm S4 Device?

    Title says it all. Also, when do you think 1080P devices will be released?
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    Thread 4.1.1 OTA System Dump

    Hey guys! I decided to go ahead and get the system dump from the official 4.1.1 update, because it seemed no one else was going to do it. So if anyone needs it, here you go! Edit: Here! Stop bitc*ing. You guys really couldn't log in with your Google account? Plus, if you really felt so dirty...
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    Thread Phone Stuck On Google Logo

    Alright people. I need to help ASAP. I was running JB on Bugless Beast ROM, then I decided to try and flash this . I went into recovery, and did the usual clear data/factory reset, clear cache, format...
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    Thread Jelly Bean AOKP vs Cyanogenmod 10

    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone has thoroughly tested both Cyanogenmod 10 and AOKP with Jelly Bean. If you have, what are the performance differences, as well as the default theming, and most importantly, battery life. I'm currently on Bugless Beast which has no modifications, so I'm not...
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    Thread Kernel not Working (Glitching)

    Hey guys. So I was on Bugless Beast originally but the franco.Kernel application was bugging out everything I tried switching between the panels. It would lag and freeze, then it would switch to the next panel, but when I try to change a value, it won't change. I've tried color changes, and it...
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    Thread Internal Storage Not Detected

    Hey guys. I recently flashed a new rom on my Nexus, and now when I go to the camera it says internal memory not available, and I also cannot download my files stored on 4Shared, or Drive. However, using the stock file explorer, I am able to navigate my internal memory. Any suggestions on how to...
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    Thread Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Asus Nexus 7

    Hey guys. I was interested in getting your opinions on a plan of mine. I've had a Galaxy Tab 10.1 for a year now and I use it mostly for content consumption, browsing during flights, etc. I haven't really used it to watch movies, mostly just read articles on Pulse. Now on Ebay, I could...
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    Thread AOKP Milestone 6 VS Liquidsmooth V1.5

    Hey guys. I'll be flashing a new rom soon, and I wanted to get your opinions on which of these roms to flash. I've been using Liquidsmooth V1.4 but with Jelly Bean I'm considering flashing a new rom. I tried AOKP when it was still ICS and I decided to switch to Liquidsmooth because it has all...
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    Thread AOKP Milestone 6 VS Liquidsmooth V1.5

    Hey guys. I'll be flashing a new rom soon, and I wanted to get your opinions on which of these roms to flash. I've been using Liquidsmooth V1.4 but with Jelly Bean I'm considering flashing a new rom. I tried AOKP when it was still ICS and I decided to switch to Liquidsmooth because it has all...
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    Thread Highest Quadrant Score of All Time on a Galaxy Nexus

    Has anybody ever scored higher than this? I'm running liquid smooth and Franco.kernel overclocked to 1.5. Let me know if you've gotten higher.
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    Thread 3-5 Hours Screen On Time

    I've seen screenshots of people getting 5 hours of screen-on time. Is anyone here getting that? If you are, please post screenshots below of your setup, and be VERY specific on what you are running, and how you are doing it. Please share the knowledge. Oh, and please don't bother posting if...
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    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy Nexus OR Quad Core Phone

    Im deciding between getting the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon or a quad core phone. I was originally 100% going to get the Nexus but now that it is only 16 gigs and no expandable storage, I dont feel so safe getting it. I like the whole concept of the cloud but what about when your on a plane or out...
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    Thread [Q] Droid Incredible Or Nexus Prime

    So my droid incredible just had a hardware failure and im going to have to get it replaced for free but because they dont make it any more they are going to most likely give me a droid incredible 2. But i have a free upgrade and im asking should i stick to my texting keyboarded non-android phone...
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    Thread [Q] Touchwiz Vs. Stock

    I have a Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 and I can't decide between updating or not because it locks thebootloader which really sucks cause I have alot of third party apps on my tab but apparently it it also adds alot of functionality that it didn't have before so what do you guys think. Also updating...
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    Thread [Q] Streaming videos over dropbox

    I have a dropbox account and the app on my phone. I also have a mac (just for information's sake) and i want to STREAM not download movies onto my phone from dropbox. If anyone knows how to do this please speak up and be very specific. Try to explain the process as easy as possible. Thanks and...
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    Thread [Q] Update to new market

    I have lookout mobile installed and it never got the chance to update before my phone automatically updated to the new market. I have to uninstall it and reinstall it but it doesnt let me uninstall because i told it to not let anyone uninstall it in case i lost my phone and someone was to...
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    Thread [Q] Gingerbread Update

    I have froyo on my rooted droid incredible. I only used unrevoked3 so i guess i have s-on. When i update to gingerbread via OTA update. How can i keep these features without having to wait for a new root method to come. Please be specific im a total noob.
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    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 V Tegra 3 Device

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 OR Wait for Tegra Three devices? I would also allow for you to suggest other devices but please only android and please only 10 inch tablets. Also the new tegra three devices might not be as thin or good-looking as the samsung which i really care about. The only...
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    Thread [Q] Samsung Tab 10.1 OR Wait for Tegra Three devices?

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 OR Wait for Tegra Three devices? I would also allow for you to suggest other devices but please only android and please only 10 inch tablets. :confused: Also the new tegra three devices might not be as thin or good-looking as the samsung which i really care about. The...