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  1. Oum

    Thread v67/arm64 - HTC One M9 - Can't reboot from Xposed Installer

    Hi, I have just installed Xposed v67 (arm64) and Xposed Installer 3.0_alpha4 on my band new HTC One M9 (Stock ROM, unlocked, rooted, TWRP So far everything seems to work fine except one thing : I can't reboot from Xposed Installer. Of course this is no big deal, but I thought...
  2. Oum

    Thread Sensation ICS OTA released in France

    It's been 3 days that I check again and again if OTA comes with SuperCID or HTC__001... for any reason I go back to HTC__203 and here it comes ! ^^ My Sensation comes from SFR but is S-OFF with Revolutionary and unbranded with RUU 1.50.401.1. Edit > downloaded and installed, and it's really...
  3. Oum

    Thread Facebook Sync in Sense with 2.1 : the fix

    Ok I have looked for this trouble in the forum and on Google already, and I see I am not alone, but the only answers I could find are : "no bug for Facebook sync in Sense with 2.1, does work for me", "remove and re-ad your account and sync, might be long". Well... actually... no it does not...